Details (So Far!) About the New Avis Loyalty Program

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Avis has begun rolling out its new loyalty program, Avis Preferred.  And it’s revenue-based, so you’ll earn more points the more you spend (or rent) with Avis.

Details So Far About The New Avis Loyalty Program

The New Avis Preferred Program Is Revenue-Based. And You Can Sign-Up Starting Now!

Details are hard to come by, but I’ll tell you what we know so far!

What Does the New Avis Preferred Program Look Like?

Link:   Avis Preferred

Via Heels First Travel, Avis has started to reveal its new Avis Preferred loyalty program.

There are 2 levels:

With Avis Preferred, you’ll earn 1 Avis point per $1 spent on rentals, and 2 Avis points per $1 spent on accessories.

With Avis Preferred Plus, you’ll earn 1.25 Avis points per $1 spent on rentals, and 2.5 Avis points per $1 spent on accessories.  But to get to this level, you’ll have to rent 12 cars with Avis, or spend $5,000.

Details So Far About The New Avis Loyalty Program

Avis Preferred and Avis Preferred Plus Are the New Award Levels

Within Avis Preferred Plus, there’s another tier.  Once you rent 25+ cars with Avis, or spend $7,000, you’ll earn 1.5 Avis points per $1 spent on rentals, and 3 Avis points per $1 spent on accessories.

What Can You Use the Points For?

Anyone can enroll in the program.  You’ll start off at the Avis Preferred level.

Per the terms and conditions, you can use Avis points for:

  • Free car rentals, not including insurance products, taxes, fees and surcharges
  • Car-class upgrades
  • Car seats, booster seats, and infant seats
  • GPS devices
  • Extended Roadside Assistance
  • Satellite radio
  • Ski racks

It’s unclear how many points will be required to redeem any of the awards.

Avis is still in the process of building their new loyalty program.  But if you want to get a head start, you can opt-in to earn 250 Avis points by enrolling in the Avis Preferred program and renting an Avis car within 3 months.

Details So Far About The New Avis Loyalty Program

If You’re Renting From Avis in the Next 3 Months, Get 250 Free Points

You Might Already Have Elite Status With Avis

I wrote about how to get free elite status with Avis.

That was with their old loyalty program, Avis First.

Details So Far About The New Avis Loyalty Program

You’ll Earn 25% More Points in the 1st Tier of Avis Preferred Plus Elite Status, and You Might Already Have It!

If you were already enrolled in Avis First, your membership was automatically converted to Avis Preferred Plus elite status on July 1, 2015.

So you might already have elite status with Avis!

Earn Points and Protection With the Right Card

When you rent a car, be sure to pay with a card that will earn you bonus points:

And remember to use a card that includes protection from damage to the car and theft.

Bottom Line

Avis has a new loyalty program called Avis Preferred with 2 new elite status levels:  Avis Preferred and Avis Preferred Plus.

If you previously had Avis First elite status, you were automatically enrolled in the new program with Avis Preferred Plus elite status.

We don’t know much about how to redeem Avis points with the new program, which began on July 1, 2015.  But we’ll let you know more as soon as we find out!

If you have a rental coming up with Avis, you can earn 250 Avis points by opting-in to earn Avis points on rentals.

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8 responses to “Details (So Far!) About the New Avis Loyalty Program

  1. Hi, Thanks for the post. In terms of elite status by having world elite MC, I have the Barclay arrival world elite and was not able to get the elite status. It looked like the offer had changed when i tried to sign up a few months ago. Haa anyone had success getting elite status in the last 6 months with a world elite MC?

  2. Does opting into the point program preclude you from earning points with partners (e.g., airlines)? Which option has greater value?

  3. Tried to use points for three day weekend full size rental out of Chicago Midway and the points I was quoted by Avis for mid-October was 1800 points per night. Basically the points are worthless. A far cry from four two day rentals and get a 2 day weekend rental.

  4. @Will, did you have to call Avis to redeem the Avis Preferred Points? I could not find any information on how to redeem points on the Avis website.

  5. World Elite Mastercard Holders will receive Preferred Plus by simply calling 1-855-802-1387 which is your travel advisor number. They will contact Avis personally to have you upgraded from Preferred (which is their base membership) to Preferred Plus. They will send you an email to confirm this information within 20 minutes. If you are not a member of Avis be sure to sign up first to get your “Wizard number” and then call the number above. Ask them about National and Sixt Elite Status too.

  6. The program is completely worthless, you earn 1.25 points per dollar, but to redeem your points for a 1 day rental for $46 would require 4,300 points!! (most other rental agencies are in the 500-600 point range). I’m a frequent renter and used to earn a free weekend for every four two-day rentals with Avis. This program is the worst I have ever seen, don’t bother using Avis if you are a frequent renter.

  7. I agree that this program is worthless for frequent renters, and likely, any renter. After renting 4-5 days a week almost every week since the beginning of the program, and for years and years before that, I have only amassed 6,200 points. That isn’t even enough for a 2 day weekend rental of a standard car. My colleagues travel one day less each week than I do, but seem to be able to get a luxury SUV for an entire week each year with National. I am finally done with AVIS and their fake awards program.

  8. I concur with Ken. I have 5200 points after renting and renting endlessly. Calling they said I could use the points for a baby seat or a GPS. Considering I am childless and there are probably a half dozen GPS between my wife and I’s phones, this seem pointless. Pun intended.

    Unsure exactly why this exists.