You Can No Longer Load Vanilla Visa Cards to Bluebird at Walmart

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Via Million Mile Secrets’ readers and Flyertalk, it appears you can NO LONGER load Vanilla Visa & OneVanilla gift cards to your Bluebird account at Walmart.


Vanilla Visas Don’t Work Anymore at Walmart to Load Bluebird

Folks began reporting that they weren’t able to load any type of Vanilla Visa or OneVanilla gift card to their Bluebird account.  When you try to load the card (either at the kiosk or with a cashier), the register declines the transaction and says “alternate tender required.”

What’s Changed?

Link:   How to Load Bluebird With Gift Cards at Walmart

Link:   Can You Still Load Your Bluebird at Walmart?

I wrote recently about changes to how you load Vanilla Visa gift cards to Bluebird at Walmart.  For the past several weeks, the cards would load, but you’d have to be fast with your fingers to change the payment method after swiping the card.

As of yesterday, it seems like that workaround is NOT working anymore.  Million Mile Secrets reader Liz reports:

Vanilla gift cards are not longer working to load BB at WM.  I plan to try out Metabank and US Bank gift cards and see if they work.

Reader Chaz follows up:

Loaded 2 $500 Vanilla Visa Debit Gift Cards Monday 6/16/14 at WM, using the ‘change payment type’ workaround.  Failed today 6/19/14 at 5 different terminals in a different Walmart.

And readers KC and Keith confirm:

Just recently returned from 3 different Walmarts and all 3 times it failed.  I was unaware of “fast finger” but had already been doing that, maybe slow and methodical, not fast.  Each time the transaction was cancelled at the end with a receipt print out declaring “debit not approved, call authorizer.”  I was using the silver/purple Visa debit gift cards.

I had trouble yesterday and today as well with Vanilla cards.

So it looks like Walmarts all over the US have been affected by this change.

What Do You Do Now?

Change is part of the miles and points game, and I’ve written before that we have to adapt!

So far, it sounds like gift cards issued by other banks (like US Bank Simon Mall Visa Gift cards and Metabank) are NOT affected by this change.  These cards are less convenient because you have to set the PIN prior to using them.

Earlier this week, I loaded my Bluebird at a Walmart kiosk with Visa and MasterCard debit gift cards.  The Visa is issued by Metabank, but it’s not obvious – it’s in the small print on the back.  The initial PIN is the last 4 digits of the card number, although I always set the PIN by calling.


Metabank MasterCard Gift Cards Come in This Packaging

The MasterCard debit gift card comes with a pre-printed PIN inside the packaging.  This is a US Bank card, but again it’s not obvious to folks because it’s printed on the back.


The MasterCard Debit Gift Card Conveniently Comes With a PIN Inside the Package so You Can Load It to Bluebird Immediately

It’s still easy to find these cards in many stores.  And so far, they still work to load Bluebird at Walmart.

That said, I don’t know how long that will last.  So I wouldn’t buy more than a couple at a time.

You don’t want to be left holding thousands of dollars in gift cards which you can’t load to your Bluebird!


US Bank and Metabank Gift Cards Still Appear to Work to Load Bluebird at Walmart

If you already have Vanilla Visa or OneVanilla gift cards you need to use, you could try using them to buy money orders at a local grocery store.  They do NOT appear to work at Walmart for money orders anymore.

Or you could use them if you need to send someone money via Amazon Payments.  You can only send $1,000 per month, so if you have a lot of cards it might take some time. [Expired]

Worst case, you could use the cards for regular spending.  They still work just fine as a debit card for normal purchases.

Bottom Line

You can NO LONGER load Vanilla Visa gift cards to your Bluebird account at Walmart.

I suspected this change was coming, since in the past few weeks they’ve made it more difficult (but not impossible) to load the cards.  Now, it looks like there’s no longer a workaround.

As with everything in the miles and points hobby, changes happen.  And there’ll always be something new to help us meet credit card minimum spending requirements and get Big Travel with Small Money.

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94 responses to “You Can No Longer Load Vanilla Visa Cards to Bluebird at Walmart

  1. How long were you going to wait until you finally broke this news to your readers? I find it a rather negligent of you that pushed your affiliate links super hard while neglecting to inform them.

  2. Frequentflyer87

    Took you long enough.

  3. Skilled Travel

    Gotta adapt! Any further reports of vanilla reload locations?

  4. “there’ll always be something new to help us meet credit card minimum spending requirements”

    Well said from a credit card showroom spokesman. What took so long for this post? The problem came up the middle of LAST week!

  5. I bought a $500 visa at Walmart on Sat. and loaded it to my Bluebird…it took 3 swipes before it worked…I hit the cancel button on the screen because I did not see the change payment button and on the 3rd try it went thru.

  6. I’m full with Bluebird this month, and cannot load any more until July 1st… but can anyone confirm this is the same issue with the black MyVanilla visa reloads? Is there any other $500 “debit” card that works (something I can pick up at my local CVS store)?

    Also, anyone care to comment about using/losing Bluebird in favor of something else that can still be loaded easily? I can use Evolvemoney for certain payments… but I really like being able to send money from Bluebird for nearly anything (including just writing checks), and am about to do another credit card application batch this week for the Southwest cards and Starwood cards. But I don’t want to get caught with cards and no way to spend on them!!

  7. Just to note. The U.S. Bank MasterCard (the purpler one) most of the times I’ve found does not come with a pin inside. You have to call the 1-800 number to set the pin. The first time I didn’t have a pin it was a bit of a panic, but it just takes more time to call and set the pins.

  8. I bought MetaBank gift cards in Stop n Shop for the gas rewards (4x this week) and I went directly to WM to load my BB with no problem. I didn’t need to activate it or assign a pin number. I posted pictures of the gift cards in my blog.

  9. Does anyone know if this applies only to Bluebird? Any idea if this applies to GoBank as well?

  10. Can anyone confirm that the same is true of using the Walmart Money Center to load the cards? Or is it just the Checkout Lanes that can’t do it anymore?


  11. Does anyone know if this applies to the Walmart money center kiosks as well?

  12. So…I had trouble loading my Vanilla cards last week as the system was totally different than the system at my “normal” Wal Mart.

    I assumed it was the change in stores, but from this post and comments it sounds like maybe it was this new update.

    All this is to say, I had the cashier run it numerous times and when I hit cancel at the right point in the process it allowed us to run the debit workaround.

    Wondered if anybody else has had similar luck – it sounds like at least one of the comments here had a similar experience…

  13. Definitely late on the reporting guys.

  14. I got pulled into reading this post by the picture with the big “X” across the Vanilla gift cards. The “X” is also clearly going through two stacks of Amazon gift cards on the left side. Can I load Bluebird with Amazon gift cards? If so, can you please do a post on how to do that? That would be sooo helpful. Thanks in advance!

  15. To all the Bow Tie haterz….

    Stop hatin on the man, the myth, the legend.

    He had a Q2 goal he wanted to meet and had to push hard to get there.

    Do you think casuals would sign up for these cards if they knew the main liquidation method just died?

    It is best to go mum on the death of churning while you are traversing the globe on affiliate money.

    Don’t listen to these haterz Big D, haterz gonna hate.

    I eagerly await the next churn we can kill together! I love feeling like I am a part of something!!!

  16. Cindy and Rick

    Too bad this doesn’t work anymore. We went to WalMart yesterday and tried to load the cards to my BlueBird. Rick’s was already loaded for the month. Anyway, it didn’t work, and the customer service clerk couldn’t get it to work either.

    WalMart has lost a lot of business because I was going to their store 10X per month and bought my groceries and other stuff while there. Now I have no reason to go to WalMart. Bummer for me, but also for them.

    Daraius, don’t let the meanies get you down. I am happy to use your links to get my cards. I have learned so much from your site. Being a big credit card spender for our businesses, we get information here that literally pays us back Too bad I didn’t find your site years ago. I have been using a lousy Capital One Venture card for years before this. Now we have miles and miles built up, and we are traveling free. I am amazed at the knowledge here.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

    Too bad about the BlueBird. Shoot! I was loving the points, and it took us way too long to get started. Bummer.


  17. Welcome to a week ago. Once again, you need to find better blogs to source your rehashed information.

  18. I got your American Airlines cc through your affiliate link and bought $10,000 in gift cards to make spend. Now Walmart won’t let me use the gift cards. How can I liquidate them now? My mortgage and kids’ tuition depends on this money and now I can’t use it?!?! Help! I need my money, my wife is going to be so mad… how do I explain this to her? 🙁 🙁


    So how long does everyone think it will take to just basically kill MS as we know it?

  20. I just tried loading my GoBank account with a OneVanilla VGC, making sure I used the work-around of selecting a debit transaction aka “quick fingers”, and it did not go through. I would appear that Walmart’s software has blocked reloads to any cards using OneVanilla/Bancorp.

  21. I am hoping the the WM thing gets completely killed off, and MS becomes more regional again. Anyone who gets into this, buys a bunch of VGC’s, doesn’t understand the rules of arbitrage, and can’t afford liquidate the VGC’s they are holding through normal spend probably deserves the hit because they don’t know how to hedge their downside.

    Playing with 10’s of K of financial products of any is not for the small pocketbook or the faint of heart.

  22. So many pathetic losers on here – looking at you BowTieMe.

    Bottom Line: A lot of folks who used BlueBird to crank out 5k extra month are going to have to drastically reduce the cards they apply for, and the total amounts they can spend. There is no way to get anything more than the $200 MasterCard from Metabank, but this comes with a 6.95 fee. That’s a steep climb to churn that way. The churn game takes a HUGE hit, and this is a very bad time to try and figure out Bluebird. Repeat: DO NOT start trying to figure this out now.

    Glass half empty: Darius to a big meany who should have been live blogging ever single email he got instead of posting about a worthless Luths-whatever card. He also should personally pay off all our debt and give warm up our microwave dinners while we watch Nancy Grace and wear our NASCAR shirts.

    Glass half full: I’m thankful for the $15,000 in travel I got using BlueBird, MMS, Southwest Companion pass, and many other things I would not have understood or had outside this blog. THANK YOU for making this accessible to nobodies like me!

  23. EFS – truth.

  24. Cindy and Rick

    Poor guy, buying $10K in debit/ gift cards and cannot load them to qualify for a credit card. Well, the money is still there. It’s not like the cards are worthless. You can still pay your child’s tuition with debit cards. You won’t be able to pay your mortgage, sorry to say. Neither can we, but oh, well. It was a great run while it lasted.

    No one forced you to get that credit card with the big spend requirement.

    We are stuck with $2,000 in cards, but no big deal to us. I will just use them for groceries and such and will only be out < $20.

    Frankly, I cannot believe how nasty people are here. Really, it's not like Flyer Talk and Points Guy aren't talking about every possible way to get miles and build them with BlueBird and Serve, and a few other products. It's over and done for us. I will shred my BlueBird AMEX and move on. That's what we do when we follow the trends.

    So get rid of the pink mini skirt and Go-Go boots and go with the newest and bestest and stop complaining that you got in at the end, or you didn't get in at all.

  25. Buy the card that says Happy Birthday on it. The pin number is the last four digits of the card number. Works for me every time.

  26. Mike in Illinois

    I used $200 Visa gift cards which I had bought at Office Max, at WM to load BB . The pin was set to the last 4 digits of the card number. I didn’t have to use quick fingers. I’m therefore hopeful that they’ll continue to work.
    More to follow in July.

  27. Why would you hold 6k in gift cards at once? What was your thought process behind that?

  28. Robert Hanson

    Stop whining people, no one suckered anyone into applying for a card with a $10K spend requirement.

    And for those saying this news has been out there for weeks, stop lying, this change only happened a few days ago, and even then it took a while to be sure it was a WM change and not just a temporary glitch. My guess is Daraius posted about it as soon as he found out about it.

    Marathon man, why don’t you sign all of your posts here with the same name, instead of pretending to be lots of people saying different versions of the same bitter line? Or better yet, just go hang out at your own blog that nobody reads, and let the tens of thousands of people who appreciate this blog read it in peace?

    OV cards can still be used to pay many types of bills with Evolve. Not cc bills, but utility bills, some home mortgage bills, some student loan bills, some school tuition bills. I’ve even read some people can pay their HOA bills online with Evolve, and in most cases Evolve doesn’t charge a fee.

    There are also a number of places that will sell you a money order with a OV card. Especially grocery stores, you will just have to ask around until you find where it works. No, you can’t do $5K in one transaction, but at least $500, maybe even $1,000. It will take a little more work, but you will get your money out soon enough, and you will then have 100,000 nearly free AA miles. 🙂

  29. AlohaDaveKennedy

    Up in Maryland at the moment. Giant here pulled $20-500 GCs off their store shelves and Harris Teeter balked after running $1k in MOs and wanted a social security number. The ripple in The Force looks bigger than just Wally World IMHO. Maybe some big fraud case, a recent fraud seminar or article has kicked off some activity among the peers. Do know US Bank and AMEX are jumping on my $500ish transactions with fraud calls. Eyes are definitely active.

  30. I also use the Happy Birthday Walmart cards (PIN is last 4 numbers on the card). Load Bluebird via the kiosk with these cards without a problem. Also have a large “tax” account in Suntrust and use my Suntrust Skymiles debit card to load Bluebird then reimburse with my checking account (TD Bank) via free ACH transfer.

    Not panicking here. Plan to meet 10K minimum spend on both my wife’s and my Citi executive card when I pay my taxes this year (extension filed).

    Very thankful the D for this blog and looking forward to flying to Europe once my 200,000 award miles come in.

  31. FYI – just went to Kroger for a grocery run. They have TONS of US Bank MC and Visa ($25 up to $500 denominations). Don’t see a PIN on the back of the packaging but maybe I’ll buy a small one and see if it is printed on the inside packaging. Would have done it tonight but I maxed out my daily Bluebird loading this a.m. at WM with my Delta SM debit card.

  32. To Wang: You can set up a paypal account for yourself and your wife. On paypal, you can send money to family and friends using the gift cards you have. Paypal will charge yo 2.7% fee, but thats just $270 out of the $10,000 you have in gift cards to make sure you have cash to pay your tuition, etc. Once she has the money in her paypal account, she can link a checking account to paypal and withdraw from paypal right into her checking account. Good luck, and next time, always try things slow and ask ” What if this doesn’t work perfectly? What MIGHT go wrong here? How can I protect myself?”

  33. Please do report back on that Kroger option David….

    I can confirm that the Simon Visa GC’s (which cost just $2.95) were still loading nicely to BB via WMT registers — as of last week anyway. (not being greedy with them, just one per week) Will try again soon.

    Curious Darius doesn’t mention Evolve in this post…. perhaps he’s still chastened after that …. less than accurate post about them accepting direct CC charges. But they should still accept Visa GC’s. (for legitimate spends)

  34. I am enjoying reading all the whining comments–did people really buy $6-10K of gift cards all at once with their Citi AA cards? And are they really blaming Daraius and turning to him for help? It’s also a shame that they’re now stuck with 110K miles worth thousands of dollars. I discovered this blog last fall and since then my wife and I have each taken 12 free flights in the last 8 months alone and have about a dozen more booked in the next year. Many of our hotel stays have been free/discounted as well. And we still have over a million points left in various programs. And best of all, we’ve had a lot of fun! Every credit card we applied for was done because it was a card that we really wanted since it offered something great. Sometimes I went over my head with getting cards that had huge minimum spends, but that was my choice. It was never because Daraius made me do it! And we only did the MS carefully–we would never buy $6-10K in gift cards that we couldn’t immediately unload. Blogs like this are a guidebook for a way to manipulate the system. And there are always risks involved with something like this. If you need to have your hand held every step of the way then you shouldn’t be doing this. I can only thank Daraius and his little modeling partner for getting me started in this fun and exciting game.

  35. For those stuck with debit cards, use Amazon payments and get money orders from Kroger. In 2 months time you should be able to liquidate with no problem.

  36. @scott-I can’t agree more with what you have stated.

  37. My goodness,

    All this hate is unbelievable. Daraius, you’re one of the most thorough bloggers I read, especially in calling out risk.

    Your blog has saved my friends and family thousands and literally opened up doors of opportunity we would never have had any other way.

    Thanks for all you do, including having to hear such hateful and ungrateful comments.

  38. wow these guys( f0xx,Frequentflyer87,Steve BowTieMe…& bunch others) are crazy thinking Darius is responsible for breaking updates and hand-holding them to tons of miles, just because they signup via his links or read his blog.
    what have you contributed to the sharing of knowledge? Will you discover on your own what Darius has shared here?
    this is an adult’s hobby and game, if you cannot afford it mentally and monetarily do not come here and cry like a child. go back to your government for your “entitled benefits”.

  39. Darius

    Don’t listen to the haterz. You have helped so many people (including me!) get miles and miles of free trips!! And you are always upfront if a link to a card is a better deal somewhere else (mother in law rule)

    Where do you get this kind of free advice and honesty these days??

    Thanks so much for all you do!!!

    (on my 4th 1st class international flight for FREE thanks to you and your website!!!)

  40. I was in the Walmart June 21. At the register, I was surprised to notice “the change payment” button did not show as usual, rather it went to direct to signature as if a credit card was used. I asked to cancel payments and retried, the same signature widow appeared. Although I finally cancelled, I am wondering what will happen if I signed on that window and proceed, anybody knows?
    This maybe an old question that was already answered.

  41. [email protected] at u

    I am writing for the first time in 1 year just to [email protected] at the idiots who spent 6-10 k in gc and now can’t pay their mortgage. This is what happens when you are greedy and impatient.

    “Oh shit, I can like totally get 100,000 miles in just a week with this BB thing I read about online.”

  42. [email protected]

    You have to be VERY STUPID to buy $6000 in gift cards for any reason….

  43. Some of you might want to think just a little bit. Comments like BowTieMe’s are CLEARLY not serious, and I suspect some of the others are as well.
    But JW’s analysis right on about where the hate is coming from. All the information is sourced from sites such as flyertalk, packaged up here, sometimes without appropriate caution, and used as click fodder, where the owner gets ~ $300 per referral.

    Now that could sort of be OK (capitalism at work) but the mass exposure without indications of risk (sometimes) is what is killing deals, so the people generating the methods are far less likely to share anywhere.

    So it’s great that all of you have got hundreds of thousands of miles from info in this blog, and it would have been more work but more interesting to get it from some of the source sites (Unless you really enjoy Trip to Italy with Emily part 183, of course), but it comes at a price, these deals will stop and may not be replaced.

  44. Good job Walmart. Time to kick these noobs out of our MS hobby. If you cant even adapt to such small change, you should leave MS and go earn only from your job.
    Vanillas are so expensive anyways, I only bought a couple ever in my life.

  45. I found out the hard way yesterday when I bought my first new Vanilla Visa in over a month (see my website for a more detailed narrative.)

    However, the tan colored prepaid Master Cards from Ralphs and Krogers should work as of now since they’re issued by US Bank. I had no problems with those.

  46. Well, bought a small $200 mastercard issued by usbank at staples to try. Went to the kiosk and tried it. Did not work. Asked for pin and entered it (was printed inside) but then is asked for another 9 digit pin which i have no idea what it is. So mastercard by us bank does not work or maybe i don’t know how to use it.

  47. What the heck, my post got deleted, weird. I was saying that is seems mastercards issued by usbank do not work as i tried the kiosk and it asked for pin and then another 9 digit pin which i have no idea what it is.

  48. When you get free stuff nobody complain and now people started the blaming games. Darius tries to help us to earn free airlines and hotel. He never told us go ahead to buy 10K gift card at once. Greedy or stupid is the one to kill people. I never bought 2 $500 in the same time, I make sure it worked then buy the second one. Even that I also have back up plan how to spend $500 gift card in case it can not load at Wally.

    Darius, you do a good job and I wishes I found your website earlier. My family, my friends had earn a lot of free stuff thank to you. I did this before but I learn more from your site.

  49. Jmecherul,

    The US Bank MC card I got at Ralphs can be registered online with your name and address. I’ll look into that with your card. If you can register it with at least a name, you might be able to transfer the balance directly to Bluebird.. there’s a $200/day limit but that just enough for your card.

  50. Darius do not get discouraged by people who are hiding behind alias like f0xx, JW, Cashback, etc. spreading misinformation on blogs I have observed them misguiding people on flyertalk forum by providing wrong information. Or many times diminishing people by using term of “spoon feeding” etc. They have nothing positive to contribute to the community. Now they are turning there guns on popular bloggers who are doing a good job.

    To your credit you are very transparent in full disclose about any deals. We learn about many new places through your blog.

    Please ignore negative minded people and keep doing your good work.

  51. straley,

    why should you get to get in on the good stuff just because you’re a big spender? people who live a low-cost simple life should be able to get in on the action, too. not feeling sorry for you.

  52. Pingback: Tips for Doing Large Amounts of Manufactured Spending

  53. straley,
    Bluebird is just one type of MS. There are plenty of ways of doing this if you’re determined and adventurous enough. You can gloat all you want because nothing’s going to change.

  54. I bought $2000 of Simon Giftcards yesterday (US Bank). I was able to load them at Walmart yesterday, but failed today. The transaction was approved and then reversed. Looks like they’ve cut off US Bank issued gift cards.

  55. Everyone that is coming on here and complaining/whining/blaming Darius clearly didn’t need to be in the game to begin with…MS has been around LONG before BlueBird [ 1$ coins from the US Mint anyone]…MS has been shared and reported for YEARS on FT, you just had to dig for it a little more and deal with attitude from highbrow businessmen…As a few people noted above, Darius has warnings/disclaimers/YMMV all over his posts and site…I myself got caught w/ 1500$ in Vanilla’s last week, but with a little research [say 15 min worth] I was able to take care of the problem, thanks to points bloggers SHARING information…The particular post/blog that helped me the most was from 2011…!!!No one was chastising that blogger for sharing information on a method to liquidate gift cards that STILL WORKS to this day…Stop whining and blaming and get online and do some research…If you can’t afford to get in the game, don’t buy-in…!!!

  56. Can any of these cards be loaded into a Bluebird account via the Moneypass ATM’s at various locations, as in Walgreen’s, US banks etc.?

  57. Aks: if you have seen me “spreading misinformation” on FlyerTalk, you must know my username there, which certainly isn’t Cashback. Or are you just being a little less than truthful?

  58. I really wish that he wouldn’t have mentioned one method that has been under the radar on the blogs so far. Sites are taking new deals to PM, so he won’t be able to kill them for long.

    With regards to this blog issuing warnings, he doesn’t share nearly enough about the ramifications of liquidating through someof the methods he is mentioning. But, I’ll watch it crash and burn.

    • Folks – I was traveling and wanted to make sure that the change wasn’t a temporary glitch before posting. Thanks for the support…and entertainment 😉

      @JW – Please let me know how to get $300 to $400 per card application click!

  59. Darius, JW didn’t say “$300 to $400 per card application click!”. He said $300 per referral. Don’t you receive about $300 referral for every approved application?

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  67. I had bought 5-6 Vanilla gift cards last moth..I just realised that I can;t use it in Walmart now. What is the option to load my bluebird now….how do I quickly use these gift cards….any suggestions??

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  69. Mike in Illinois

    The visa gift cards sold at work fine at WM. You phone the number on the back of the card and set a pin for the card before you go to WM.

  70. Roderick Scott

    Just tried last night to load the $200 M/C issued by US Bank. First I tried to get $75 cash back at a kcal super market in Florida, Publix Unfortunately, it appears to be totally over. While the kiosk was (as usual) broken and waiting to be “fixed”-I am not sure how long it gets fixed but i read above that after putting in the PIN that I arranged through the 800# it asks for some 9 digit PIN.

    IT IS TOTALLY OVER IN THE S. FL. AREA. THE WALMART AT 87TH AND NW 12TH AVE LADY SAID “YOU CAN’T LOAD GIFT CARDS – AT ALL.” I should have only bought one. The only way around this (if you are really stuck and need to get the $ out of these cards, ifs to sign up for Square, and pay 2.5%, Certainly not as bad an option as it hitting your account as a cash advance, a terrible idea always. They usually default to the highest interest rate, either 24.99 or 29.99% FROM THE DAY OF THE TRANSACTION. until the day you pay it off completely. At least the 2.5 % (1/2 of what Citibank charges for a cash advance) is posted as a purchase.

    And these cards can only be used in the US, which does not help m upcoming 2 week trip to Australia. After seeing that the Bluebird load had gone up to $2,000 a day (still $5K limit per moth), thank God I bought only 1/2 of that amount. I can burn $1,000 and as far as the 10K Executive CItibank M/C it’s going to have to be 2.5% through square trade and the business of overspend for the month. Neither great options. Square trade does very fast processing once you are registered. GOOD LUCK! Like Darius, I am as well very sad it’s over, but I got a lot of good out of it over the past 6 moths, move on everyone. WALMART IS OVER for gift card, even US Bank. The lady at customer service at US Bank said my Publix $75 cash bank was declined because you are not allowed EVER to get ANY dollar amount of cash back.

  71. I loaded $2000 worth of US Bank issued gift cards at Walmart this week. Two different stores. No problem or questions whatsoever. If you need to get rid of gift cards fee free (even vanilla visa cards) use “evolve money” to pay your mortgage and/or car payment. Paying 2.5% to square is an absurd idea.

  72. I just came home from loading $400 from Vanilla Visa Gift Cards and One Vanilla Visa cards. The trick is that you are limited to $40 per load transaction. I tried $500, $100, $80, $60 multiple times and got rejected every time, both at the cashier and at two different money center express machines. However, a $20 and $40 load worked both at the cashier and at the atm. I loaded $400 (10x$40) before I lost my patience and left. I’m just going to prepay/ overpay many bills including my mortgage for the next couple of months to unload my remaining gift card balances.

  73. Am I the only one to notice Roderick Scott gave the address of a Walmart? Certainly don’t visit that Walmart. Hint. Hint.

  74. Charlie, can you give me information about US Bank card ? What kind of card ? where ? Did you load to bluebird card at Walmart ?

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  76. It seems many were buying reloadable cards and or gift cards using a credit card then taking the gift/reloadable card and loading the Bluebird. Then they would pay their house note and avoid using cash advances.
    After all this reading and getting my Bluebird card is there any current method using a credit card to then load my Bluebird card in order to pay a mortgage?

  77. It seems many were buying reloadable cards and or gift cards using a credit card then taking the gift/reloadable card and loading the Bluebird. Then they would pay their house note and avoid using cash advances.
    After all this reading and getting my Bluebird card is there any current method using a credit card to then load my Bluebird card in order to pay a mortgage?

  78. floating mortgage = bad

    you don’t earn points paying your mortgage with bluebird – just pay it with cash in your checking account and avoid floating on your credit card

  79. Tried loading $200 metabank visa (giftcardmall) purchased from staples yesterday but didn’t work at the customer service desk. At the end of the transaction it spit out an error message. Has anyone been able to use the metabank visas lately?

  80. floating mortgage = bad | August 6, 2014 at 6:14 pm | you don’t earn points paying your mortgage with bluebird – just pay it with cash in your checking account and avoid floating on your credit card

    Thanks for the advice but I know all that. That was not the answer I was seeking. I again ask :
    After all this reading and getting my Bluebird card is there any current method using a credit card to then load my Bluebird card in order to pay a mortgage?


  81. Can not load master debit card anymore at Walmart.
    They are not accepting debit cards anymore

  82. I am reading on FT that few can still load OV to Serve using WM kate. Its not consistent. Can any of you confirm this. Sorry for asking as I already run out my monthly load limit on my server account.

  83. I just loaded 2 one vanilla to my bluebird account at walmart without an issue.

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  85. I just used a vanilla visa GC at walmart with the new color credit card reader. I hit the cancel and then debit and it took the GC no problem.

  86. I have used MetaBank Visa $500 without any problem so far. Just today morning, I got the error – “Alternate form of Payment required”. Don’t know if this is a temporary error or this is gone as well! Anyone had similar problem? Btw, there is no Money Center ATM in my nearby walmarts, so I have to use customer service.

  87. I went to 2 Walmart stores yesterday and they have removed the Money Center ATM from both stores. They said it’s under “renovation”, not sure what that mean. The US Bank Mastercard can’t be used to load anymore, it doing the same thing like the Vanilla cards now. The Metabank Visa doesn’t seem to be affected as of now.

  88. Do you have any suggestions for people trying to meet minimum spending requirements? Can we use cards to buy vanilla reload cards and load them onto the bluebird card?

  89. So I just came back from a Walmart here in Northern California, with my newly acquired Bluebird card and some VISA Vanilla ($200) GCs. No Money Center machine in this location. Person at money center desk said no to generic debt card loads just ones with your name on it; supervisor reiterated the no load as well. (She actually said that they NEVER allowed those ever before). Got her supervisor to come out-she seemed to actually know about the situation and have info. What she told me was that an audit was conducted last month and since then communication is being rolled out for them to NOT accept generic Debit cards (e.g. Vanilla) to load BlueBirds; only those with your name on it. Anyone getting it processed at a register is likely because the sales person isn’t aware/heard/see the new directive. As they don’t have a kiosk in this specific store, she couldn’t comment as to whether those (machines) would be affected as well.

    So is this now official? If so, I need to find a way/place to use my Visa GCs. I loved the idea of using Bluebird CHECKS to pay for things where credit cards aren’t accepted.

  90. natalie loveland

    I have had Bluebird for years and have never paid a dime to use it. I am grateful for it and hope it continues the way it has for a long time to come. It allowed my two teenagers the ability to have their own cards with their own names and for me to transfer money instantly to them anytime for free and loading my card is free. I was able to transfer money to another BB member, for free. I love my BB and can’t say enough good things about them. And things in life that are free in life can be very good to a point you don’t abuse it and ruin it for everyone else. I’m sure it won’t long now because of the greed you people are all about will suck it dry just like everything else good, thanks.

  91. I think bluebird should have (in each Walmart) the ability to deposit cash and checks ….I cannot get the check photo thing to work, so I would say I love the card, but when it has a check involved its a pain in the ass.