How & Why to Transfer Points From Your Chase Freedom

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Update:   The Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Classic, and Chase Sapphire cards are no longer available for new sign-ups. 

At the recent Frequent Traveler University at Tampa, one of the more common questions was:

How do I transfer Ultimate Rewards points from one account (say my Chase Freedom) to my Chase Sapphire Preferred?

Many folks think that points earned from the Chase Freedom can only be used for cash back.

But that’s not entirely true!

You can instantly transfer Ultimate Rewards points earned from one Chase credit card that earns Ultimate Rewards to another Chase credit card Ultimate Rewards account for free. And then transfer those (transferred) Ultimate Reward Points to  airlines and hotels!

Chase Freedom Points

We Transferred Points From a Chase Freedom to a Chase Sapphire Preferred and Then to Hyatt When we Went to Maui!

Not all Ultimate Rewards Points transfer directly to partner airlines and hotels.  And often times, the best way to squeeze the most out of your Ultimate Rewards points is transferring points to, say, Southwest for flights within the US or United for flights to Europe or to Hyatt for a stay in Paris!

Only Ultimate Rewards Points earned on the Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, and Chase Sapphire Preferred transfer directly to partner airlines and hotels.

Ultimate Rewards Points earned on the Chase Freedom, Chase Ink Classic, Chase Ink Cash, and Chase Sapphire can’t be directly (directly is the key word!) transferred to partner airlines and hotels.  These cards have no annual fee, so they are worth keeping to build a long credit history with Chase.  And the Chase Freedom has rotating categories where you can earn 5X Ultimate Rewards points per $1.

But you *can* transfer Ultimate Rewards from, say, the Chase Freedom to either your Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Sapphire Preferred and from there to airlines or hotels!

You will also get 1.25 cents per Ultimate Rewards point instead of 1 cent towards any travel redemption via the Ultimate Rewards portal if you redeem points from your Sapphire Preferred or Ink Bold/Plus accounts, compared to your Chase Freedom account.

Transfer Partners

Ultimate Rewards Points transfer on a 1:1 ratio to the following travel programs:

  • British Airways Executive Club
  • Hyatt Gold Passport
  • Korean Air SKYPASS
  • Marriott Rewards
  • IHG Rewards
  • Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards
  • The Ritz-Carlton Rewards
  • United MileagePlus
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club
  • Flying Blue

But that’s only if you have a Chase Ink BoldChase Ink Plus, and Chase Sapphire Preferred.

If you earn Ultimate Rewards points from any other credit or debit card, you have to first transfer them to your Sapphire Preferred, Ink Plus, or Ink Bold.

Transferring Ultimate Rewards Points Between Accounts

Link:   Ultimate Rewards

Ultimate Rewards Points earned through, say, the Chase Freedom can’t be directly transferred to partner airlines or hotels.

You have to first transfer them to your Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Sapphire Preferred account.

There are two ways to transfer Ultimate Rewards points between accounts:

Transfer Ultimate Rewards Points Via

Step 1 – Sign Into Ultimate Rewards 

 Sign into your Chase account.

Chase Freedom Points

Step 1 – Log In To Your Chase Account

Step 2 – Go To Ultimate Rewards

Click on “Go to Ultimate Rewards.”

Chase Freedom Points

Step 2 – Click On “Go To Ultimate Rewards”

If you have two personal Ultimate Rewards accounts such as a Chase Sapphire Preferred and a Chase Freedom, you’ll see a popup box with your 2 accounts each with a link to “Go to Ultimate Rewards.”  

You can choose either link.  Because you want to transfer Ultimate Rewards points out of your Freedom account, you can click on the Chase Freedom “Go to Ultimate Rewards” link.


Click on “Got to Ultimate Rewards” For Your Chase Freedom

Step 3 – Click on “Combine Points”

You’ll be taken to your Chase Ultimate Rewards account for your Freedom card.

Click on the “Combine Points” link at the top of the screen.

Step 4 –  Select Accounts

From the dropdown menu box, select the account you want to transfer Ultimate Rewards points from.

Then select the account you want to transfer Ultimate Rewards to.

I transfered points out of my Freedom account (because they can’t be directly transferred to airlines and hotels) and into my Sapphire Preferred account.

You can choose to transfer all your points or pick a different amount.

Chase Freedom Points

Step 4 – Select Which Accounts to Transfer Points To

Step 5 –  Confirm The Transfer

Click “Submit” to confirm the transfer.  Your points will be immediately transferred from your Chase Freedom account to your Chase Sapphire Preferred account.

And once the points are in your Chase Sapphire Preferred account, you can transfer them to airlines or hotels!

Chase Freedom Points

Step 5 – Confirm the Transfer

Transfer Ultimate RewardsPoints Via the Ultimate Rewards Portal

You can also transfer your Ultimate Rewards points directly through the Ultimate Rewards portal.  It just depends how you prefer logging on to your Chase account.

Step 1 – Sign into your Ultimate Rewards Account

 Sign into your Ultimate Rewards account.

Chase Freedom Points

Step 1 – Log in to Your Ultimate Rewards Account

Step 2 – Choose An Ultimate Rewards Account

If you have more than one Ultimate Rewards account, select which account you want to make the point combination from.

I chose my Chase Freedom account.

Chase Freedom Points

Step 2 – Click on “Go to Ultimate Rewards”

Step 3 – Click on “Combine Points”

Click on the “Combine Points” link at the top of the screen.

Step 4 –  Select Accounts

Select which account you want to transfer Ultimate Rewards points from (say your Chase Freedom) and select the account you want to transfer points to (say your Chase Sapphire Preferred).

I selected to transfer points out of Freedom account (because they can’t be directly transferred to airlines and hotels) and into my Sapphire Preferred account.

Chase Freedom Points

Step 5 – Choose Which Account to Transfer From and To

Step 6 –  Confirm The Transfer

Click “Submit” to confirm the Ultimate Rewards Points transfer.

Your points will be immediately transferred from your Chase Freedom account to your Chase Sapphire Preferred account.  And there’s no fee!

Chase Freedom Points

Step 6 – Click “Submit” To Confirm the Transfer

Bottom Line

You can transfer Ultimate Rewards points from a card which doesn’t let you transfer Ultimate Rewards points to airlines and hotels (say the Chase Freedom) to a card which does let you transfer to airlines and hotels (say the Chase Sapphire Preferred).

And from there you can  transfer those Ultimate Rewards points to partner airlines and hotels in a 1:1 ratio!  Or redeem the points for 1.25 cents (instead of 1 cent) towards travel in the Ultimate Rewards mall.

Remember that only Ultimate Rewards points in the Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, and Chase Sapphire Preferred accounts can be transferred to partner airlines and hotels.

If you have the Chase Freedom, Chase Ink Classic, Chase Ink Cash and Chase Sapphire, to use Ultimate Rewards on travel, you have to first transfer those points to the Chase Ink Bold, Chase Ink Plus, or Chase Sapphire Preferred.

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93 responses to “How & Why to Transfer Points From Your Chase Freedom

  1. I find it impossible to believe that someone who comes to FTU actually needs to ask how to transfer Ultimate Rewards… did those people stroll in from a wedding reception at that hotel or something?

  2. I agree with Lantean. You say that this is one of the more common questions. How many people asked you this question? I can’t help but wonder what the other common questions were…

    I have been to two FTUs, and I never met anyone who asked such a basic question. Is this a tryout post for your new staffer?

  3. I appreciate your informative and very useful post. I had no idea this type transfer was possible and had no desire to get the Chase Freedom, until this post. Thank you

  4. Yes, it does. So, how many people asked you that question?

    What are some of the other common questions at FTU? Will this be a new MMS series like the rental car series?

  5. Are the Chase UR points the best way to go these days? It seems like a lot of other points have been devalued including Marriott, Hilton, and IHG. I sent you an e-mail months ago about wanting to go to Hawaii from NYC, but I have not received a response. I was looking through some award charts and it seems that Hyatt has the best rewards program (as of right now).

  6. Is it possible to combine my UR points received from the Ink Bold with my Chase Sapphire UR points? Would I just use the “other” option?

  7. @ Jasmine Umm.. I’m pretty sure UR points are UR points. I don’t have a Bold, but my guess is if you check your UR account, you will see that the UR points from the Bold have already been combined with the UR points from the Sapphire. The reason for the above post is that points from the Freedom card, unlike points from Sapphire and Bold, do not automatically post in your UR account.

    • @Lesli – It depends on your travel goals. I’m sorry I missed your email. Hyatt has hotels in Hawaii and they are quite reasonably priced and you can transfer points from Ultimate Rewards to Hyatt. For flights, you can try United or American Airlines or a mixture of the two since they allow 1-way awards. I’d do “dummy” searches for flights and hotels and then pick the programs which seem to have availability around when you want to go.

      @ Jasmine @Robert Hanson – You can transfer points from the Sapphire to the Ink Bold or vice versa using the “other” option. Some folks have separate logins for their business cards and personal cards in which case your points aren’t pooled into one common Ultimate Rewards pool.

  8. Hi, I have a question about your reply to Jasmine and Robert Hanson.
    You said “Some folks have separate logins for their business cards and personal cards in which case your points aren’t pooled into one common Ultimate Rewards pool.”
    Does that mean even if I have one login id for Freedom card and another one for Ink Plus card, I can still transfer Freedom UR points to Ink Plus (which is in different login id)?

    I already have a Freedom card and plan to apply for an Ink Plus, so I’d like to if I should put them in the same login id or doesn’t matter, in advance.
    Thank you!

  9. Have you made any hiring decisions?
    I put in an application for a writing position.

  10. too much transferring between cards to get airlines tix etc…isn’t there a better way???

  11. @Robert Hanson Umm…they have not already been combined which is why I asked D about it. And yes, I do have separate login IDs for my Chase personal cards and business cards. You should get a Bold. Did you know that the bonus is 50,000 UR points! In case you didn’t know.

  12. Can a friend redeem their ultimate reward points to my United account or is that not allowed?

    • @Gagne – You sure can combine points across your personal and business accounts. It is a little inconvenient to have 2 logins, but you get used to it. There is a way to combine logins if you call customer service, but I haven’t done it as yet.

      @Robert Weich – Thanks for the application. We’ll get back to you in 4 to 6 weeks.

      @Daniel – Technically you’re supposed to transfer only to your partner.

  13. Very helpful to know, and thanks for mentioning it even though some people are already familiar with it.

  14. Many thanks for this detailed explication Daraius. I have had the Chase Freedom for many, many years — have earned a Lot of cash back with it, Yet thanks to you, I’ve seen a potentially even better use for the points. I guess I’m one of the many with this question on how to transfer the UR points earned via CFreedom, and I haven’t been to a wedding in a while either. 😉

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  20. I have Chase Sapphire Preferred card and just got my extra 50k points bonus, My wife was added as a card holder before we went on our Europe trip. Do you know if she can open another Sapphire Preferred account under her name and get another 50k points? My card is going to have the fee due in a few months and was thinking about closing it (will transfer the points ~100+k out of it before I do that 🙂


  21. @Daraius: “There is a way to combine logins if you call customer service, but I haven’t done it as yet.” I’ve done it, called in their service center, how have a single login for both my Chase business and personal cards. It took a few transfers but my initial contact got me to the right person and stayed online until it was done. Great service.

  22. Just made my first UR transfer – from CSP to Ink Bold – and this post was quite helpful. Now to call Chase to see if they will waive the annual CSP fee of $95, which I really doubt will happen. With the points safely stored in the Ink account, I can either downgrade to the Sapphire card or put the credit limit onto my Chase Freedom card.

    I know some folks make fun of the arrows and the step by step explanations, but scanning this post before I went onto the Chase site to do it made it both faster and more straightforward for me. As for newbie questions at FTU, I have never been there. But I’m a relative newbie myself – in it for about a year – and I expect that yes, some folks do ask such questions. I didn’t – but I am glad it got answered!

    Thanks again.

    • @Elaine – Thanks for your kind words. If you’ve been collecting miles and points for years it is easy to be dismissive of other’s questions. Unfortunately, there are entire forums and blogs where folks are encouraged to be hostile to newbies. And many folks forget that they were once newbies.

  23. Do I have to use my Chase Sapphire card for the actual purchase to get the UR points? For example, right sometimes Kohl’ offers a 30% off coupon code online if I use their Kohl’s chargecard, and UR offers 10 points/$ spent at Kohls. If I click through the Ulitmate Rewards link to get to Kohl’s and then use my Kohl’s card for the purchase, will I still get the 10 points/$ in my UR account?

  24. Hi there! Couple of questions about the transfer of points…I will do my best to be as concise as possible…

    Currently my girlfriend has the CSP and Freedom cards and I have the Freedom card. We live together, so the same address is tied to all of the cards…

    I was told that as long as you have the same address as the other party your transferring UR points to, that it’s completely within the rules to make that transfer. Can you confirm that?

    My other question has to do with the 7percent annual dividend associated with the CSP Card. Will my girlfriend earn the 7percent on the points I transfer from my Freedom card to her CSP Card? Same case with the points she transfers from her Freedom Card to the CSP Card….(I have seen mixed reports about earning the 7percent dividend on sign-up bonuses, but am looking for some clarity around Freedom Card UR points that are transferred to CSP Card.)


    • @Mark – The terms suggest that you can make transfers between domestic partners and spouses. You used to be able to get the 7% dividend on points transfers, but I don’t know if that is currently the case.

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  28. I had a quick question. I have both Chase freedom and Chase Sapphire Preferred. I know Chase freedom has the 10% annual bonus point. Do you think it is better to do all my regular purchasing with Freedom and transfer all the points to Sapphire Preferred to use on partner airlines? Because the most I can get out with the Sapphire Preferred will be 2% + 7% (Sapphire Preferred annual bonus) = 9% while the Freedom will be min. 1% + 10% = 11%. What do you think? or am I calculating this wrong. Thank you.

    • @Jin – For regular spending, the Chase Freedom with 10% is better. You’ll earn 1 base point and 0.10 bonus points for a total of 1.1 point per $1 spent with the Freedom. You’ll earn 1 base point and 0.7 bonus points for a total of 1.07 with the Chase Sapphire Preferred. But for travel and dining expenses you’re better off with the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

  29. The site has been changed. Combining points in UR is now in the top menu under “Earn Faster”.

  30. Would we still get the Chase Exclusives Bonus points, with Freedom changing their policy to doing the Bonus 10% at the end of the year instead of monthly?

  31. Hi,

    I have the United Explorers card with the 55k bonus. I do not know how to transfer those points (either using my CSP UR rewards or just to UNITED). I have googled this question and have not had luck finding the answer.

    How do I get those points from my United Explorers Card to UR?

    Thank you.

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  34. This has probably been asked before, but do the bonus 10% from Chase Freedom + Checking account combo still post at the end of the year even if you transfer it over to Sapphire Preferred?

  35. I have chase UR points, now i want to close the account, and transfer those to my wife’s chase UR account, but i dont see the manager points button any more

    what am i missing

  36. how do i transfer ultimate reward points to american? our home airport is FSM…small and would use american over united…

    • @john skelly – You can’t transfer them to American Airlines, but you can transfer them to British Airways. And then book short distance flights on American Airlines with your British Airways miles.

  37. Thanks again for putting this helpful post together Daraius. I even like to think I’m getting the hang of this points adventure, but had forgotten how to combine the points…. and so very helpful to find the details and visuals here. (couldn’t find anything like it via Chase or UR)

    Now to figure out how to buy Amtrak tickets for a relative, with my UR points. Oh, but wait, I seem to recall you did a post on that too, somewhere along the way….

    Any residuals you earn from Chase — much earned, imho

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  39. nerdy question. …I have a Freedom and a Ink Bold account…just got approved for the 60000 pt Ink plus account but the card has not arrived yet. I would like to close my Ink Bold account as the anniv. fee is coming up in a few days. Can I transfer the points I have in that account to my Freedom account and then when my Plus card comes and I have it set up online can I then transfer those points from Freedom into the new Plus account. Didn’t know if once you transfer points to one account if they will let you transfer them out to another account—i.e…-Bold to Freedom to Plus. I don’t want to regret a transfer being stuck in the Freedom account.

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  49. Chase Freedom Card: Can I transfer points from a Sapphire or Ink card into the Freedom card? Wondering if I can use the Freedom card to “house” or bank points from other cards like the Sapphire or Ink should I decide to close them after I obtained the sign up bonus.

  50. Your examples are assuming a single login for both ink bold and saphire preferred. I have separate logins for business and personal accounts. I am ready to cancel the business card and want to transfer the UR points to the Saphire preferred. Can I do this online (not calling customer service); transfer between different UR accounts in different logins? I do not want to combine logins.

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  59. I currently have Chase Freedom, and am happy with 5x category potential, and will likely keep this card long-term. I’m interested in also acquiring the CSP for the sign-up bonus.

    I book hotels only sporadically (typically, I’m staying at a hotel for a conference, and purchase my room out of a pre-allocated block of rooms at a negotiated discount thorough the conference). For family travel, we never fly, and do not normally stay in chain hotels (depends on where we are going and best bang for the buck).

    So, I’m wondering about the following: What happens if we were to transfer our sign-up bonus and any other points earned from CSP to Freedom, and then closed the CSP account before the annual fee came due? Are the transferred points “safe”? Or do they somehow track that, and invalidate the points from the closed account? I guess this question goes the other way also… as long as the account to which the points were transferred is still active, do we get to keep all of the points?

    Thank you!

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  61. Is it possible for me to transfer my ultimate rewards points to United Airlines into my wife’s or child’s account or does it have to go into my own account?



  62. Wow! That’s cool! Right now, I have miles accruing to my account through one credit card and miles accruing to her account through another. But it would be much more practical if all the miles went to one account or the other. If this card allows you to transfer the rewards points to someone else’s account without charge, that’s great!!


  63. Hello, when I go to transfer my chase sapphire card points to my southwest premier card it doesn’t show up as an option. I have to choose “other” but does not recognize my card number. They are both personal and on same log in. Any tips?

  64. Also (continued from previous comment), I found this post after I transferred 45,000 points directly to southwest instead of combining points. 🙁 Is there any way to reverse this mistake (e.g. have them transfer points back onto my sapphire card then combine)?
    I’m super bummed that I assumed the points would just go toward the Southwest companion pass when I transferred the points to Southwest.
    Thanks so much!

  65. I have a Chase Sapphire that they upgraded me from Freedom a few years back and have always redeemed for cash (don’t travel a lot, except once a year to Japan). Was thinking about applying for the Preferred then got the news that you no longer earn extra points booking travel thru UR after 12/31/2015, redeeming for airline tickets based on a fixed amount of points will be discontinued, and no more 7% annual dividend points. Do you think it’s still a good card to pursue?

  66. Thank you for the reply.
    Will need to think a strategy!

  67. I don’t think this question has been asked. I have a lot of points on my Sapphire Preferred card. I am wondering if those points will get a 10% bonus at the end of the year if I transfer them to my Freedom card. I know they should get 7% because they were earned on Sapphire Preferred, but will they get 10% on Freedom as “transfer” points?

  68. Awesome. Helped a lot. Thanks

  69. Is it possible to transfer my Freedom points to my spouse’s CSP account?

  70. I just got the Sapphire preferred because of the sign-on bonus and they still give 20% discount in points for redemption if you book through Ultimate Rewards. We also have Chase Freedom where we can move points. I’m sad we are joining too late for the 7% bonus. However, we are still getting 3pts/$1 until December 2015 for buying travel through UR. After it will be 2x when we buy through the airline directly.

    However, with the 20% redemption, why would you want to buy a second annual fee card such as the United Card and then put the points on that card? I don’t want to be stuck on one airline or pay for 2 cards. I was debating between this card and the AA card. I do like how United and AA give the free bag. That could pay for the fee. But I didn’t want to lock into one card. Can you please explain how it might be worthwhile to get a partner card and transfer the points on the 1:1 basis?

    (I wish Southwest flew better flight times… I live in the Des Moines service area and I go to Hartford, CT… flight times are either 6am or over the middle of the night. Hard to take kids to visit grandparents with those flight times)

    Thank you

  71. I currently have the Chase Ink Business card and would like to cancel it before the annual fee comes up, but I would like to save my Ultimate Rewards points. If I get the Chase Freedom card, will I be able to transfer my points there until I’m ready for the next Chase card such as the Sapphire? Or should I get the Sapphire first and then cancel the Ink?

  72. @Crystal I am anxious to hear the answer to this one too. I’m in the same boat.

  73. @Ryan – I actually asked this question in the Contact section too. You’ll get your answers faster there. Basically, you need to either have the Chase Ink or Sapphire to keep your Ultimate Rewards.

  74. Hello, thank you for this info! I’m wondering if this Chase Freedom points to Sapphire Preferred still valid and available? Thank you!