$100 Off Hotel Bookings of $100+ on Orbitz Cyber Monday!

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Are you ready to book a free (or very cheap) hotel stay on Cyber Monday?

Orbitz will give you $100 off hotel bookings of $100 or more when you book on Monday, December 1, 2014, for stays between December 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.

You’ll get the discount when you use Visa Checkout as your payment method and use promotion code “VISACHECKOUT“.

So if you find a hotel room for $100, the stay is free!

100 Off Hotel Bookings Of 100 On Orbitz Cyber Monday

You Could Stay for Free With the Orbitz Cyber Monday Promotion

I like Big Travel with Small Money, but I love FREE travel with NO money even more!  I’ll show you how to get in on the deal.

What’s the Deal?

Link:   Orbitz

Link:   Orbitz Cyber Monday Terms & Conditions

To get the $100 off, book a qualifying hotel stay on Orbitz this coming Cyber Monday (December 1, 2014).  Most major chains are excluded.

The discount is valid for new bookings only for stays between December 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.  But if you already have a refundable booking, you could always cancel and re-book!

To find hotels eligible for the discount, enter the promotion code “VISACHECKOUT” when you search for hotels.

100 Off Hotel Bookings Of 100 On Orbitz Cyber Monday

Use Promotion Code “VISACHECKOUT” When Searching to Find Eligible Hotels

Hotels included in the deal will have the phrase “Promo Code Eligible” listed above the price.

100 Off Hotel Bookings Of 100 On Orbitz Cyber Monday

Most Chains Are Excluded, but Participating Independent Hotels Will Have “Promo Code Eligible” Above the Price

To get a free (or almost free) stay, look for hotels in the ~$85 to $100 range.  Your booking needs to be at least $100 including taxes.

100 Off Hotel Bookings Of 100 On Orbitz Cyber Monday

Look for Hotels in the $85 to $100 Range If You Want a Free or Very Cheap Stay

And to get the discount, use Visa Checkout as your payment method.  If you haven’t signed-up for Visa Checkout, you can do so while making the booking.

100 Off Hotel Bookings Of 100 On Orbitz Cyber Monday

Sign-Up for Visa Checkout While Booking Your Stay, or Log-In If You Already Have an Account

Don’t forget to sign-up with a credit card that earns bonus miles and points for travel, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred (which earns 2X points on travel), or Barclaycard Arrival Plus (which earns 2.2% cash back on travel).

Note:   The terms and conditions of the deal say that you can only get 1 discount per Orbitz account or email address.

But a family of 4 could make separate bookings and each earn the discount.  So you could stretch this deal out over several nights depending on how many folks you’re traveling with!

100 Off Hotel Bookings Of 100 On Orbitz Cyber Monday

A Family With 4 Orbitz Accounts Could Get 4 Free Nights!

This is a fantastic deal!

Bottom Line

Orbitz will take $100 off a qualifying hotel stay of $100 or more on Cyber Monday, December 1, 2014.  The deal is valid for stays between December 1, 2014, and June 30, 2015.

Use promotion code “VISACHECKOUTand pay with Visa Checkout to get the discount.

Most major chains are excluded.  And you can only get 1 discount per Orbitz account or email address.

But if you can find a room for ~$100, your whole stay is free!

Emily and I will try to make the most of this deal on Cyber Monday.  Will you?

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44 responses to “$100 Off Hotel Bookings of $100+ on Orbitz Cyber Monday!

  1. great piece of information thank you. Anything like this from car rental companies?

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  3. Do you know how this works? Does it deduct $100 from the total amount when you place your order or does it charge you fully and credit $100 back to you later after your stay? Is the booking refundable? Thanks

  4. Is there any way we can see which hotels accept the offer ahead of time? I’m trying to browse around now, so I can save time on Monday, but I’m not showing anything that has “Promo Code Eligible” under it.

  5. ^Yeah, same question as Dale. I’ve been looking but it doesn’t seem to show what is eligible now.

  6. it looks like we wont be able to see which hotels accept the offer until the Dec 1 – 8 booking window.

  7. This is great. However, I can’t find any independent confirmation of this deal anywhere in the cyber world. Too good to be true? What is your source Darius? You’ve got the link to the terms page, and I found this: http://www.orbitz.com/mktg/visa-checkout/

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  9. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be taking advantage of this promotion.

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  11. Awesome! Thanks for sharing. Is this stackable with any portals or would the coupon nix the portal savings?

  12. I can’t find this promo anywhere, either. All I see is get $100 off hotel, if you book a flight. Hope this does work on cyber Monday. Where did you find this? Thanks for alerting us.

  13. Thanks, Dutt! I will see how it works on Monday!

  14. This is a VISA checkout promotion. You can’t use the Barclay Arrival MasterCard can you?

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  16. If you book 2 rooms worth $50, do you get both nights for free OR should it be one night with min. of $100/room?

  17. Any new insights into the specific details or an official landing page about this offer? Darius, where did you hear about it?

  18. It seems the Don’t Call the Airline blogger feels that you will have to reach the $100 amount PRIOR to taxes, virtually eliminating any possibility of “free” rooms. Still a good deal but if what he feels is true is correct, that would make the comment by Darius about an $85 room + taxes for almost free incorrect. I hope Darius is right of course. However, I have some doubts now.

  19. @Matt

    Even still, if it was $100 before taxes, we’d end up paying around 10 bucks for a hundred dollar room. A pretty amazing deal nonetheless. I just hope it works on international locations too! Looking for book a room in Zurich on a specific date.

  20. I was looking up some hotels in anticipation of possibly booking for this deal. I noticed one of the properties I looked at specifically listed “Black Friday Cyber Monday”. Looking back at my entire search, 2 others mentioned cyber monday or cyber monday sale in some way – do you think that is an indication those properties will be on this sale? Or just a generic cyber monday promo?

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  22. Is this deal 100$ for one night? or can it be a combined of a few nights? For example, if each night is 50$ and I book for two nights, will that still work?

  23. It’s already 12 and I still get the message
    This promo code is valid for bookings made between Dec 1, 2014 and Dec 8, 2014. Please continue booking or try your promo code again later. Promo code rules

  24. Darius. Great site. Your info is always useful but orbitz is really running a scam. Ive tried several cities and have found ZERO that say promo code eligible.

  25. @Rich That’s because until the promo period starts, it won’t list if a hotel is eligible. Try putting in an old code that’s already working and you’ll see. Not a huge selection, but definitely not a scam.

  26. It’s 1 am CST Dec 1st and still on hotels showing “promo eligible” for “visacheckout” promo code. Called and CSR said she was transfering me to “special orders desk.” And, of course, she disconnected me. Anyone having success?

  27. @David I’ve been checking for eligibility with various Orbitz accounts. Nothing. Just: “This promo code is valid for bookings made between Dec 1, 2014 and Dec 8, 2014. Please continue booking or try your promo code again later. Promo code rules” I’m hoping they’re waiting for California to click past midnight.

  28. @Travor Maybe midnight Hawaii time. Or Guam. Or Okinawa. Wait……it is already past midnight in Okinawa. CSR now says, “Log on again. The system is updating right now.” Still doesn’t work.

  29. The deal will start from 10 am CST.
    Just confirmed with a CSR.

  30. Glad to know I’m not the only one getting, “This promo code is valid for bookings made between Dec 1 and Dec 8” I will try at 10am CST!!!

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  32. I will have to try this at 10am CST. Hope to find some free or very cheap rooms.

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  34. Deal is apparently dead now: “We’re sorry but limited numbers of this promo code were available for redemption and the limit has been reached. Promo code rules” 1:30 pm EST
    Anybody lucky enough to get in on it?

  35. damn. yes, it’s expired. I was able to find the hotel this morning with discount but didn’t book.

  36. I was lucky enough to book a room for <$20 in Montreal. Thank you for this information. I had a timer set for 10am CST. So glad to have done that!

  37. @Vishal: Thank you for the last minute update. It saved me from having to try the code every 10 minutes and allowed me to go to bed but not before setting my alarm.

    I did cheat and slept in 1 extra hour. Downside is that I wish I had booked a different hotel but for $4 for the room and $25 in taxes =$29 is a great deal. I recall clicking on @Mark link to the offer and all I saw were the T&C which gave a false sense of security since it stated offer was valid from Dec 1- Dec 8. When I visited the same link posted by @Mark again, I saw a “splash screen” that stated “$1,000,000 giveaway” Which meant its only available to the first 10,000 users.

    When I visted orbitz.com directly to make my booking it was posted on their front page with the promo code advertised.

  38. Thank You so much for posting this deal!!! It went live 11am NY time and lasted for 2 hours!!! We did not plan our Christmas vacation because we did not really have money for it. Using this deal I was able to book 7 hotels in 4 different states. If hotels cost was 100-105 then you just have to pay 10-15$ in taxes from your pocket. AMAZING deal. Thank You again!!!!!

  39. I made my booking at 9:10am, its now 11:50am and I just checked my inbox and it appears Orbitz mailed out the “exclusive offer” this morning at 9:58am. I believe the offer was pulled 35-40 minutes later. Since I attempted a dummy booking at 10:45am. Thank you Daraius for the heads up 1 week in advance =)

  40. WHY IS THE CODE EXPIRED? It said that it was valid until december 8th?? And it’s only been two hours since it started?

  41. I too failed to get one. I called customer support and they said it had reached a predetermined limit. When I pointed out that the rules for the offer do not indicate there was a limit the support person transferred me to customer satisfaction where they hung up on me. mmm, not great customer relations.

  42. Thanks again for the heads up about this. You beat almost all other bloggers to this story it seems. (the first big name blog to feature it at least)

  43. “We’re sorry, the promo code has expired”

    But it’s not midnight yet 🙁