50,000 Points (~$500) With The Capital One Venture Card! [EXPIRED]

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

Via Flyertalk, you can get 50,000 points on the Capital One Venture card.  This normal sign-up bonus is 20,000 points so this is more than twice the normal signup bonus!

50,000 Point Capital One Venture Card

Link:  50,000 Point Capital One Venture Card 

You get 50,000 points from the Capital One Venture card after spending $3,000 within 3 months.

The normal signup bonus for the Capital One Venture card is 20,000 points (link provided for comparison) so a 50,000 point offer is very good!

The $59 annual fee is waived for the first year.

The application doesn’t say how long the offer will be available, so I expect it to last sooner rather than later.  If you do apply, please take a screenshot of the ad mentioning the 50,000 point signup bonus because this isn’t my link.

I had a Venture card when Capital One ran their 100,000 mile promotion, where they would give you 100,000 miles if you could show them that you had 100,000 miles with other airlines!

Using Capital One Venture Rewards Points

Capital One points are worth 1 cent when redeemed for travel, so 50,000 points will get you $500 in travel!

You earn 2 Venture points per $1 spent, so you get 2% in cash back when you redeem Venture points for travel.  This is one of the best travel cash back cards, though you get ~2.2% cash back with the Barclaycard Arrival card.  But you can always get both cards!

You can use Capital One points towards any type of travel  – flights, hotels, cruises, and car rentals etc.  This is particularly useful for folks who want to travel within the US and don’t have a lot of flexibility with their travel plans.  You don’t have to worry about award availability when you use Capital One points.

Having the Venture card will also get you access to cheap car rentals via the Capital One travel portal.

The big downside of Capital One cards is that they request your credit from ALL 3 credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) in the US.  This means that you will get a credit inquiry at each credit bureau.

If you don’t apply for a lot of cards, or aren’t worried about credit inquiries, it could make sense to apply for the Capital One 50,000 point offer for the $500 in unrestricted travel.

If you are worried about credit inquiries, the Barclaycard Arrival card will get you ~$420 in unrestricted travel, but with only 1 credit inquiry.

Bottom Line

You can get 50,000 points or ~$500 towards travel from the Capital One Venture card.  This isn’t my link (I don’t get a commission if you’re approved), so please take screenshots before applying.

And don’t forget that Capital One usually pulls your credit from all three credit bureaus!

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64 responses to “50,000 Points (~$500) With The Capital One Venture Card! [EXPIRED]

  1. Thank Goodness for your tweet!

    A surprise Friday night Credit Card offer!!!


  2. nodarkness (@nodarkness)

    Here I am with the VentureOne card that’s less than two months old. I can verify that they do check all three bureaus, which is overkill unless a manual review had been necessary. This is a good offer, although I will have to wait until it comes around again.

  3. Thanks! couldnt decide which one to go for so just got approved for both Capital One and Barclays Arrival 🙂 my 4th card with Barclays…

  4. I still have mine from the old 100k points offer (annual fee has been waived). Think I can have two?

  5. So, you could probably use Capital One points for a Disney World booked directly through Disney, correct?

  6. Typed too fast…”Disney World TRIP booked directly through Disney.”

  7. Dima, Daraius, Is it possible to get multiple Barclay Arrival Cards?

  8. You’ve gotta be kidding me! I was approved for the 20K Venture card literally 12 hours ago!! I’ll have to wait until I receive the card to beg & plead for the 50K offer, I guess……

  9. I just did an app-o-rama two weeks ago but figured I’d apply anyway. I got instantly approved. Thanks for the tip!

  10. Thanks, jumped on this, got approved, but denied with Arrival minutes earlier 🙂

  11. Awesome–applied and got approved…..second time too! (had this back in 2010 with that crazy insane 100,000 mile offer)

  12. can you get this card again, and the bonus if you got the100k one before?

  13. I think the lesson to me is to be wary of offers to downgrade to no-fee versions (as I did with this card) when a fee comes due. It’s attractive to the extent that over time it advances the average life of credit card holdings, but the downside, as is likely illustrated here, is a lack of opportunity the next time a nice bonus offer comes around for the fee card version. Does anyone know if someone currently holding the no-fee card can apply for this new offer?

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  15. Can you transfer Capital One points to an airline or hotel? I did some research and it does not look like you can. I’m new to Capital One points; thanks!

  16. Daraius,

    I am pretty new to this credit card thing, I am wondering if I can apply Venture and then clear up my cache or use incognito and then apply for Barclay Arrival card and several credit cards on the same day? would that make it one time hard credit pull inquiry on my credit score, since all application were done in same day.

  17. Woohoo — got instantly approved with a 5K limit.

    • @Michael – No personal experience, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

      @AMJ – You should be able to do that since it is a travel expense.

      @glen – Oh no! I don’t believe Capital One matches offers, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

      @Daniel – I believe you can (see comment above).

      @Sal – You can’t transfer them to airlines or hotels, but you can redeem them for virtually any kind of travel expense.

      @David – You can apply for multiple cards from different banks on the same day. However, they will all be separate inquiries.

  18. Thanks for letting us know about this offer Daraius!

  19. Got instatnt approval even though I had the card in the past (100 000 points) but had cancelled that about 8 months ago. My frien still has that 100 000 points card. Can she apply for the second capital one venture card

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  22. I don’t understand why folks from Iowa can’t apply online for Barclay Cards.

  23. I’m an authorized user on my wife’s Venture card; will this affect me applying for this card/offer?

  24. I received the card with the 20000 mile signup bonus, would it do any good to call capitol one and see if i could change to the 50000 signup bonus?

  25. Darius!
    Would access and camping fees to national parks
    qualify for reimbursement under this program?



  26. Great question from John!

  27. Darius – I have had Barclays Arrival card (applied through your website) but closed it back in Aug. How long should I wait before applying again?

  28. Daraius – Great news. I had this card, and my wife, and my mom and dad when it was 100,000 with a match. I just got approved for me, my wife and my mom. That is 150,000 total points or $1500. I checked with Cap One Venture to confirm my memory that is card is good for travel redemption, a check sent to you, credit for charges, gift cards and charitable donations; all at the same rate. So, this is nice. Thanks for the heads up. Very quick approvals.

  29. To John, who asked if access and camping fees to national parks would qualify for reimbursement.

    Previously, CapitalOne reimbursed me for Passport application fees because it was a travel related expense. They seem to be very generous in their interpretation for Travel Expenses.

    Another thing…most seem to be focused strictly on that this will only reimburse for travel expenses. You can also just say screw it and ask for cash – they will send you a check – 50000 points = $500 check. Yes, it’s that simple!

    • @sanjay – I’m not sure, but doesn’t hurt to try.

      @Mike U – Being an authorized user shouldn’t prevent you from getting the bonus on this card.

      @larry – It doesn’t hurt to call, but they aren’t good at matching to the best offer.

      @John @Jacki – See BB’s & Jeff K’s response below.

      @Dave – I’d wait longer.

      @Jeff K @BB – Thanks for helping out!

  30. can you get gift cards with youre points?

  31. Im wondering about gift cards also. A previous poster claimed you can get cash at full value, but that is not accurate, you will only get $.005 per mile resulting in a $250 signup bonus. But I believe gift cards are full value. Im just curious what gift cards are available (Wal-Mart? Amazon? Gas?). I cant find this info anywhere and I dont travel enough to use it for that.

  32. After getting denied for a few cards recently for having too many recent applications (credit score is still 720)- I was accepted for this one.

    Perfect timing as I just moved and need to buy stuff for my new place….$3,000 is nothing for furnishing a new apartment.

    Did we get any clarification on if the 50,000 points were fully redeemable for $500 cash or if that was only for travel? At this point- I could really use the cash…

  33. Ditto the question about gift cards. My wife and I travel with our dog on SW a fair amount and the pet-extortion fee is the one cost I can’t cover with points (and companion pass!).

    Gift cards would be the way to cover that cost, but I can’t find an option that won’t significantly devalue my points.

    Or…could I just pay the pet fee with this card and be reimbursed as a “travel expense”?

  34. I got the Capital One Sony card 1 month ago. I only have 1 credit card with capital one. Is there a limit on how many credit cards capital one will approve for 1 person or is there a wait period before I apply for a another credit card from capital one like Citi’s wait period?

  35. @ BB – I think redeaming for cash or statement credit (non-travel related) is at 1/2 cent a point, so 50,000 points would be worth $500 in travel or $250 if you request a check

  36. Correct, cash or statement credit gets you 1/2 cent per point, so 50k points = $250 in cash.

    Gift cards, however, are at the same exchange rate as travel credit, 1 cent per point, so 50k points = $500 in amazon.com or WalMart gift cards (just to name two).

    If memory serves me correctly, you can’t get the travel reimbursements for non-travel expenses – the computer is reasonably smart, so pet store purchases will not be reimbursable. Rental cars, airline tickets and fees, hotels, rail tickets, etc. are all reimbursable.

  37. Michael,

    Thanks for the feedback – to clarify, the “extortion fee” I am talking about with regards to my pet is the $75 (soon to be $95) fee *EACH WAY* for us to carry a (small) pet onto the airplane with us. The pet counts as one of our carry-ons (so I only get one carry-on) and has to be “stored” under the seat in front of me.

    Essentially, Southwest (and other airlines) have found a way to charge an additional $95 for my second carry-on by calling it a “pet fee”.

    So, setting my thinly-‘implied rant aside 🙂 the question is whether or not the $75 (soon to be $95) fee I pay at the airport (not pet store) would be considered “travel” by this card? Or if anybody else has any suggestions of how I might offset this since I can’t use points to pay for the “pet fee” and I can’t even buy my pet his own seat? (Sorry if this is going off-topic. Was intended to be about this Capital One Card)

    • @todd @Mike B @Jeff – I don’t believe airline gift cards are included in the Capital One mall. But you may be able to buy airline gift cards from the airline and call Capital One to get it counted as a travel redemption.

      @Ricky – It varies by person, so I can’t comment specifically.

      @Jeff – Since you’re paying the pet fee directly to the airline, it should be counted as a travel redemption and qualify for 1 cent per point redemption. If not, you can call Capital One, and ask to count it as a travel redemption.

  38. Question, it shows I am approved for $5000 for a “Capital One Credit Card”, does not say Venture…. Should I expect the 50,000 bonus still??? Thank you so much…

  39. This is exactly what it said… is this the Venture card?

    Congratulations! You’re approved.

    You have been approved for a Capital One® credit card. You should receive your card and welcome materials within 7-10 business days.

  40. Hi,

    How does pulling reports from three credit bureaus affect my credit score? Does that mean I will have three hard inquiries on my credit? I find this kind if hard to believe.

  41. @Raman You will not have 3 hard inquiries on each credit bureau. You will have 1 hard inquiry at each credit bureau. So that’s not as bad as it may seem at first. But it does mean when you apply for your next cc, whatever credit bureau the bank checks with, they will see that Cap One inquiry.

    Most apps only register with one CB, but sometimes with 2. For instance, Barclays will usually only pull from TransUnion, and neither Citi nor Chase will normally pull from TU. So a Barclays app is more or less invisible to Citi and Chase. It’s like it never happened for them.

    It sometimes happens that Citi or Chase will pull from both Equifax and Experian, but usually just from one of them. So Citi and Chase may not see your last apps at all, depending on which bank pulled from which CB.

    Cap One is unique to pull from all 3. Which could be a problem, since the general consensus is that Citi won’t approve you if they see more than 6 hard inquiries at any one CB within a 6 month period. Not the total on all of them, just the max at each one on it’s own.

    OTOH, this may not be such a big deal, since as I said above Citi and Chase sometimes pull from both Equifax and Experian, and no one but Barclays and Cap One bothers with
    TU. So it’s not a big deal that Cap One pulls from TU, only that you know for sure they will pull from both EQ and EX. So any subsequent app with Citi, Chase and AMEX will show that Cap One app, no matter which CB the bank chooses to use.

    Let’s put this in perspective: if you apply for 20 or more ccs a year, this could be a problem. If you only apply for 4 or 5 ccs a year, this does not matter to you at all……

  42. @Robert thanks a lot. This is very informative. I appreciate it.


  43. My wife just applied for 50000 point Cap One Venture on this link and got instant approval. Thanks for the timely info on this much better than normal offer.

    I have had this same card for 6 plus years back to before I started collecting cc bonus miles. Without any bonus it is still one of the very best keeper cards because of the 2% credit on all purchases as long as you use it as a credit for charges on your card for travel in the last 90 days.(I use other cards for higher % catagory rebates like Chase ink 5% on cable cell phone and Office Max purchases including Amazon gift cards.) If you are getting only a 1% cash back on any of your purchases on cards you need a Cap One card to use for those charges. I learned from one of the customer service reps at Cap One early on that you can reuse the exact same charge for travel for credit off your Cap One bill so even if you have only $100 in travel on your account you can get credit for that $100 charge 5 times for $500 total credit off your account . As long as the $100 charge is not older than 90 days. Once it is older than 90 days it will be removed from your Cap One list of travel expenses which are still eligible for a credit off the balance of your account. Small travel expenses like $5 to $50 are also useful when you need to reuse them to bring your travel credit refund on your account up to very close to the total number of Cap One points currently in your account. As long as you do some amount of travel charging on the account you will be able to benefit by the value of your $500 much more quickly than having to find award availability for your stock piled airline miles in other programs. I cash in my Cap One points monthly for full or nearly full use of my point balance with Cap One.

    Now my question is I would like to apply for this 50000 mile point bonus for myself. I don’t want to cancel the Venture card I have had for 6 plus years of good credit history and a large 24000 credit line. Do you think there is any real chance they would give me a new second Venture card with the 50000 points? I would be willing to cancel the old card first if I felt sure it would open the door to allow me to get a new card and 50000 points. But I don’t know that I would get that large credit line again ,at least initially, and perhaps holding the card I have is wiser since I might be able to negotiate with reconsideration line with it if needed. What do you think?

  44. Thanks very much for that flyer talk thread. It certainly made it appear to be well worth trying to apply even though I am keeping my 6yr old Venture card. I just applied and got the instant approval and 5000 credit limit. It feels every bit as good as if I walked into a Vegas casino dropped one coin in a slot machine and $500 poured out on the floor. I’m not a gambler by any means and I like the odds of this game much better. One more amazing thing that I think is unique to this Venture card which I have had for six years. You can go online to the account and request a “No Hassle Check” be mailed to your home and cash and use the money up to your credit limit for one to possibly close to two months with no interest and no transfer fees of any kind as long as you are able to pay off the balance on your account (including any purchases) in full by the due date. So for a short term loan that is hard to beat with 0% interest and 0 balance transfer fees. They treat the check as any other purchase with the usual grace period. You get the maximum interest free time on the loan if you request the check online the day after your account has closed so that the check posts on the next months statement. Are you aware of any other credit cards that offer this same option?

  45. Would gas count as a travel expense? It’s one of my biggest expenses and it seems to make sense that it would. Does anyone know for sure if it would count? Thanks.

  46. Were all you folks really planning on spending $3,000 in the next 90 days? I mean before you even heard of this deal? I can see how this would make sense if you had a big ticket item planned (new car, high end electronics, loads of airline travel etc) but otherwise it just sounds sort of PT Barnum-ish. Maybe I’m unclear on the concept, in which case feel free to enlighten me.

  47. @Yati: No.

    @Chris: I think you need to read the blog a little more often 🙂 Gas, groceries, food, insurance, utilities, bills, etc. Plus manufactured spending. Very, very easy.

  48. Link is dead.

  49. Can the Southwest card be churned? If it can, how long do you wait from opening date.. I have the lower fee Southwest Card but cancelled the no foreign transaction fee card (older card).. I would like to apply for that again.. Should I cancel my lower fee card.. How long to wait after cancelling?

    I love your website… So helpful

    Thank you

  50. @Michael: Fair enough. I’m single so it seemed somewhat improbable but I guess for a family it could make sense. But what pray tell is ‘manufactured spending’? Thanks.

  51. Well…I was approved for this card on the 3rd, saw this post on the 4th and immediately called to ask for the 30k extra points (before the card had even arrived). They finally called back today and denied the points, so I’m holding to close the card now. Chase honored a similar request, but nogo with Capital One.

  52. Why can’t you get a Barclay arrival card if you live in Iowa??

  53. I applied for card twice as there was some error.
    I got 2 cards. Any idea if I should spend on the second to see if I can get $500 on it also?

  54. It looks like this offer is gone or at least he 50k link isn’t working as of 02/12/2014. Can anyone confirm?

  55. Can the capital one venture be used through Paypal w/o it showing as a cash advance?

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