News You Can Use – Barclaycard NFL $400 Cash Back & 20,000 Points Virgin America, Citi American Airlines 50,000 Miles + $150 Statement Credit, 70,000 Point Marriott, & Accor Platinum Status

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Update:   One or more card offers in this post are no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. 

1.   $400 Cash Back Barclaycard NFL Card.   Thanks to Million Mile Secrets reader dhammer53 for tweeting me a link to Fat Wallet which discusses a $400 Cash Back Barclaycard NFL card after spending $2,500 within 3 months.

A Fat Wallet member also posted links to get the $400 statement credit after spending $1,000 within 3 months, but it is unclear if Barclaycard (unlike the other banks) will honor an expired offer/link.  I didn’t see any mention of an offer expiry date in the links for spending $1,000 within 3 months.

We do know that Barclaycard currently honors the US Air card targeted to Chairman’s Preferred members even if you’re not a Chairman’s Preferred member.

The card doesn’t have an annual fee and you can redeem 40,000 points for $400 in statement credits.  However, only  transactions above $25 qualify for statement credits.

Barclaycard usually uses the TransUnion credit bureau, so is often a good choice for folks who have lots of credit inquires with Experian and Equifax because of many credit card applications from Chase, American Express, and Bank of America.

You earn 2X points for NFL purchases, but 1 points for everything else, so this isn’t as good as other cash back cards which offer 2% to 3%, but the $400 sign-up bonus could be useful for unrestricted airfare, hotels, car rentals etc.

If you do apply for a Barclaycard, you *may* be able to get approved for a 2nd & 3rd Barclaycard (different card such as Virgin America, Frontier, etc.).  See this post by Rapid Travel Chai for more information.

2.   Barclaycard Virgin America 20,000 Points.   Million Mile Secrets reader Pat (thanks!) emailed me with a link to a Barclaycard Virgin America link for 20,000 points after your 1st purchase.  This is better than my affiliate link for 10,000 points, so I updated the link in the Airline Credit Card tab to the better offer.

However, the $49 annual fee is not waived for the 1st year and the offer ends on Monday, February 4, 2013.

3.   Citi American Airlines 50,000 Points + $150 Statement Credit.   A few days ago, Flyer Talk member pianistat found working links to a better American Airlines Visa and AMEX offer for 50,000 miles AND a $150 statement credit after any eligible American Airlines purchase AND 2 lounge passes.  I updated the link in the Airline Credit Card tab to the better offer.

This is better than the previous offer which also earned 50,000 bonus miles (and much better than my affiliate link for only 30,000 miles), but didn’t have the $150 statement credit.  Usually any purchases directly from American Airlines (such as a drink or baggage fee or buying a gift card from American Airlines) will trigger the statement credit.

I updated the links on the blog to go to this better offer.  Note that the landing page has expired, but the offer has worked and continues to work and is perhaps the best sign-up bonus available today!

If you do apply for 1 Visa and 1 AMEX at the same time, don’t call to get approved since calling in seems to trigger denials.  Some readers are still getting approved for both at the same time, and I’m trying to find out the secret!

Please email me (or comment) if you recently applied for 2 Citi cards and were denied for the second one.

4.   70,000 Point Marriott.   Million Mile Secrets reader (Wes!) forwarded an email from Marriott with a link to a 70,000 point Marriott Premier offer after spending $1,000 within 3 months. This is better than the regular offer for 50,000 points or the offer for 50,000 points and a $75 statement credit, which I wrote about previously.

Note that the link doesn’t have the 70,000 points mentioned in the application page, but should almost certainly work (like previous offers).

Marriott 70,000-001

That said, this isn’t my link, so your miles may vary.  The offer ends on February 28, 2013.  As always, I updated the Hotel Credit Card tab with the link.

5.   Instant Accor Platinum Status.  View from the Wing posts about an offer for instant Accor Hotel Platinum status.  Accor platinum status isn’t great, but as Gary points out you can ask Best Western and Club Carlson to match your status.

In my experience 1 year ago, both Best Western and Club Carlson didn’t ask to see proof of actually staying in the hotel – they just wanted proof of my existing elite status.  But readers have been emailing that Hyatt sometimes asks for proof of staying in the hotel, but your miles may vary.

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61 responses to “News You Can Use – Barclaycard NFL $400 Cash Back & 20,000 Points Virgin America, Citi American Airlines 50,000 Miles + $150 Statement Credit, 70,000 Point Marriott, & Accor Platinum Status

  1. I got the free elite statuses on the FT threads for both Accor and Global Hotel Alliance. We stay at both Carlson and Best Western hotels. Replies were: Carlson will match mid tier (which is what the free elite status is)to silver elite with proof- will try to negotiate gold elite but not holding my breath, may work though since the new concierge tier is the only one you have to have a body in the bed for.

    Best Western will do a direct match but now requires proof as well.

    Carlson will accept Accor- but not GHA, Best Western it looks like they will accept any program.

  2. Landing page for AA offer is not expired. Just clicked it and it works!

  3. I looked through the Marriott offer page but couldn’t find the offer code. Does anyone know what it is? I applied for the card three weeks ago and would like to ask them to match it. Sending them the link alone probably won’t work as there is no mention of the offer details.

  4. I couldn’t find the code but here is the link to the offer details from the email.

  5. Thanks. Used one of the fat wallet NFL links for the 1,000 spend offer and was instantly approved.

    I was denied for the same card about 6 months ago, and failed with the recon dept back then.

  6. I applied 1/16 for two Citi HHonors Visas using the two-browser trick. I was immediately accepted for one and denied the second. Called and was told I could not have two cards. First time this hasn’t worked for me.

  7. I received a mail from AA saying that if I buy 60000 miles, I get an additional 30000 free. Is that a good offer? It costs about $1650 + transaction fees to buy those many. Thanks.

  8. Darius,

    I’ve always appreciated the fact that you list cc offers that don’t provide you any dollars.

  9. I already have a Marriott visa signature – ordinary — can i apply for the premier and get the 70k bonus? I’ve had the ordinary one for 19 months.

  10. D-
    I was approved for both AA visa and Amex last month without the $150 statement credit. will Citi match the better offer through a SM?

  11. We received the Marriott offer via email. If we use the code, will they still do a hard pull?

  12. I applied for a Citi Hilton HHonors card on 2/1, and got instantly approved with a larger-than-expected credit limit. I didn’t plan on the two browser trick working, based on recent discussion on FT and elsewhere, so I was originally just going to be satisfied with one application. But after thinking about it, since I was instantly approved for the first one, and since the second application would get merged into one query, I figured I’d try out a second one just for kicks 🙂 As expected, I didn’t get approved for the second application. I won’t call in per other suggestions, and we’ll just see if it works out for me or not.

  13. I can tell you from my experience having successfully double dipped AA and not successfully HH that I think the issue is whether you have reached the limit on how much credit Citi will extend. When I applied for HH, to get it approved I had to call to move credit around which brought the second card to their attention.

  14. Thanks for the info! My dad actually just applied for the two AAdvantage Amex cards with the two-browser trick last week. Would have been nice if he had waited until now to get an extra $300… though perhaps they are cracking down on two browser trick.

  15. does any off know how long the offer for NFL CC will last?

    • @Greg – Thanks for the update. It is very helpful.

      @Roman – The expiration on the landing page has expired, but it should still work.

      @Rachel @Keith C – I’ll email you.

      @dhammer53 – Thanks for the tweet, and it doesn’t work for me if it doesn’t also work for readers.

      – They do appear to be different products, so you should be able to get it. But a few readers have been told they wouldn’t get the bonus, so ymmv.

      @mulbry – Unlikely, but doesn’t hurt to ask.

      – Almost certainly.

      @Happy Feet – Unfortunately, I don’t know when it will end.

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  17. For Citi, would I qualify for the bonus again say if I closed the card 11-17 months ago?

  18. I was helping my mother last Sunday (1/27) apply for a round of 7 cards. Two browser trick did not work. Amex approved instantly but Visa got “pending review” status. She called and was told that she couldn’t have more than one AA card. Used IE for one, FireFox for the other. Called within an hour of the pending on the Visa.

  19. If you signup for the Barclays NFL card, keep this info handy. After you meet the minimum spend requirement for the bonus points, put the card in the sock drawer with no additional spend. Usually within two months you will receive an offer for 20,000 bonus pts after spending 500 for three consecutive months. $600 total for one signup, not too shabby!

  20. Ditto on cmoz question.
    I closed a Citi Amex 18+ months ago, and I closed a Citi Visa last year. Is there a specific time period to wait between closing an app and reapplying?

    • @cmoz @alohastephen – The usual waiting period before Citi personal AA apps is 18+ months from when you were last approved (not from when you cancelled the card), but ymmv as always.

      @MYRflyer – Thanks! Looks like they do that with most Barclays cards.

  21. MYRFLYER – thanks will do.

  22. Just tried the 2 browser trick for 2 Citi personal AA cards. AMEX instantly approved (hit submit first); Visa “further processing requried” (hit submit ~10 seconds after the AMEX in a separate browser). Had the same experience last time with the 2 browser trick, but was able to call and talk them into it. Scared to call based on Darius’ most recent advice.

  23. I applied for 2 Citi Hilton cards on 1/16 and was automatically approved for the first, but the second was pending; I called their phone number and was almost immediately approved for the 2nd card.

  24. I asked chase to match 70000 offer but got declined because it was more than 90 days ago.

  25. I opened the 50K Marriott card a month ago and have yet to receive the points. So I emailed Chase and asked them to get me to the 70K and they said yes. They will put an extra 20K in my account, not bad. Thanks for the advice!

  26. I have applied for the citi AA visa 18 month ago and still having the card due to their retention bonus. Can I apply for another citi AA visa ? thanks.

    • @David – I’ll email you.

      @Lexi – The “rules” seem to have changed recently, but congrats on the 2nd card.

      @allen – You should be able to get another one since it has been 18+ months since your last successful approval. But the “rules” seem to have changed, so your experience could be different.

  27. I already have Citi AA Visa & Master. Will it work if I apply 2 Citi AA Amex with 2 browser trick so I can get double points?

  28. I just applied for Citibank Select AAdvantage AmEx and got approved. I had this version of the card in VISA ( 75,000 miles ) and cancelled about 18 months ago.
    Hoping to receive the advertised 50,000 points with the $150 credit… Your blog is fantanstic!

    • @DK – It may work if it has been 18+ months since you last approval for the personal AA cards, but it may be difficult to get both approved.

      @Oleg – Congrats! If you’re feeling adventurous, you could apply for another AMEX and see if you get approved. Usually you could, but not it is more ymmv.

  29. Today I tried a 2 browser trick with the Citbank Hilton, but the 2nd application was rejected. Is there another way to get another AMEX mentioned by you?

  30. Unfortunately, it was rejected. The message said I would be notified by mail regarding the reason for the rejection

  31. I’m curious how 70k Marriott points compares to 70k Priority Club points as far as value is concerned? My husband and I recently each got cards through the 80K Priority Club deal and we are dreaming of a luxury redemption in Paris that would normally be over 400 Euros per night. Anything that juicy with Marriott?

    • @Oleg – Unfortunately not.

      @CheapTricksToTravel – I prefer the Priority Club card because the free night is unrestricted, whereas the free night with the Marriott card is limited to a category 1 to 5 hotel. That said, 70K Marriott points should get you at least 1 night in a luxury hotel including Ritz Carlton hotels. I’d just search on the Marriott website for hotels in cities which you want to visit, and see how much it costs in points.

  32. I applied for both credit cards as well on 1/31 (Visa Signature and Amex) and was approved instantly for Visa (submitted first) and for Amex that they would notify me if i have been approved. Got my Visa approval but still havent heard anything about Amex. I havent tried calling either based on other people saying they are getting denied when calling in. Should i continue waiting, is Amex going to let me know if im not approved or is it no contact from them if im not approved. Help!

  33. I applied, got my card, spent my money and the points have posted. Now the “Pay with Points” option doesnt show for redeeming points- just merchandise and gift cards……can I still pay wiht points?????

  34. ****I am speaking of the NFL card******

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  36. I applied for aadvantage visa and amex in November of 2012 (2 browser trick) and was approved. The offer was 50000 miles + 2 admiral club passes for $2500 in the first 4 months, with NO statement credit. I am considering calling citi and asking to be matched to the offer that also gives $150 statement credit for $3000 in the first 4 months. Any tips on how I could make this work? I did read you article on how to handle the phone conversation but my concern is that the offer with the $150 credit is no longer current even though the links still work. Can you give me a code or advise on how to do this? THANK YOU

    • @Joe – I don’t have the card, so I don’t know, but I believe there was an option to get statement credits for transactions over $25. So you have to buy something for more than $25 to be able to use statement credits.

      @dana – It is unlikely that they will match, but you could send a secure message to ask. I don’t know of any offer codes, unfortunately.

  37. Just wanted to update. Applied for the cards 1/31st using the two browsers. Approved for Advantage Visa and denied by letter today for the Advantage Amex. I never called in. If only i discovered this trick a few weeks before. 🙁

  38. I have another version of Marriott reward card which has 30k points, not sure if I am qualified to apply this one.
    Please advise.


  39. I have a Citi American Airlines mastercard, can I apply for a Citi American Airlines visa or I have to wait for 18 months?

  40. I called Barclays- customer service is no where near that of Chase!

    I have purchases over $25 (i paid my property taxes). The rep said I have to wait until my first statement is kicked out before the pay with points option is available…we shall see!

    • @Vants – Sorry to hear it didn’t work out, but you can always apply for the business card in 65 days.

      @Tom – They may let you have the new card because it is a different version, but your experience may be different.

      @Tom – You can apply for the business card now, but should wait until 18+ months since you were last approved before trying to get another AA card.

      @JOE – Thanks for the update, but you usually have to wait for the statement to be generated before using points to pay for it.

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  43. I followed this advice and got instantly approved for both using the two-browser trick: – should be 80k miles in total.

  44. I had applied for 2 citi AA cards last year (2browser trick) and earned 100k. I closed the Citi Select Amex a few months ago but I still have the Citi Platinum Select AA visa card. It will be 18 months by the end of april. I want to apply for the card again. I guess I can go ahead an apply for the amex as I have closed the old one. but how abt if i want to apply for the visa too. Do i have to cancel my existing visa? Also applying as soon as i hit 18 months sound ok? I am LONG overdue to do another churn and I can’t wait any longer 🙂

  45. Here’s some recent feedback regarding trying to get multiple personal Citi AA cards. On 3/10/13, I applied for the Citi AA Platinum Visa (50K bonus) and the Citi Gold Mastercard (30K bonus)–I did not read your post carefully regarding the recommendation to apply for the second card a few days later (dunno if this matters). I was immediately approved for the Platinum Visa, but not for the Gold Mastercard. A week later, I received a letter stating that I was denied the Gold Mastercard for too many credit applications. I wrote a nice letter to the Citi Executive reconsideration department stating I needed to keep expenses separate, I had 8 years of banking with Citi with a Citigold account, etc. I was called by the department today and told they were still denying the Citi Gold Mastercard application for the same reason. Interestingly, they recommended waiting 60 days to re-apply.

    • @blueflower – You can’t get both the cards again, so you’d have to pick 1 50K card. Also it is 18+ months so 18 months may or may not work. Good luck!

      @Li – Very interesting. Thanks for sharing. Citi no longer approves 2 application on the same day, so waiting a few days for the Gold card usually helps. I’d try again in 65 days and hopefully you should get it then!

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  47. I noticed that the T&C of the Marriott card says that you can only get the card once to get the 50k points — have you tried this on other occasions to see if you can get the 50k more than one time?

  48. Will the NFL 400 card be returning?

  49. Bigtime Packers fan here – I want this NFL Barclays Credit Card – but at 40,000 points, not 10,000 points. Is there any way to get an exception or find a hidden link or something? 10,000 points for $500 spend is a joke, a waste of time. I just can’t bring myself to screwing around with it when there are so many other lucrative offers out there.