Free TSA Pre✓ Will Save Time for Friends or Family in the US Military!

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Did you know members of the US Military can use TSA Pre✓ for free to save time at the airport?

Free TSA Pre✓ Will Save Time For Friends Or Family In The US Military

In the Military? Get Through Airport Security Quickly With FREE Access to TSA Pre✓

With TSA Pre✓ you can save a lot of time at the airport because the line is typically much shorter.  And you don’t have to remove your shoes or take out your laptop!

Who Is Eligible?

  • US Military including National Guard and reservists
  • US Coast Guard and Department of Defense civilian employees

How Do You Participate in TSA Pre✓?

Simply enter your Department of Defense identification number in the “Known Traveler” box when booking your flight.  You can use TSA Pre✓ whether you are traveling for work or for personal reasons.

Free TSA Pre✓ Will Save Time For Friends Or Family In The US Military

To Access TSA Pre✓, Just Enter Your Department of Defense Identification Number When You Book Your Flight

If you are a civilian employee of the US Coast Guard or the Department of Defense you 1st need to opt-in by going to “milConnect” a click the “My Profile” tab.   You only have to opt in once.

You will NOT have access on flights you have already booked.

How to Find Your Identification Number

Your Department of Defense identification number is the 10-digit number located on the back of your Common Access Card.

Free TSA Pre✓ Will Save Time For Friends Or Family In The US Military

Your ID Number Is Located on the Back of Your Common Access Card

If you don’t have your Common Access card, you can find your ID number under the “MY Profile” tab in your milConnect account.

Do Traveling Companions Also Get Free Access to TSA Pre✓?

Children under 12 who are traveling with you can also go through the TSA Pre✓ line.

How to Get Free TSA Pre✓ Even If You Aren’t in the Military

With the American Express Platinum, American Express Business Platinum, or the American Express Centurion card you get a $100 statement credit to cover the Global Entry fee, which includes TSA Pre✓.

According to a recent press release from AMEX, you should now be able to apply for TSA Pre✓ separately without applying for Global Entry.

But the credit card terms & conditions still say, “…TSA Pre✔™, if applied for separately, does not qualify to receive the statement credit“.

So I recommend calling the number on the back of your card to confirm you will be reimbursed before signing up for TSA Pre with the AMEX Platinum cards.

You will automatically receive the statement credit 6 to 8 weeks after you charge the Global Entry fee to your American Express card.

Bottom Line

Members of the US Military and some civilian government employees can access TSA Pre✓ for free.  Just enter your 10-digit Department of Defense ID number in the “Known Traveler” box when you book your flight.

Even if you aren’t member of the US Military, you can get free access to Global Entry and TSA Pre✓ via a statement credit with the AMEX Platinum, AMEX Business Platinum, or the AMEX Centurion card.

I probably wouldn’t pay for TSA Pre✓, but it’s great to save time at the airport if it’s free!

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9 responses to “Free TSA Pre✓ Will Save Time for Friends or Family in the US Military!

  1. TSA Precheck is awesome. Became a member by qualifying for the Global Entry program. I’ve only used it twice, but honestly, even the TSA Precheck would be worth the $100 spent on Global Entry. Each time, security has only take about 5 minutes, and that was at busy airports. You do not have to take your shoes, belt or jacket off. You don’t have to take anything out of your bag. All you have to do is take metal items out of your pockets. Also, there is no bomb materials scent detector, whatever that is called.

  2. Active DOD civilians also get free pre-check. Go to the Defense Travel System home page scroll down for link/info. There are several steps to opt-in, and dont expect it to work if you opt-in the day before you fly.

  3. Another wonderful perk for us Military people. Like McDonalds, Im loving it!

  4. Just used it at O’Hare and bypassed a line of about 250 people to get in a line with 3 people. I went from out of the car dropping me off at the airport to the gate in 15 minutes. If you’re military or civilian DOD you definitely need to make sure you’re registered.

  5. I’m TSA Precheck through Global Entry, but have to say it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. While it CAN be great to use TSA Precheck, you don’t always get precheck status every time. My ticket has often qualified maybe 1/3rd of the time. Even then I’ve had instances where the Precheck line itself is still closed. Since you don’t know you’re Precheck for a flight or if the line will actually be open until after you’ve gotten the boarding pass and are rolling up to security, it means you still have to budget as much time before your flight as if you weren’t Precheck. So that’s kind of iffy.

    Also, as more and more people sign up for Precheck, it’ll become less and less efficient. Either lines will get longer or there will be a lower chance you actually qualify.

    On the other hand Global Entry is just fantastic and will have you blowing through customs. Since it comes with PreCheck anyways, I’d highly recommend you get Global Entry.

  6. I currently work at an airport and I possess a SIDA badge (SIDA = Security Information Display Area) which allows me to access the terminal areas at the airport I work at without having to go through security. In order to get a badge, I had to undergo a pretty extensive background check, etc.
    It sure would be nice if they would include those of us with a SIDA badge in TSA Pre-check since we already went through likely the same background checks that most other Pre-check eligible programs conduct. This would be quite handy when I travel personally and of minimal risk considering they already allow us into the sterile areas without checks (we are subject to search at any time though).

  7. Er…I didn’t know TSA Pre-check is for the qualified person only. Once my Mom got that mark on her ticket (probably because she is a senior). As we traveled together, my family all went through that security line. Now I understand why the officer who checked our tickets told the inspector that only my mom can leave the shoes on. With that said, it is not very convenient that only the qualified person but not his/her travel companions can use the line. It is fair to impose stricter inspection on their companions as they didn’t go through similar background check, but simply do not allow them to use is far from ideal. Even if you pass quickly, you still have to wait on the other side. So it doesn’t save you time. In that case, I would rather all go through the regular lines.

  8. TSA Pre Check USED to be great. Now the line is about the same as the regular line. I’ve even been in it at ewr and slc where it has been longer than the regular line. Too many people are now in it that don’t understand it and slow it way down.

  9. There is also Citi Prestige and Virgin Atlantic, who pay for GE.