75,000 Point The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express OPEN – Apply by January 28, 2013 [Expired]

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Update:   This offer is no longer available.  Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

If you missed the 100,000 point American Express Platinum card a few weeks ago, here’s The Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN with 75,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $10,000 in the 1st 4 months. (offer expired)


75,000 AMEX Membership Rewards Points Is Worth LOTS of Big Travel!

The terms say that you have to apply by January 28, 2013, to get the 75,000 point sign up bonus and use Bonus ID A3P6 (which I’m assuming is already coded in the application link).

The terms also say that the: “Welcome bonus offer not available to applicants who have had this product or any other Business Gold, Green or Platinum Card® account within the last 12 months.

You should be able to get the bonus if you have have the American Express personal Premier Rewards Gold and the Platinum card since the terms preclude only business cards within the last 12 months.

$10,000 may seem like a lot (and it is).  But do the math to see if it makes sense for YOU to chase $10,000 spending within 4 months when there are other cards which require less minimum spending.

The $175 annual fee is waived for the 1st year and you earn:

    • 3X AMEX Membership Rewards points in 1 of 5 categories (you choose):  Airfare purchased directly from airlines, US advertising in select media, US gas stations, US shipping, and US hardware, software, and cloud computing purchases
    • 2x points in the remaining 4 categories
    • 1X points on other purchases
    • NO foreign transaction fees
    • Terms and limitations apply

Membership Rewards airline and hotel transfer partners often have transfer bonuses, so you may be able to transfer your points to, say, British Airways and get 40% more points.

American Express seems to be running limited time mega sign-up bonus offers, but with large minimum spending requirements.  We’ve seen similar offers before for 1 day only, so it is nice to see this offer run for a bit longer.

Bottom Line: 

I’ve always thought The Business Gold Card from American Express OPEN which offered NO sign-up bonus (expired) to be overrated, but a 75,000 point sign-up bonus definitely makes this card quite attractive (if you can meet the minimum spending requirement).

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56 responses to “75,000 Point The Business Gold Rewards Card From American Express OPEN – Apply by January 28, 2013 [Expired]

  1. January 28 is 7 days away, not 4 🙂

  2. MM,
    If I applied for the Business MR gold card more than 12 months ago but closed it 4 months back, do you I think I will be eligible for this offer bonus?

  3. $10k in 4 months? Yikes….

  4. @Robert Hanson. You’re right. I’ll have to pass on this one. Much as I’d love the 75,000 points, with $10k in spend I can meet bonuses on several other cards that cumulatively will add up to significantly more. It’s a good deal for some people though.

  5. Considered it for a second, but that 10k is steep, even for people who know how to get the most out of spending on a card. Great deal for those who can meet this minimum, though

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  7. I received an invitation in the mail about a month ago for the same signup bonus of 75,000 with only $5000 minimum spending by May 17, 2013. The deadline for applying and being approved is February 16, 2013. I am still thinking if I should apply because I don’t really know how to best use the MR points and how valuable they could be to us. We mainly have travels to Asia and we might go to Europe next year. We have the Ink Bold cards and recently transferred the UR points from Chase to UA and bought award tickets. We know the UR points are very valuable (I used 65,000 miles and $62 to get an award ticket that costs around $5000). Would someone shed some light on how valuable the MR points are and the best ways to use them?

  8. I use MR points for domestic plane tickets.
    Use them to purchase the tickets so they count for Airline status and are treated the same as cash purchases. (vs. using FF miles). 75,000 points would be worth about $900 in plane tickets as you get a 20 or 30 percent bonus when buying plane tickets thru the MR site. Pretty easy to use for me and the tickets have priced out the same as buying them anywhere else.

    You can get more value if you use MR points in other ways but using them this way will get you easily over 1.2 cents per point.

  9. I got this offer in the mail for $2000 spend in 3 months. I applied and was approved. Any tips on how to get the very most out of these points?

  10. are there any bonuses coming for Canadian residents? I have not seen any worthwhile Canadian credit card sign up bonuses for awhile. Why won’t Hilton hook up with at least one Canadian bank? I have Best Western, Priority Club, Choice Privileges, Starwood and Marriott credit cards but no sign of Hilton coming? Any light you can shed on how to gain extra miles/points up here is always appreciated.

    Thank you

  11. Went through the whole process of filling out the app only to get a message about their systems being down. Anyone else have luck applying?

  12. Do you know if American Express considers reloadable card purchases (MoneyPak, etc.) at drugstores to be counted as a regular purchase to help meet the $10K spend requirement?

  13. If I applied for the personal platinum two weeks ago for the 100,000 bonus, should I do this for my business?

  14. Is this an unusually high bonus?? I am in no immediate need of the points but hate to pass up on 75MR. Trying to decide whether to apply now or wait for a mailing or another 75K bonus with a lower spend. Do Vanilla reloads count towards spend ( I am careful to always buy more than just the VR cards at CVS)?

  15. I would really love to go for this offer. However, I applied and was approved for the Ink Bold, Amex Hilton HHonors, and Citi Hilton Visa Signature on November 9, 2012. That would be less than 90 days between applications. Is it worth a chance to apply for and get approved?

    • @ff_lover – Sounds like you would have had it within the last 12 months, so you’re not eligible. But, as always, ymmv, but the spending requirement is high.

      @Robert Hanson @DaveS @Earn Travel Points – For many folks, the 1-day offers of 50K after spending $3K or $5K in 3 months may be the better choice. $10K is bit too rich.

      @Alice @Dan
      – I can write a post on that later, but 75K points for $5K is a good deal. You can get at least $750K value if redeem for travel through AMEX and possibly more by transferring to their partners (Delta, Aeroplan, Singapore Airlines etc.)

      @e – Buying travel with the points is a good deal for some folks because not only do you earn miles, but you get lots of flexibility as well!

      @Anne – I don’t follow the Canadian credit card market,but Rewards Canada might be a good resource!

      @Colin – Yes, but be careful since large spending on the Business Gold card may lead to a Financial Review by AMEX.

      @jordan1 – You could apply for it if you can meet the minimum spending comfortably and use the points. The personal platinum doesn’t prevent you from getting the bonus on this card.

      @deb – The regular bonus on the card is ZERO points, so this is high. That said, they do have these offers 4 to 5 times a year for a day, and this is the 1st time it is around for a week. Vanilla Reloads would count, but be careful since large spending on the Business Gold card may lead to a Financial Review by AMEX.

      @Charles – Since you only have 1 credit card from AMEX, you should be able to apply for this charge card. But, as always, ymmv. Good luck!

  16. Thanks!

  17. Are people getting immediately approved for this or does AMEX like to do some follow-up calls? Reason I ask is that this one would be for wifey and she would hate to get on the phone to talk about our tenuous “business”

    • @bluecat – With AMEX, there isn’t much of a reconsideration process, so it is best to wait for the approval. That said, they do sometimes phone to “congratulate” you on getting approved and confirming the shipping address and asking if you want it express mailed. However, if she is denied, you may need to call to find out why, but she can always call and authorize them to speak with you.

  18. Thanks, Dariaus. I recently went through a biz all at Chase and it felt like a strip search. Hate to repeat with Amex.

    Good advice on the “congratulatory call”. I’ll be sure to use my mobile number.

    Finally, is 75K the best we’ve seen for AMEX biz in the last year. I seem to recall a 100K “one day special” but I could be confusing things.

  19. Just applied and got a pending message. I called the reconsideration line and was told that I have to wait for review and may need to fill out a 4506t irs form. GRRR… I put $18k on my blue cash preferred card last year AND got a targeted offer for this card with a 50k point bonus, I would think it would be easy to get approved.

  20. all–>app

    One last Q: have we seen public 75K offers last year for this card but with a lower spend req?

  21. If I applied for (and got) a Citi business card 2 months ago, is it too soon to apply for this AE business card? Or would that not matter since it is a different CC company?

  22. Could you please explain why the credit card companies would not want you buying VRs. Do they not make the same transaction fee on a VR as they would on any other purchase? Normally a credit card company would want you to use your card as much as possible.

  23. @mayan- the answer when a bonus is involved is simple. A cc company wants you “hooked” on their product. the idea of a minimum spend is to get you to habitually use their card for everything. Using it only in cvs for example to buy VR or the like while they may make the 2-3 percent (on cvs account) the bonus they are giving you in this case is worth more. And if the user doesnt CONTINUE

  24. to use their card they wont profit overall.

  25. @Alice and @Dan
    In my opinion, the most comprehensive, current, single resource for understanding the value and optionality of Membership Rewards was put together late last year by One Mile at a Time in a series of posts titled “Best Uses of American Express Membership Rewards Points by Region” — Google it. Look forward to Daraius’ writeup as well.

    Also worth noting for everyone – after having this card for about 6 months last year, I began seeing an offer on the Amex website whenever I logged in, allowing me to upgrade the card to a Platinum in return for 25,000 points upon first purchase. I have seen several reports of others receiving this offer as well after having their accounts open for a few months. I accepted, and was only charged a portion of the $450 annual fee, pro-rated for the amount of time between the upgrade date and the anniversary of opening the card (which was about $260). So I was able to use the $200 airline fee credit in both 2012 and 2013, as well as the $100 Global Entry reimbursement ($500 total value) for $260 out of pocket (since the Gold card fee is waived in the first year), in addition to 100,000 total points. So, the offer can become even more valuable over time if Amex makes an upgrade offer.

  26. @bluecat, every a few months, AMEX threw in this 75k Gold card. I don’t think I saw a public <$10k spending offer. this is your best offer, go for it. 1/8, 100k PLAT was the best ever with $3k spending.

  27. It seems like VR cards cannot be purchased with CCs any longer, apparently in my neck of the wood in the metro Atlanta area. As of recent, my last several attempts went like this. #1: Gave to cards to the cashier, who happens to be the store manager, “can’t buy credit with credit”, thus I was out of the door without reloads. #2: Cashier at a different store said no-can-do-with-credit-cards, but I insisted that I had no problems several days before and asked her to try. Only one of the two cards I purchased went through (paid with AMEX SPG biz); second VR was declined by Chase Freedom which I found out upon getting home that it was flagged by Fraud Prevention Dept. #3: Went to several CVS stores in my zipcode; all had red stickers at front glass door alerting customers reloadable cards can only be purchased with debit or cash and they also have similar notice atop the card display. Cashier said no-can-do, I gave up VRs once and for all!

  28. $10k is a lot to spend for most. Workaround question – I’m married. Together we can meet that but probably not solo. But we must have two cards because we may be spending simultaneously when not together. Example her grocery shopping while I’m buying product for my business. If one of us applies for the card and is accepted and we get an additional card for the other spouse will the spend on both cards apply to the promotion minimum? Both cards would have the same account number (from my experience) but each would have a different name. Could they say, “well your wife signed up for the card and promotion, so we don’t include any purchases towards the promotion made on the card with your name on it.”

    • @bluecat – There was a 100K offer for the Platinum card a few weeks ago, but the highest offer over the last 12 months for the Business Gold has been 75K points with $10K spending. There have been 50K offers for lower spending which gives you a greater return per dollar of spending, but in terms of a high sign-up bonus, I haven’t seen it above 75K. But there are targeted offers floating around with a lower minimum spending requirement.

      @Arthur– Amex seems to like their tax forms. Good luck!

      @Colin – It is from a different bank, so it shouldn’t matter too much. But, as always, do what you’re comfortable with.

      @Diamond Vargas – Thanks for the tips!

      @cmoz – You may be able to buy them after the fraud alert is taken care of on the Freedom or from the pharmacy counter in the store. My store has the same red stickers, but it works for me!

      @KentC – The spending on an additional card will count towards the minimum spending for your wife’s account. AMEX also issues additional cards with different numbers on them. But if you’re likely to struggle to meet the minimum spending on the card, perhaps this isn’t the best card to sign up for!

  29. Thanks, D.

  30. Unrelated to Amex, but could you please help me here.

    I have very good and long history with Chase. But I got my first Chase card only 5 months ago. Now, I have 4 Chase cards. I got two, including a United Explorer card, about 5 months ago. Another two (one business) about 3 weeks ago. Yea, I’m a newbie.

    I noticed that there is an offer going around that waives the first yr. annual fee for United Club card. Club card comes with lounge access. I have at least 5 trips coming up with United so lounge access would be nice (my Amex Plat won’t be useful ).

    I asked Chase if they would turn my explorer card into United Club with first yr waived, and not surprisingly they gave me a polite no. They said it is too soon to upgrade Explorer to United, and that they can do it when it comes up for annual renewal.

    Would it be prudent to apply independently for the United Club? I am worried about getting declined, given that I have gotten 4 Chase cards in 5 months. If it does get declined, I am thinking of calling recon line to see if they will move my credit from Explorer to United Club. Do you think that would work?

    Please share any experience you have in moving credit from Explorer to Club card.


  31. Daraius, thanks for your posting. I had Chase Ink business on Dec 5 last year and got the AE Platinum 100k on Jan 8, Do you feel I am too aggressive to apply this AE business card along with Chase British Airways Visa and with AA visa/AE using your two browser click on the **same** day? My intention is try to have only 1 hard pull one one day.

    Also, since I just had chase ink and AE not long time ago, do you feel I may get deny if I applied the above cards?


    • @bluecat – You’re welcome!

      @sam – I can’t comment personally, but 4 cards within 5 months might be too many cards for someone new to Chase. You could always try applying for the Chase Club card and calling to cancel, but your miles may vary. You could make the case that you want to close the Explorer card since the Club card is so much better for you, but I don’t know how it will play out.

      @Simon – If you’re applying for credit cards from different banks, they almost certainly will be recorded as different inquiries. I can’ tell you what to do, but you may be able to get approved by calling the Chase reconsideration line. But also consider whether you can easily meet the minimum spending.

      @e – The “pay with points” feature gets you a value of 1 cent per point with most MR cards except the business platinum which gets 1.25 cents per point.

  32. CORRECTING my earlier post.

    MR is Not giving a bonus for booking flights thru Amex site. My plane ticket EWR to SLC was $5 more than anywhere else. Cash price $362 or 36,200 MR points.

    Booking exact same ticket thru Chase Ultimate rewards was $356 or 28,500 points.

    Chase Ultimate rewards site is also faster and easier to use for me.

    So MR points can be valued at 1 cent per MR point for airline ticket purchases.

  33. D can i suggest a future post on the best use of MR points? MR points are hard to get good “extra” value from. Thanks e

  34. I had to apply over the phone because the website errored out when stating that I was an existing Cardmember (sorry). The agent took my information and I was immediately approved. However, he twice stated that the cutoff date was January 25. Maybe what he was reading was not “the latest info”, but in case someone is waiting until the last minute…

  35. If I have a regular AMEX gold card, can I sign up for this bonus and cancel my old card? If I do, would I keep all the MR points I have already?

  36. We are sorry.

    Currently, our systems are not responding. Please try again later or call us at 1-800-519-OPEN (6736) to apply for a Card. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    To learn more about other flexible solutions you can use to manage and grow your business, please return to American Express OPENSM.

  37. Thanks. So I will apply this card only this time and do the chase one later.
    Quick questions, do u feel it is a risk if I use AP to reduce the spending requirement? I plan to use 1000 per month in AP.

    • @Joe Whoa – No worries and thanks for sharing. I have to remove the link on the 28th and the offer terms say you can apply until the 25th, but they could always remove the link before then.

      @ushdadude – If you have a personal Gold card, you may be able to get the bonus on this card. But make sure that your membership rewards account is linked to your new account before cancelling the card. See this post for more details.

      @Sherman – You can always call in or try again later!

      @Simon – I’d be careful with using AP and this card since high spending from certain vendors may attract attention and could be a trigger for a financial review.

  38. An Amex rep told me today that tomorrow the 25th is the last day to sign up for this offer.

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  40. Any hard confirmation that today is the last day? Cut off time?

  41. Thanks. Not planning to wait – just trying to find time to do Amex Hilton Surpass and this card same day to consolidate pulls.

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  43. Like other posters here, same problem.
    1. Errors out if you click on “are you an exist cardmember”. Been trying this for a week, same result, “sorry systems down”
    So went through the whole process as a non card member, completed the two pages and submitted the application only to get the same sorry system down answer, application wasn’t received, whatever.

  44. Just an update from my previous post above. I tried it again, same browser, Firefox, and this time it went through. Still had to go the non-member route. Member route still wouldn’t work. But once application was submitted it worked. Approved right away. I think out of 22 cards (not all active) between me and my wife, I’ve only got “instant” approval on 2. Haven’t been too lucky. Thought with this one it would be a more drawn out process. As they say YMMV but it was a nice surprise.

  45. I just got approved – said 28th was last day – it is 30 mins after midnite so I am a little nervous – but it says approved …

  46. Hey D!

    Question: I have the Open Gold Buss Amex and added two authorized users. Do I get MR for their purchases too? I thought so, but my points haven’t been posting correctly. Any suggestions? Thanks!

  47. I clicked the a link on the application page tonight to receive a call from American Express to conduct the application process over the phone. I asked for the 75,000 point offer after 10k in spending over the first 4 months and the representative said she would add that offer onto the card. She later said that “cash equivalents” would not count as eligible purchases.

    So my question is, are Vanilla Reloads cash equivalents that would not count toward the minimum spending?