You’re Running Out of Time for the Suntrust Debit Card

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Delta Points wrote that soon may no longer be able to get the SunTrust Delta Skymiles Debit Card.

And today, View From the Wing, writes that the SunTrust debit card is no longer available on the Suntrust website!  But there still might be a way to get the card.  This is the best card to pay your taxes with because you pay only ~$3 for up to $35,000 in tax payments which earn ~35,000 Delta miles!

You're Running Out Of Time For The Suntrust Debit Card

SunTrust Delta Debit Card: Are Its Days Numbered?

The card is being phased out quickly, but you still may be able to get one by calling Suntrust at 877-809-5248 for a personal debit card or 888-454-0611 for a business debit card.  But hurry if you want one!

What’s the SunTrust Delta SkyMiles Debit Card?

Link:   SunTrust Delta SkyMiles Debit Card

Link:   My review of the SunTrust Delta SkyMiles Debit Card

The SunTrust Delta SkyMiles Debit Card earns Delta Airlines miles for debit transactions.  You earn 1 Delta mile per $1 on all signature & PIN transactions.

There are some purchases that can’t be made with a credit card, so this is a good alternative if you want to earn Delta miles on mortgage payments, student loans, certain bill payments, money orders, or paying taxes.  Or if you can’t (or won’t) get a miles-earning credit card, like the AMEX Gold Delta Skymiles (check your targeted offer for a potentially better offer), AMEX Delta Platinum, or AMEX Delta Reserve.

You're Running Out Of Time For The Suntrust Debit Card

$2.79 Could Earn you ~35,000 Delta Miles by Paying Your Taxes With the Delta Suntrust Card

I wrote about this card back when the sign-up bonus was 25,000 to 30,000 Delta miles.  But now, the sign-up bonus is only 5,000 miles, which isn’t very good.

But since some folks are now limited in how they can pay bills that don’t accept a credit card (because of the demise of Vanilla Reloads at CVS), this might be a good option for them.

How Do You Get the Card?

To apply for the card, you must have a SunTrust checking account (but not all types of accounts qualify).  Depending on the type of account, you may have to pay monthly maintenance fees of $12 to $25, unless you keep a minimum balance each month.

You're Running Out Of Time For The Suntrust Debit Card

Only Certain SunTrust Accounts Are Eligible for the Delta Debit Card

If you live in an area without SunTrust branches, you may be able to open an account by chatting online with a SunTrust representative.  Or, you can call Suntrust at 877-809-5248 for a personal card or 888-454-0611 for a business card (this is currently the best way to get the card).

Some folks on this FlyerTalk thread report not being able to get an account, or having their account shut down because they don’t live in a state with SunTrust branches.  But others say they’ve not had any issues.

There’s no online application form for the card any more – you have to apply over the phone or in person once you have an account.  You’ll have to decide if you want the personal or business version of the card.

The personal version gives you:

  • 5,000 miles after your 1st purchase
  • 1 miles per $1 you spend on regular purchases
  • 2 miles per $1 you spend on Delta Airlines
  • $75 annual fee, NOT waived for the 1st year

The business version has a higher annual fee and earns fewer points per $1 you spend!  You’ll get:

  • 5,000 miles after your 1st purchase
  • 1 miles per $2 you spend on regular purchases
  • 1 miles per $1 you spend on Delta Airlines
  • $120 annual fee, NOT waived for the 1st year

What’s the Card Good For?

I would NOT get this card just for the sign-up bonus.  Paying $75 to $120 per year, plus possible monthly account maintenance fees between $12 and $25 is NOT worth it for only 5,000 Delta miles.

1.   Bills

But, if you have a lot of expenses that can’t be paid with a credit card, this card could be worth it.  You could go to the Walmart Money Center and use the BillPay feature to pay student loans, car loans, mortgage, or utilities.  Or if you need to send someone a money order, you could pay with the card!

2.   Money Orders

Some folks buy money orders with the Suntrust debit card and then deposit those money back in their account.  They earn Delta miles for buying the money orders for a very small fee!

Buying & depositing Money Orders in large denominations could arouse suspicion, so be careful.

You're Running Out Of Time For The Suntrust Debit Card

You Can Pay Bills or Buy Money Orders at Walmart With the Card

3.   Taxes

Another great use of the card is to pay your taxes.  You pay only ~$3 for a Federal tax payment of up to $35,000 (which earns 35,000 Delta miles).  This is much better than paying an ~2% fee for using a credit card to pay your taxes!

Note that the card has a daily limit of $35,000 per day.  Giving you 35,000 miles for a $3 fee is certainly unprofitable for Suntrust, so it isn’t surprising that they are getting rid of the Delta debit card!

Bottom Line

The SunTrust Delta Debit Card may soon no longer be offered, but existing cardholders will get to keep their card.

The sign-up bonus on this card is only 5,000 miles, and you have to 1st apply for a checking account with SunTrust.  Then you’ll pay monthly maintenance fees of up to $25 and an annual fee of $75 to $120.  So I wouldn’t rush to get the card just for the sign-up bonus.

But if you’re looking for a way to earn miles on loans and bills that can’t be paid with a credit card, this card might be a good option for you.  Or if you have a lot of taxes to pay, this is one of the best cards to use!

This won’t last long, but you can apply for the card by calling Suntrust at 877-809-5248 for a personal debit card or 888-454-0611 for a business debit card.

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25 responses to “You’re Running Out of Time for the Suntrust Debit Card

  1. I called this morning and set up an account. 5k points to open. Better than nothing plus receiving points to pay my normal bills. Totally worth it! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Darius,

    I looked into the Suntrust Debit card a few days ago and it seemed like you also need to have one of their checking accounts in place.. The minimum was with a $15/mo fee or an average balance of, I think $3000. DId I read that wrong?

  3. I got this card for that purpose as well… I was hoping it would help me get some VRs. I tried it at a 7-11 and still got denied. Has anyone else had success getting VRs with this or any debit cards?

  4. One more thing, when you open up your account online, the first deposit up to $1000 can be done on a credit card. I used my Chase card and it did not show up as cash advance.

  5. You wrote seemingly conflicting things: you said that it earns points on signature purchases. I interpret that to mean that on PIN purchases no points are earned. But you wrote that it can be used at the WM money center. Now, at WM you need to put in a PIN. How does this add up?

  6. Darius,

    With this card, why not load directly to bluebird with it. I know I delta mile isn’t as great as UR or MR points but it still is something and you could want quite a bit. Also no fees on each load. You’d get the mile per dollar and 60k points is still better than 0.

  7. Regarding paying taxes…..Do you know if you use the new AA Citi MasterCard (the one that offers 100k signup) to pay taxes through PayUSA if it is counted as cash advance? Thanks.

  8. goals^n^ndreams

    So only signature purchase will qualify for mile?

  9. So does this mean that eventually they will do away with the card altogether? I got this at the first of the year after reading about it on this website and I absolutely love the thing! I use it to reload my Bluebird card and then use the Bluebird to pay bills.

  10. Daraius, you don’t live in a Sun Trust area. How have you been able to avoid getting shut down and keep your Sun Trust account open?

    • @Brandon – I’ve never had an issue using it to pay taxes, though some folks get shut down.

      @Kijo – Paying taxes shouldn’t be counted as a tax advance.

      @Dustin – That would work as well!

      @chuck – There are 2 versions of the terms floating around. One says you will get points for all types of transactions and one version says PIN transactions will not get miles. My most recent experience, was with a signature transaction and online transaction and I earned miles.

  11. Wait a minute – so what if I dump lets say $400k in my account. I can make $35,000 debits everyday for ten days and only pay $27.90 in fees? Is there some sort of limit for the madmen out there?

  12. I just found this wording on their web site in the fine print: “SunTrust and Delta reserve the right to revoke miles in the event it is determined that the terms of the program have been breached by the cardholder.”

  13. Update: my most recent delta skymiles online account shows only skymiles for “purchases” using suntrust delta skymiles debit card. Specifically, using debit card to pay credit card bills and credit lines (even a real estate secured one that replaced a mortgage) did not qualify. I doubt that using suntrust debit card to load gift cards or Bluebird works any more (Walmart is too far away to be practical to try, and the local retailers mostly want cash). The Visa/MC gift card fees are up to $6 anyway! NOTE: although the card is no longer available online, I confirmed with suntrust that the card is available via phone AND chat. You can even sign up online for a qualifying checking (+ optional savings) account (requires at least 3k combined minimum balance to avoid significant monthly fees), then chat to add Delta Skymiles card ($75 annual fee). Did pay $50k in taxes a week ago so will post results (cross fingers!) next month.

  14. Just received my Delta statement and see that even though I ran $16,387 through my Suntrust account (Venmo, Bluebird, Square Cash) in April I only received 6600 miles on my Delta May statement. I have not done the analysis yet, but I must assume that the majority of the uses were “not qualified”.

  15. I don’t qualify for a CC (divorce, nuff said)…figured this debit would be a good alternative….wanted to buy Amex GCs with the debit then use it for SkyMiles shopping and regular purchases. I’m just not sure if this debit is even worth the hassle & fees?? Will I get points for Amex GC’s?? I’m not familiar with Bluebird, but I have a nearby Walmart. Can I pay my mortgage, get cash out of the Amex GC’s by converting to pin based Vanilla cards?? I’m a TOTAL newbie, so please forgive me if my ideas seem silly. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

  16. I called today and they’re not doing it anymore. They ended it at the end of June. Anyone else know of a checking account that can earn rewards from spending on a debit card?

  17. In the past few months, all of my debit card spend was showing earning miles, but this month it is about $4000 too low. Thus far it’s earned for point of purchase and debit card spend. The discrepancy this month appears to be either taxes or USPS charge, but even then there is still missing miles I can not figure out. I’ve searched for the T&C online and I can not find them anywhere. Does anyone have a link for the T&C? Or have reports on what is earning points and what is not? I got this card mainly for paying taxes and if that no longer earns miles then 🙁

  18. I have a ST Delta debit card. I want to use it to do the 1k online load for my BB card. Does anyone know if I’ll get Delta miles for loading BB with this ST Delta debit card?

  19. can I load my bluebird with suntrust debit card?

  20. I’ve had this card for 2 years now. It’s the only miles card I’ve used and plan on signing up for credit cards once I get my credit history active again. Is this card worth having to pay for bills. Also, I plan on taking a RTW trip in less than 2 years. Would this card be worth keeping?