Get 5,000 Extra Points For Referring the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Freedom!

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Over a year ago, I asked the folks at Chase why they don’t give extra points to existing cardholders for referring their friends and family.  At that time, American Express had a similar program (now discontinued), so I was curious why Chase did not.

As a marketer, I know that the best marketing is from a businesses’ existing satisfied customers who are the most likely to say good things about the business and promote you to others.  Word-of-mouth marketing from happy customers is also cheaper than most other ways of getting new customers.

You Can Get Up to 50,000 Ultimate Rewards Points For Referring Your Friends and Family

Get Up to 50,000 Ultimate Rewards Points For Referring Your Friends and Family

So I’ve been puzzled why more banks don’t do this.  If you’re reading Million Mile Secrets, you LOVE credit cards and can’t stop talking about them to your friends and family!  Banks should line up to hire you to promote their cards!

One of the most popular questions from enterprising readers is how can they get their own affiliate links!

Refer a Friend Bonus

Well, Chase now has a referral program and you can get 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points (worth at least $50 if you redeem for cash back) for referring your friends for the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase Freedom card.

Depending on how you value Ultimate Rewards points, the 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points referral is actually quite similar to the commission I’m paid for certain Chase cards.


Send Referrals Via Email, Twitter or Facebook

The referral program is for the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Freedom and the Chase Sapphire (non-preferred) version, but not currently for co-branded cards such as the British Airways card etc.  I wasn’t able to load the referral page for the Chase Freedom, but was able to load the referral page for the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

The terms say that you can get up to 10 referrals of 5,000 Ultimate Rewards points for a total of 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points.  You have to make a referral by January 31, 2014.

You get the points as long as the person who you refer uses the card before May 31, 2014.

I sent some test emails, but none of them were sent!

But it was easier to get a custom referral link from Facebook or Twitter and send it to others.

It is Easier to Get a Referral Link Via Twitter or Facebook

It is Easier to Get a Referral Link Via Twitter or Facebook

Bottom Line

You can now get 5,000 extra Ultimate Rewards points for referring your friends and family for the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Freedom card.  Emily and I are always grateful when you use our links, but if you already have a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Freedom, you’re better off referring others with your own referral link!

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28 responses to “Get 5,000 Extra Points For Referring the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Freedom!

  1. What is the targeted offer for Chase Freedom (so that it would be worth it to sign up via referral rather than wait for a targeted offer)?

  2. This isn’t really worded right is it. You don’t get the points by referring them, you get the points by them signing up after using your referral.

  3. And one has to wonder how many of your referrals will remain friends if you send them spam.

  4. I sent three emails but none were received.

    I’m not on Facebook and my friends are not on Twitter so I am not sure of what to do next.

  5. If you read their FAQ it says it takes up to a week for people to receive email. Also it says you can get 50,000 UR points per calendar year so it should be possible to get another 50,000 in January.

  6. I am excited about this opportunity but still confused. Maybe you can help. Two things…if you share on Facebook do you get the points? Do you have to refer them all at once?

  7. @Haldami Not through this promotion. The most you can receive through this promotion is 50K, but there is incentive to get them to sign up this year to max out your limit because they may run a similar one next year and that is the limit it refers to – 50K from such a promo in a calendar year.

  8. You can also refer friends to the Chase Sapphire (basic) card. The small print says it can take 6-8 weeks from when your referred personal is approved and uses the card. 50,000 UR points for the entire promotion for each calendar year.

  9. But the question is do your friends or family still get the bonuses associated with the cards? For example I want to refer my father to open the Chase Sapphire preferred card and he’s preapproved for 40,000 bonus points after $3000 in purchases. When I put in my info from my freedom card it seems as though I can only refer him for a freedom card and it says I will get $50 and he will get $100 after $500 in purchases, which seems less then what she would get if you just open the card on his own and total and my misunderstanding something?

  10. @charlie where does it say it’s limited to 50k?

  11. I spoke to Chase after trying to refer my girlfriend. The e-mails weren’t arriving, but the Chase rep said the promo was so new she didn’t know. She suggested using Facebook, which we did- and now she has the card!

    She received the e-mail about a week later, like someone said above. But using Facebook is instant, but it just goes as a status update.

  12. @Haldami – In the terms at the bottom of the offer “Maximum bonus point accumulation for this offer is 50,000 bonus points. We may provide you with future opportunities to earn bonus points by referring your friends to Chase Sapphire Preferred. You may earn bonus points up to the stated maximum for each offer, however, please note that if you take advantage of multiple opportunities within one calendar year that the maximum number of bonus points that can be awarded from all referral offers is 50,000 per calendar year. ”
    @Michael – put the information in for your Sapphire Preferred to see the bonus, which is the same as the public offer (40K after $3k spend)

  13. I’ve been trying sporadically throughout the day and can’t even get the page to load where I can generate referrals.

    • @Chris – The post says “You get the points as long as the person who you refer uses the card before May 31, 2014.”

      @melissaanne – You will get the points if the folks who you refer use your link to apply for the card and use the card before May 31, 2014.

      @Michael – You get the same publicly available bonus. The bonus which you were offered for the Freedom is the same as the publicly available bonus.

      @Justin – Thanks for the update!

  14. I just had my mom get this card like 2 weeks ago. How annoying!

  15. Just noticed all the 40k vs 3k spent, in branches you only have to spend 2k by the way.

  16. Can anyone confirm that Facebook referral link is just as legit as the e-mail referral link? I did a test, email came like 3 days late and the URL was slightly different than the Facebook link – same MSC code but different Cell code.

  17. Lauren – send Chase a Secure Email through the site and let them know it was you who referred your mom JUST before the promotion. They may give you credit anyway and it won’t hurt to try.

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  19. I was trying to refer a friend, but like Tara couldn’t successfully log in with my info. When I called customer service, they mentioned it was targeted. I would not be able to claim the referral bonus unless I was emailed about it. Is there a general link on chase sapphire’s facebook page perhaps?

  20. Yeah, I got a run around from customer service as well… he indicated that my referral needed to apply for the card, using me as the referrer and then send them the link afterwards. How does this even make sense?

    No luck in my account on the referral link. Some folks are just eligible while others are not.


  21. The Facebook icon isn’t working; it only takes me to the top of the page. The Twitter icon is working, but is anyone else experiencing this?

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  23. I just called about the referral program and it is only offered to specific/targeted Sapphire Preferred customers. Basically, if you didn’t get an e-mail from Chase about the referral program with a link, you’re not eligible to earn referral points. The customer service rep didn’t say if there was a way to be made eligible for this but she did put an escalation notice on my account to try and get the 5,000 bonus points for adding my husband which was a promotion added recently (but JUST after I opened my account).

    I will say, despite not being “eligible” for the referral it’s really nice to not have to sit through automated menus and press different numbers just to be put on hold and have to wait to talk to a human.

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