Hot! Targeted $25 off $100 at Staples AMEX Offer, Works on Visa Gift Card Purchases!

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Via Frequent Miler, check your American Express accounts for a targeted offer for $25 off a $100 Staples purchase.  It’s for online purchases only.

The best part of the deal is that it applies when you buy Visa gift cards!  It’s not supposed to, but I tested it and it WORKS!

By doing this deal, you can get a $100 Visa gift card and earn a profit of ~$18!  And you can do this multiple times with different cards!  (One time per card.)

You can use Visa gift cards for everyday purchases, load them to your Bluebird or Serve account, or use them to pay bills with Evolve Money.

Hot Targeted 25 Off 100 At Staples AMEX Offer Works On Visa Gift Card Purchases

Earn an Easy ~$18 in Profit on a $100 Visa Gift Card With Staples and AMEX Offers

I’ll show you how to do it!  But act quickly, because I don’t think this will last long!

How to Do the Deal

Link:   How to Register Your American Express Card for AMEX Offers

Link:   How to Get the AMEX Offer Credit More Than Once

1.   Sign-In to Your AMEX Account to See If You Got the Offer

Sign-in to your American Express account and click “Amex Offers For You” to see if you’ve received the offer.  Check all of your card accounts!  You might get it more than once.  Do NOT save the offer yet!

Hot Targeted 25 Off 100 At Staples AMEX Offer Works On Visa Gift Card Purchases

Check Each of Your AMEX Accounts for the Offer, but Don’t Save It Yet!

2.   Save the Offer to Your AMEX Card(s)

Before you save the offer to your card, read my instructions on how to get an AMEX offer more than once.  Open each of your AMEX cards in a separate browser tab, then save the offer to each card.

If you don’t do this, you’ll only get the offer on the 1st card you save the offer to.

Once you’ve added the offer, you’ll see a confirmation that it’s been added to your card.  Note that the fine print says gift cards are NOT included.  But I tried anyway, because sometimes the fine print doesn’t always stick with AMEX Offers!

Hot Targeted 25 Off 100 At Staples AMEX Offer Works On Visa Gift Card Purchases

You’ll See a Confirmation That the Offer Has Been Added to Your Card

3.   Use Your AMEX Card to Buy a $100 Visa Gift Card at Staples

Go to the Staples website and search for a $100 Visa gift card.  Don’t forget to go through a shopping portal 1st to earn extra points!  The gift card looks like this:

Hot Targeted 25 Off 100 At Staples AMEX Offer Works On Visa Gift Card Purchases

You’ll Pay ~$107 for a $100 Visa Gift Card at Staples

I used my American Express card to pay for the gift card (after adding the AMEX Offer).  Shipping is free.

Hot Targeted 25 Off 100 At Staples AMEX Offer Works On Visa Gift Card Purchases

Free Shipping Makes the Deal Even Sweeter!

4.   Check Your Email!

You should get a confirmation email from American Express shortly after you order the gift card.  It will confirm that you’ve used the AMEX Offer at Staples.

Hot Targeted 25 Off 100 At Staples AMEX Offer Works On Visa Gift Card Purchases

Congrats, Indeed! Thank You AMEX Offers!

In my experience, it usually takes a few days for the statement credit to appear on your American Express account.  But receiving a confirmation email means the AMEX Offer has been triggered.

5.   Repeat for Other AMEX Cards

If you’ve registered your other American Express cards for the offer, repeat the purchase using each of your different cards.

You should receive the gift card(s) in the mail in a few days.  Use them for:

And because you’re getting $25 back on your purchase, you’ll earn a profit of ~$18 ($25 AMEX statement credit – ~$7 card purchase fee) per registered card.  Plus you’ll earn miles and points for your purchase (and any extra points by going through a shopping portal).

That’s an awesome deal!  I don’t expect it to last.

Bottom Line

Through AMEX Offers, you can get $25 off a $100 Staples purchase online.  It’s targeted, so not everyone will get it.

After registering your card, you can buy a $100 Visa gift card on the Staples website and it will trigger the offer.  You’ll earn a profit of ~$18, plus miles and points for your purchase.

If you have more than 1 American Express account, follow these instructions to add the AMEX offer to all of your cards.  Then you can do the deal more than once!

Act quickly!  This will NOT last long.  Good luck!

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38 responses to “Hot! Targeted $25 off $100 at Staples AMEX Offer, Works on Visa Gift Card Purchases!

  1. You think it will work with any other gift card like Whole Foods or Target?

  2. How would you get points through a shopping portal? Those also say not eligible with gift card purchases. I bought one just to try it, but I don’t think it’s worth buying several in case the offer doesn’t work with gift cards.

  3. I bought the Whole Foods gift card and got the AMEX confirmation!

  4. is there a reason why you wouldnt get the $200 GC instead?

  5. This is a no brainer. Double dip this with the Staples Easy Rebates promotion going on for $20 back (as a VGC) for a $300 spend, you can make $30 profit for buying $300 in VCGs ($25 amex offer + $20 rebate = $45; $45 – 2 VGC fees = ~$30.10). I’ll be picking up $100 for my SPG card and $200 for my Ink Bold today (with 5x points). It’s too bad the $20 rebate is in store only. But it’s not like those portals work half the time anyway – especially that gift cards are excluded in their terms, it makes it tough to even argue with support to give them to you if they don’t post.

  6. Why not get the $200 gift card? It would double your points on the shopping portal.

  7. Just did it twice! Thank you!

  8. How do I find offers, I have a amex fidelity card

  9. The confirmation email just means you used your card on the site. It doesn’t mean you’ll get the credit by AMEX. I had the shell offer for $5 off $30 for gas. I used it at shell, got the email…ended up only filling up with $29 due to the low price of gasoline, and never got the $5 credit. Still skeptical the GC will work.

  10. Hi Darius,

    I have multiple cards with amex, and the online account is same for alll the cards. I have targeted only for one of the card. Can you suggest me how to add this offer for other cards.


  11. @Frank–you wouldn’t get the $200 gift card because 1)There’s no guarantee this will work as the terms say gift cards are excluded and 2)gift cards are also excluded from shopping portal purchases. To me this idea is a risk in all departments. Better to play it safe with one $100 gift card.

  12. Can someone please update if you receive the 25$ back after purchasing a Whole Foods or Target electronic/physical GC? Thanks!

  13. I have the same question as Sai – why does this offer only appear on one of my four AMEX cards?

    As others have commented, I am not convinced the $25 rebate will be issued. The software can only identify a purchase, which triggers the email. I suspect that when they do a review and see it was a gift card, the rebate won’t be issued. I hope I am wrong.

  14. I got my confirmation. Thanks.

  15. quickly perusing the cash back sites, gift cards are all excluded….anyone know of a cash back for staples gift cards? Darius makes reference to clicking thru a shopping portal first, but not seeing any options.

  16. Any chance that Bluebird cards can get in on this deal?

  17. For those who use Southwest, there is a $100 SW card that costs just 1.99. This is an ok deal even without the Staples offer when you factor in the shopping portal cashback and the Starwood points.

  18. @ Russ
    Very good point. Those confirmation e-mails just mean you used the card at the merchant doing the promo. It doesn’t mean you will get the credit. I also received the confirmation but will wait until the credit comes through before doing more cards. I doubt anyone has received the credit yet. It would be wise of bloggers to wait about posting this until at least one person confirms the actual $25 credit. That being said, AE is a 3rd party to this and although they may have access to see what you bought, it does not mean they will do that.

  19. Does anyone really expect Daraius to provide an answer?

    He no longer answers anyone.

    This site is automated with hired help who only generate marketing content to push cards…that is all.

    Best to find another blogger who still responds to their readers (and has not totally sold out to the credit card companies and marketing of NOT the best produces) and use their affiliate links!

  20. Why does anyone NOT think this will work.

    There is NO way that AMEX is going to find out WHAT you ordered from Staples.

    Only the amount, credit card number, and other key card info (if the company reports/requires it) is sent to AMEX.

  21. FYI. The terms from AMEX. Not sure if you end up getting the $25.

    “Offer valid online only at In-store and phone transactions are excluded. Physical and electronic gift card purchases are not included. ……………………………………………………………………………..Statement credit will appear on your billing statement within 90 days after 2/7/15, provided that American Express receives information from the merchant about your qualifying purchase. Note that American Express may not receive information about your qualifying purchase from merchant until all items from your qualifying purchase have been provided/shipped by merchant. Statement credit may be reversed if qualifying purchase is returned/cancelled. If American Express does not receive information that identifies your transaction as qualifying for the offer, you will not receive the statement credit.”

  22. Can someone please post if they actually get the credit? Sad that the guy doesn’t read these blog comments anymore 🙁 I can understand, but at the same time, gotta stick with the people you help organize 🙂

  23. Just an update. Purchased visa gift card 1/9, got confirmation e-mail but offer in “my offers” tab does NOT show as redeemed…..yet, and of course, no $25 credit yet.

    @Brent. I think you are wrong. I believe AE probably has the software capability to see 3 levels down to what exactly you purchased. I know Visa has that ability. Unless you work for AE or have intimate knowledge of their systems it is presumptuous to state they don’t or cannot retrieve that info. That doesn’t mean a gift card charge won’t go through, just sayin’.

  24. Same result as Kent C. I received an email from AMEX congratulating me on using my offer. But, in my account the offer does not show up as having been redeemed and there is no statement credit (yet).

  25. My $25 statement credit just posted. I purchased a Whole Foods $100 gift card on January 10th, got the congratulatory email 30 minutes later and today the $25 credit posted.

  26. So whole foods GC works but not Visa? I purchased on the 9th and no credit yet…

  27. @ Tom
    Wait for couple of more days, sometime credit posts after few more days than usual. You should get it, just be patient.

    You are wrong buddy, Amex does know what did you actually buy. If you think they don’t know then either you have not watched your online statements closely after redeeming such offers in past. They know exactly what stuff did you buy when you use Amex to redeem such offers. In General, they don’t post those in day to day purchase, but as Kent said, they definitely know and in fact does give those details in online statement if you go to details.

  28. I can officially say that this works for the Visa gift card. I just got my $25 statement credit today.

  29. I bought a $100 visa gift card with each of our AE cards and received the statement credits 2 days later!

  30. I also got the credit for the visa gift card…I would think those people who were prematurely bashing Darius should update their comments or simply post an apology

    Sometimes the best thing to do is not rush to judgement

  31. I have 2 AE cards. I just got my $25 credit for one of them. The offer status in the other card is not “Redeemed” as @Kent, and the transaction has been posted

  32. I received the $25 statement credit on my AMEX account. Purchased a $100 VGC on 1/9.

  33. Purchased visa gc right when you posted! When it shipped, i got my $25 statement credit the next day! Thanks for the awesome tip!!

  34. Received the visa gift card last Friday but still haven’t got the activation after a week. Should I be worried?

  35. I haven’t received activation code as well.

  36. It’s been more than a week after I received the card (through postal mail) and $25 credit (in the Amex account). However like the two comments above, I also haven’t received the activation code (and hence cannot activate the Visa gift card at this point).

    Could someone who successfully activated the card tell us whether there IS indeed a separate postal mail containing the activation code? Thanks!

  37. Call gift card mall and tell them you would like to activate the card!

  38. I received the gift cards sometime last week but never received any activation codes. Called to activate without codes and was told they are receiving “thousands” of calls about this from Staples orders. Activated all of mine (7) in one phone call.