Only 1 Month Left to Get the 50,000 US Airways Miles Card

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

View From the Wing reports the deadline to apply for the US Airways card is April 12, 2015.

I’ve written before that this card won’t be around after US Airways merges with American Airlines.  That’s because the US Airways card will be replaced by the Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator card.

Only 1 Month Left To Get The 50,000 US Airways Miles Card

The Date Has Been Set for the Last Day to Apply for the US Airways Card

So this may be your last chance to get the US Airways card and 50,000 US Airways miles!

Emily and I don’t earn a commission for this card but we always tell you about the best deals!

US Airways Card

Link:   50,000 US Airways miles from US Airways card

Link:   My review of the US Airways card

You can get 50,000 US Airways miles from the US Airways card after your 1st purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee.  But you have to apply by April 12, 2015!

When American Airlines and US Airways merge, this card will be discontinued in place of the Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator card.  And it will NOT be open to new applicants!

With the US Airways card you get:

  • 2 miles per $1 spent on US Airways and American Airlines
  • 1 mile per $1 spent on everything else
  • Priority Boarding
  • Free checked bag for you and up to 4 companions (domestic flights)
  • Companion certificate for up to 2 guests
  • 1 day pass to the Admirals Club or US Airways Club
  • 25% discount on in-flight purchases like food and drink

And you can get 50% bonus miles on all purchases when you use your US Airways card through June 30, 2015!

Using Your Miles

Link:   US Airways Award Chart

Link:   American Airlines Award Chart

Link:   Oneworld Award Chart

You don’t have to rush to use your US Airways miles.  Because after the merger, your US Airways miles will become American Airlines miles.

Emily and I have used American Airlines miles for many trips including:

Only 1 Month Left To Get The 50,000 US Airways Miles Card

50,000 US Airways Miles Gets You a 1-Way Business Class Ticket to Paris

Bottom Line

The last day to apply for the US Airways card is April 12, 2015.

This card will be replaced with the Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator card (not available to new applicants) once US Airways merges with American Airlines.

And when you pay with your US Airways card through June 30, 2015, you can get 50% bonus US Airways miles on all purchases.

Emily and I don’t earn a commission for this card but we’ll always tell you about the best offers!

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20 responses to “Only 1 Month Left to Get the 50,000 US Airways Miles Card

  1. I applied for this card about a week ago and it was denied because I didn’t have any relationship with US Airways. I had followed one of the links for the 50K bonus. The rep told me that they did not pull any credit on the app. They said I can not apply for another 30 days and to go to to get the card. This deal is for only 30K bonus with up to 10K for balance transfers. The problem is that I applied on 3/3/15 and I will miss the opportunity to get the card. Has anyone ran into this problem? Is it worth calling back and seeing if I can get the card with 50K bonus? Thanks for you help

  2. Correction…… I see that I can still get the card by 4/12/15 but is there any way to get the 50K bonus?

  3. Hi Daraius,

    If I already have one, can I apply for another? I’ve heard mixed reports.

  4. @Shay,

    I opened my first card about 14 months ago with Barclay. Two months ago, I called to cancel the card and the CSR waived my annual fee and i decided to keep the card.

    Yesterday I applied for it again because I was going to apply for two more cards from different banks so I said.. why not give it a shot, and got instant approval. It’s already showing up on my Barclay App I am not 100% sure if I am going to get the 50k bonus but I will know with in a week or two. YMMV but I’d give it a try.

  5. @Shay, based on my experiences, I had this card opened on Sep last year, and I applied for it twice in the past three months, one was in Jan, and the other was just last week. I put my usairways account number in the application page in both time. The system immediately declined my request but didn’t pull the credit report. I would say, Barclay did upgrade the system to recognize the existing cardholder, and automatically reject the request. However, without a hard pull, it is still a good try.
    Based on the data point, someone chose not to put the usairways account number in the application in case Barclay will recognize it, but it is still risky that it may recognize you after pulling your credit report and then reject you.
    The other thing to note is that you have to wait for 1 month after they decline you, or you will be declined again. I didn’t test it, but I believe it is true.
    That’s it and hope it will help.

  6. @ Jesson @ Juno

    I have this card on Jan 2014 last year, applied for second card in Aug 2014 and Nov 2014, both denied. When called recon line, rep said I already have the card so cannot approve me for same products. Then on Jan 2015 my first card annual fee was due and I called to cancel but rep waived the fee so I decided to keep it. What is my chance of getting approved for 2nd card if I apply again now? btw I did put my US Airways account # in the application though, maybe that’s why they could recognize me to have same card and denied my application?
    If I try not to put my US Airways account # in the application this time, will it matter and if so, how do I add the account # later after get approved?
    This is my last shot to get the 2nd card…..appreciate your help.

  7. Is this card churnable? Can I get the bonus again if I’ve already received it?

  8. @Shay,
    I currently have the card (prob 9 months old) as well as the Arrival card from Barclays. I just applied online and got the “your application is being reviewed” message.
    I feel that they will see I already have it and decline the app without pulling my credit report. This has happened to me once before w/ Chase Explorer.

    I’ll update if anything unexpected happens!

  9. Does anyone know why residents of Iowa can’t apply for this card? And is there any way around it?

  10. I have the card and decided to apply for a second one after reading that it’s possible to get two of them. I was approved but did not receive the 50k mile sign up bonus a second time. My wife had the same experience. Wasted $89 on the up front annual fee.

  11. Hi Daraius,
    I will get the Aviators card in July. Since I have two AA citi bank cards (personal and business), do you think it makes sense to cancel one of the AA cards so that I can get the welcome bonus again in the future?

  12. I’m from a foreign country, and moved to US less than 1 year ago, so I don’t have a high credit yet. (635 by TransUnion and 644 Equifax). Do you think it worth it to apply and get a chance to got an approval? Or It’s to low for apply and better to wait more?

  13. I had the same experience; when I got the letter it said I didn’t have preferred status, and no credit pull. Two days later I got an email inviting me to apply. what’s up with that??

  14. 3/15 Helgo, sorry this happened to you. As recently as last week when I called to cancel my Arrival Plus due to no good retention offer, I queried the rep with a hypothetical. Could I apply for a 2nd travel rewards card? Answer was clear. If one applies for a premium card (includes travel), that one has already had, with a bonus given, no new bonus will be given on the 2nd card. A bit like AMEX and their one bonus per applicable card lifetime.

  15. Quick question: Do you think after the merger we will still be able to use our companion pass/ lounge voucher or do we need to rush to use them in the next few weeks?

  16. Can anyone advise on how quickly one can churn this card?
    I first got this card in June of 2013, and cancelled a year later. I’m planning on another round of applications in early April. Can I reapply for this card for another bonus before it disappears?

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  18. I had got this card, the first time, in April 2013. Canx it around the 11 month mark. Had no problems getting it again with 50k bonus. I also went ahead and got the AAdvantage Platinum Select MC again because I hadn’t applied for that card since 2013.

  19. Welp, bad news. I was declined for the second card AND they pulled my credit (Transunion). The ones who have been successful getting the second bonus are luckier than me!

  20. it says the offer has expired : (