Yes, You Still Can Earn Miles for Buying Money Orders!

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Yes, You Still Can Earn Miles for Buying Money Orders!

Million Mile SecretsYes, You Still Can Earn Miles for Buying Money Orders!Million Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

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The big news this week is that, starting today, the American Express Starwood Preferred Guest Card card is increasing its sign-up bonus from 25,000 points to 30,000 points up to September 3, 2012.

But more exciting to me, is that you may be able to earn miles by buying money orders using a debit card. I’ve been running tests over the last 2 months, and will share the details in the next few days.

Read this very carefully

Of course, you shouldn’t go overboard with this technique.  And before you think of buying $100,000 worth of money orders a day, depositing it in your bank account and becoming a mileage billionaire, remember that there are limits on purchases, that repeated purchases and deposits in your account make it easy to trace, that financial institutions have to file reports to the government for large purchases and deposits of cash equivalents, and that banks have shut down ALL accounts of folks who abuse the ability to buy money orders with a debit card.

Yes, I am trying to scare you into not abusing this technique because the odds are high that you will get caught (more on how to use this ability in future posts).

But you should be able to top off your account or earn miles for transactions for which you otherwise couldn’t earn miles such as student loans, mortgages, etc. with these techniques.

There are also other ways to use the debit cards to earn miles, but since its Emily’s birthday today, you’ll have to wait a bit!

The Experiment

Here’s one of the experiments which was successful (lest you call me a tease!)

I used the debit card which earns Delta miles…

…to buy money orders…

…from this American institution (among others).

Thanks, Sam!

I earned Delta miles for the PIN debit card transaction and paid 60 cents for the Money Order!

I suspect that there will be lots of comments with folks suggesting that I shouldn’t have posted about this, but this has been going on for 10 years and made it to the Wall Street Journal.

Here are my thoughts on sharing deals on the blog and they haven’t changed.  Is this ethical?  Only you can decide for yourself if it is ethical or not for YOU to pursue.

Again – there are risks to abusing this which I’ll outline in the next few days, so be careful.

I’ll be driving for most of the day, so I won’t be able to get to the comments.  It is okay to disagree with me or others, but please be civil with your responses!   Not only is that polite, but it increases the credibility of your thoughts.

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The SunTrust website claims that you do not get delta miles if you buy money orders.

I do think SunTrust knows when you buy a money order. Vanilla Visa Debit cards say they cannot be used to buy money orders. I went to the post office, and tried to buy a money order with it. The card was rejected. I then tried to buy stamps with it, and the card was accepted. I repeated this experiment at the grocery store, except instead of trying to buy a money order I asked for a cash advance. The card worked for food, but did not work when I added the cash advance.

So bottom line, has SunTrust been giving Delta miles for money orders?

You FT’ers are truly pathetic – trying to force others to not talk about your “proprietary” deals by acting as if you have some moral position of “ownership”.

Do you really think that you can keep your secret deals to yourselves when you’re posting on a public forum? Are others supposed to feel an obligation to you to preserve the deal for you just because you think you’ve “earned” it by lucking into seeing a posting on FT?

My advice: Go create a private forum, if one doesn’t already exist, and go do a circle jerk over there with your secret deals if you don’t want anyone else to participate.

This “sudden revelation” on this website and to most of you has in fact been around for a decade or more. I say if you are too lazy, scared and uneducated to figure this out on your own you don’t deserve access to anything worthwhile like this. This blogger just coppied it off of flyertalk or somehwere else in an attempt to gsin readership, so while you’re busy telling others to share information, maybe ask why there’s nothing new or worthwhile on this blog that isn’t already well known n a dozen other places? I hope the few hundred weak sisters that will actually try this on their own won’t get it shut down for good. But it is FAR FAR better for us all to figure out mileage techniques on your own and keep whatever you learn to YOURSELF.


Hey Guys there is One more bank which gives American Airline miles .

May be a Less Known Bank, for every $2 you spend you get 1 mile.So if you run out of Suntrust 🙂

First let me say how much I appreciate your Blog; it is well written, fresh, and most of all sincere. You don’t make pretenses or tout your talents in a way that is self-serving as may other bloggers do. You write from the heart and in a style that lets the reader share in your experiences. Kudos to you and Emily, I wish you continued success in your pursuit of miles and a lifetime of enjoyment and happiness in your relationship.

Thank you for your original post and maintaining your cool and dignity against such adversity. It appears that the majority of your commenters are FTers, and that’s a shame. FT started as a forum to share unique earning and burning opportunities but has evolved into a PM platform for a very immature and self-serving group. It’s very sad as this was, and still could be, a very useful platform for those of us that enjoy the chase and the rewards, and are willing to share.

Let’s put things into perspective. What is the difference in openly sharing opportunities like the ST account and sharing a mistake in a published fare, lodging, or rental rate? There isn’t; they all have resulted from human errors or misjudgments that have unknown life spans, or they are very well crafted and executed marketing/business strategies. Entities that make errors have the opportunity to correct the errors or allow them to perpetuate. Some take longer to evaluate and/or alter, e.g. the U.S. Mint or Treasury (the Bond deal), while others cut it off at first discovery, which I would hazard to guess came from within the entity via post implementation internal reviews and evaluations or audits, not some blog. FTers, quit being so delusional; let’s get back to the basics of earning and burning!

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