Save Money With Staples Easy Rebates

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I like saving money any way I can, but many times rebates aren’t worth it!  You fill out the form, mail it in, and it’s months before you receive any money (if ever!).

But Staples Easy Rebates makes it, well…easy to quickly earn Visa or Staples gift cards back on items you buy at Staples.

Save Money With Staples Easy Rebates

With Staples Easy Rebates You Can Save on Purchases Without the Hassle

How to Use Staples Easy Rebates

Link:   Get Staples Easy Rebates

With Staples Easy Rebates, you can earn gift cards back on products you buy at Staples.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – Where’d You Make Your Purchase?

You’ve purchased an item from Staples that comes with a rebate.  To get started with claiming your rebate, go to the Staples Easy Rebates page (link) and select where you made your purchase.

Save Money With Staples Easy Rebates

Choose Where You Bought the Rebate Item

Step 2 – Enter Your Rebate Number

You’ll need the rebate ID number from your receipt.

Save Money With Staples Easy Rebates

The Staples Easy Rebate Number Is Located Under the Bar Code at the Bottom of Your Receipt

Enter the your receipt number.

Save Money With Staples Easy Rebates

Confirm Your Purchase by Entering Your Receipt Number

You may also be asked for the serial number on electronics.  Then you’ll see the rebate you’ve qualified to receive.

Save Money With Staples Easy Rebates

You Can Earn Visa or Staples Gift Cards, Which Sometimes Makes Your Purchase Close to Free!

Step 3 – Register for a Rebate Account & Confirmation

Create a password to save yourself from having to enter your personal information each time you request a rebate.

Save Money With Staples Easy Rebates

Save Your Name and Address When You Create a Staples Easy Rebates Log-in

Then you’ll see your confirmation page.

Save Money With Staples Easy Rebates

Your Rebate Should Arrive Within 4 to 6 Weeks

This is faster than filling out lengthy forms by hand, cutting out UPC codes, finding stamps, and putting it in the mail!

Save Money With Staples Easy Rebates

That Was Easy!

Plus, I like that you can track the progress of your rebate online.

With some purchases you’ll earn a Visa prepaid gift card.  These Visa gift cards are NOT PIN enabled, so you can’t add the funds to your AMEX Serve or AMEX Target Prepaid REDcard.

But you can use them to buy Amazon gift cards or make a purchase anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted.

With other purchases you’ll earn a Staples gift card which is only good for purchases at Staples.  Although, you can’t buy Visa gift cards with Staples gift cards.

It’s NOT Always Smooth Sailing!

It’s important to note that sometimes you’ll receive a denial after submitting your rebate online.  This is usually due to a glitch in the system.  In that case, you’ll have to spend time calling Staples.

Or you can save time by contacting Staples online.

And some folks report this happens to them very frequently.  I guess I’ve been lucky so far!

Double, Triple, & Quadruple Dip!

There are other discounts you can stack with Staples Easy Rebates for fantastic savings!

Save Money With Staples Easy Rebates

You Can Combine Staples Easy Rebates With Shopping Portal Bonuses for More Savings!

And remember, you can earn bonus points by shopping with certain cards like:

Bottom Line

With Staples Easy Rebates, you can earn Staples or Visa gift cards back when you buy certain items.  And you don’t have to hassle with cutting out UPC codes and putting them in the mail, because it’s all done online!

While it’s typically a fast and painless process sometimes there’s a glitch in the system with your rebate and you’ll have to contact Staples.

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8 responses to “Save Money With Staples Easy Rebates

  1. Don’t make this clumsy mistake. When there is a rebate on VGC at Staples I always purchase 2 sets of two $200 VGCs by two separate transactions. I fill one rebate under my sisters name and address and another to mine. She happens to live near me so i can go get the rebates anytime.

    Last go around I filled the addresses correctly but by accident put my phone number on both rebate forms. Next day i got an email that my 2nd submission was denied due to household limit.

    Make sure you don’t duplicate any part of the submission id you do multiple rebates.

  2. @Juno: I’m surprised that works. Are the easyrebate numbers not tied to the purchases, and the system will see it’s the same credit card number for both, but different addresses?

  3. @ Matt,
    No, I routinely buy 4 or 5 purchases that qualify for rebates. I do this in one visit, say 5 separate transactions, 5 rebate forms print out. I use the same card. The manager allows this. Your location may be different. Point is, the system could care less I did all of them on the same card on the same day. Must use different addresses when submitting. Good point about phone numbers too. Not sure about if using the same name will cause a denial but others have reported that is not a problem. I mean there are a lot of Matt Smiths for example. I’ve been submitting rebates for a couple years now. Been denied on a couple rebates for stupid mistakes I made or in one case, the cashier made. You’re probably not going to bat 100% if you do this regularly. Goes with the territory. But well worth it, especially for UR points using Ink. Enjoying those points right now in a free suite in Maui at a Hyatt. Aloha.

  4. How can I get notified when the $200 VGC rebate comes around?

  5. @kent. Name can be the same. You must have different email, phone number, address. A lot of times you’ll get a post card saying you’ve exceeded the limit. Just give them a call and thell put it through. If you wanna play a little smarter I recommend buying 3 $200 visa gift cards per purchase you’ll lose 85 cents and gain much more.

  6. @RUVY

    Look out for specials in the weekly ads.

  7. You had better trace these rebates very well. I sent one in, resent it after 9 weeks, and never received a thing. Plus, it is virtually impossible to reach a human being on the phone to discuss your problem.

  8. I just want to make sure I understand this clearly.

    So we can get a reward/rebates for every VGC purchased at Staples or only when Staples advertises this as an occasional promotion? thanks