When Do I Get The Free Weekend Night Certificate on the Citi Hilton Reserve Card?

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Million Mile Secrets reader Henry writes in:

I completed my initial spend on the Hilton Reserve and got my 2 free weekend nights.  Then, I made it past the $10,000 spend requirement.  Will I still be eligible for the free night for that threshold as well and if so, how is it awarded?

When Do I Get The Free Weekend Night Certificate On The Citi Hilton Reserve Card

Emily and I Used a Free Nights from the Hilton Reserve Card to Stay at the Hilton Molino Stucky in Venice

The Citi Hilton Reserve Card

Henry is referring to the 1 Free Night Certificate which you get from the Citi Hilton HHonors Reserve Card after spending $10,000 within 1 year.

Henry gets many great benefits from his Hilton Reserve card including:

  1. 2 Free Weekend Nights after you spend $2,500 in 4 months
  2. Free Gold Status for as long as he keeps the card.  This means free breakfast and internet when he stays at Hilton Hotels (~$30 value per night)
  3. 10 Hilton points per $1 spent at Hilton hotels, 5 points per $1 on airlines or car rentals, and 3 points per $1 for everything else
  4. No Foreign Transaction Fees for using the card for purchases in foreign currencies
  5. Hilton Diamond status if you spend $40,000 between your January to December statements
When Do I Get The Free Weekend Night Certificate On The Citi Hilton Reserve Card

Henry Gets Free Weekend Nights and More With his Citi Hilton Reserve Card!

1 Free Weekend Night After Spending $10,000 in 1 Year

You also get 1 free weekend night if you spend $10,000 within 1 year.

Henry qualified for the 1 Free Weekend Night Certificate by spending $10,000 on the Hilton Reserve card.

When Do I Get The Free Weekend Night Certificate On The Citi Hilton Reserve Card

Your Cardmember Year Starts From the Date You Were Approved for the Card and ends 12 Months Later

The terms say that you have to spend $10,000 within your membership year.  The “membership year” is defined as a 1 year period starting from when you were approved for the Hilton Reserve card.

For whatever reason, this time period is different than the time period for earning Diamond status by spending $40,000 within 1 calendar year  (charges posted in your January to December billing statements).

Henry will gets his 1 free weekend night in addition to the 2 free weekend nights he already received for completing the minimum spending on his card.

But you have to wait a while to get the 1 free weekend certificate!

When Will I Get My 1 Free Weekend Night Certificate?

The terms say that you should wait 6 to 8 weeks from your membership anniversary to receive your certificate.

This means that you get the 1 free weekend night certificate at the start of your new membership year.  For example, even if you spend $10,000 on the card within the 1st 6 months, you will get the free weekend night certificate a few weeks after your card anniversary.

You will get the free certificate via email if you have an email address listed in your Hilton account.  Or by mail if you don’t.

Free Weekend Night Terms & Restrictions

You can use your Free Weekend Night Certificates at Hilton hotels around the world such as those in Florida or London, or Hawaii!

You cannot use your free nights at all-inclusive or Hilton Grand Hotels in addition to Waldorf Astoria hotels which do not offer standard rooms.  Here’s a link to the full list of hotels which are excluded.

You can use the free Weekend certificates on FridaySaturday, and Sunday.

Note that your Free Night Certificate expires 12 months from when it is issued. 

How Do I Redeem My Free Nights?

Using your free nights is easy.  Just follow these two steps.

1.  Check for Standard Room Availability

2.  Call 1-800-HHONORS and ask the agent to book the room for you.

For example, you could use your  free weekend night to stay at the Conrad Koh Samui in Thailand.  Or at the expensive Hiltons in London, New York City, Hawaii, or Bora Bora!

When Do I Get The Free Weekend Night Certificate On The Citi Hilton Reserve Card

Henry Can Stay 1 Night at the Beautiful Conrad Koh Samui for Free!

A 1 Bedroom OceanView Pool Villa at the Conrad Koh Samui costs ~$699.

When Do I Get The Free Weekend Night Certificate On The Citi Hilton Reserve Card

That’s a Lot of Cash Saved!

Bottom Line

The Citi Hilton Reserve is my favorite Hilton card because you get  2 free weekend nights as a sign-up bonus and Hilton Gold status (free breakfast and internet.)  I don’t mind paying the $95 annual fee for Hilton Gold status each year.

You can get another free weekend night if you spend $10,000 on on the card within each anniversary year (12 month period starting from when you’re approved for the card).

You will get an email from Hilton with your Hilton Free Weekend Night Certificate.  But this will take 6 to 8 weeks after your card anniversary.

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42 responses to “When Do I Get The Free Weekend Night Certificate on the Citi Hilton Reserve Card?

  1. That has to be the longest explanation to a simple question. Why use 500 words when 50 will do…

  2. It’s 7 weeks and counting since my anniversary date and still no e-mail regarding my award. This is frustratingly slow.

  3. We love to travel usually in Mexico or Caribean and stay in local places in Centro or B&B’s so hotel stays are not an issue with card (except maybe a layover with a Marriott). We do want to start a hotel card with decent hotel miles to airline miles ratio. There must be an updated chart somewhere. From my reading Starwood is the obvious best but with that big spend not for us with our other cards. Hilton seems to have lousy transfer rates and we were about to go Wyndahm but now they just devalued. Does that leave a Marriott or Holiday Inn card as best 2nd choice? Thanks again.

  4. For anyone trying to spend $40K on this card to get Diamond status, be very careful.

    While the free night is based on membership year, Diamond is based on calendar year BILLING STATEMENTS.

    So if your Dec billing statement closed on Dec 5th, any charge that posts after that, even if you charged it a week before that but it didn’t post for a week, will count as a charge the following year. This is hidden in the T/C for the card, but is not at all made clear on the main part of the landing page. People who had their final charge post a few days late are being denied Diamond.

    I don’t really think it’s worth it to spend $40k for Diamond, as Gold gets you almost everything that Diamond does. But if you do make that spend, I think it’s pretty rotten of Citi to deny you Diamond on a technicality, but sadly they will do exactly that. 🙁

  5. All these credit card offerings are only available for US residents ?

  6. Well said, Bill.

    Sheesh. It’s like he was trying to hit a word minimum for a college research paper. Very awkwardly long and redundant post.

  7. My card membership year ended November 26. During the year I spent well over $10,000 on the card. In mid-January, when I hadn’t received anything, I called Citi. They investigated, then sent me notice that I had qualified. Only after that, when I logged in to citicards.com and selected my Hhonors reserve card, a green link reading “congratulations on earning your anniversary bonus” appeared near the bottom of the page. (I’m still waiting for the actual cert.)

    I had changed my statement closing dates so they did not correspond with my card membership anniversary date. I suspect this may have caused the problem. (I had not spent $10,000 by the time my Nov. 1 statement closed; I spent the rest of the money well before my anniversary date, but that statement did not close until Dec. 2. I suspect whatever process Citi uses to determine whether a member qualifies may not work correctly with altered statement closing dates.)

    • @gregillinois – If you want to convert hotel points to airlines, the Starwood card is the best bet. I also like the IHG Rewards card because of the free night and hotels in lots of locations.

      @Petter Paulsen – You usually need a US social security number to apply for the cards.

  8. @UAPhil Citi will use every possible excuse to deny their cardholders the benefits they should receive from spending large amounts on their ccs. 🙁

  9. Daraius,

    The terms for the two free nights after minimum spend indicate any weekend night “double occupancy.” Do you know if these certificates will work for 4 people (family – two adults, two children)? I want this card if I can use it for the four of us at the Hilton Times Square over Labor Day weekend (unless you can recommend a better Hhonors hotel!). We are planning this trip to see the US Open. Thanks for your help!

  10. Darius, when they do issue the Cert, is it dated at the 6-8 week or dated base on cards aniverary ? reason being that if dated at aniversay, we potentially loose out 2 months of Cert usage.

  11. I have learned that these free nights only allow you to book only “standard” room awards. E.g. I got 2 weekend night emails from Citi Reserve yesterday. Tried to book Molino Stucky for 14-15 June by calling and was told “no award availability” 🙁

    • @WJ – It depends on the hotel, but usually the hotel may charge extra for extra folks in the room. That said, you could try having some folks meet you directly in the hotel room.

      @choi – I’m guessing it should be based on when you actually get the certificate.

  12. Can you help? I was approved for the Citi Hilton HHonors card last April. in the first 2 months I spent over $3600 on the card. By the end of the year I put almost $17k on the card – and yes I pay my bill in full each month. My problem is, I have never received the two free night certificates. I can’t seem to find anywhere on either the Hilton or Citi websites where I can call or email to request the certificates. Can you steer me in the right direction? Thanks.

  13. Do I have to check in and use the certificate within the 12 months? Thanks.

  14. Do I have to actually check in and use the certificate within the 12 months or do i just have to be booked? Thanks.

  15. John J – when I had my similar problem (see Feb. 2 post above), I called both Citi and HHonors customer service. I found that calling Citi at the customer service number on the card worked – shortly after, I got an EMAIL saying I had earned the free night, and the cert actually became available about a month later.

  16. is there anyway to combine the initial 2 free weekend night and then another 1 free night after spending 10k?
    I want to use for Hilton bora bora for 3 days straight.

    or if my wife and I both get 2 citi Hilton reserve and get two sets of 2 free weekend night cert then could we use it for 3 weekend night? (fri to sun night)?

  17. David k – you can do it if the timing works out. (Suppose you get the cc now. If you complete the spend near the end of the 90 day period, you might get the first 2 certs in June, good until June 2015. Then, a year from now, you might get another cert in March or April, also good for a year. So you might have a 1-3 month “window” when all 3 certs can be used to book a single Fri-Sun stay. (But there is sometimes a delay receiving annual $10,000 spend certs – in my case, I didn’t hear anything, and had to ask Citi to investigate. The result was a 6 week delay receiving my cert.)

  18. Chris P. Jones

    The certificate expires 12 months from when it is issued. Must the stay be completed within 12 months? Or could the stay be for after the 12 months of issue as long as the stay reservation is placed within the 12 months?

  19. I just received my Anniversary certificate today via email.

  20. Daraius, can you confirm if the Conrad is now on the excluded list for sure? It’s on the list now but some bloggers have recent reviews of the property!

  21. Just applied for Citi Hilton Reserve card from your website 🙂

  22. Daraius, thank you for your fantastic website. Clarification question if you know the answer. Can you combine the weekend certificates with the 5th night free benefit?

    In descending order of chance working I would think would be

    1)Sat/Sun certs, M-Thur paid with points, Friday fifth night free.

    2)Thurs – Fri points, Sat/Sun cert, Mon-Tues points, Wed fifth night free

    3)Sat-Sun Cert, Mon-Tues points, Wed fifth night free

    I would guess #1 works, but I would really love for #2 to work as we are planning a trip where we get in on Wednesday and check out on Wednesday. Thoughts?

  23. Does anyone know if you actually have to spend 10K on the card to get the free night upon anniversary? Reason I ask is I have spoken with 2 people at Citi who both said you do not have to spend to get the anniversary night. Has anyone else heard that?

  24. Received email 8+ weeks ago saying I have earned the anniversary certificate with $10k spend. Sent Citi an SM yesterday to follow up, their response was that there was “an issue” in verifying the spending and I should contact Hilton if I want to follow up. Doesn’t look good. Thinking this might not happen.

  25. My wife and I thinking of opening this card to get a total of 4 free weekend nights. Do you know if the certificate can be used for non-weekend night? We are hoping to use all of them in a row. Thanks!

  26. Hoping for some clarification:

    Just signed up for this card 2 weeks ago and have already spent minimum. How quick can I expect the 2 certificates for weekend nights to post? After the first billing cycle?

    I plan on using it for the Molino Stucky in Venice on October 4th and 5th, 2014.

    Currently if I look at their availability it shows Standard Guestrooms available. It seems safe to say there is still availability, right?

  27. I’m having the worst time redeeming free weekend night certificates.

    First try was Sydney, Australia. No consecutive day availability as far as the eye could see.

    Second try now is Huntington Beach, California. For some reason, they can’t book me a standard room because they can’t tell how many disHHonor points that is. The reason is that Hilton isn’t in the business of quoting standard room disHHonor prices for the top $$$ hotels. She and I could see how much an “Ocean View” room is online (107,640), but for some curious reason, can’t see how much a standard “Resort View” room is. Oops! Sorry, that means we can’t book it! Fake frowney face!

    It’s absolutely ridiculous. Their excluded properties list is much longer than is shown. They might as well not have an exclusion list and just not quote points for standard rooms, and get away with it that way. That way they can lie and say: “Valid at every Hilton property! Absolutely no exclusions!” (Then again, perhaps having a fake short exclusion list helps dupe people into thinking that they won’t get hassled for booking expensive rooms.)

    As soon as I blow the remaining weekend night certificates, and before the next annual fee comes due, I’m closing the credit card. It’s not worth it. I’m having a much better experience with Marriott.

  28. Alright, well, I called again, and I guess persistence pays off. They booked it for 80,000 points (which is the “starting” quote that shows up when you’re searching by city and have to click on a hotel on the right). They had to make it a handicapable room, though. Oh, well.

  29. Regarding availability for redemption of the weekend certificates- Do I understand correctly that there must be standard award availability in order to redeem the certificate? If so, it may help some dummies like me if you amend step 1 under “How Do I Redeem My Free Nights” to read “Check for standard room award availability” versus just “standard room availability. Love the site! Thanks for all the awesome tips!

  30. Has anyone had any success getting your reward certificates extended? I only need 10 days. I have a work conference and would love to use them the weekend before my meeting but they expire just before. I contacted HiltonHonors and they said the credit card company issues the certificates and there was nothing they could do. Has anyone had success asking Citibank?

  31. Anyone knows when will I get the 2 free nights? After 4 months? If I spend more than $2500 in one month, can I request the free nights earlier?