When Hyatt Says Award Rooms Aren’t Available, There’s Still Hope!

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Million Mile Secrets reader Jasmin emailed:

I’ve had several situations with Hyatt where the hotel had lots of paid rooms available but no award rooms.  How can I get an award night?

When Hyatt Says Award Rooms Aren't Available There's Still Hope

Do You Know How to Get an Award Night When a Hyatt Hotel Like the Park Hyatt New York Shows No Award Nights Are Available?

Here’s how Jasmin can book a room using Hyatt points even when the website shows NO award nights are available!

What to Do When Hyatt Says Award Nights Aren’t Available

Link:   Hyatt Gold Passport Terms and Conditions

Jasmin wants to book an award night at the Park Hyatt New York on May 23, 2015, for Memorial Day weekend.  But the Hyatt website shows no rooms (using Hyatt points) are available.  But cash rooms are available at the Hyatt Daily Rate.

So Jasmin thought she was out of luck when she read the Hyatt Gold Passport FAQs:

Why does the hotel I want to go to have rooms available, but I am being told that I can’t redeem my Hyatt Gold Passport points?

Hyatt Gold Passport award allotment is limited contractually and is subject to availability. When a hotel’s award allotment is filled, the hotel is no longer required to offer free nights using points.

However, Hyatt has a no “blackout date” policy.  And the Hyatt Gold Passport terms and conditions say:

Hyatt Gold Passport Free Night Awards apply when standard rooms are available at the Hyatt Daily Rate. Standard rooms are defined by each hotel and are not subject to blackout dates.

This means a room can be booked using Hyatt points.  So there’s still hope for Jasmin!

When Hyatt Says Award Rooms Aren't Available There's Still Hope

Jasmin Found No Award Nights Available at the Park Hyatt New York for May 23, 2015

Call Hyatt

Jasmin should call Hyatt at 888-228-3360 and ask to book a room using Hyatt points.

If the agent says no rooms are available, Jasmin should politely state that Hyatt doesn’t have blackout dates and refer to the terms and conditions.  If the 1st agent can’t or won’t help Jasmin, she should hang up and call again.

If the 2nd agent won’t help, Jasmin should nicely ask to talk to a supervisor.

When Hyatt Says Award Rooms Aren't Available There's Still Hope

Call Hyatt and Quote the “No Blackout Dates” Policy

Because the terms are very clear and there are standard rooms available, Jasmin should be able to book an award night at the Park Hyatt New York on May 23, 2015.  Or any date that shows standard rooms for sale!

Nick from The Points Guy did this to book an award night at the Park Hyatt Paris-Vendome.  And a poster on this thread on Flyertalk was also able to book an award night with help from the Hyatt Concierge.

Bottom Line

The Hyatt hotel Jasmin wants to book does NOT show available award nights.  But the hotel DOES list standard rooms available for cash.

However, Jasmin should be able to book the standard room with points, even though the site says she’s can’t!

That’s because Hyatt has a no “blackout dates” policy.  And the Hyatt Gold Passport terms and conditions state if a hotel has standard rooms available, you can book it with Hyatt points.

So Jasmin can call Hyatt at 888-228-3360 and nicely ask to book a room using Hyatt points.

Good luck, Jasmin.  Let me know if it worked for you!

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20 responses to “When Hyatt Says Award Rooms Aren’t Available, There’s Still Hope!

  1. I don’t see what the standard room is in the example. Is the standard not a Park King or a Park Double?

    While I agree that the description of Park Deluxe King and Park Deluxe Double is gobbledygook to get around making rooms available, they are considered non-standard rooms, right? Similarly, is an ADA room truly standard? It has extra features (albeit features that the vast majority of guests do not need or even particularly desire).

    Your reader should be aware that it’s likely that their room, if allowed to be booked, will be the ADA room. Now if they are Diamond, they’ll probably get upgraded out of that unless the hotel is close to full. But still….

  2. I have a reservation at the Park Hyatt in mid May and it’s not the ADA room. It’s the Park King Deluxe. But the same room was available for cash but not points on a couple of other days I was looking at online. Have not tried calling the Hyatt concierge so very curious about any success.

  3. I tend to disagree on the interpretation of “blackout date”. I understand that to mean that no seats or rooms are available for that date. If an airline or hotel makes a limited number of seats or rooms available for a certain date, then that date is not “blacked out” when those that are available are used.

  4. Do you know if the “No Blackout Dates” applies to points + cash? I have had a couple denied due to “none available” according to the person on the reservation line.

  5. Hi Daraius, does this rule apply for Dec 31st also ? I was trying to book a hotel in hyatt time square on New year’s Eve and it is not showing any rooms for 31st Dec with check out of 1st Jan . But when I adjust the dates for 29th Dec to 1st Jan the standard rooms are available. Can I called customer service they told it has to be booked for 3 days ? Can I call again and get just for 1 day ?

  6. Nick is right, none of those rooms that are available are the standard room. They should not be able to get those rooms on points and telling them to badger CS at Hyatt and try to explain to them what is not actually their policy is not the correct advice. Call up to beg and plead for an exception would be a possibility, but call them to explain your incorrect interpretation of their policy is not.

  7. Thank you Darius. Wish I know this earlier. I saw 2 nights @ lowest rate available for paid stay but not using points. I called Hyatt and CS told me no nights available. If I know this no blackout date policy, I would at least tell them so to see if they can do something for a Platinum member. In the end, I gotta use my SPG points but I prefer to use Hyatt points if possible.

  8. I take my previous post back (couldn’t modify it). I checked and the points reservation I had for May was for a Park King, not Park Deluxe King (which is ~$100 more). And the dates that weren’t available only had a Park Deluxe King available so the screen shot above shows no standard rooms.

  9. Wow, Darius, this is really helpful! My spouse and I got stiffed trying to use Hyatt point nights in Paris, when they had ‘standard rooms’ available but not point nights. I’ll keep it in mind for next time. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Thanks for the timely tip. I attempted to book a reward room at the Park Hyatt New York and the website said award rooms not available for my dates. I called Hyatt customer service and they immediately, and without any argument booked a Park King room for my requested dates. If not for your posting I would have most likely accepted the Hyatt website response. Great information!

  11. Does this strategy apply to other hotel chains as well, ex. Hilton?
    Thanks a lot!

  12. If you go to the Park Hyatt NY’s site (the hotel you used in your example) and go to the rooms tab, you’ll see what count as standard rooms. None of those that are available there count.

    Why spread misinformation like this? I’m sure you being an “expert” know better.

  13. This, in a sense, is wrong. Technically a black out date would mean that there was never any availability to book a room. HOWEVER, Hyatt reserves a specific amount of rooms to be used for points. Once those rooms are full, that’s it. I recently ran into this problem. I’m staying at the Hyatt Regency Riverfront in Jacksonville next month, however it was not easy to book with points. I happen to be going to the “Welcome To Rockville” concert and they were completely out of rooms to book with points. It’s a busy weekend. I set an alert to notify me if something opened up, and it did. Same thing happened with New Years at Times Square in 2013. I eventually got the room I wanted (At the brand new Hyatt Times Square), but it wasn’t immediately available. I had to wait for someone else to cancel.

  14. We just used this trick to get two lucrative nights at the Hyatt vendome in Paris. We’ve been trying to book this particular weekend for weeks. All it took was one 15 minute phone call! Thanks Darius!!

  15. How can I set up an alert like Steve M? I am having this issue trying to book the Hyatt Regency Maui during NYE holiday. Trying to book with certificates and points, really wanted a club room but at this point I’d be happy for a standard during this season 🙁

  16. Hi Darius,

    I’ve made reservations at Park Hyatt Sydney from 28th Dec – 30th Dec however, when i try to book 31st Dec(new years eve), Hyatt website says the hotel is sold out for that night. I called up Hyatt reservations and they directed me to the manager at the actual property (Park Hyatt Sydney). This manager told me that standard rooms are available but i will have to take a 5 day package with $2000 rate per night. I don’t want to pay $2000 per night for 5 nights since i already have 3 days booked. Do you have any ideas on how i should approach this? The standard rooms are available but its not showing up on the website.

  17. Hi Dariu
    I’m trying to book Park Hyatt in Paris using my two free award nights from the credit card but they told me the standard rooms are not available. However, I can see it’s available for cash from the Hyatt website. Can I still call and tell them that it should be available?


  18. Thank you for this thread. I was trying to book 2 nights at Hyatt Centric Fishermans Wharf in SF later this month. The Hyatt website showed availability for “Standard Rate Room”. I moved some points from my account to my wifes account to get us to 15,000 points to use for one night and a Hyatt anniversary night for the other. When I called to make the reservation they tried to tell me that the available nights are not “standard rooms” and therefore I could not use my points or anniversary night towards them. They tried to claim that the Standard Rate on the website I saw seeing was for a courtyard view whereas the standard rooms that are eligible for rewards don’t have a view at all (or probably of a brick wall). I called BS on this and asked to talk to a supervisor. He said he would call the hotel and see what he could do. I imagine he was inquiring as to whether the hotel thinks they would sell the room otherwise being that it is only a couple of weeks away. He came back and said he could let me use my anniversary night and my points toward the room. I was about to give up and pay cash or some other points and stay elsewhere but MMS saved the day. Love your site, I check it daily!

  19. I did this today for the all-inclusive Hyatt Zilara Cancun over New Years Eve.
    I was honestly a bit surprised that the representative readily did it no questions asked. I was ready for a debate over the terms, but no issue at all – even over NYE! I consider 25k points per night all-inclusive to be a steal, when the average daily rate for our stay is just over $1,500/night.

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