The Southwest 50,000 Point Cards (~$710 in Travel or $500 in Gift Cards) Are Back!

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Update:  A credit card offer in this post, may no longer be available, but check the Hot Deals for the latest offers!

You can get 50,000 Southwest points or $710 in travel on Southwest Airlines from the Southwest Premier (personal), Southwest Premier (business), Southwest Plus (personal), and Southwest Plus (business) card after completing the minimum spending.

 The Southwest cards are my favorite cards!

The Southwest 50,000 Point Cards 710 Are Back

You Can Get ~$710 in Free Travel on Southwest

These offers come and go every few months, but all 4 versions of the Southwest card currently have a 50,000 point sign-up bonus.  I only get a commission on 1 version of the card, but apply for the version which makes the most sense for you!

Southwest Cards

Link:   Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Credit Card

Link:   Southwest Rapid Rewards® Premier Business Credit Card

Link:   Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Credit Card

Link:   Southwest Rapid Rewards® Plus Business Credit Card

All 4 versions of the Southwest card are currently offering 50,000 Southwest points after meeting the minimum spending.  And the 50,000 Southwest point sign-up bonus counts towards the Southwest Companion Pass!

50,000 Southwest points are worth ~$710 in Southwest flights or $500 in gift cards.  There are no blackout dates when you redeem points on Southwest, so you can book as many seats as Southwest is selling!

Southwest Companion Pass

Link:   Southwest Companion Pass

And 2 Southwest credit cards and 10,000 extra Southwest points can get you $3,124 in travel on Southwest and a Southwest Companion pass so that your companion can fly free (pay just the $2.50 security fee) for up to 2 years!

This is my favorite airline perk and we’ve used the Companion Pass to visit family and to take vacations.  We are thrilled with our Companion Pass!

The Southwest 50,000 Point Cards 710 Are Back

The Secret to 2 Years of Free Travel

See this post on whether to get the Southwest card now or later in the year.  But make sure you don’t make these 3 mistakes that will cost you the Southwest Companion Pass!

If you apply for the cards now, you could get the Companion Pass for the remaining of 2014 and the entire 2015!

Which Southwest Card Should You Get

There are 4 versions of the Southwest cards and each is considered a different card product based on reader feedback. That means you can get all 4 cards!

But you usually can’t get the sign-up bonus for the SAME card if you’ve had it previously.

You can get a business card even if you have a start up business which doesn’t generate a lot of revenue. Here’s a post on how to fill out a Chase business credit card application.  But don’t lie on the application.

With the Southwest Premier card you get:

  • 6,000 Southwest points each card anniversary
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • $99 annual fee

The Southwest Plus card gets you:

  • 3,000 Southwest points each card anniversary
  • 3% Foreign transaction fees
  • $69 annual fee

The extra $30 in annual fees for the Southwest Premier card could be worth it because you’ll avoid foreign transaction fees and get a higher anniversary bonus of Southwest points which almost makes up for the annual fee.  But you should do the math and do what works best for you.

Bottom Line

You can get 50,000 Southwest points or $710 in travel on Southwest from the Southwest Premier (personal), Southwest Premier (business), Southwest Plus (personal), and Southwest Plus (business) card after you meet the minimum spending.

The 50,000 Southwest point sign-up bonus counts towards the Southwest Companion Pass.

A Southwest Companion Pass lets a companion travel with you for free for up to 2 years if you time it right.  That said, if you apply now, you still get the Companion Pass for 1.5 years which is a very good deal!

The Southwest Premier card is worth the $99 fee, but you should do what’s comfortable for you.

Where have you used your Southwest Companion Pass?

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40 responses to “The Southwest 50,000 Point Cards (~$710 in Travel or $500 in Gift Cards) Are Back!

  1. At some point I will apply for these cards in order to get the Companion Pass. Is it advisable to apply for both the personal Premier and the personal Plus cards? If so, can I apply for both at the same time, or should I spread it out by a couple months?

  2. As long as you can meet the minimum spending requirements and your credit scores are good, I would think you can apply for both, but I would do a personal card and a business card. There is information on this site about how to qualify for the business card.

  3. I’m new to this. I read the interview regarding how it’s helpful to know which credit reporting agency does the “hard pull” for which bank. Is there a link to that info? Do you know which credit agency does the “hard pull” for Southwest? Thank you, Lori

  4. I’m curious if I can apply for the business card for my family’s LLC if I’m not the President of the company. My father is, however, we use an Amex for “official business.” On the same token we’re talking small potatoes here so “President” is more like owner.

  5. I just received my Companion Pass in the mail today! (along with my A-List card!) I was able to achieve the 110,000 point minimum this year with only having to get a single Southwest Card (the personal Plus). I got the rest of my miles via actual travel, which is great because now I can hold off on getting the personal Premier card until the next year or two (assuming the 50k sign-up continues to cycle) and re-earn my CP once my existing card expires 31 Dec 2015! This is also assuming I can continue to earn the remainder of points via actual travel. I hope to get A-List preferred this year as well so I can get the 100% point bonus on flights!

  6. Can you apply for both personal cards in the same day? They don’t wan to apply for the business card since they don’t have a business.


  7. How long do you have to wait after canceling one of these cards to sign up again and get the bonus? Great article.

  8. Thank you! Just applied and got my second card this year! Bring on the companion pass!

  9. My son just graduated from college and has no job yet. Can he sign up for the card based on a projected salary? We will be paying off his bill every month until he has a job.

  10. Just got approved for premier and the plus automatically. That never happened before!

  11. I was wondering if you know how long this promotion will be going??
    OR, if you know if they will be running it again at the end of this year, as they did last year…
    The reason I ask, i b/c I’d love to time it where we can complete my minimum purchases in January to get the bonus miles and get enough points for the companion pass sometime in the first half of 2015, and be able to keep it thru Dec 2016!! THANX!

  12. I thought I’d share my experience since I couldn’t find much about my particular situation when researching it.
    I really wanted to get the companion pass while I still had enough time in the year to get to 110k miles, but wasn’t sure if I could because of two things – I had just applied to a couple new CCs within 3 months (one of them also Chase), and I had a fraud alert on my credit report. According to the Experian rep I talked to, an alert comes off in 90 days, doesn’t affect credit, is not the same as a ‘freeze’, and means that they simply have to contact me before opening any new accounts. There weren’t many articles about applying for new CCs with a fraud alert which I found kind of surprising, and I tried to be patient until the alert went away…but just couldn’t anymore, so I took the chance.

    A few days ago – before I knew the SW 50k offer would be back so soon – I found a link that had the 50k bonuses and wasn’t sure it would last much longer. I took a screenshot just in case I’d need it and called for the business card instead of doing the app online because I new I’d have to verify myself anyway do to the fraud alert. I verified myself, applied, and was told I’ll get an answer in 1-2 weeks. After this I decided to do the personal card online right after (hoping to avoid going through the whole long process again on the phone). Well it didn’t work out like that, so I called the number again and talked about my situation, answered Questions about my business….again…..and got approved for the business card. The rep asked a few questions why I wanted both, and after some simple explaining my call was redirected a couple times until I got the right person for the personal card app. She recommended to the new rep that I get approved, which he gladly did.

    So it was a pretty sloppy application process overall, but I took a chance and it paid off. Probably won’t be pushing my luck like that again soon though…

  13. Quick question. My monthly SW credit card statement just closed and I am about $200 short of qualifying for the CP. I know I can spend the money this month and qualify next month but was hoping to use it this month for a trip. What would be the quickest way to get 200 points that would post before the end of the month so I could qualify sooner rather than later. Thanks in advance.

    • @Randy – It could work either way, though I’d do 1 business card and 1 personal card.

      @ Lori – It varies by bank. See this post for more details.

      @Jake – It could be possible if you are part of the business and have your father’s permission to apply with the business EIN.

      @Trent @Latrice- Congrats!

      @Corridor! – It could be possible, though I’d wait more than a day.

      @Gail – Could be possible as long as he doesn’t lie on the application.

      @Fabian @Andrew – Thanks for sharing!

      @Bryan – We’ve seen this offer every few months, so I’d expect it to be back soon.

      @ Ryan – Try buying Wyndham hotel points or flowers from 1-800-flowers.

  14. Is it better to apply for the southwest credit cards at the beginning of the year or the end of the year in order to get the maximum use from the companion pass? Is the companion pass based on calendar year or anniversary date?

  15. I hit the $2k spend on the 13th & statement closed on the 16th, but 50k bonus not on statement. Should I contact or just wait to see if it’s on next statement? thanks

  16. If I have had the Premier Southwest card (no foreign travel fees) and I received the 50,000 bonus.. can I apply for the same card again? I opened it 11/2012 and closed it 12/2013.. I have a Southwest Visa that I also received a bonus on that I applied for 7/2013.. This is the card that does charge foreign transaction fees.. If I cancel this card can I apply for one of the two.. I do not have a way to apply for a business card.. I would prefer to apply for the more expensive card as opened it earlier and cancelled it 12/2013.. How along should I wait if I can even apply..

    Love your Website.. thank you

    • @Betty Martin – I prefer applying towards the end of the year, so that I can have the points post at the start of the new year.

      @ Shade – Should be on the next statement.

      @ maxine – I don’t believe you will get the bonus on the exact same card.

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  18. Any idea when the 50k promo will end? I want to apply for the Plus before the Airtran cards get converted and make me possibly ineligible for the sign up bonus.

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  21. I applied for both a personal and a business card on the same day. I was automatically approved for the personal card, but I eventually received a notice that I wasn’t approved for the business card (despite having good credit.) Upon talking with one of their reps, she said that they have recently begun following more stringent guidelines for approving business lines of credit. I have revenues selling stuff on ebay of approx $5,500 a year, and they said those revenue streams just don’t quite make the cut for a business card.

    Any thoughts on this? How do you get a business card when revenues selling stuff online are relatively low?

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  23. Hello! Thank you for all the insight and advice. I have the two SW cards and received my companion pass. When can I cancel one of the two cards without losing the rewards points/ not lose credit/ not have too many cards that I’m not using? Thank you.

  24. Hi D & E. Thanks for sharing all your wisdom with us!
    This is my first foray into miles/points. I just got approved for two Chase Southwest cards, hoping to hit Companion Pass level later this year. My question is: Do I need to have a balance > 110,000 points in my account in order to get the Companion Pass, or can I start redeeming points for travel while still earning my way to 110k?

  25. maxine dombrow

    Will I be able to get another bonus Southwest premier bonus credit card (no foreign transaction fees) if I had it last year and cancelled it? If I can apply successfully how long should I wait.. Is it after cancelling or opening the card? I currently have the lower cost card that was also a bonus card (foreign transaction fees) do I need to cancel this card before applying again for the premier card?

    Thank you for the information.. I do appreciate this website

  26. applied for the SWRR cards – Plus Business and Premier Personal Cards.. both approved on calling them up…
    just 70 days ago, i applied for the Chase IHG card and was approved then… i also have their freedom card for 3yrs now…
    My score is under 710 and i had applied for 6 cards in march 2014… but my credit usage in around 10%…
    First i applied the business card and then personal… the personal had a low CL of 3.5k on it… but hey if it gets me close to the 110k mark, who cares…

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  34. the 50k premier card is still available,
    link –

  35. Do you think this offer will come back?