$10 For Every American Express Card With Small Business Saturday!

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On the Saturday after Thanksgiving (November 30, 2013 this year), American Express encourages folks to shop at Small Businesses and offers a $10 statement credit for using an American Express credit card on a purchase of $10 or more.

Amex Small business Saturday

We took Emily’s Grandma For Some Saturday Shopping!

Emily and I registered all 6 of our American Express cards the last few years and got $300 in free money (6 cards X $25 per card X 2) by using our American Express cards.  We took Emily’s grandma for some holiday shopping in Ohio!

This year the statement credit is $10 instead of $25, but that’s still much better than a statement credit of $0!  Small Business Saturday is a great day to stock up on purchases which you make in any case.

What Are Small Businesses?

Only in-store purchases at registered small businesses and restaurants qualify.   Unlike last year, online purchases from small business don’t qualify.  Last year, some readers got statement credit for online shopping, but your miles may vary (YMMV).

That said, you may be able to call your favorite small business and buy gift cards from them over the phone and small business usually process telephone orders manually.

Purchases made at franchises and large chain stores such as Starbucks, Barnes & Nobles, etc. are ineligible.

The terms also say that small businesses have to sign-up to be part of Small Business Saturday.  Only businesses which appear in the Small Business Saturday map will give you the $10 statement credit.

The terms also say that if the small business uses a third party service (say the Square card reader attached to a mobile phone), you won’t get the $10 statement credit.

I don’t like these extra restrictions, but as I keep saying, whenever an offer or promotion is too generous, banks, airlines, or hotels will find ways to cut back on benefits.

The terms also say that “government agencies, public administration, charities, non-profits, trade associations, shopping property management companies, direct sellers, and political organizations” do not qualify as small businesses.

Register For Small Business Saturday

You have to register your American Express cards before using them at a small business.  The registration page is not yet available, but opens at 12:00 am Mountain Standard Time on November 24, 2013.  Registration is limited!

Amex Small business Saturday

Spend $10 On Your AMEX & Get $10 Back

You can also sign-up for updates on when registration opens at the Small Business Saturday website.

In my experience, you can use the same email address for each credit card you register.

American Express Credit Cards Issued By American Express

You can register your American Express cards AND authorized user cards!

American Express cards have separate credit card numbers for authorized users which allows both the primary card holder and the authorized user to get the $10 credit.

So if you have the American Express Starwood card and your partner is an authorized user, BOTH of you will get the $10 statement credit for using your  cards.

Be careful adding multiple authorized users to all your American Express cards,  so you don’t trigger a financial review.  Some folks who added many authorized users to their cards triggered a financial review of their account.

As authorized users on your card, your partner or children can still get the signup bonus if they apply for their own card.

You can add authorized users by calling the number on the back of your card or by logging on to your American Express account online.  There is usually no impact to your credit score by adding an authorized user.

American Express cards include Membership Rewards point earning cards, the Starwood & Hilton hotel cards, and Delta cards.

American Express Cards Issued By Other Banks Such As Citi Or Bank Of America

You can also register American Express cards issued by other banks, such as the Citi AAdvantage American Express, Virgin Atlantic American Express, Penfed, Barclays, USAA etc.

Authorized users cards issued by these banks will NOT get a separate $10 credit because authorized user cards usually have the same credit card number as the primary card holder.

American Express Gift Cards, Bluebird & Corporate Cards

You won’t earn a statement credit on American Express gift cards, American Express Bluebird, or American Express corporate cards.

How To Maximize The $10 Statement Credits:

  • Buy $10 gift cards using separate American Express cards
  • Go to lunch or dinner and ask the server to split the check 5 ways (each above $10).  Tip extra!
  • Buy something and use multiple cards in increments of $10 to pay the bill

Bottom Line

You can earn a $10 statement credit for every American Express card you use at small businesses on Small Business Saturday when you make a purchase of $10 or more!


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33 responses to “$10 For Every American Express Card With Small Business Saturday!

  1. At the top of the article you say that the $10 comes after spending $25 but at the bottom you say it is after spending $10. Not sure if you made a mistake or if I am missing something. Thanks!

  2. I agree with Rodney. There is a discrepancy in the article.

    That said, I’ll also have to comment that these changes have taken what was a terrific promotion and made it into a ho-hum offer. Basically a 40% maximum discount, limited to a saving of $10 per card. While that’s indeed better than nothing, there are certainly tons of promotions out there in retail that time of the year, some of which may be much better, and I wonder just how much I’ll be chasing this particular one. Register cards, scout which places to go, time and gas to get there, all for a saving of $10 off a purchase of $25 or higher? Maybe not.

    In past years it was fun to drive around my part of the city trying out new stores and restaurants to pick up the $25 credit for each card. Now I think I’ll only participate for things I would certainly do anyway, rather than sampling new merchants.

    Also, in my keep/drop decisions regarding AMEX cards, I had been calculating the purchases subject to the $25 Small Business Saturday promotion as an effective cancellation of part of the annual fee. That’s now out of the equation.

    I can understand why they made changes; the previous terms were really good for us, and evidently not cost effective for AMEX. Too bad.

  3. Add me to the list of people who are grumbling and asking myself is it worth it.

  4. OMG, what a bunch of whiners! Free $ is free $!
    The last two years, I went to our local nursery and bought several gift cards which I redeemed in the spring. Worked like a charm–I’m in!

  5. I will be in Dublin that weekend (surprise birthday trip for the BF thanks to MR>Avios in the last bonus transfer!). I assume this only works with small businesses in the US?

  6. I’m seeing “$10 statement credit for using an American Express credit card on a purchase of more than $10”.

    Not sure where people are getting $10 off $25 unless the post was changed.

  7. Article says on a purchase of “more than $10” – should say “$10 or more” – your purchase can be exactly $10.

  8. Last year husband and I did so well we’ve been talking about small business day all year.

    Now, count me among those who probably won’t bother. We were going to cut short a Thanksgiving trip to be back in town for it, but won’t now.

    What really bothers me is that the small business must be registered with them to be used. Now how are we going to know that? We’ll be standing at the counter, holding up the line, while a clerk with a totally blank look on his/her face will have to “call the manager” to find out of their registered for this offer. The manager won’t know, either. And this will be repeated at every shop.

    Count us out.

  9. @Anne – In previous years they had a directory of merchants that participated in SBS. I’m hoping it will be the same again this year. This way you can plan in advance to only visit merchants who are listed.

    I’m also disappointed in the reduction, I have 6 Amex cards and will be losing $90 with this change in promotion. Booo!!

  10. On a totally different note: I’m still new to this CC sign up bonus deal. How long are you supposed to keep the cards after you sign up and get the bonus? Somewhere I read that you can reapply for the same card one year or 18 months later. Is it one year or 18 months later after your cancellation of the card or after the day you applied and got approved for the card?

  11. @ Cindy — I believe it’s one year after cancellation.

  12. Wade,

    Thanks for the info, but I seem to remember that last year our local directory of participating businesses fell far short of those eligible. We also managed to squeeze out 6 AE cards for a total of $150 and IIRC not one of them was actually on the published list. We took our chances and did well, but I’m wondering of AE is “cracking down” on SB this year and insist they pre register.

  13. Catherine Edwards

    The drop from 25 to 10 is disappointing. For me that’s a 75 to 30 dollar drop. Which definitely puts it in the area of “participation if convenient.
    But if it works for you go for it.

  14. Awww, what a cute picture of Emily and her grandma!

  15. I assume that Amex reimburses the merchant for every $ 10 credit ?

    • @Lisa – It is only for small businesses in the US. Have a great trip!

      @Ken – There was a typo which is fixed.

      @Brian – Thanks!

      @Anne – There will be a map of participating small businesses which should indicate which businesses qualify and which don’t.

      @Karen – I believe they do otherwise it would be hard to get so many small businesses to sign up!

  16. Not worth it to me though i can sign up more than 15 cards among my family, ill pass, not worth the time.

  17. Wish I could fly…

  18. Is it important to sign up as soon as it opens up? will waiting until morning be a problem?

  19. I used it last year for my beloved 1967 GTO which looks brand new, at a local carwash and got “the Works” .complete 3 man hand wax/tire shine/vacuum/clean all windows in and out plus the super car wash for 90.00 including tax. I used 2 amex cards(split the price–45.00 each) and 2 amex bills total of 40.00 for all that. This year the car wash has a groupon with Shopdiscover–30.00 for up to 2 supers. And 15% off thru Shop discover. Screw Amex.

  20. The minute I wrote that ( my comment above ) I realized I was not thinking !
    Thx for being so cordial with your reply to my comment … for even responding !
    You are great … keep up the wonderful job you do here !

  21. Last year signed up the PenFed Amex. Never received the $25 bonus. How can I get them to pay up for last year’s bonus they never gave me? When I call PenFed, they say to call Amex to resolve it. When I call Amex, they say I must call PenFed to resolve this. So I am stuck in an endless loop.

  22. What is the maximum # of credit cards one can have? I have like 10 cards so far including the Fidelity (2% cashback on everything) Amex. Tend to use the Fidelity everywhere except when I have to meet spending requirements of a new credit card. How is your credit score affected in future if you keep opening and closing credit cards? In the long term does it affect your credit so it becomes a problem when you need to take a real loan (auto or home)?

  23. Can I register my business card and get credit?

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  25. Thanks for all the great advice, my first post to your blog and had to thank you! FYI for everyone, there is now a searchable map to find which merchants are close to you. http://shopsmallnow.americanexpress.com/
    I searched from my complete home address and it turned up a lot of places we use including local restaurants (non-franchise for the most part) we like to dine at, where we get our oil changed, our dry cleaner, our local liquor store, and our veterinarian. With my wife and daughters (college age) all being authorized users for my Delta Amex, we will paying many places a visit on Saturday!

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