Free Shipping Back at! (Visa Gift Cards to Meet Minimum Spending Requirements)

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Here’s a terrific way to meet credit card minimum spending requirements for very little cost!

Via Reddit, you can once again get free shipping on PIN-enabled Visa gift cards from  Use promotion code “FREEUSPS915” at checkout.

Combined with’s rewards program, this free shipping deal means you can buy gift cards and basically get the fee refunded!

Free Shipping Back At Visa Gift Cards To Meet Minimum Spending Requirements

No Need to Hike to the Office Supply Store, Supermarket, or Drugstore! You Can Get Free Shipping From

And I’ve found new information showing you may be able to load these cards to AMEX Bluebird and Serve accounts.

What’s the Deal?


Link: Rewards Program

Link:   Meet Minimum Spending Requirements for Almost Free at

When you use promotion code “FREEUSPS915” at checkout, you’ll get free shipping from!

You can buy PIN-enabled Visa gift cards in denominations up to $500.  Each card has a ~$5 purchase fee.

But has a rewards program.  You’ll earn 1 point per $1 you spend.  And those points are worth 1 cent each towards a future purchase.

Free Shipping Back At Visa Gift Cards To Meet Minimum Spending Requirements

You’ll Pay the ~$5 Fee Once on a $500 Gift Card – but the Points You’ll Earn Can Be Used Towards Future Purchases to Negate the Gift Card Fee

So on a $505 gift card purchase ($500 + ~$5 purchase fee), you’ll earn 505 points.  That’s worth $5.05 off your next purchase, essentially wiping out the gift card fee!

In the past, free shipping promotion codes have only worked for a limited time.  I’m not sure how long this will last!

What Can You Do With These Gift Cards?

I wrote previously that Visa gift cards sold by would only work to load AMEX Target REDCard prepaid accounts, and NOT Serve or Bluebird.

That may not be the case!  Folks on Reddit recently reported success adding funds to Bluebird and Serve at Walmart with these cards.

Free Shipping Back At Visa Gift Cards To Meet Minimum Spending Requirements

Loading Visa Gift Cards to AMEX Prepaid Accounts Lets You Pay Bills You Can’t Normally Pay With a Credit Card

That said, I have NOT tried this myself.  It might be a good idea to make a small denomination gift card test purchase to see if it works in your local Walmart.

Once you load these cards to your AMEX prepaid account, you can use the funds to pay bills you can’t otherwise pay with a credit card, like rent, loans, and utilities.  You can also withdraw money to your bank account.

I explain how to do that here.

Bottom Line

You can get free shipping on Visa gift cards when you use promotion code “FREEUSPS915” at

And you’ll earn points through their rewards program which (after your 1st purchase) essentially negate the gift card fee on later transactions.

Plus, folks now report you can load these cards to AMEX Bluebird and Serve prepaid accounts (and not just Target REDcard as previously thought).  That’s great news for folks who want to easily meet minimum spending requirements!

Please let me know in the comments if you’ve successfully loaded these cards to Bluebird and Serve at Walmart!

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48 responses to “Free Shipping Back at! (Visa Gift Cards to Meet Minimum Spending Requirements)

  1. Will this get the 3x bonus from Citi AT&T Access card?

  2. Does this for for meeting minimum spend for Amex cards without cash advance fee?

  3. Thank you for tirelessly poaching material from smaller communities to broadcast to the public at large and prematurely kill deals, much appreciated!

  4. Last time, this died right after you posted it.


  5. You literally have the worst blog regarding this topic. You got the old code killed and you’re sure to get this one killed. Congrats on making money at the expense of the rest of us.

  6. Dude you aught to be ashamed of yourself. You blog is a joke and the only reason I’m happy it exists is because it ties up all the people who are too stupid to be in this game for real.

  7. I just wanted to give a word of warning to folks who might use this. Purchases from this site are labelled on your credit card as from “” I used this site to meet minimum spend on a new credit card, and after the statement closed, my credit card was closed as well. Apparently too many obvious purchases of giftcards on a new-ish CC raised a redflag. To be safe, you’re better off buying gift cards at a store like Kroger’s or Office Max, etc. That way the merchant name will not literally read as “giftcards” on your statement.

  8. Guaranteed financial review from your credit card company.

  9. Bragging about getting five Alaska cards in one day wasn’t enough for you, Daraius? Are you on a quest to kill every good deal that exists?

  10. Steve @ 1:07pm you need to tell us what card they closed for you otherwise the community will have a hard time believing you and writing it off as a scare tactic not to buy.

  11. Dariaus is just stating what’s out there on the net reported on other blogs, flyertalk, deal sites. You guys are whiners who want all the spoils to themselves. As usual.

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  13. Good post. Thanks for sharing. I personally don’t have time to search Reddit and Flyertalk all day like the haters who feel every deal belongs to them because they read about it somewhere on the internet. If you all are that worried about missing out on 5 dollars you should probably pick a different hobby then buying and unloading high value gift cards.

  14. @Steve- “Guaranteed financial review from your credit card company.”
    Yikes. Are you sure our credit card companies won’t come and take our houses too? I just must be super-duper lucky then, cause I order these all the time and not only have I never had one of your “guaranteed” FR’s, these banks just keep approving me for new credit cards to order more of these gift cards. That’s so weird. (P.S. if you want to try scaring people off this, you might not want to go too far over the top, if you know what I mean. lol.)

  15. looks like this code only works for 1 gc order?

  16. And…. it’s dead. Just tried, and code didn’t work.

  17. Good deal. Thanks for sharing! It really helps to look at one page and get all the new exciting deals rather than going through many sites/blogs to find it.

  18. Gonna have to concur with that caution from above. I bought a few of these the last time MMS posted and my account was flagged and locked. Had to answer some fierce questions from CC about why I was buying cash equivalents. They didn’t cancel my card or anything but i’m not sure it’s worth the hassle. I concur that it does not help that these charges are labelled explicitly as “giftcards.”

  19. Dead. Just tried. Didn’t work. Thanks for killing it already. This is what happens when stuff like this gets broadcast to the public.

  20. I load BB with these VGC’s all the time.

  21. Worked for me just now!! Thanks!

  22. I have no idea how I found MMS, but I’ve been a reader for 3 1/2 years. Back in 2012, I was in a restaurant in Aruba seated next to a stranger who also was a reader!

  23. While a great idea, I am spoiled by the Citibank Citigold mileage accrual for charging a checking and savings account.
    Mileage nerdery will never be the same again!
    Don’t get me wrong, as I have charged 100’s of thousands in gift cards, vanilla, etc ( and probably lost quite a few since the kid staying with my dog while I was away on a gift-card fueled trip, found 3 valid $500 vanilla cards on the floor of my home office)
    I’m also too busy losing money in the market as my name indicates , to have sufficient time to do this.
    Now, Darius, please let me digress since I haven’t posted in a while.:
    Why, just last week I was so enthralled with losing , i failed to remember to turn off the upstairs faucet and now have a $150,000 insurance claim to show for it. I sure wish I could offset my market losses with the insurance claim, but I have a preference for me and my dog not falling through the giant holes in the second floor created by that company that claims ,”Like it never ever happened”
    I guess if you fall through one of the holes and die, the slogan is true.
    Back to the subject,the time element of all these strategies is substantial–and that’s counting the fact I have 4 CVS’s , a Staples, an Office Depot an Office Max, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and every grocery chain, within 1 mile of my house and office.
    It used to be the best circle trip invented because I permitted myself unlimited stopovers (10 min max).

  24. Just like with anything, you read with caution. Darius is not responsible for killing deals. There are millions of sites advertising this deal. Why read this if you think it is so stupid? People that take tips and use them are using this site for what it’s purpose is. Reddit does the same thing with deals.

  25. Link works for me just fine. Rewards and free shipping and then dumping it on my RedCard is easy. I’m careful about how I spread out my spending and it’s great. Thanks!

  26. I 100% agree with you, Sam. I so appreciate what Dariaus and Emily do day in day out so we can gain something amazing as well.

  27. It worked for me. A couple of caveats to note.
    1) In order to receive the rewards, you must first register with their rewards program.
    2) If you simply try to enter the free shipping promo code before choosing your USPS shipping method, you get an error message, as the shipping fees have not yet been applied. I would suggest that people reporting that this doesn’t work are guilty of operator error, as the code clearly works.

  28. You fail to mention that you still have to pay the card fee. The coupon code only gives you free shipping on USPS mail. Way to hype this up!

  29. @Dan.
    Did you even read the whole blog?
    It’s quite clearly stated:
    “You can buy PIN-enabled Visa gift cards in denominations up to $500. Each card has a ~$5 purchase fee.”
    For everyone whining, this same information is available elsewhere as well.
    Thanks for your informative blog, Daraius and Co.!

  30. I stumbled upon MMS in 2010 when I was doing a generic search to figure out how to best use the companion pass which we earned with British Airways credit card after the high dollar spend for our daughter’s wedding expenses.This was after my husband and I had each gotten the cards with 100,000 miles each! Love MMS!!!

  31. Love the blog and look forward to using more of your tips as my husband retires and we have more time for large travel on small $! Thanks for sharing!

  32. The code will work with only THREE giftcards…if you try 4, it wont work.

    You have to also add in your shipping address and then choose first class.

  33. How do you get gift cards from reward points ? I dont see any information on their website.

  34. @Kyroadrunner – I don’t have personal experience, but it’s possible if they consider an online retailer.

    @Pan – I haven’t tried AMEX with But I don’t see any reports of AMEX transactions posting as a cash advance.

    @Pete @Jeff – The code still works fine. Be sure to enter your shipping address and shipping method before you enter the promotion code.

  35. Still works just fine. These whiners need to leave and take their negativity with them. Also it takes about 24 hours for the credit from one order to be able to be applied to the next order. Thanks a lot!

  36. Let me just echo what some have said above:
    Great job Dar and Emily. Keep posting any info you have while the roaches from flyertalk and whatnot complain and whine like 5 yr olds with a Crayola up their bumnuggets. And folks don’t fall for their childish subterfuge.
    I care not to wade over 100s of threads on FT, so I thank you for aggregating most of the info here and spreading the wealth to the masses. Because of this, I make sure to click your links so that you get paid Mr. Dubash.

  37. I tried my first order avoiding caveats highlighted by Teri. It worked for me.

  38. I received my Giftcard Visa debit cards today but they did NOT work at Walmart using Bluebird. I tried the Kiosk first and after inputting the PIN it would not go any further. No message displayed so I kept repeating the PIN input but to no avail. I then tried a couple of registers and it was unauthorized. The manager got involved and could not figure out why it was declined. She said she has never seen Code 12 before, whatever that means.

  39. These Visa debit cards from Giftcard are not loading at Target either. My Target has the updated system. It did take my Chase bank debit card, but not the ones from Giftcard.

  40. I agree with Chris, they have not loaded at Target, and I have tried many of them with the updated system. Tried changing the pin, but that didn’t do anything. Just says that it is unauthorized and to contact the card issuer.

    Maybe has caught onto this?

  41. For those of you having problems loading your Visa cards at Target (and possibly Walmart), make sure your card is activated by going to the website. Setting your PIN alone does not activate the card. You must do BOTH by clicking on the More tab. It doesn’t matter which order you do it in.

  42. It worked for me at target today. I had activated the card by calling and getting the pin number.

  43. Card worked for me for MO purchase at grocery store.
    Any FREE shipping code is available?

  44. Akshay, see 2nd paragraph for free shipping code. I believe it is valid all of September.

  45. Cards work to load serve no problem!!!

  46. As of now the free shipping code doesn’t work. Also, the price per $500 VGC has been increased to $6.95. So, if you buy $2,465 worth of VGCs the cost comes out to $17.43 after rewards. So, this creates a dent in the profit margin. Still a good way to MS. Not free anymore like the post suggests. Maybe the post needs to be revised in light of recent changes?

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  48. Free shipping code BLACKFRIDAY works and you can get $500 cards again and rewards.