New Rules for Chase Credit Card Approvals & What to Do About It!

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There have been rumors on FlyerTalk and other blogs in the past few weeks about possible new rules for getting approved for Chase credit cards.

I’ve done some digging and spoke to a Chase representative.  It’s NOT good news for folks who apply for lots of cards!

If you’ve opened 5 or more credit card accounts (from any bank) in the past 24 months, it’s VERY UNLIKELY Chase will approve you for some of their Chase Ultimate Rewards earning cards, like the Chase Freedom or Chase Sapphire Preferred.

However, it’s uncertain whether this rule applies to cards like Chase Ink Cash or Chase Ink Plus.

New Rules For Chase Credit Card Approvals What To Do About It

Have You Opened 5+ New Credit Cards in the Last 24 Months? You’ll Want to Read About Chase’s New Rules!

While there’s no official word from Chase about the new policy, I’ll share what I know and what I learned from a Chase representative.

What’s Going On?

Link:   FlyerTalk Chase Policy Thread

Some folks report on FlyerTalk that Chase has denied their recent applications because they’ve opened too many new cards in the past 24 months.  And that’s from ALL banks, not just Chase cards!

Details sometimes vary, but it appears the new rule applies to some Chase branded cards, NOT airline or hotel cards.  These cards include:

New Rules For Chase Credit Card Approvals What To Do About It

If Your Sock Drawer Looks Like This, You MAY Not Get Approved for Chase Branded Cards for a While!

And commenters on Doctor of Credit, Milevalue, and Mommy Points all confirm that they’ve been denied for these cards for the same reason.

Even folks with 800+ FICO scores and a long-term banking relationship with Chase are being turned down.  Some have asked their personal bankers to intervene, but they’ve had no luck getting approved either.

That said, the new policy does NOT yet seem to impact Chase cards issued on behalf of airlines and hotels, like the Chase United Explorer, Chase British Airways, Marriott Rewards® Premier Credit Card, or Chase IHG cards.

What Does Chase Say?

I called Chase to find out if this was a new rule across the board.  The representative did some searching, then confirmed what others have reported.

If you’ve opened 5 or more new credit card accounts (any bank!) in the past 24 months (excluding authorized user accounts), you will NOT be approved for a Chase branded personal card. 

Yikes.  This could be bad news for many of us in the miles and points hobby.

New Rules For Chase Credit Card Approvals What To Do About It

Folks Who’ve Been Collecting Miles and Points for a Long Time Probably Have More Than 5 New Cards in 2 Years

However, the representative could not say if the new policy applies to Chase’s other “card products,” like airline and hotel cards.

And she could NOT confirm if business cards counted towards the 5 card rule.  There are reports on FlyerTalk that say Chase Ink cards are not affected.

What to Do

1.   Folks Who Are New to Our Hobby

If you’re new to miles and points, you likely haven’t opened more than 5 credit card accounts in the past 24 months.

I would NOT apply for any new cards until you decide if you want cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Freedom.  So if you like these cards, apply for them before any others!

These are some of the most valuable cards for Big Travel with Small Money.  That’s because they have great sign-up and spending category bonuses which make it easy to earn lots of Chase Ultimate Rewards points fast.

New Rules For Chase Credit Card Approvals What To Do About It

Chase Ultimate Rewards Points Can Get You Big Travel With Partners Like Hyatt Hotels

And if you have the Chase Ink Bold (no longer available), Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Sapphire Preferred card, you can transfer points to airline, hotel, and rail partners for even more travel!

Having 1 of those 3 cards allows you to transfer points you earn from the Chase Freedom and Chase Ink Cash.

If You Have the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Ink Bold Card, You Can Transfer Your Chase Ultimate Rewards Points to Travel Partners Like United Airlines or British Airways

Again, if you’re new to miles & points, I always suggest starting with cards that earn transferable points (like these Chase cards) for the most travel flexibility.

With Chase’s new rules, I’d strongly suggest you apply for these cards FIRST.

2.   Experienced Miles & Points Enthusiasts

Folks who’ve been collecting miles & points for a while generally open more than a few new credit cards each year.  I know Emily and I do!

If you’re in this situation, you’re most likely out of luck if you want to apply for a new Chase branded card.  🙁  I wouldn’t even suggest trying, because you might waste a credit inquiry.

For the time being, this policy change does NOT seem to apply to other Chase cards, including:

New Rules For Chase Credit Card Approvals What To Do About It

Cards Like the Chase British Airways Are NOT Affected by the Policy Change So Far

That said, I do NOT know if or when Chase will extend their new rules to their airline and hotel cards.

So if there’s a card you’ve wanted to apply for, it won’t hurt to sign-up sooner rather than later.

Hopefully Chase will not change their approval policy for these cards.  But there are no guarantees.

You could consider holding off on any more card applications until you have fewer than 5 new accounts in the past 24 months.  But you’d miss out on lots of other great sign-up bonuses!

3.   Folks Who Already Have Chase-Branded Cards

If you already have cards which charge an annual fee, like the (no longer offered) Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Sapphire Preferred, you’ll have to give careful thought as to whether you want to keep them when the annual fee comes due.

I always have at least ONE of these cards open, so I’m able to transfer any of my Chase Ultimate Rewards points to travel partners like Southwest and Hyatt.

In the past, some folks would cancel these cards, then re-apply at a later date.  Chase says you can get the sign-up bonus again as long as you don’t currently hold the card, and haven’t received the sign-up bonus in the past 24 months.

New Rules For Chase Credit Card Approvals What To Do About It

More Big Travel! You Can Get the Sign-Up Bonus on Chase Cards You’ve Previously Held as Long as It’s Been More Than 24 Months Since You Received the Bonus

But with the new rules, this could be difficult or impossible for experienced miles & points collectors who apply for lots of cards!

If you don’t want to pay the annual fee, consider downgrading a Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Sapphire Preferred card to the Chase Freedom card, which has no annual fee.

You will NOT get a sign-up bonus, but you’ll keep your Chase Ultimate Rewards points safe!  And you’ll earn 5X Chase Ultimate Rewards points in rotating categories each quarter with the Chase Freedom.

Remember, you have to have at least 1 of the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Ink Bold, or Chase Ink Plus cards to transfer Chase Ultimate Rewards points to travel partners!  So don’t downgrade or cancel all your cards!

Bottom Line

Chase has changed the rules for approving folks for Chase-branded cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Freedom.

If you’ve opened 5 or more new credit cards in the past 24 months (from any bank), your application will likely be denied.

This policy does NOT seem to apply to Chase’s airline and hotel cards, like the Chase British Airways, Chase Hyatt, or Chase Southwest cards.  At least not yet!

This isn’t good news for folks who apply for lots of cards.  And if you’re new to miles and points, I’d suggest applying for Chase Ultimate Rewards cards FIRST.

Have you recently applied for Chase cards?  Please share your experience in the comments!

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190 responses to “New Rules for Chase Credit Card Approvals & What to Do About It!

  1. I’ve been with Chase since they absorbed WaMu. Got Sapphire Preferred in 2012. Had and cancelled 6 Chase and non-Chase credit cards in the last 2 years. Approved for both the United Explorer and IHG Platinum in the last 16 months. Approved for Chase Freedom yesterday. Never late to pay with 785 credit score. I always apply for Chase cards at my bank branch. This may help.

  2. I should have checked a post like this before applying today. Too late…my application got rejected with the same reason (too many credit cards recently). I have 790+ FICO score and been a Chase customer for years (only one other chase card).

  3. My partner was recently rejected of Sapphire Preferred. I checked credit report and found that ONLY 4 credit cards were applied before the failed Sapphire in the last 24 months. So 5 cards rule should not be applied. Should we call Chase to dispute? Thanks!

  4. I was just denied for a Chase British Airways card because the rep said I had opened 9 cards in the past 12 months. She asked several times why I needed so many cards.
    I keep detailed records of my apps and I show that I have applied for 4 personal and 1 business in the past 12 months so I’m not sure where she got her information. But bottom line, I was denied a BA card for having too many open accounts. 🙁

  5. I was turned down my application for the Chase Sapphire Preferred with 9 cards opened in the last year and a half. I thought at first I would be turned down with a fairly low credit score in the 650s. But the application went pending and then I received a letter saying that I was turning down for having opened more than 5 cards in the last 24 months.

    So then I tried my luck despite that at 6 more cards: Discover It, Amex Everyday Preferred, Amex SPG, Chase Marriott Rewards, Chase British Airways and Citi AAvantage cards.

    I was approved for all 6, 4 instantly, the Discover card after 1 day (they called me) and the Amex Everyday Preferred after I called customer service and asked about it (they told me it was because I applied for the Amex SPG on the same day and they had flagged it as a duplicate and were going to clear the duplicate flag because I called in) and then was approved for it. Mind you my credit utilization is very low 2% and my total credit line is high – well over 100k so I’m not sure what the deal is but I was approved for Chase cards AFTER being turned down for the CSP.

  6. similar version of this policy also applies to airline credit cards by chase. Yesterday I applied for United mileageexplore card to get their 50k miles offer. My application was on hold and when I talked to customer care about that he told me the same thing that I have 5+ open credit card with chase and I have to close one of them to get this new credit card.

  7. I had applied Chase Ink Bold and cash, United person and business, and Citi AA for past two years. I still have all of them. I applied sapphire in a branch today and got approved right away. It already shows up on my online chase account. Applying it in a branch might help 🙂

  8. What if you applied for more than 5 cards within the past 24 months, BUT already closed out most of them? Only have 2 cards open right now?

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  10. I applied for the southwest business card today and then tried to apply for the southwest personal card and it won’t let me apply for it. It just says thank you for your recent submission. I only have two other chase cards and neither of them opened in the last 24 months?

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  12. @Sue

    You have to close your browser window and reopen before you between Chase card applications.

  13. too bad i didn’t read this post 10 minutes ago! i just applied for a chase sapphire card and was denied for exactly this reason…. i wish i would have known and spent my inquiry on something else…. anyhow, thanks for a great and on point post.

  14. I had a different experience with Chase.

    Can the person who sponsor this site contact me?
    I have done extensive research and experiments with credit cards.
    I love to share what I learned!


    Chase Amazon, Chase AARP, Chase Sapphire and Chase Ink Cash all this year and Chase Freedom from prior year.

  15. I love Chase!

    If you have a great business relationship with Chase. They take care of you!
    But that does not only apply with just Chase, it is that way with any major banks.
    But without a doubt, Chase is #1 on my list.

    I have read many articles about applying for credit cards. The do’s and dont’s.
    I learned that a great business relationship with a creditor is the #1 factor to get approved for credit cards. #2 is how credit is used and how payment is being made.

    This whole business about inquiries plays a part in the approval process, but very little. We all know that there are 5 categories calculated in a fico score. And each has a certain percentage that are factor and impacting the score.

    Well. I did well in math when I was in school and now in life. I read in different articles that inquiries impact 5% to 10% when calculating fico credit scores. Well that means there is a cap on how much you can lose in that categories. I have a “F” in this category but guess what? I still have 750+ fico scores with all 3 major credit bureaus.

    There is also a cap on how my inquiries are reported by transunion, equifax and experian credit report at one time. Experian, I am not sure how much is reported at one time. But yet have I seen transunion report over 30 inquires at one time. And yet have I seen equifax go over 90. According to Credit Karma, I have 25 inquires with Transunion and 86 with equifax. How I know? I have applied for over 200 prime and subprime credit cards. In the midst of all this, I still got approved for many credit cards. Most recent is Chase Ink Cash.

    I will continue my blog tomorrow. I need some sleep. Wife and I are taking waverunners out tomorrow morning.

  16. Bottom line with Chase!

    Use the credit that you have with them and keep your revolving debt low with them and with other creditors. I am pretty confident they will extend more credit to you.

    I have an average income.

    Like I stated in my prior post, I opened Chase Amazon, Chase AARP. Chase Sapphire and Chase Ink Cash this year. Chase fraud department representative contact me to make sure that I was the one who opened all these accounts. Before I got approved for Chase Sapphire, I opened 50+ subprime and prime accounts but mostly subprime was approved all this year. After Sapphire, I opened Capital One Business Spark and other credits cards. After Capital One, I opened Chase Ink Cash and other credit cards.

    Next will be British Airways!

    But I am going to wait a few months to see all other offers at that time.

    Here it is…

    Use the credit that is extended to you with Chase or other Creditors. Keep debt low and fico score high, Approval rate is high.

  17. My southwest companion pass will expire Dec 31, and I am hoping to get a new 2 year.
    Does the 24 month rule for application apply to the date of the application, or the date that I received my last bonus miles. For instance, I applied for a Southwest card in Dec 2013. I had the bonus miles posted to my account in Feb 2014.
    Do I have to wait until Feb 2016 to apply for a new Southwest card, or can I apply in December(24 months since last

  18. @gloria – according to the language in the T&C for the Southwest card it says “not received a new cardmember bonus for this card in the past 24 months” – so it would be the date that your bonus posted, not your application date. You should probably wait until Feb, I would think, based on that.

    Of course, that also depends on which version of the card you are applying to vis-a-vis the cards you previously opened – its 24 months for *the same exact card*, so if you signed up for the SW Premier personal card and got the bonus miles in Feb 2014, then you’d have to wait for the next SW Premier personal application – but you could also look at the SW Plus personal card for example, SW Premier business, etc.

  19. I just started playing this game last year. I knew nobody who did it, so I learned from reading blogsites like this one. This worked out pretty good for me and resulted in 247,000 accumulated convertible bank points and airline miles, plus teaching me more efficient ways for the year ahead. So I’m happy. But now the chickens are coming home to roost, as annual fee season has begun. My fee just posted on my first United MileagePlus Explorer. I intend to re-apply when the 24 month administrative exile expires late next fall, and I want to be sure the way I close the current account has no negative impact on opening that new account. Does it make a difference how I close the account now? Pay the fee and have it refunded? Close it without paying the fee? Downgrade to a fee-free version, with or without paying the fee first? Thanks.

  20. I have chase slate, freedom, sapphire, amazon, southwest and united all in the last 2 years. I just applied for a business card for Chase Ink but haven’t gotten a response, they said they need more time.

    So I have 6 cards with case and my credit score is 712.

    I am still not sure how credit card approval works it seems that it depends on the day. Cause I got approved for AMEX but didn’t get approved for Capital One. So not sure how it really works.

  21. I had only two credit cards opened in the last 2 years, one with Chase and another with Barclay (USair). FICO score around 800. Applied for sapphire, united and united business. All the three application kept on hold for review. Got rejected for Sapphre “too many cards in last two years”, and the rep will not even review it saying the case is closed, no reconsideration. Surprising, there is only one inquiry on my Transunion Report. Have they changed the rules. Also, all of a sudden, the 3 years old closed sapphire account shows up in my Chase on line account. Any one else with this kind of experience. Seems Chase is really tightening the belt now.

  22. I have been gardening for the last 6 months so I haven’t checked this blog in a while, ( I didn’t want to be tempted by a new card) I just received 2 notices on the same day that chase is raising my apr on my sapphire preferred and my freedom card. Nothing has changed on my credit report. Does anyone one know why? My current chase cards I have are the freedom, sapphire preferred, southwest premier and southwest plus.

  23. Hi, you mentioned:
    “If you’ve opened 5 or more new credit card accounts (any bank!) in the past 24 months (excluding authorized user accounts),”

    Some other sites said the 5 accounts include authorized user accounts. Could you please clarify on that? Thanks

  24. My husband just got declined for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and he has only opened 3 cards. They said his authorized user cards that I applied for counted and he had opened too many to be approved.

  25. @Ali and @george For our attempts it did include Authorized User accounts as well against the 5 cards in 2 years rule. My husband had only applied for 2 cards in the past year and his application for a Sapphire card was declined because he was AU on my credit cards that I had recently opened.

    This was back in July and we were able to get him the Sapphire (we really wanted that primary insurance benefit) 1-2 months later by removing him as AU on my new cards, then going through the credit bureaus and disputing the AU account that was on his credit report because he was no longer AU. We use Credit Karma to direct dispute Trans Union, which only took a couple days to respond, and did it through online and phone for the other two. Once we were sure everything had gone through, he reapplied for the card.

    Initially, it said declined. Apparently we didn’t wait long enough and the credit report they pulled still had the old AU account. We called up the recon line. At first they were very resistant, but we kept iterating that the account that they are referring to has been disputed and he no longer had access because he was removed as AU, and that he was not responsible for that account. Additionally, the credit card account in question was under Chase so I asked him to look it up in their internal records, as it should show that he is not AU on the account. After agreeing to do that, he said he could reconsider the application. He did a short interview and my husband was approved for the card.

    Judging by this, @Ali if you remove your husband as AU and contact the recon line you may be able to argue for the card and get a reconsideration. Granted, my husband and I have a long-standing Chase checking account and I have had a long credit relationship with Chase so YMMV.

  26. I’ve applied for & received at least 13 cards (multiple banks) in the past 24 months and I’m happy to report that I was approved for Ink Plus in Nov 2015.

  27. Can anyone confirm if applying thru bramch where u have chacking account helps? Also based on last post, does this rule apply to business cards like INK?

  28. I applied for Chase Freedom/Sapphire in the same day online. When I clicked thru the link to sign up for the second card, Sapphire, I was sent to a page that said “thanks for your submission” prior to filling anything out. I submitted it a second time thinking it was an error, and that Chase’s system thought I was re-applying to Freedom or something along those lines. Then I opened a new browser and clicked thru the same Sapphire app link and was able to submit via that.

    Fast-forward a week or so. I get my Chase Freedom/Sapphire letters in the mail. Freedom says: call this number to confirm if you really want to apply. Sapphire says: you’re rejected b/c you have submitted too many inquiries to be accepted. (??)

    So I call Freedom up to accept my card, they say they’ll send to me within a week. Then I ask about Sapphire and why I got denied that when I only applied for 1 sapphire and 1 freedom essentially… They claimed that they don’t allow you to apply for multiple lines of credit within Chase within the same billing cycle, and that 1 month later from my app date I would be able to reapply for Sapphire…

    Not sure how accurate any of the reps’ info they told me is, or if the # of browsers/times I submitted the apps made any difference in the matter. But from my experience, it seems Chase doesn’t only block you from applying for freedom/sapphire if you’ve applied for 5+ cards in the past 2 years (as noted in this article), but that they also don’t want you to be able to get 2 chase cards within a month or so… which makes no intuitive sense to me but ok.

  29. Well, i think it also applies to Airline Cards. I have A Personal, United Card. I applied and got approved for Business United. So far so good. But then I applied for Business Mariott, and got a letter denying because off too many applications. I called, and was informed that I can’t apply for Too Many Chase Cards in A Short Time, but that there is no specific, exact limit on how many apps, Or How Much Time. I don’t like vagueness, LOL.


  31. Chase counts their own prior credit inquiry against you in future inquiry. This is crazy. They damage your credit and then use your prior request to damage your credit further if your re-apply. I would recommend simply closing your chase accounts. I am

  32. Those of you who have been declined by Chase for the too many cards, I suggest you file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. if enough complain, they might go after Chase for unfair and deceptive advertising practices. At least they might make them disclose on their ads that 5 or more will get you kicked out. We’re all hurt because we don’t know, have a new inquiry (which counts as 5 by the way) and then find out it was all for nothing.

  33. Anyone have insight into the fine print contained in the “Terms and Conditions” on the Chase Ink Plus application page? It almost sounds like it you have one Chase card you aren’t eligible for any additional ones, but I know that can’t be the case:
    “Chase cardmembers who currently have or have had a Chase credit card in any Rewards Program associated with this offer, may not be eligible for a second Chase credit card in the same Rewards Program. Chase cardmembers currently receiving promotional pricing, or Chase cardmembers with a history of only using their current or prior Chase card for promotional pricing offers, are not eligible for a second Chase credit card with promotional pricing.”

  34. Sophisticated User

    I do not see the limiting labguage in the Chase Sapphire Preferred ad. Has anyone been turned down for Preferred because they “have or have had” a card and “only using their current or prior Chase card for promotional pricing offers”?

    If they don’t include the 5 or more applications or the limitation on use in the offer terms I think it is deceptive advertising. Report to the CFPB Please we need to ge them to publicly acknowledge what they are doing.

    “Chase cardmembers who currently have or have had a Chase credit card in any Rewards Program associated with this offer, may not be eligible for a second Chase credit card in the same Rewards Program. Chase cardmembers currently receiving promotional pricing, or Chase cardmembers with a history of only using their current or prior Chase card for promotional pricing offers, are not eligible for a second Chase credit card with promotional pricing.”

  35. Sophisticated User

    One more impact of the advantageous use limitation that I am sure has not escaped your notice:

    “Chase cardmembers who currently have or have had a Chase credit card in any Rewards Program associated with this offer, may not be eligible for a second Chase credit card in the same Rewards Program. Chase cardmembers currently receiving promotional pricing, or Chase cardmembers with a history of only using their current or prior Chase card for promotional pricing offers, are not eligible for a second Chase credit card with promotional pricing.”

    So you take their card and ONLY an advance with zero interest. Because you took advantage and are not stupid enough to charge more at 22% (they pay off lower rate advances first), they cut you off from a further bonus offers? Nice. I guess you have to charge something, pay it off, and then take the zero interest advance.

  36. I was just denied for the Chase sapphire card because I’ve opened too many cards in the past 24 months. Credit score is 825. Boooooo.
    Has anyone had luck on the reconsideration line with this??

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  38. no luck in reconsideration here. i called and they said they cant even start a reconsideration because the decline was a “hard” decline and its one of the few reasons for which they are not able ot even reconsider.

    i asked if can transfer credit from another card and the answer was NO

  39. I read this article & applied to chase saphire preferred- got approved even though I have opened 6 cards in last 12 months(3 of them in last 1 month). Then 4 days later, went to local chase bank & asked about targetted united offer. Representative told me- Bingo! I am pre-approved for it. Fico score 830+ 🙂

  40. Does anyone know if store cards count towards this number???

  41. @Dave jewelry store cards when needing credit are a good start

  42. I checked on the united link and entered my mileageplus number and it says I’m eligible. but I have already received the signup bonus in July 2015. would you recommend I apply?

  43. Just cancelled 4 of my Chase cards (including an IHG card) after consolidating the available credit for those cards into just my one United Chase card. How long does Chase make you wait before they will approve you for the same card that you cancelled? 30, 60, 90 days?

    I want to get the 80K Chase. I got a 60K deal back in 2011 – so am well within the “24 months” – rule.

  44. Ok so I’m new to all these credit card thing..but about a year ago I opened up 3 chase card and barely charged anything on them and 3 mnths later they closed all of them..due to too many accounts opened in such a short time. Fast forward a year later I applied for their ritz card and got decline letter “due to unsatisfactory relationship with Chase” huh? I paid off the minimal balance that was on one of the cards was never late and score is 730…so have I been black listed if so how long and how do I get myself removed from their system do I can get cards? HELP!

  45. Yeah- I got denied , same reason ” Too many Credit Crads opened in the last 2 years”. And I only have 3 cards –

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  48. In addition to new cards, Chase would offer me nothing to retain my British Airways card with $95 renewal fee. So, I cancelled it.

  49. I am closing all my Chase account credit cards in protest over their business practice to deny my new card applications solely for having too many applications in the past 2years. I urge others to do the same and then contact Chase by letter or email to tell them why we left. Hopefully if enough people do so, Chase will re-consider this business practice. It may do nothing but I am hoping it may exact some change.

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  51. I think it’s a good policy. If you’re churning credit cards, you’re not the type of customer they want.

    • Complementing chase for introducing a very stupid policy is not a very good comment! Do you defend them because you work for chase?

  52. I was turned down for a Chase Slate which I had closed a while back and was astounded. I had never been rejected in my life for a card. I closed many cards also and that was not considered. Seems ridiculous to me. Most of us are getting offers which are too good to turn down, which is what I did but Chase does not look at the entire picture. I had a Chase card which I immediately closed when they rejected me. do not want to do business with a near sighted bank.

  53. Has anyone had bad/frustrating experiences or been blacklisted with Chase? I have been banking with Chase since 2011 and had 3 credit cards back in 2013. I have never had a late payment on any of my credit cards and have always paid off the full balance. End of 2013 (after a gap of several months), I applied for the Chase Southwest card and the decision was pending. I called the reconsideration line and they said that there was nothing they could do to change the decision and I was declined. A few days later all of my other Chase credit cards were closed by the bank. When I called to check why, they could not give me a reason and never even refunded the annual fee to me which I had paid on 2 of those cards. I let it rest and thought after more than 2 years I should not have any problems. But I was mistaken! I applied for the Marriott card yesterday and the decision was pending. When calling the reconsideration line today, I was told that nothing can be done – the reason I was given was “declined due to an unsatisfactory relationship with the bank”. I asked what they consider an unsatisfactory relationship when I pay off my full balance every month? The representative could not give me an answer and told me to write a letter. This is very frustrating! Has anyone else had a similar experience? Thanks

  54. Crazy story kaziopeia. never heard of anything like this. Anyone else think that it is time to cancel all relationship with chase over this new policy? How much business can they lose from this before they reverse it?

  55. just tried to open a slate card right after i got approved for my barclays arrival this morning..and it said pending further review- called and they said it was declined i asked if they can reconsider- they tried said no because i’ve opened too many creditcards in the past two years. shame… cause i never have a balance with my other 3 chase cards. i thought it was because i was trying to transfer a balance over when given that option when opening the card…..

  56. I bank with Chase ( personal and business accounts) and even have a Chase home mortgage. I’ve had the Chase Sapphire for several years so decided to cancel it in January when my annual renewal came up. First I transferred all my points to my Chase Ink business card. Then I canceled the Sapphire card. The last week of March I put in a phone call to my local branch manager and asked her about the “5 card rule”. She had not heard of it. I didn’t want to take a chance and wait until April to apply so I asked her if I could apply over the phone. The answer was no. She told me not to worry about it and just come in and apply in person once I return to the US.

    I finally made it in mid April but she was not available to help me so I asked another banking representative about the five-year rule. They too had not heard of it. I applied for the card, was instantly approved and they even overnighted the card to the bank! I’m always applying for cards to get all the great miles and points deals as I start freaking out if my balances fall below 100,000. Bottom line if you love this hobby and the Chase products as much as I do it’s probably a good idea to establish a banking relationship with Chase!

  57. Just card applications in the past 24 months? Doesn’t matter if you have 5 open cards when you apply as long as the applications on those cards were made 24 months ago?

  58. Just got denied the Marriot card for too many card accounts opened within the last 2 years. I think I have close to 10 new accounts within the last 2 years. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to wait until late 2017.

  59. BTW, I have chase checking and savings accounts and 5-6 credit cards with them.

  60. Have excellent credit and 700 plus FICO. Have 3 Chase cards. O utilization. Pay off everything every month. None of this matters to Chase. I suggest you stay away if you have opened accts recently. They are robots and are unable to get pat their policy!

  61. Does anyone know if being an additional cardholder on someone else’s account counts toward this limit? My husband is considering adding me to one of his credit card accounts, but I don’t want to do it if it will limit my ability to get Chase credit cards in the future.

  62. This rule definitely applies to non-chase branded cards. I just got denied for the United MileagePlus Explorer card, despite having an offer code. I just got off the phone with the reconsideration line and the guy said when you’re denied for that reason there is no reconsideration possible. You’re stuck. I suggest not applying for any Chase card if you’ve opened 5-6 cards in the past 24 months — period.

  63. same here. United card rejected citing too many cards.

  64. Kristen Pearse

    I just got denied for the Sapphire AND United Explorer because I had 6 account OPENED in the last two years (INLCUDING me as an authorized user). They NOW COUNT authorized user accounts in that 5 or more number! And they now deny you for the United Explorer card too. My credit score is 800+ with high household income. I’m a mile fiend though so I hoard them and play the game (that is, until now:).

  65. I’ve opened 9 cards in the last 2 years, have a credit score over 800, and was just denied the Chase Southwest Visa, “Too many credit cards opened in the last 2 years.” I have a Chase bank account, Chase mortgage, and the Chase Amazon card. I called the reconsideration line, and they said it was a systematic decline, and there was nothing I could do. It appears they are applying this rule to all their cards.

  66. Just got denied by Chase for the Ink Plus Business card also for too many cards in last 2 years (more like last 6 months, in my case). So I can personally vouch for the fact that the rule applies to their business cards too.

  67. Yup.. Denied. 800 FICO. got an approved 70K miles offer on United. Chase denied it 🙁
    Feel cheated out of this great offer.

    Chase needs to put more intelligence into their policy.

  68. I just got denied for the Freedom Unlimited because the Chase rep. said I had too many new cards in the past 2 years. He gave me an address to write to for reconsideration. Has anyone had success with writing a letter and being reconsidered given the new stricter rules?

    • Hi Jackie, did they give you an address to write the recon letter? If so, may I have it? I want to try writing them for this ridiculous policy. This is unacceptable.

  69. I just reapplied for another Chase Southwest Business card and they said I’ve applied for too many cards in the past two years. I called the reconsideration line and they said there’s nothing they can do. Oh well 🙁


  70. Called back a second time and asked when to reapply. He said in January, two cards are dropping off from being on the 24 month list, so we should be okay to reapply. He couldn’t specify the amount of new cards it took to be denied, because the policy might change, so he said.

  71. Just was denied for southwest business card as well for too many credit cards opened in past 2 years. 900 credit score and no debt. It applies to airline cards as well.

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  73. I can confirm that this two-year rule applies to hotel cards as well: I have a 800+ credit score and was just declined for the Chase Marriott card.

  74. I applied for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card in my husband’s name because I didn’t think that he had too many cards. He was turned down, but we went to a branch bank, and after the woman called, they realized that many of his were authorized user cards for cards in my name. They may be looking at all of these requests so quickly that they don’t notice things like that. She knocked off some credit on one of the cards, which shouldn’t matter to anyone doing this, and then approved his.
    Friends of ours went to major Chase bank, and they were told that even though one of them had a Sapphire Preferred already that both could get the sign-up bonus. They are probably cancelling the Preferred card, but it seemed it would be done all together. I would say that we were lucky, but that it is probably better to go to a larger Chase bank. If their cards don’t pan out, I’ll let you know.

  75. Just a few days ago, I was to denied United Mileage Plus Card because I had too many cards in the last two years (my FICO score is over 750).

    I suggest that everyone who was aggrieved by this stupid, horrendous policy would write a letter to the Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, with CC to every independent member of the Chase’s Board of Directors, basically shaming the Chase for denying their best customers who have an excellent credit history the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of various Chase credit cards. The letter should say that if the policy is not changed, everyone affected by it will urge their family member,s colleagues, friends and everyone they know to boycott ALL Chase banking services.

    • P.S to my previous message:

      For those who wish to write to Chase, here is the following info:
      1 ) Jamie Dimon, CEO 270 Park Ave NY, NY 10017
      2) Board of Directors:
      William C. Weldon, retired as CEO of Johnson & Johnson
      Stephen B. Burke, the CEO of NBCUniversal
      Lee R. Raymond, former CEO of ExxonMobil
      Michael A. Neal, Vice Chairman of General Electric Company
      James A. Bell, Executive Vice President of the Boeing Company
      Crandall C. Bowles, Springs Global, Inc., SC
      James S. Crown, Henry Crown and Company
      Laban P. Jackson, Jr., Clear Creek Properties, Inc

      Of course, it’s probably going to be an uphill battle to have them change their policy but if we, a community of users don’t try, they certainly will not change it.

  76. Applied for Chase SWA Visa Platinum card a week ago, got declined due to too many CCs opened in last 2 years. I guess Chase is trying to prevent gaming the system to get the up-front rewards, but it seems counter-intuitive to decline customers with great credit.

    I wonder if it would make a difference if I were to cancel some cards I don’t need, or if I’ll just have to wait out the 2-year period.

    • I applied for the SWA visa card too on the 13th. I was declined due to too many CCs opened in the past 2 years (5 total). I asked the Chase representative how they handle business CCs. He stated that they treat them as separate entities, so I applied for the business SWA visa card. I received a letter last Saturday that it was declined due to too many CCs opened in the past year. I called the representative today about it and he confirmed that they look at both your business accounts and personal accounts together. They look at the month that you opened up the account to start the 24 month time period. I have 2 credit cards that were opened in January 2015….. I am going to reapply come February. If you cancel your cards, it will not help you with this new policy. The credit decision is based on the month you opened your card, not when you cancelled it.

      • I just spoke with a Chase Customers Relations, and they said that their 5 cards/24 months rule applies to ALL Chase cards! So don’t waste your credit score on useless inquires from Chase: you’re for sure going to be rejected! They also said that, however, that if many people complain and loudly say that because of their stupid credit card policies, they will completely ignore all Chase products: checking, saving accounts, financial services ets– until their credit card rule is abolished.

  77. I applied for Chase Southwest business and a Southwest personal card two days ago. Today I called the Reconsideration line for the business side and was told that I was denied for having more than 5 credit cards open in the last two years from other banks. Only have 3 current Chase cards, have been a personal Chase checking + savings customer for over 15 years, and have a credit score >800. The rep absolutely would not budge… stating that there was nobody else to speak to and that there was nothing that could change this denied app. Super frustrating and leads me away from Chase for my future needs.

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  83. I had heard about this but I thought I take a chance anyway and applied for the Chase Freedom. I got the dreaded, “we will contact you in writing within 30 days with a decision.” We all know what that means, although sometimes a decision can change if you call the recon line. I have many cards and all are in good standing with utilization under 4% so long story short…this is entirely true…my letter stated too many accounts opened in the last 2 years….bummer.

  84. Cindy and Rick

    I am surprised you are still advising people to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred. The UR points are only worth 1.25 toward travel, and the the Reserve is 1.5X.

    I advise all of my friends and family to apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve. Even without the 100K point bonus, the card is extremely valuable. The $450 fee can be nearly erased with the $300 travel credit and the Global Entry fee paid. The lounge access may not have value to some, but for us, it was a great bonus. We just used a lounge in SJC 3 weeks ago today.

    With 3X travel and 3X dining, we couldn’t have a better card for our needs. Since we spend over $100K in business expenses, which counts almost entirely as travel, we get 300K points guranteed each year.

    I hope they bring back the 100K signup bonus.