No More Credit Card Loads With Target REDcard Starting Tomorrow!

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Update:   You can no longer load Target Prepaid REDcard with debit cards or gift cards.

Frequent Miler confirms that starting tomorrow, May 6, 2015, you will NO longer be able to load your Target Prepaid REDcard directly with a credit card!

Until now, folks have been adding money to their prepaid REDcard at Target registers using miles and points earning credit cards.  It’s been a great way to meet minimum spending requirements.

No More Credit Card Loads With Target REDcard Starting Tomorrow

Going, Going, Gone…You Won’t Be Able to Load Your Target Prepaid REDcard With a Credit Card Anymore!

So if you’ve got a REDcard and need to make 1 last load, tonight is likely your final opportunity!

What’s Happening?

Link:   Target Prepaid REDcard

Link:   My Review of the Target Prepaid REDcard

Folks on FlyerTalk have been speculating about news that Target issued a memo stating they would NO longer allow REDcard credit card loads effective May 6, 2015.

And now Frequent Miler confirms that this memo does exist.  We don’t know for sure, but it sounds like the deadline for adding money to your REDcard with a credit card is midnight Eastern Time tonight.

No More Credit Card Loads With Target REDcard Starting Tomorrow

Time Is Running Out to Load Your Target REDcard With a Credit Card

That said, I called a Target in Virginia and asked if they knew about the change.  The customer service representative said she wasn’t aware of a memo or any change in policy.

So it’s possible that not ALL Target stores will be affected.  But I suspect they will be.

What Should You Do?

If you have a Target prepaid REDcard and are able to get to a Target tonight for 1 last credit card load, it’s probably a good idea.  Especially if you’re still meeting minimum spending requirements on new cards!

And it’s unclear whether adding money with a Visa or MasterCard gift card will be discontinued.

No More Credit Card Loads With Target REDcard Starting Tomorrow

Let’s Hope That Visa and MasterCard Gift Card Loads Will Still Work With Target REDcard

We won’t know until after tomorrow if all stores are affected.  I’ll update you when I have more information!

This is NOT good news, but I’ve always said that folks in the miles and points hobby should be ready to adapt, because the game is always changing.

And there will always be new ways to earn miles and points!

Bottom Line

Via Frequent Miler, Target will NO longer allow folks to load their REDcard prepaid cards with a credit card starting tomorrow, May 6, 2015.

So your last opportunity will likely be before midnight Eastern Time TONIGHT.

This is NOT good news for folks who used Target prepaid REDcard to meet minimum spending requirements.  But there will always be a new way, and I’ll let you know about it!

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40 responses to “No More Credit Card Loads With Target REDcard Starting Tomorrow!

  1. Sad day for churners. First Amazon Payments, then AmEx Serve and now this. What other MS options are there left?

  2. Someone invites me to try Square. But I am not sure how this thing works. Need to collect more detailed information before diving into water.
    You will receive free processing on up to $2,000 in credit card transactions for the first 180 days*. Afterwards, you pay the standard 2.75% per swipe for all major credit cards**.

  3. Very bad day!! Let’s hope visa gift card from staples will be ok

  4. Following

  5. I have been doing 6500 a month with serve and the family dollar store along with loading on to my credit card which is linked to my serve account

  6. What a bummer! We made it to Target tonight. I hope gift cards(debit) with a pin will work if we don’t show them the gift card, otherwise back to Serve and WM for us. The clerk in Blaine, MN said a few people had been coming in to load their card.

  7. Oh- How do you do 6500 with serve at Family Dollar?

  8. I would appreciate if you could write an article summing up the MS options left.

  9. Haha! Luckily I didn’t spend the $30 to buy this online (from some folks) when I was thinking of buying it since it’s not available in Hawaii.

  10. i literally just got my redcard yesterday. what a waste.

  11. Is there a difference between the AmEx for Target Prepaid and the REDcard AmEx Prepaid? I noticed they have two completely different sites as well.

  12. Just went before store close in my area, if EST the almost 1am 5/6/15, so midnight of 5/5 varied.
    Thanks for the info. Notice the post right before heading to bed then jump out and run !!!

  13. John, if you just got the temp card yesterday then register it. you could load before the perm card arrive if tomorrow still allow in your area to load w CC. temp card only allow max load of 1500. perm card allow 2500/day and 5k/mo…but some site mentioned 72k/yr (5k*12???)

  14. This is TERRIBLE news. Luckily most still don’t know about the Citi Build-a-Bear triple gift card rebate trick. I’m up to $9,600 this month alone!

  15. @Nick:
    That’s a joke, right?

    (Out of curiosity, I actually searched for “Citi Build-a-Bear triple gift card rebate trick”, but didn’t find anything.)

  16. Damn! This really sucks! I wish we had a little more time to catch that last load up!!!

  17. Nick what are you talking about? Please explain.
    Nick | May 6, 2015 at 12:45 am |
    This is TERRIBLE news. Luckily most still don’t know about the Citi Build-a-Bear triple gift card rebate trick. I’m up to $9,600 this month alone!

  18. Amex Serve still accepts only Amex credit cards up to $1,000 monthly to load.

  19. He is being sarcastic

  20. I am wondering if Amex Serve can load with Amex Gift Card online?

  21. heh last night it was funny waiting on line to load redcards talking to all the other msers

  22. I guess laziness pays off. I didn’t open a RedCard due to the fact that I’d have to physically go into Target to load everything.

    I kept open my Serve via Softcard and will be able to at least cycle through all the Am Ex cards available, and hit the minimum spending that way via the $1500 per month online loading.

    Between my wife and I, we have another 10 cards or so this should be good for.

  23. VGC with pin is still working

  24. Tried loading my card today at 8:30 MST. Swiped my credit card, and a message came up on the screen “Maximum $0.00 can be loaded with this card.” Tried a second credit card, same message. Was able to load up with no problems yesterday. (Target at Oracle & Roger, Tucson, AZ)

  25. Hey all,

    I called 4 different stores, in my vicinity (SF Bay Area) last night, and only one confirmed that credit card loads are no longer available to Fund the Redcard. All the other stores I called had not heard anything related to this change in policy which leads me to believe this could be a store by store decision.
    I will going back to Target tonight to try and load the Redcard with my credit card. Wish me luck!

  26. Dhiman Halder

    Would be interesting to see what happens to the ebay RedCard sales

  27. eBay fire sale! But only after eBay looked the other way for a while (activated cards are prohibited in their policy).

  28. I just got the card last week and was planning to cancel my Serve and activate the Redbird tomorrow! At least I didn’t cancel the Serve yet.

  29. Holy crap! If this is true, I just lucked out. Over the last two days, I purchased $1,200 of VGC’s at Office Depot with their $20 instant rebate on $300 offer (you can do it twice). Each $600 I bought cost me $580 (no activation cost either for some reason). I literally unloaded them to my RedCard yesterday afternoon. I’m glad I didn’t procrastinate and wait until today. That being said, I’m stopping in after work to see if I can squeeze another (2) 1k loads in to reach my $5,000 for the month. Maybe they haven’t updated the POS at my local store yet. Fingers crossed!

  30. It’s always been Target’s rule to
    not allow cc loads. They just started enforcing it.

  31. Good new$$$$$ There is a new prepaid card branded with 5 and below. You can load up to $10,000 per day. They except CC for transactions.

  32. You can still load the Am Exp Serve card with Am Exp credit cards–but that is it. And i got a ‘fee’ the last time I did that of $50 for a ‘cash advance’ charge, so I’m not doing that again! PinkBird–what is the new prepaid card that you can load $10,000 a day? Also a question for all of you–I’m looking for something I can load with a credit card and pay a bill with–like Am Exp Serve or Target Redcard used to be. Any ideas?

  33. Pingback: Target Redcard credit card loads no longer supported? |

  34. This sucks – what other options for MS are working for people?

  35. Can someone hold my hand and explain this to me? if I load the prepaid redcard with $5000 a month and I spend them all in bills..etc.. what benefits I get ? what percent in the full $5000? I see points so how many point for $5000K? what is the amount in dollars per month or per year. I can not find that info anywhere. thanks so much ( new in the game)

  36. Ele,
    Too late, this deal is dead. 🙁

  37. Thanks !… So I guess even the gift cards ( including the VGC) is history ? If they still accepting the gift cards to load them then still good for some people . what is the deal now? Why to keep loading this card with my debit card ? I do shop more in Walmart and Sam club . Those 2 stores are side by side and are very nice , clean , cool people and great CS. ( not sure about other walmarts but mine is just as good as my target , wholefood..etc . Will lol into the bluebird I didn’t know about it . Tx for any advice .

  38. Do they still accept Vanilla Visa gift cards with pin? I have heard conflicting reports. It still is worth it if you have 2×1 travel card and use it to pay your mortgage. Anyone know of the best place to purchase these cards? The cheapest I have found is Office Depot at $4.99.

  39. Does anyone know of any store that allows loading up giftcards with PIN using any credit card? Will be receiving new ones in a week and want to plan my spending. Thanks!!

  40. The prepaid REDcard (Redbird) can be loaded at the vast majority of Target stores with ANY pin-based gift card, following the steps of the K8 guide:

    Several Target stores though–mostly in big cities, but not always–have made it a store policy not to let you load Redbird with gift cards. Also, you can’t load Redbird in North Carolina and Arkansas; the registers there are hard coded to not allow that…those are the only Target registers hard-coded to reject Rebird loads.