Limited Time: 50,000 Point US Airways Card Sign-Up Bonus

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

For a limited time, Barclaycard has increased the sign-up bonus on the US Airways Premier World MasterCard to 50,000 miles.

Previously, the highest bonus on this card was 40,000 miles plus 10,000 miles on your card anniversary the following year.  So this is a better deal!

The offer says limited time, but I’m not sure when it will end.  But it won’t be around after US Air and American Airlines merges next year.

What’s the Deal?

Link:   Barclaycard US Airways Premier World MasterCard

Link:   My Review of the US Airways Premier World MasterCard

Because the Barclaycard US Airways card will be discontinued soon (because of the American Airlines and US Airways merger), this could be your last chance to get an increased bonus on this card!

Limited Time 50,000 Point US Airways Card Sign Up Bonus

After the Merger, This Card Won’t Be Offered Anymore

You’ll get 50,000 miles after your 1st purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee.  And you’ll also get:

  • 1 Admirals Club or US Airways Club lounge pass
  • 1 free checked bag for you and up to 4 companions on domestic flights and priority boarding
  • 25% discount on in-flight purchases like food and drink
  • A companion certificate for up to 2 guests
  • 2 points per $1 you spend on US Airways and American Airlines
  • 1 point per $1 you spend on everything else
Limited Time 50,000 Point US Airways Card Sign Up Bonus

You’ll Get a Free 1st Checked Bag for Yourself and Up to 4 Traveling Companions

Remember, US Airways miles will become American Airlines miles after the merger.   And existing cardholders will get a new Barclaycard AAdvantage Aviator card, but it won’t be open to new applicants.

What Can You Do With 50,000 Miles?

Link:   US Airways Award Chart

Link:   American Airlines Award Chart

You can get a lot of Big Travel with Small Money with 50,000 US Airways miles!

For example, you could get:

  • 2 round-trip coach class tickets within North America
  • 1 round-trip coach class ticket to Europe (off-peak) with 15,000 miles left over
  • 1 round-trip coach class ticket to Hawaii (with 10,000 miles left over)
Limited Time 50,000 Point US Airways Card Sign Up Bonus

You Could Get to Hawaii (With Miles Left Over) With the 50,000 Point Sign-Up Bonus

This is the best increased bonus I’ve seen on this card, and probably the last!

Bottom Line

The sign-up bonus on the Barclaycard US Airways Premier World MasterCard has been increased to 50,000 miles for a limited time.  You’ll get the bonus after your 1st purchase and payment of the $89 annual fee.

This is a good deal, and probably the last increased bonus we’ll see on this card, because it won’t be offered after American Airlines and US Airways merge.

What would you do with 50,000 US Airways miles?

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34 responses to “Limited Time: 50,000 Point US Airways Card Sign-Up Bonus

  1. If you just applied for the 40k offer do you think they will upgrade you to the 50k offer if you ask via web chat, message, or phone?

  2. I have been wanting to reapply for this card before it’s gone for good but I canceled this card less than 2 years ago (March 13, 2013) what are my chances of an approval?

  3. I don’t see anything on this offer about the 10k anniversary miles – I don’t think that applies here.

  4. Disappointed in your “Mother-in-law” rule where you supposedly write about the best available offer. As you know, there is an offer out there that gives you 50,000 miles + 10,000 miles upon account anniversary.

  5. @karen – I and my wife each applied and each received the 40k offer 2 months ago. This was AFTER cancelling the previous card just 7 months before. I think you’ll be fine based on my experience. My understanding has been anything beyond 6 months with Barclays.

  6. Darius, it seems like you’ve forgotten your own previous post where you explain that there is a 5000 mile discount on US airways metal flights for US Airways Mastercard cardholders.

  7. To everyone who got the card between 11/1 and now:

    I got approved for my card 11/14. I saw this offer today and called Barclay. The rep informed me that they were all sent an email with instructions to give everyone who got the card on 11/1 or later (for the 40k bonus) the extra 10,000 miles! Now, I’m not sure whether that means you need to call in and request it, or whether it will happen automatically, but I would most certainly call and be sure.

    So @bryan, yes. Give them a call.

  8. Hi Daraius,
    I love reading the blog daily! I recently received my US Airways card, have made my initial purchase and paid the annual fee. I also got my Welcome envelope several days ago with the companion pass and the lounge day pass.
    My wife wants to go to Kona, Hawaii for her birthday in March 2015 so I thought this is perfect timing to use some miles plus possibly use the companion pass. I called the given number for US Airways to investigate.
    The US Airways gentleman on the line helping me said a) the companion pass is only good for travel in the 48 states so that leaves out Hawaii and means use on another trip b) the mileage required is 90,000 miles per person to fly from DFW (Dallas, TX) to KOA (Kona, Hawaii) and to return to DFW. There would be a stop in PHX (Phoenix) each way. So I did not have luck this time with the mileage or pass on this trip.

    My million dollar questions for you are: does his answer sound correct …. Or could he be mistaken? When does the companion pass expire and will it still be valid when AA and US Airways combine?

    Thanks again for this site and all of your efforts!

    Dave S

  9. Dave S.

    If you click on the card link and read the details it shows that the companion is only good in lower 48. Also, for Hawaii, it is a popular destination for awards so you need to plan early and be flexible or you will not get tickets at the lowest award amount. Earning miles is 1 thing, using them is another thing. There is a lot of time and effor required to get a good deal on using awards and it rarely can be done with one call to reservations.

  10. Pretty sure you need to call. But if you signed up after 11/1/2014 you can get the extra 10k credited.

    Just worked for me. Had to call.

  11. just called opened the account 10/29 they told me if I opened it in the last week they may be able to change the terms of my account but other than that there was nothing they could do. They gave me 5k courtesy points. Should I call again?

  12. Opened my account mid-October, with 40k miles. Called for a match today. Was first told I would be getting a match to the 50k miles and the 10k annual bonus, but he sounded unsure. Called back to verify terms and was told the first agent was in error, no match. So called back a 2nd time to speak to a supervisor. Supervisor said I wasn’t eligible, but they would give me 5k good faith miles and another 5k for $1k spend in the next 90 days, but no ability to add the annual bonus. Not too bad.

  13. Adam:

    You are so right! I’ve noticed many bloggers posted the inferior offer at almost the same time (because of their affiliate links). I’ve also noticed that those that tried to show people out there that there is a (potential) better offer had their posting(s) deleted. Dan’s Deals is one of those people. He got 100’s of people to respond to his post and I am sure made plenty of $$$$. The below link is technically for “preferred” members, but why not try it anyways? It’s 50k miles, plus 10k more at the anniversary. You might even get lucky and get all 60k right away, as some have said that the 40k and 10k anniversary got all of them and didn’t have to wait a year.

    Darius, please stay true to your word and add to your post about the better possibility. You will be respected for it.

  14. I applied this card for my parents for early Nov. Sent private msg for both of them to match the offer today. My Dad got an reply saying the 10k will be added after eligible spend and annual fee paid. My mom got a “reward benefit case open” with 7-10 day wait time. I called for mom’s card. First agent said sorry, no extra bonus for application after 11/30. Hang up and called again, another agent said bonus will be automatically added for anyone who applied after 11/1. Now I am not so sure, but I guess we will just have to wait and see.

  15. For Economy travelers, 50k AA miles can allow you to fly roundtrip from the US to Japan during off peak dates (Oct. 1 – Apr 30) with “Economy Saver” tickets. This is great value for AA miles in my opinion.

  16. No 10K anniversary bonus on this offer. It is replaced with following…

    Coming in second quarter 2015, you’ll also enjoy these benefits:*

    •$100 flight discount on your account anniversary each year with at least $30,000 in annual purchases
    •10% of your redeemed miles back (10,000 miles maximum per year)

  17. Everyone notice this gem from the T&C? :
    Earning Miles: Primary Cardmembers earn Miles based on Net Purchases. There is no limit on the number of Net Purchase Miles that may be earned. Miles earned and outstanding do not expire provided your Account remains open and in good standing, you must maintain your creditworthiness and you must use your card for at least one (1) purchase transaction every six (6) months (or have some type of account balance every six months).

  18. @matthew. I don’t believe they can claw back those miles.

  19. @Matthew M – The periodic use requirement has been known for some time in the miles and points game, especially on this card. It is good practice on all cards to use them every 4th or 5th month to be sure they stay open.

  20. I noticed people writing about the “10k anniversary miles.” How can US Airways card give anniversary miles if it will become an American Airlines card? Does that mean the AA card will still continue that benefit? Thanks for any help!

  21. What exactly in Level 1 miles to Europe. My husband and I would like to go to Europe, off peak, within the next 18 months (that’s how long the 50,000 miles last, correct?) but are there many black out dates associated with Level 1.? I can’t seem to find out. Thanks

  22. I applied on 15 nov and got 40,000. When I read about the 50k offer I called and was immediately uograded to 50k “because you applied after 01 Nov”!

  23. I received the US Airways card just last month and have called 4 times to see if I could qualify for the 50k bonus. The CSRs have had no idea what I was talking about and I just recently got hung up on after a 30 minute wait. Is there some magic set of words I need to say to qualify? Could the time that I’m calling be a factor? I’ve been calling in the evening.

  24. I applied when it was a 40,000 mile bonus, but my bonus just came in and it was only 10,000 miles. I looked more closely and they approved me for for the “world” card instead of the “premiere” card. My credit score is above 780, and they approved me with a pretty generous credit limit, so it doesn’t seem like there is a credit issue here. Is it possible to get them to bump my bonus up to the 50,000 miles? Pretty disappointing if they wont.

  25. Seems the link is dead today at 9.56am EST 12/10/14? That was fast death!

  26. I just applied for the card and was denied. I called reconsideration and was told the card was only for “preferred members” of US Air. Any one else have this problem?

  27. Just called–asked to be matched to the 50k and the 10k anniversary miles. Guy seemed to know exactly what I was talking about and said yes, it was possible as soon as he answered me. He said he would need to put me on hold and open “an investigation case”….I was on hold for about 7 minutes…no music, almost hung up wondering if I got hung up on….he came back on..told me I would get 10k additional miles in 1 billing cycle. I asked if I would get the anniversary miles and he said yes. Gave me a case # to check on the status. Woot! Thanks everyone

    • @Bryan – Doesn’t hurt asking!

      @ karen – Could be possible, but can’t say for sure!

      @Adam @god- The links were updated!

      @Dave S – Thanks for reading! You can’t use the Companion Pass to Hawaii, unfortunately. It is 40K for a roundtrip to Hawaii in coach.

      @ Soosie – Barclays will give you 10K American Airlines miles on your next anniversary.

      @nydia barone – That’s the lowest level which costs 60K for a roundtrip in coach to Europe. There won’t be seats on every flight.

  28. The 50 K offer is targeted only to those with US Airways preferred , platinum , chairman etc status which I do not have & discovered this was the case after speaking to a barclay’s rep when I called recon after my application was denied . I was told I could apply again after 30 days for the regular , public offer for 40 K & because mine was an instant denial there was no hard pull , thank goodness ! I hate a hard pull for no perks !
    Lesson learned … do your own research first !

  29. DO NOT USE the Preferred Link !!!!

    I just did and US has a list of preferred members by DM number and rejects non-preferred immediately. Told me I have to wait 30 days now to re-apply under the correct application.

    Everyone not Preferred using that application will get the same result.

  30. I procrastinated on calling until today, but I received the full 10k as a courtesy bonus after talking to a supervisor. Applied for card in mid-October.

  31. I’ve never been declined for a credit card in my life. Got the “pending review” upon application. Found that odd — realized I accidently applied under the “Preferred Members” link — hard pull for nothing! GAH! Make sure you use the general link!

  32. I am interested in applying for this card. On a flight back from Orlando I was told by the flight attendant that the 50,000 miles were also redeemable for 2 round trip tickets to within the continental US, Canada or the Caribbean. I’m looking into booking a trip to the Dominican Republic and was wondering if this does apply for 2 tickets to the Caribbean?

  33. Applied today and got the pending review. I called them and they denied my application saying it’s only for new members. I got the card twice in 2011 and 2013.