$25 Back for Spending $75 (Up to 33% Off) on Amazon! [Expired]

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Update:  You can no longer sign-up for the $25 statement credit.  But if you already registered, you have until December 31, 2013 to make your Amazon.com purchase.  Or you could just buy gift cards and add it to your account!

You can get $25 back as a statement credit when you spend $75 or more on Amazon.com with an American Express credit card!

Link:   $25 Back for Spending $75 on Amazon.com With American Express

Link:   Amazon.com Gift Cards


$25 Back For Spending $75 or More on Amazon.com With Your American Express Card!

You can get $25 off for EACH American Express card you have, including business cards and those issued by other banks such as the Citi American Airlines American Express card.

And you can also get $25 off for each authorized user on your American Express card!  Emily and I registered 8 of our cards to get $200 off future Amazon purchases!

This is a great deal and just in time for Holiday shopping.  Emily and I love to do as much of our shopping on Amazon.com to save time and money!

How to Get $25 Back?

Step 1 – Register for Promotion

Link:   $25 Back for Spending $75 on Amazon.com With American Express

You have to register your American Express credit card BEFORE you shop at Amazon.com.  Use this link to register ALL your American Express cards sooner rather than later because registration is limited.

You will see a registration confirmation online and will also get an email confirming that you are registered for the promotion.


You Will See A Registration Confirmation After Registering Your American Express Cards!

See the section below to find out which American Express cards are eligible for the $25 statement credit!

Step 2 – Use Your American Express Card at Amazon.com

You have to use the same American Express card which you registered above to pay for a purchase of $75 or more on Amazon.com

Note that you can register multiple American Express cards and get the $25 statement credit for each card!

However, the terms and conditions say that your item HAS to ship by December 31, 2013 to get the $25 credit.  American Express says that you will get the statement credit within 90 days from December 31, 2013.

But there’s a way to get the $25 credit for future purchases.

How to Get $25 After December 31, 2013!

Link:   Amazon.com Gift Cards

Just buy an electronic or physical gift card for $75 from Amazon.com before December 31, 2013.

Buy $75 Amazon Gift Cards & add Them to Your Amazon.com Balance!

Buy $75 Amazon Gift Cards & add Them to Your Amazon.com Balance!

You can then add the gift card balance to your Amazon account and use it whenever you want because the balance in your Amazon account never expires

Which Cards Are Eligible?

1.   American Express Credit Cards Issued By American Express

You can register your American Express cards AND authorized user cards!

American Express cards issued directly by American Express, such as the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express, have separate credit card numbers for authorized users.  This allows both the primary card holder and the authorized user to get the $25 credit for spending $75 or more at Amazon.com.

So if you have the American Express Starwood card and your partner is an authorized user, BOTH of you will get the $25 statement credit for using your cards.

Be careful adding multiple authorized users to all your American Express cards,  so you don’t trigger a financial review.  Some folks who added many authorized users to their cards triggered a financial review of their account.

As authorized users on your card, your partner or children can still get the signup bonus if they apply for their own card.

You can add authorized users by calling the number on the back of your card or by logging on to your American Express account online.  There is usually no impact to your credit score by adding an authorized user.

American Express cards include Membership Rewards point earning cards, the Starwood & Hilton hotel cards, and Delta cards.

2.   American Express Cards Issued By Other Banks Such As Citi Or Bank Of America

You can also register American Express cards issued by other banks, such as the Citi American Airlines American Express, Virgin Atlantic American Express, Penfed, Barclays, USAA etc.

The primary card holder will get a $25 statement credit.  However, authorized user cards (for personal cards) issued by these banks will usually NOT get a separate $25 credit because authorized user cards usually have the same credit card number as the primary card holder.

But you will get the statement credit for an authorized user on a business American Express card (even if it is not issued directly from American Express such as the Citi American Airlines American Airlines) because they usually have a different credit card number.

That said, if the $25 statement credit does not automatically post to your account, it will be extremely hard to get the $25 credit from your issuing bank.

3.   American Express Gift Cards, Bluebird & Corporate Cards

You won’t earn a statement credit on American Express gift cards, American Express Bluebird, or American Express corporate cards.

But American Express Serve cards are eligible for the $25 statement credit.

You Can't Register Bluebird

You Can’t Register Bluebird

But you can get the statement credit with the American Express Serve card.

 Bottom Line

Getting $25 off $75 or more on Amazon purchases for EACH American Express card, including authorized users is a great deal!

Don’t forget to register your card first and to buy Amazon gift cards if you’d like to lock-in the savings after the offer ends on December 31, 2013.

Emily and I enjoyed shopping at small businesses yesterday and got $10 back for each purchase with an American Express card.  Today we’re getting $25 back for Amazon purchases which we would have made in any case.

American Express cards have higher annual fees than many other miles and points credit cards, so it is nice to have these offers which save us real money.

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64 responses to “$25 Back for Spending $75 (Up to 33% Off) on Amazon! [Expired]

  1. Thank you, Darius & Emily, for this valuable information.

  2. Awesome! Thanks Daraius, I was able to 6 eligible household cards registered. Now if they do the amex gift chain this year, it will make it an epic amex year in my book.

  3. Thanks for bringing this great offer to my attention! I registered 3 Amex cards that we have (2 are joint accounts and 1 isn’t). My question is, can I register the 2 joint accounts for both of us? I’m an authorized user on those accounts, and our credit cards end in different numbers but the statement always comes under my husbands’ credit card account number. I’m wondering if they’d give 2 statement credits on the same credit card statement as they are linked together. The cards I’m referring to are Costco Amex and Jet Blue Amex. Thank you very much for your help!

  4. Daraius, please excuse my mispelling of your name in my previous message. My sincere apology.

  5. Daraius, thanks, just registered our 6 Amex cards.
    Just curious – what do you think will happen if I close one of those before $25 statement credit posts? I suppose I’ll just not get it…

  6. Is it possible to take money from your amazon account and transfer to my bank checking account? I know I can do this on my amazon payments account. Thanks for the news on the offer!

  7. Does the $75 need to be spent in a single purchase, or can it be accumulated over the course of the month? It seems like the latter, but want to be sure.

  8. So Daraius, you are saying that if I buy a $75 gift card from Amazon, at say Office Depot, using my Amex card (I can get points for this purchase) and then deposit it in my Amazon acct, I will get the $25 back from Amex and I don’t have to spend the $75 before Christmas?

  9. One more question Dararius, can you purchase gift cards on the Amazon site and it qualifies for the $25 off?

  10. Thanks for the heads up! My wife and I both have two AMEX cards (SPG and Premier Gold), so I thought I’d register all four cards. However, we each have our accounts registered for access from a single login, and I found that once I accepted the offer on one card, it was no longer available to register on the other card. So I was only able to register one card for each of us. Has anyone else found the same thing, and found a way around it?


  11. Jerry, that sounds strange. All my 4 cards are under same login as well, but I easily registered all 4 of them (and got 4 confirmation emails from Amex) without any tricky workarounds, but just by clicking a link in a post 4 times (thus opening 4 tabs one after another in Firefox).
    I’d say just try to close your browser window and open it again or in the worst case scenario try Private Browsing in Firefox / Incognito mode in Chrome if nothing else works. It should work then for sure.

  12. Thanks Darius! I registered all 5 of my AmEx cards! Awesome!

    • @R. Miller – Don’t worry about it. I’m the one with the strange name. 🙂

      @Elena – You should be able to register them, but I don’t know for sure if you’ll both get the credit. I’m guessing that you will, because the card numbers are different, but don’t have personal experience so can’t say for sure.

      @Ilya – You won’t get the statement credit if it hasn’t posted by when you cancel the card.

      @Lynn – Unfortunately, you can’t do that. You have to use your Amazon balance to make purchases from Amazon.

      @Doug – I believe it can be the latter i.e. you have to spend $75 by December 31, 2013 to get the credit.

      @Juli – If you buy a gift card DIRECTLY from Amazon using the link above it will count towards the $25 off. But if you buy it from another store (Office Depot) it will be classified as an Office Depot purchase and won’t earn you the $25 statement credit.

      @Jerry – Try registering each card separately using the link in the above post and not from your AMEX account.

      @Juno @David – Ha Ha! I still had my pile of AMEX cards in my wallet as well.

  13. Thanks, Darius! I knew I hadn’t put away my pile of AMEX cards after SBS for a reason 🙂

  14. Hi Daraius, are you absolutely sure gift card purchases will qualify for the credit? I couldn’t find anything specific on the T&Cs so am still waiting to pull the trigger.

  15. Hello,
    There is this sentence in the terms ” Limit 1 statement credit per American Express Card across all American Express offer channels.” What is an offer channel and what does this clause mean?

  16. Registered 19 cards and just got done spending $75 on each :).

  17. @ Curtis, how do you have 19 AMEX cards??!?!!?!?

  18. Can you buy 3 x $25 Starbucks gift cards from Amazon and still get the credit? Or does it have to only be Amazon gift cards. Thanx

  19. Registered 1 card and will register other card tomorrow, will start shopping this week on Amazon. Good deal, thank you for sharing.

  20. Is this in anyway related to syncing? In other words, is any sort of ‘syncing’ necessary for this offer? Thanks.

    • @Tausif Salim – I purchased gift cards and immediately got a confirmation email that it counted as a purchase.

      @Andrew – I believe it means that if you log into your AMEX account, you can “load” the offer to only 1 AMEX card. But there is also a direct link which you can use to register.

      @mo – Any gift cards will work as long as you buy them direct from Amazon.com

      @Curtis @Sam MS – Very nice!

      @BillyBob – Nope. You don’t have to sync your cards to get the deal. Just click on the link in the post to register your AMEX cards.

  21. thanks for the info- I had already found this deal, but didn’t realize my DH could get it also,with his card(different user number)

  22. Awesomeness. Just not sure what the hell I’m gonna do with so much money sitting in my amazon account. But who cares right – it’ll get used one day for gifts etc. Yey for $25 back on Amex and 5x on Chase Freedom this quarter!

  23. Thanks so much for the heads up! I registered all my AmEx cards using your referral links and bought myself $75 gift cards with each. You rock as always!

  24. E-mail Gift Cert vs Snail Mail Gift Cert
    Wondering if there is a catch because of the statement, “you order an item during the offer period but it is not sent to you until after 12/31/13, it may not count towards determining whether your purchase qualifies”

    I would think it really depends on what AE considers the definition of “sent”. If you do an electronic gift certificate, yes it is sent via e-mail but not shipped. If you do a snail mail gift certificate, then that should definitely qualify. If AE is verifying that you actually had a purchase shipped and requires a shipment tracking number, UPS, Fedex, etc, then the electronic e-mail gift certs may not qualify. I did a few electronic ones and am now wondering. Yes, I got an e-mail from AE saying “thanks for using your enrolled card” but nowhere in that e-mail does it say congratulations your purchase qualified for the $25 discount.

    Can someone unequivocally say that electronic e-mail gift certs will satisfy the “sent” requirement in the terms? Good luck getting into an argument with AE in 90 days because your opinion of “sent” was different than their opinion of “sent”.

    Just saying be careful. Not saying it’s worth the risk though. I may still do a few more.

  25. I bought one $75 Amazon gift card with my registered Amex. I got an email that said that you for using your registered Amex Card but nothing was said about getting the $25, did your email say something different?

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  27. Got an answer regarding my concern with the “sent” portion of the terms. Scott of Hack My Trip seemed to explain it: “Amazon doesn’t bill your card until they ship the purchase. The charge must appear on or before 12/31 for it to be eligible. This implies the purchase must also ship on or before 12/31.

    Since physical gift cards are sent by next-day mail and electronic gift cards are sent within 15 minutes, the charge should appear on the same day as the order was placed.”

  28. Will signing up for Amazon Prime count as a qualifying purchase?

  29. I’m going to assume gift cards bought on Amazon count. The T&C says “you must spend a total of $75 or more online at Amazon by 12/31/2013” but doesn’t mention anything about excluding gift cards or anything else. The only language about shipments is “If you order an item during the offer period but it is not sent to you until after 12/31/13, it may not count …” which sounds like it only applies to that instance where you bought a physical item.

    I’ll be taking them up on this offer. It’s a great deal!

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  31. I bought a $75 e gift card with my registered AMEX card about 12 hours ago but have not received any notifications yet. So I think it’s a bit YMMV at best.

  32. Offer ended.

  33. Garrett Johnson

    I have all my cards registered. Will they be locked in to receive the $25 credit, or are credits issued to the first people to make the purchases?

    • @JM – We go through a lot of Amazon shopping especially during this time of the year!

      @mo – Thanks for using our links!

      @Kent C – What Scott said! Amazon doesn’t charge your card until they ship your item. Gift cards will almost always be sent immediately. But some other products may take longer to ship if they are out of stock.

      @Juli – The email doesn’t mention getting the $25 statement credit. But it confirms that you used your cad.

      @Jean L – I don’t believe it will count.

      @[email protected] – The hard part is deciding on which console!

      @Ryan – Gift cards do count and it is a great deal. Which is why the direct registration is no longer available.

      @Tausif Salim – Perhaps it is in your junk mail folder?

      @iwantmoremiles – You can still register via twitter etc. But the easier direct registration is closed.

      @Garrett Johnson – You’re locked in to make the purchase as long as it is charged to your card before December 31, 2013.

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  35. Hi, it states that the campaign is over. When is/was the deadline to register my card?

  36. 2 questions unrelated-What happens if you purchased on amazon over $75, cancel order, buy again on amazon over $75. Will it credit again? This happened to me over the weekend.

    Question 2-I usually get my email notifications or alerts on my phone when I use an offer, and credit usually within 2-5 days. I didn’t receive any notifications when I used for JCPenney yesterday, but I did for Guess. I wonder if some systems are backed up? Or if some people never get these notifications but a credit will appear?

  37. Looks like it is over (for now). Barely missed this one. 🙁 Thanks for posting Darius!

  38. Wish I would have read this earlier! I almost never buy things online but the other day I used my Chase Freedom card on an Amazon purchase but even despite the category bonus I would have been way better off using the Amex card.

    I guess you win some you lose some

  39. Garrett Johnson

    I have registered 3 cards, and have gotten confirmation that they are registered. I then purchased a gift card with each, but I have only received the acknowledgement email from 2 of the cards. Should I be concerned that the one did not register? Should I give Amex a call?

  40. I registered the other day. I do not know if it has anything to do with it, but AmEx just gave me a 10,000 point membership bonus. I applied for the AmEx Premier Gold in February 2013 (through creditcards.com) with an offer of 50,000 points (spend $1000 in 3 months). Is this something AmEx does often? I am definitely not complaining, but pleasantly surprised. 🙂

    • @Meredith B – There was no deadline, but just a limited number of spots which got filled up. That’s why it is best to sign-up as soon as possible!

      @MJ – You should get the credit as long as you spend $75.

      @Garrett Johnson – The statement credits are posting so I’d check your account online.

      @Robert S – Lucky you. 🙂 It does’t happen often!

  41. Registered all seven of my cards. Did a test purchase on two and within two days, the $75 charge posted along with an instant $25 credit. Thank you!

  42. here’s my experience with this offer…. I have one acct- DH has a user card with his own #…I logged in for the offer on both card #’s…. made the purchases, but only one rebate appeared. Oh well, it wasn’t money I wasted, but it didn’t process the 2 rebates,and the offer did show separately on Dh’s # too….just thought I’d share….

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  44. A $25 credit appeared for “Dining Program Promo” on two of the cards I used (out of 4). These were Macy’s Amex cards. The other two were B of A – nothing there yet. Anyone else get a Dining Credit Promo?

  45. you know what? I typed too soon…today,the 2nd credit appeared! (woot woot) thank you!

  46. @BillyBob, I didn’t see any Dining Credit Promos (I think it said Amazon Promo for all of mine), but I did notice that my cobranded (Citibank AmEx) card took a couple extra days to post in comparison to the AmEx-issued cards. HTH–good luck!

    @Daraius, thanks for posting this; it’s such fun to cash in on these promotions!

  47. I already see the $25 credit posted from Amazon. Yeah! My question is if the $25 is only for ONE purchase or multiple purchase? If I buy something else from Amazon and spent another $75, will I get another $25 credit and so forth?

    Thanks for your answer!

  48. Four for four! The other two said “Amazon Com Llc” – these were two B of A cards. I am curious to know if anyone used their Macy’s Amex card and got the $25 for a “Dining Program Promo” (not Dining Credit Promo by the way, sorry).
    I guess also they can call it whatever they like, as long as it’s there to call. 🙂
    Thanks Daraius! Just like that, it’s a free $100.

    • @JM @BillyBob @jac – Glad it worked out. It was fun to get the free money from these promotions!

      @Ecko – It is ONE $25 credit per registered American Express card. So if you registered 2 cards, you should be able to get 2 credits.

  49. So question, how do you find out about offers like this ? I knew about Small Business Saturday but saw and received no notification from AMEX about this.

  50. I dunno if my registration went through or not. Any way to check?

  51. Nevermind! Got a confirmation email. This is a great tip. the $75 gift card is a no brainer!

  52. can i double dip with an authorized user? for example make my wife an AU and give her access to login and sync her card I do the same with my card and we both trigger credit statements on the same offer?

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  54. I placed an order on Dec 13 and also on Dec 17. Both orders has exceeded the required amount of $75 in total. But I didn’t receive the email about “Thank you for using your registered American Express® Card” after the first order had placed. But I did receive the email confirming I used my AMEX card after I placed the second order on Dec 17. Does it mean that the first order didn’t count toward the $25 credit with $75 purchase? I used the promotion credit of $2 during checkout for my first order. Would that be the reason it wasn’t counted? Thanks for your answer in advance!

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  56. Logged in and saved the offer on my card, shopped on the 8th of Dec. items delivered on 13th of Dec. still no cash back. I asked them last month but was told they not processed yet.