How To Get 5X Ultimate Rewards Points or 5% Cash Back on ALL Amazon Purchases!

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Link:  How to Fill Out a Chase Business Card Application

Emily and I buy a lot of items from  I started using to buy textbooks over a decade ago, but we now buy almost everything on  It is great to not have to waste time driving to a store, parking, standing in line when we can get the same items delivered to our door!


Buying an Gift Card with the Chase Ink Bold at Office Max for 5 Ultimate Rewards Points or 5% Cash Back per $1! usually has the best price on most of what we buy online and sometimes it is worth the small premium if has a higher price to save time.  Amazon sells millions of items from books, electronics, DVDs, food, shoes etc.

But what if you want to earn points or cash back on purchases?

How to Earn 5X Ultimate Rewards Points or 5% Off ALL Amazon Purchases! doesn’t participate in most online shopping portals, and while it does participate in Ebates, the 3% cash back is limited to only certain departments.

But it is very easy to use your Chase Ink Bold or Chase Ink Plus buy or Kindle gift cards, with NO purchase fees, at either Office Depot, Staples, or Office Max.

If you return an item paid with a gift card, you automatically get a credit to your gift card balance.

The Chase Ink Bold or the Chase Ink Plus earns 5 Ultimate Rewards points per $1 spent at Office Supply stores, which INCLUDES Amazon or Kindle gift cards.

5X Points at Office Supply Stores!

5X Points at Office Supply Stores!

It is very easy to load these gift cards to your account and earn either 5 Ultimate Rewards points or 5% cash back per $1 spent for ALL your purchases.

Ultimate Rewards points from the Ink Bold and Ink Plus can be redeemed for:

  • Cash back at 1 cent per Ultimate Rewards point
  • Travel via the Ultimate Rewards portal at 1.25 cents per point
  • Transferred to Airline and Hotel Partners such as United, Southwest, Hyatt and more

You don’t need to be incorporated to apply for a business credit card and can also apply for a business credit card as a start-up business with little to no revenue.  But don’t lie on the application form!

Where to Buy or Kindle Gift Cards

You can buy OR Kindle gift cards at Office Depot, Staples and Office Max, with NO fees, and easily apply them to your account.

Many folks think that Kindle gift cards can only be used to buy e-books, but you can use them for millions of items on


Office depot sells Amazon Kindle cards and Kindle Fire cards….

Office Depot Sells Gift Cards

Office Depot Sells Gift Cards

…which with look like this.


Kindle Fire and Amazon Kindle Gift Cards Can Also Be Used at

You can buy up to a $500 Kindle Fire card which makes it easier to load than multiple cards of $25 or $50.


Office Max Sells Amazon gift cards…


Office Max Sells Gift Cards

…which look like this.


Emily with an Gift Card at Office Max


You can also buy gift cards at Staples.

Amazon Cash Back

Emily Getting Ready for 5X Ultimate Rewards Points!

How to Load Amazon or Kindle Gift Cards to YOUR Account?

You can electronically add a gift card to your account online in just a few easy steps.


Scratch the code off the back of your or Kindle gift card.


Scratch Off to See the Gift Card Claim Code


Sign-in to your account via this link to load a gift card into your account.


To Your Account


Click on “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account” on the left side of the screen.


Click on “Apply a Gift Card to Your Account”


Enter the code at the back of the gift card into the box marked “Enter a Gift Card Claim Code

You do not have to enter the spaces or dashes between the letters and numbers.


Enter Code From Back of Gift Card


Then click “Apply to Your Account


Click on “Apply to Your Account”


You’re done!  You will a see a message that your gift card has been applied to your account and will be used towards your next order!


Success!  You Can Now Use The Balance on

You can enter as many gift cards as you like and the balance will be updated in your account and used for future purchases.

Types of Ink Cards


You get 5 points per $1 spent or 5% cash back at Office Supply stores (all the time) up to $50,000 in spending per cardmember year on the Chase Ink Bold or Chase Ink Plus.

These cards have a $95 annual fee, but you can transfer points to Ultimate Rewards hotel and airline partners such as Hyatt, United, and Southwest.


The Chase Ink Cash and Chase Ink Classic have NO annual fee, but you get 5X Ultimate Rewards points or 5% cash back at office supply stores only for $25,000 in annual spending per year at Office Supply stores.

You can’t transfer points from the Ink Cash or Classic directly to airline or hote partners.  But you can transfer the Ultimate Rewards points to the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Chase Ink Bold or the Chase Ink Plus card and from there to airline or hotel partners such as Hyatt or United.

Bottom Line

Earning 5 Ultimate Rewards points per $1 or 5% cash back for all purchases is easy with the Chase Ink cards.

However, you may want to use a credit card if you buy expensive electronics etc. from because it could be easier to dispute the transaction if you pay with a credit card instead of an Amazon gift card if you need to later on.  That said, does have very good customer service and often sides with the buyer instead of the seller.

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87 responses to “How To Get 5X Ultimate Rewards Points or 5% Cash Back on ALL Amazon Purchases!

  1. Adding to your bottom line I’d also say that using a credit card might be wise not only from potential dispute point of view, but also because of extended warranty / “price rewind” features (not sure though if it actually covers Amazon purchases) and some other benefits you might be getting from your credit card company.
    For those purchases that you don’t really need any of those benefits (textbooks, other smaller inexpensive items etc.) I’d fully agree with the suggested approach. I usually buy some Amazon gift cards from CVS when Pharmacies are in bonus category on my Discover / Citi Dividend.

    BTW, is there still a chance to get 6% cash back buying those Amazon gift cards in grocery stores using Amex BCP? I never tried as I’ve never seen Amazon cards in my local Shoprite, but in theory this should work as well.

  2. scott daniels

    a nice _basic_ article about a subject that has been well known for years. did you know also that the jpm select cc is no longer available?

  3. Like the previous commenter mentioned, just be careful in that you lose the purchase protections afforded to you by directly purchasing with your credit card: extended warranty, price match, return even if seller does not accept the item back, chargeback, etc. It doesn’t make much of a difference if you’re buying something perishable, like food, but it would if you are buying a durable good, like a $3000 TV.

  4. Yes that’s all well and good but how do turn this into cash?

  5. Hi Darius,

    Not related to this post specifically, but wondering if you were going to respond to some of the questions in the Friday interview thread. You’re usually pretty proactive about responding to comments

  6. Amazing! I never would have thought of buying gift cards at bonus retailers!!!

  7. we’re Amazon Prime members since the beginning and like Emily and you buy frequently from Amazon. Informative article Daraius, thank you.

  8. More pics of Cara please!

  9. This is what this “blog” got reduced to. Emily’s smile doesn’t even look convincing. It is almost like she wants to say “Please don’t do make me do this” but then your inner card pushing mentality probably took over.

    Let’s all celebrate credit card Monday!

    • @Ilya @R – I agree that you should use a credit card for expensive purchases. You do get the 6% cash back if you buy them at grocery stores with the Blue Cash Preferred up to $6,000 a year (that was a future post!)

      @scott daniels – Thanks! I removed the JPM Select card.

      @Rob – I never reply to comments in the interview posts.

      @Wes – Thanks!

  10. I know one can use CC to amazon payment family and friends at up to $1000. Can Amazon GC purchased at office supply stores be done the same be loaded to account and send money to f&f through AP? This way one get the 5x for sending money!

  11. Although this can make sense for a lot of things from Amazon, I find that I but a lot of electronics and accessories from Amazon, where I find that I need my AMEX extended warranty. I’ve had to use it a number of times, only to find out for some items that I bought with a gift card that I’m out of luck.

    This would be great for toilet paper, or music, or movies, etc. but I find that almost everything I personally buy from Amazon should have an extended warranty attached to it.

  12. “@Rob – I never reply to comments in the interview posts.”


    • @Dennis – Of late I usually don’t respond to the comments in the interview posts. I noticed that you have repeatedly posted comments with different user names (including on this post). This is your *only* warning, to use only ONE username. Otherwise your comments will be tagged as spam.

  13. Agreed with others that this is great for small purchases and basically most things other than expensive electronics, however I’d stick with a credit card especially Amex for big ticket purchases. I have about $500 in GCs on my account that I’ve bought to meet min spends but used my Amex Plat for the purchase of a new digital camera to get the extended warranty.

  14. Getting an Amazon Visa might be a good middle ground for some people. No annual fee, small signup bonus, and 3 points for every dollar spent on Amazon. You can redeem to get a $400 flight for 25,000 points, so not a bad redemption. It’s not 5 UR, but would afford at least some of the CC protection, just not the extended warranty of the Amex.

    Most of the stuff I buy doesn’t need the extended warranty, so I’ll probably use this GC method more in the future. I’ve never once had Amazon customer service give me anything but a satisfactory resolution….

  15. I was looking hard to see if I could apply an Amazon gift card to Amazon Payments….you answered it in one of the questions put to you…..NO. Too bad. I have yet to try anything for Amazon Payments and was hoping it would be a go. In any event…..if I have a large purchase, or want to give a gift to my adult children, in the future… Amazon Gift Card purchased at an office supply store is a good option. Thanks.

  16. Being rural in the summer, we buy everything on Amazon. Since Hawaiian no longer gives the 3 miles per $ for purchases, I always start my purchase by going thru Scroll down the home page and there is a link to Amazon. As a non profit that rehabs and finds homes for retired racers, they get 3-10% of the purchase in commissions at no cost to you. Since she operates on a shoestring, this will be a great boost to the hounds!

  17. Don’t forget the Citi Forward Card! You get 5X ThankYou Points at Amazon while not having to go through all the hassle of gift cards. plus you keep all the Credit Card shopping protections.

  18. Can you use the money that is already in your amazon account as a source for amazon payments?
    Have you ever bought amazon gc at office max or lowes using officemax or lowes gc?

  19. Is the credit from an Amazon Kindle giftcard deposited into the same “bucket” as my regular Amazon giftcard balance, or is it separate?

  20. Hi Daraius, time to cover Google Wallet. That’s the next cool thing to be!~

  21. This is great for a lot of items. However, don’t forget the Chase Sapphire Ultimate Rewards Mall. Amazon doesn’t participate, but I recently but a new roller board from Kohls for 10 extra points per dollar and sunglasses from Sunglass Hut for 8x.

    5x is great, but sometimes you can do better!

  22. You can also use your Chase Freedom this quarter at Lowes and get 5x points. I dont know about every Lowes, but the one near me has Amazon gift cards, as well as several other options.

  23. The money loaded on your amazon account is the same pool as the money in amazonpayments account?

  24. How about a post tomorrow on how to tie your shoe laces with Emily holding your shoes? We definitely will need the pictures and arrows please.

    • @Jeremy – That makes sense.

      @Nathan – The Amazon card is also a good option, but it is a Chase card, so that’s one less Chase card with a sign-up bonus. But it could be worth it for very heavy users.

      @jeff4jojo – Unfortunately, you can’t use it with Amazon payments.

      @Judy J – Amazon has a referral program and it doesn’t hurt using someone’s referral link since you can’t get miles via Hawaiian Air any longer.

      @Dctech – Good point, though only the student version is available, but I haven’t heard of issues with folks applying for it.

      @luchex – Unfortunately, you can’t use it as a source for Amazon Payments.

      @Brian – It is deposited in the same bucket as your regular gift card balance.

      @Frugal Guy – I’m working on it!

      @Mark – It doesn’t hurt using a shopping portal to see if you can get more miles and points!

      – That’s a good option as well!

      @luchex – Unfortunately, it isn’t in the same pool.

      @Ganta – You can hurl all the personal insults that you want. But you *will* be added to the spam list if you persist in making comments with different user names. Are we clear? 🙂

  25. @Daraius- I can’t believe all the haters. I hope it’s easy for you to ignore them. I crave comments like any other self-respecting blogger, but this is just plain silly. I guess it’s part and parcel of the whole “success” thing. I, for one, will always appreciate your diligent and comprehensive approach to everything you tackle, and you won’t catch me creating alter-identities to tear you down.

  26. Hi Darius,

    I like some of your posts which have lots of details. But this post does’nt make sense. You could have just given a two line news about getting amazon GC with 5% CB. But putting pictures of amazon gift card and showing how to sign into amazon accounts and add gift cards – really?? Do you think people who read your blog does’nt know how to sign in to their amazon account and load a gift card into their account? This is a new low.
    At least, I hope you will not include this post in your “Best of May 2013” on your June 1st post.

  27. No one is hurling any personal insults at you if you take them as that. We are simply stating a mere observation of how this blog has degraded in the past few months.

  28. Also – this quarter you can get 5% with Freedom card for buying Amazon cards at Lowe’s. This might be helpful for people who don’t have the Chase business cards.

  29. I just could not resist pointing out the irony (is it irony?) in the 3rd sentence of this post: “It is great to not have to waste time driving to a store, parking, standing in line when we can get the same items delivered to our door!” And, how, pray tell, do you purchase the Amazon gift cards if you don’t do this?


  30. 1. 5% back seems to have this magical aura around it but when you do the math it’s a pretty minimal benefit. You can easily find cards which give 2% back on everything, so you are essentially getting an extra 3%. If you spend $2,000/year on amazon this equates to an extra $60… barely $1/week extra.

    2. Regardless, you can easily get 9% or more back at amazon… just buy their gift cards on ebay (you can easily find them for 5% under cost), and you get 2% ebay bucks back, and get another 2% back by using the right credit card

    3. Ironic that you say you shop on amazon so you don’t have to leave the house, yet you’ll drive to Office Depot to get the gift cards!

  31. Hey ganta
    Mind your own business.
    If you don’t like go somewhere else. It’s very easy to be passively criticizing other people’s work. If you think it’s not good enough, make your own blog and show if you can do better.
    I love you too

  32. Hi quick question on a related issue.

    If I use the UR portal for $1,000 Purchases on a store with “4” extra points.

    I get then 5,000 points 1 regular & 4 extra.

    If I ultimately return $500 worth of merchandise do they tke back 500 points or 2,500?


  33. Question about Kindle Fire gift cards… I’ve never grabbed these, as I assumed they were somehow tied to kindle purchases. But you’re implying that they go into one’s “regular” Amazon account. Can you confirm that you’ve done this, please?

  34. Gary Steiger - FreeFrequentFlyerMiles

    After you buy the gift cards and load the money into your Amazon account, you can then support various good causes by shopping through their links to Amazon. I am building a list of these for my website (click on my name above) in the Buying Stuff > Shop On Line > Cash Back Portals > Amazon section. I seek contributions to this list. So far I have the following. (Sorry, I haven’t figured out how to conveniently post the links here, and anyway, there are way too many of them.)

    Cash back to Tamalpais High School from I retired as a math teacher from Tamalpais High school more years ago than I care to admit. Apparently the school has a rather amazing deal wherein it receives 10% of the amount you purchase (all purchases and not just the books!). As a former math teacher, I do hope there is not a decimal point error there. But if you have no better way to shop at Amazon, this method is well worth doing. Tam High is a very good school.
    I hope this is only one of many educational opportunities for support of schools by Amazon. Please check the website of your school and school district, and tell me of any similar offers you find. Please include a link to the offer, so I can list it here. Thanks.

    Sierra Club. Cash back to Sierra Club from Various chapters of the Sierra Club have can earn a bit of money if you shop through their links, at no extra cost to you:

    San Francisco Bay Chaper Sierra Club
    New Hampshire Sierra Club
    Forth Worth Sierra Club
    Dallas Sierra Club
    Please send me info and direct links to from other Sierra Club chapters. Thanks.

    And yes, I added the Greyhound link mentioned above. Thanks.

  35. Gary Steiger - FreeFrequentFlyerMiles

    Sorry, I thought my name would be clickable. My website is at

  36. General comment- I read your posts every day. You provide excellent information. Keep up the good work

  37. Emily looks good! And yes you can use the Chase Freedom at Lowes this quarter for lots of gift cards. Get the same 5% or 5X

  38. carol cavazos

    4th quarter the freedom card is 5x amazos isn’t it? Plan to reload amazon then. Great post. Thank you.

  39. oldmanpeabody

    Helpful post! I know it’s sometimes tough but pleasedo ignore the haters complaining about anything they can think of – Ganta et al, if you don’t like it then just don’t read the blog (wasn’t that easy?). Daraius, my wife and I love your and Emily’s posts and appreciate all the insight you guys offer and we make sure to apply for our app-o-rama’s using your links as a thank you. Please keep up the good work and don’t waste time worrying about these threadcrapping buffoons…

  40. “@Rob – I never reply to comments in the interview posts.”

    Fair enough. What if I ask the questions in this post?

  41. I’m not much for the haters–why take the time to post just to attack someone for doing what you are too lazy to do. But, in this instance, I agree that this deal has been out there for years, and been posted about ad nauseum.

    The issue, as I see it, is that this is hardly information worth an entire post. For example, FM–the greatest blog currently in existence–has mentioned this information as part of a more extensive survey of how to get 5x everywhere. Other bloggers have made similar observations. Places where you can earn bonus miles sell hundreds of gift cards, it’s funny that you are writing an entire post about this one instance (especially since it isn’t news).

    In sum, it’s not just that you are trying to score a few Ink referral bonuses–which you are–it’s that you won’t even give us a comprehensive article about what the Ink can get you. You also won’t give us a comprehensive review on the best way to buy Amazon gift cards because, by your own admission, you want to write ANOTHER post on the Amex BCP. That’s just ridiculous. I, for one, have been visiting this blog less and less. I once clicked on your link, and believe that you deserve every cent of that referral bonus. I’m not a hater. But I thought you might be interested to know that your articles have gotten less informative since then and, until they get better, I will visit less often.

  42. Thanks Daraius,

    for the post. I purchase lots of amazon product. Now I can earn 5x points.

  43. I haven’t been reading this blog for very long, maybe 5 months, so I’m no expert, but I can agree that there has been a bit of a decline in quality in the last month. That said, I think that the decline can be largely attributed to the lack of news out there to report. I mean, look at boardingarea, look at thepointsguy, look all around…it’s a slow news month. Yeah, the interview series has probably run its course, but this article seems fine to me. If the content was obvious from the headline, don’t click to read the rest. For me, it’s a small reminder on how to maximize points on an everyday purchase, and I appreciate it for that.

    This is a miles and points blog, clearly targeted towards those new to the game. If you want the cutting edge, you’d be better off in the depths of the flyertalk forum or the frequent miler lab. I do believe that much of the criticism stems from an earnest desire to see better content, not a place of hate, but if you think this stuff is too basic for you, maybe you’re right. Just move along instead of causing a scene.

  44. Bob, I agree, for the most part. And I am certainly not asking for the level of depth and complexity provided by Frequent Miler. But I do think that even the intro blogs have covered this in a more in-depth, informative manner. The Points Guy (who was already piggybacking off of FM) is the best example. I am not asking for much, I am just asking for some new angle or better way of framing the information.

  45. The first rule of credit card blogging is do no harm to “mother-in-law.” So long as this is the case, you can continue to sleep well at night. I agree with others that much of your blog is passé, but at least you demonstrate integrity. Thank you for that.

  46. I definitely agree with you Bob. I appreciate the content of this blog. If folks don’t want to read, they need to move on. I really appreciate all the articles and I learn alot. If I find anything that is a repeat, I skip over it but I don’t post ugly comments. I have earned tons of miles and points thanks to Darius! Thanks for all pointers, Darius. I could probably earn more miles from Amazon but sometimes I am a little lazy and I just order without through all of these steps. I hate it when I miss a points. 😉

  47. Quick question – you say you could 5x points or 5% cash back for Chase Ink and Chase Bold but it is valid for Chase Sapphire as well??

  48. Hi, Daraius! Just a datapoint:
    I made purchases 2weeks ago at Amazon while logged in to my Hawaiian FF account – and I EARNED miles for my purchases (sports/ recreation category).
    I believe you DO still earn Hawaiian miles on purchases in qualifying categories.
    Perhaps some of the blog content may be a “review” of what has been covered before… but hey, my memory is not perfect ( so many mile-earning methods to remember and then new ones to learn!) and so I appreciate these articles to jiggle my memory… so thank you for covering it and reminding some of us.

    • @Ganta – I was referring to your previous posts under different usernames.

      @Mark @jason
      – That’s true, but it isn’t available all around the year.

      @bluecat @Cogswell – Because I can buy $500 and $1,000 gift cards in ONE quick transaction (not much lines at my Office Depot) and then order stuff online for 2 to 3 months with the credit.

      @luchex @scott @oldmanpeabody @leslie @Bob @Steven @Kathy – – Thanks!

      @ih – You will get 5X points only if you buy via an office supply store using the Ink cards. The amounts of points taken back will vary.

      @Rob – I’ve personally tested that all 3 types of cards – Amazon Kindle,, and Kindle Fire all go into your gift card balance.

      @Gary Steiger -Thanks for the list.

      @carol cavazos – That’s correct, so you can get 5X for purchases directly.

      @El Turk @Steven @Bob – I appreciate your feedback. This wasn’t intended to be a comprehensive post on gift cards. Traffic and email was higher than usual which tells me that folks liked the content (just like most like the interviews). I understand that it may not appeal to you, though.

      @Alanna – The Chase Sapphire Preferred earns only 1 point at Office Supply stores, but the Chase Ink cards earn 5X points at Office Supply stores.

      @Airgypsy – Thanks! I believe you earn miles for purchases through Hawaiian Air, but it is only on selected categories (right now it is beauty, watches and jewelery), but it is worth seeing if you are actually restricted to those categories or not.

  49. @Darius – perfect. I took a pass through Office Depot, Office Max, and Staples and it turns out they don’t have (here) the Kindle ones. $100 generic Amazon cards, but not the big Kindle ones. I also found $200 home depot cards, which will come in handy. Especially if double dipping by using the UR mall and gift cards works 🙂

  50. Good info.
    I have 1 combination: buy amazon GC at Winn Dixie with a Citi Preferred card. WD gives you 10 cents off per gallon per $50 (until 6/13) and Citi gives you 5% back. At the end is 9% cash back

    • @rob – You’re welcome. Interestingly, some of those stores had the Kindle Fire cards by the Itunes cards or on the side display. I’ve also seen them at grocery stores if you have the Premier Rewards Gold or Blue Cash Preferred.

      @Jorge – That’s a nice strategy as well.

  51. Arlington Traveler

    I used to be an Amazon devotee until I got a free Shoprunner membership last Thanksgiving. Shoprunner is a company which offers free 2 day shipping from a variety of retailers. This allows the retailers to compete with Amazon which offers Amazon two day shipping. So here’s the thing, and (under the same ownership) which participate in Shoprunner seem to match Amazon’s prices but here’s the thing they offer cash back/points. You can get up to 10% cash back, but I usually go through the Ultimate Rewards mall and get 5 UR points per dollar . The same goes for Petsmart which is also a Shoprunner merchant. Everything BUT food seems to qualify and their prices are competitive with Amazon BUT you can earn up to 10% cash back, 4 UR per dollar , or 6 Amtrak Guest Rewards points per dollar. The best part is I order stuff I would buy anyway like cat litter from petsmart or mouthwash from and I pay nothing fro shopping as long as it qualified for Shoprunner 2 day shipping. Like I mentioned some heavy stuff (e.g. cat food) won’t qualify and stuff that can’t be transported by air (more common on but it’s great.

  52. Hi – sorry for the semi-tangent but looking for a quick piece of advice. I met my Ink Plus $5k spend a few days before my 2nd statement closed (I did the spend within 2 months instead of 3 as I need the 50k bonus points for a United award soon). However, the 50k has not posted; it is not a week since the statement closed. Do bonus points normally not post until the 3 months are up even if you met the spend early? Should I call Chase and “nudge”? I did buy a boatload of PIN-friendly gift cards (some, but not all, at office supply stores) and don’t necessarily want to call attention to that, but would Chase even know/care what I bought?

  53. I meant “now a week” not “not a week.” Should really proofread.

    • @Arlington Traveler – Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

      @CSF – You likely completed the minimum spending within 10 days of the statement close date, so the points should post in the next statement cycle.

  54. @CSF – I just went thru the same thing with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card (applied using the referred link here!). Like you, I didn’t see the bonus points after the billing cycle closed after I met the $3k spending, and I emailed them. They told me it will show up on my payment DUE date which it did!

  55. Thought your readers should know that the Staples stores in my area will not sell gift cards, including Amazon or Kindle cards unless you pay in cash or debit card, which defeats the 5X Ultimate rewards with the Ink cards. However, I drove to a Office Depot store and there was no problem. Don’t know if this is strictly up to each Staples store manager or whether Staples is starting to clamp down on credit card purchases when it comes to gift cards.

  56. Thanks for the great tips as alwasys. Also, just a plug for the environment: I hope y’all recycle all that packaging from!

  57. wow, what’s with all the negatives here? I love this blog,and I had NOT known about this option,not all of us are die-hard card churners who know all the details of everything like some people here claim to be….Anyway Darius thanks for the reminder to do this, what worked for me was my freedom card at Lowes for 5x the points- since I always buy from Amazon this is GREAT! (And I really love those UR and want more!) Just wondering How MUCH to buy,I know I’ll use them over the next year….

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  59. @JM-
    I suspect people must be concerned by the large number of electrons being terribly inconvenienced by Darius’s posts. Can’t think of any reason why they would disturb even more electrons complaining about those posts.

  60. Hi All,

    Quick question. Do I have to pay taxes for the face value of the Amazon gift card? I know there ins’t a service fee. Today I got a $25 amazon gift card from a gas station (my first time) and I had to pay taxes for it? I would appreciate any input….thx

  61. After I originally left a comment I appear to have clicked the
    -Notify me when new comments are added- checkbox and from now on every time a comment is added I get 4 emails with the same comment.

    Perhaps there is a means you can remove me from that service?
    Thanks a lot!

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  63. Can you get the 5x buying Amazon gift cards from Office Max online with Ink Plus?

  64. I’ve been browsing online more than 4 hours today, yet I never found any interesting article like yours. It’s pretty worth enough for me.

    Personally, if all web owners and bloggers made good content as you did, the internet will be a lot more useful than
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  65. Darius
    Can you manage to get %5 on either all ebay or all paypal purchases?

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