How to Use The Wells Fargo Prepaid Card to Complete Minimum Spending Requirements & Load Bluebird

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Update:  You can ONLY use Wells Fargo credit cards to fund the Wells Fargo Prepaid card after May 1, 2013.


Credit card minimum spending requirements are always increasing. 

After Amazon Payments, prepaid debit cards offer some of the best ways to creatively meet credit card minimum spending requirements.  You can also use prepaid debit cards to generate spending to earn extra perks on credit cards.

Wells Fargo Prepaid Card

I wrote an eight part series on the perks of Big Spending on a credit card – from hotel elite status, bonus points, airline elite status to companion passes.  Check it out to see which perk matters the most to you and use that credit card when you fund your prepaid debit card.

However, do NOT use a Citi credit card to fund a Wells Fargo prepaid  card because it is coded as a cash advance which means high cash advance fees and interest.

how it works

Certain prepaid debit cards can be funded or loaded with a credit card.  This means that you usually will earn miles or points when you fund or load your prepaid debit card using a credit card.

You can then use your prepaid debit card for regular purchases, but you can also use it to withdraw money at the ATM.  There are usually small fees associated with either loading and/or withdrawing money at the ATM.  But these fees could make sense if you have no other way to hit the minimum spending requirements on credit cards to get the sign-up bonus or if you want to get a perk for spending on your credit card.

Some prepaid debit cards (not all of them) also let you get cash back from the store, so you could buy $10 worth of groceries and get $200 cash back.  Or you could buy money orders from Wal-Mart, grocery stores, or US Post Offices and then deposit those money orders into your bank account.  Yes, this is a bit of work, but it helps with the minimum spending requirements!

You may even be able to link certain prepaid debit cards to your Venmo account, and transfer money directly to your checking account for free.

The Risks

I can’t tell you what to do or how far to go with pre-paid cards.  You’ve got to assess the risk for yourself.  As always, do what is comfortable for YOU.

1.  Cash Advance Fees.   The most obvious risk is that the purchase or funding of prepaid debit cards will be coded as a cash advance and you will pay extremely high cash advance fees and interest.  This is almost always the case with Citi cards so do NOT use Citi credit cards to purchase products directly from a financial institution like a bank.

However, purchasing, say, a Visa gift card at a grocery store is okay since that will be coded as a purchase from a grocery store, and banks currently don’t charge cash advance fees for that!

2.   Won’t Earn Points.   You may earn miles and points the 1st time you buy or load a prepaid debit card with a credit card, but may not earn miles the 3rd or 4th time.

That’s because banks could change the coding for the purchase or loading of pre-paid debit cards at any time.

3.   Hard to Keep Track of Fees & Limits.  The different pre-paid debit cards have different fees for loading and withdrawing.  They also have different limits on the amount you can load and withdraw on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Keeping track of all this can be tough, so I suggest using a spreadsheet which lists the various limits and when you fund or withdraw money from the card.

4.   Account Closures.   Your prepaid debit card could get suspended or closed if the issuer suspects fraudulent activity.  In that case, it could take a few weeks (perhaps longer) to get your money back, so don’t fund your pre-paid debit card if you can’t do without the money for a few weeks.

5.   Credit Card Closures.   The most significant risk is that your bank could close your credit card account and not approve you for future applications.  I haven’t heard of this happening to anyone (yet), but it could happen if you push this to the extreme.

Wells Fargo Prepaid Visa Card

Link:  Wells Fargo Prepaid Visa Card

Link:  Wells Fargo Prepaid Visa Terms & Conditions

Link:  Wells Fargo Prepaid Card Fees

DrSifu started a thread on the Wells Fargo prepaid debit card, and I’ve been experimenting with the card over the past month.

The Wells Fargo Visa card is supposed to be a debit card which you load with money.  Their website says “use the card for everyday spending or to manage funds for a specific purpose, like travel or entertainment.”

You have to enter a social security number in the application, but I didn’t get a hard credit inquiry for the card.

The terms say that you can load up to $5,000 on the card per month, and you pay $5 per load with a credit card.  But at one point, I had more than $5,000 on the card, so I’m not sure this is accurate!

If we assume an average load size of $1,000, we’re spending $25 (5 loads of $1,000 each) to generate $5,000 in credit card spending, assuming you will use the Wells Fargo card to load your American Express Bluebird card at Wal-Mart or use cash back or money orders to withdraw money from the card.

I didn’t test to see if I could sign-up for more than 1 Wells Fargo Prepaid card.

1.   Fees.   You pay $5 per funding load with a non-Wells Fargo credit card.  The maximum which I could load was $2,500 in one transaction.  See more on my experience with funding in the section below.

However, after loading $2,500, I was only able to load $1,000 at a time subsequently.  If we assume that funding $1,000 is more likely to be approved, we’re paying ~$50 in fees (10 loads of $1,000 at $5 per load) to fund, say, $10,000 in minimum spending.

There is no fee to sign up for the card, but there is a monthly maintenance fee of $3.

There is also a 3% foreign transaction fee among other fees.

2.   Funding.  Here’s my experience trying different ways to fund my Wells Fargo card:

A.   Credit Cards.   You can’t use an American Express card to fund the Wells Fargo card, but you can use a Visa or MasterCard to fund the Wells Fargo card.

I WAS charged cash advance fees with my Citi card (don’t use a Citi card!) and didn’t earn points with the Hawaiian Air card.

But I wasn’t really shocked when I was charged cash advance fees on my Citi Thank You card, because Citi usually codes almost every direct purchase from a financial institution as a cash advance which incurs high fees.

Folks on this FlyerTalk thread say that the funding from Chase initially appears as a Cash Advance, but is then converted to a purchase which isn’t charged cash advance fees.  As always, be cautious when using a Chase credit card to fund your Wells Fargo card.  Chase has the best credit card offers, and you don’t want to be blacklisted by Chase.

You can fund the Wells Fargo card online when you log into your account.

I was charged a $5 load fee for loading the Wells Fargo card with a non-Wells Fargo credit card.

B.   Gift Cards.  I was not able to fund the US Bank Visa Buxx card with a Visa or MasterCard gift card.

In some instances, I wasn’t able to add my gift card as a funding source online.  In other instances, I was able to add a gift card as a funding source, but got an error message when attempting to fund my account with the gift card.  Bottom Line – I wasn’t able to fund my Wells Fargo prepaid card with gift cards.

3.    ATM Withdrawal Limits.   The terms say (bolding mine):

“The ATM withdrawal limit is $500.00 per day, $1,500.00 within any seven (7) day rolling period, and $5,000.00 within any thirty (30) day rolling period.”

I didn’t check to see if these limits were actually enforced or not.

The 1st two ATM withdrawals at Wells Fargo ATMs are free, and costs $1 per ATM withdrawal after that at Wells Fargo ATMs.

Here’s a link to see if there is a Wells Fargo ATM near you.

Wells Fargo ATM

But you will pay $2.50 per ATM withdrawal at a non-Wells Fargo ATM in ADDITION to fees charged by the ATM owner.  This can get expensive quickly, so it likely doesn’t make sense to withdraw money at a non-Wells Fargo ATM to regularly earn miles and points, but could make sense to complete minimum spending requirements.

4.   Funding Limits.  Here’s where it got interesting!   The terms say that:

“the maximum value that may be loaded onto the Card is $2,500.00 per load, per day.  Please note that we may limit the amount of funds that you are able to load on your Card and the number of times you may load funds to your Card within a period of time.”

This FlyerTalk post says that the rolling limits are:

  • $2,500 in 24 hrs
  • $3,500 in 15 days
  • $4,500 in 30 days

A telephone representative confirmed these limits for me when I asked about funding limits.

However, I was able to fund $9,500 between November 1 to November 4, 2012.  My first load was $2,500 and subsequent loads were $1,000.

While I was trying to see the maximum I could fund, I would make trips to Wal Mart to load my Bluebird, so my balance never got to $9,500 on the Wells Fargo card even though my cumulative funding across 4 days was $9,500.

After 4 days, I wasn’t able to fund my account any more, so I was worried that my account would be closed.  I kept on getting the “Maximum number of reloads reached” error message.  I could use my card for regular transactions, but couldn’t fund it any more.

However, at the beginning of December, I was able to fund my account again.  So I’m still not sure what the funding limits are for the card!  In my experience, it is more than the $4,500 in 30 days suggested by the FlyerTalk thread and Wells Fargo telephone reps.

5.  Money Orders.  The Wells Fargo prepaid card has a PIN number, and I was able to use it to get buy money orders from Wal-Mart, Kroger Grocery Stores, and the USPS.

6.   Cash Back.  I was able to get cash back when I used my Wells Fargo card to shop for groceries, etc.  I selected the maximum cash back each time (~$200) so that I could withdraw as much as possible from my Wells Fargo prepaid card.  This helps save money on ATM fees if you want to withdraw money from the Wells Fargo prepaid card.

7.   Multiple Cards.  I didn’t check to see if you can get more than 1 Wells Fargo prepaid card per person.

8.   Changing Funding Source.  I was able to change the credit card funding source online 5 times, but never more than twice in 1 day.

9.   Fund My Bluebird.  I wrote earlier that you can use the Wells Fargo prepaid card to fund your American Express Bluebird.

I used my Wells Fargo card to fund my American Express Bluebird as a debit card load at Wal-Mart.  This could be  useful for folks who don’t have access to Vanilla Reloads cards, but who are close to a Wal-Mart.  You can load your American Express Bluebird at Wal-Mart without a fee with a debit card and then use American Express Bluebird to pay your bills, etc.

There is a daily limit of $1,000 and $5,000 per month with this type of funding (which is combined with the limit for Vanilla Reloads).

You will earn miles and points when you fund your Wells Fargo card with a credit card, but be sure to use a credit card which doesn’t charge cash advance fees.

However, the maximum funding per transaction is $600 with the Wells Fargo prepaid debit card, so you will have to fund your Bluebird in 2 separate transactions  if you want to reach the $1,000 daily limit.

There didn’t appear to be a maximum daily limit of purchases with the Wells Fargo, and I funded both Emily and my Bluebird in 4 separate transactions of $500 each on multiple days as a test.

10.   Venmo.  I didn’t check to see if you can use Venmo to transfer money from the Wells Fargo card directly to your checking account for free.  This would be much easier than making ATM withdrawals.

There is a $2,000 monthly limit on the amount you can transfer using a debit card with a Venmo account for free.

Venmo recently started accepting debit cards and they do not charge a fee for “Debit cards issued by major banks.”  They do charge a 3% fee for debit cards issued by smaller banks.  However, this page says that using debit cards is always free, so I’m not sure which page is accurate.

Please comment if you’ve successfully used Venmo with the Wells Fargo card.  Using Venmo makes it much easier because you can fund your Wells Fargo card with a credit card from your computer and withdraw money from Venmo to your bank account from your computer as well!

Bottom Line

The Wells Fargo card is another tool to help meet minimum spending requirements even if you don’t have access to a Wells Fargo ATM.

But it is time consuming to go to a Wells Fargo ATM to withdraw money, though you can use cash back while shopping, buy money orders, or fund your American Express Bluebird with your Wells Fargo card.

Please read “The Risk” section above before using prepaid debit cards to meet minimum spending requirements on credit cards.  Do NOT use a Citi card with the Wells Fargo prepaid card, and be careful of being suddenly charged a cash advance (with high fees and interest) from banks which currently do not charge cash advance fees on the Wells Fargo card.

Update:  You can ONLY use Wells Fargo credit cards to fund the Wells Fargo Prepaid card after May 1, 2013.


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111 responses to “How to Use The Wells Fargo Prepaid Card to Complete Minimum Spending Requirements & Load Bluebird

  1. When I tried to add my Wells Fargo Prepaid to my Venmo account, it listed the card as a prepaid card and said that they would add a 3% fee to each transaction made with that debit card. So I would not recommend using this card with Venmo.

  2. Ditto. Venmo will let you add the card, but charges 3%.
    I can also confirm the rolling limits on WF loads are accurate. YMMV, but they were dead-on for me.

  3. Thanks for this discussion! I bought my WF prepaid card at the end of November for $2500 and was having problems loading another $2500 last week. I’ll try $2000 because that should be within my limit. One more way to cash out the card is to use it for a small purchase at a grocery store and get cash back. I’ve been doing this recently and have been able to cash out $250 ($50 at a time) without any charges.

  4. Bluebird website says there is a $100 per day max when funding account with a debit card. Also includes a $2 fee per load. Anyone have a different experience?

  5. Mark, you are correct about using a debit card online to fund Bluebird. The limit is as Daraius says when you use a debit card in a Walmart to fund Bluebird (and funding is free!).

  6. I just ordered my card. can’t wait for it to arrive to test out

  7. I was wondering if anyone tried to get US Bank Visa Buxx for yourself, in other words, to be a parent and a teenager at the same time?

  8. @eugene-I don’t have us bank one but i do have one at navy federal credit union. get 1% cash back with that credit card.

  9. @ Mark, best way to fund using pre-paid debit card is wal-mart,

    I personally prefer Paypal debit card (its prepaid) it works like vanilla cards, over the wells fargo.

  10. Reference to above, finding an OD that sells is the challenge.

  11. Dairus, can you spell out how you loaded 9500 (in which amounts of charge and withdrawal) in a 4 day period? thanks

    • So when you put money on the card does it know that the money being loaded does it check and make shore that the money being loaded to the card is real so when the money goes on the card and I spend it is then I do that have to payitback l

  12. Thank goodness I read this before I used my new Citi card to fund a bank account. I had already applied, but called the bank right away to put it on hold until I decide which card to use.

  13. I’ve been playing with the WF card for a couple months now – another little thing I found out – you cannot w/d at an ATM until your funding has posted to your cc. I funded w/ CSP, next day was approved (with cash-back) at grocery and Walmart, when I tried to use an ATM 2 days later the transaction failed. It took 4 days (!!) for my transaction to post to Chase. Once it did, I immediately tried ATM again and it worked. Just FYI.

  14. can I purchase any prepaid debit card that wal- mar excepts, and use that to load my bluebird card?
    according to what I am reading the only fee I see incurring in this type of transaction is the purchasing of a v*sa prepaid debit card?

  15. Thanks everyone, great stuff on this as Vanilla cards are becoming more work than reward for an NYC resident.

    Darius/MMS readers, how much can you load your BlueBird account at Walmart with the WF DC?

    Is the card sent regular mail or UPS/Fedex with a signature required. Been a problem for my non-doorman building, thank you!

    • @Ben @Ed – Thanks for the update.

      @Jivepicnic – I was successful with funding $1,000 at a time after my initial funding of $2,500.

      @Eugene – See my earlier post on the US Bank Visa Buxx.

      @yo – $2.5K initial funding, followed by 2 loads of $1K the next 3 days and 1 load of $1K on the 4th day. I loaded $2K on 2 Bluebirds over those 4 days.

      @Jan – You can always do a small test transaction to see if you’re charged cash advance fees, but Citi usually charges them.

      @CDG – Very interesting!

      @erin – If the prepaid debit card has a PIN, you may be able to load your Bluebird with it at Wal-Mart.

      @Jeff – It was sent via regular mail. You can load up to $1K a day and $5K a month at Wal-Mart stores with a debit card.

  16. Watch out if you plan to simply load and w/draw the WFPP at ATMs. Will work a month or so, then Mr. Fang says “no mas”.

  17. have you try to fund it with Amex CC, Amex CC are the hardest to meet minimum spend. got to find ways to meet minimum with both camps. thanks

  18. THANK YOU Daraius,
    Does anyone have any experience with balance transfers, I have a AA mile earning card the I would like to do a transfer the balance off of.
    The card that I would like to move the debit off of has given me a lot of miles on AA, when I do a balance transfer will that put any of those miles that I have already used to purchase a ticket in jeopardy.

  19. Lets say I have a WF. Visa and load $1000.
    Afterwards withdraw $500 from a WF atm. in two days.
    Looks like that makes the deal free.

    Same deal with $2500. Cost $3.

  20. My goodness, 17 comments and no haters screaming about you killing the deal yet. They must be slower on Mondays. 😉

  21. Ron, thanks for the no mas heads up.
    Any ideas on how often can this be done without a Fang strike?

  22. Does Barclays-issused US Airways Mastercard earn miles? Thanks!

  23. Hey Daraius, you said that when you used your B of A HA card you didn’t get miles…but did it count as a cash advance? Would such a transaction count towards the minimum spending requirement with B of A HA? Thanks.

  24. Darius, have you try to pay mortgage directly with this debit card since it comes with a pin, vanilla has a new product called “My Vanilla ” that comes with a pin but doesnt work with mortgage payment. My mortgage bank does take regular debit card from banks so if you could test this senario and see if it works. thanks so much.

    • If someone could else puts money on your card how long do you need to o wait before you can spend it before it clears or before you know it is good and you can spend it without having to pay it back when will you know that hat the money is for real on there

  25. alot of readers have a large monthly expense of either Mortgage or rental, if you can test this with both, then we can skip the BB and still earn pts with CC load to this debit card.

  26. @Savannah I don’t think Daraius was changed cash advanced w the HA card, this is what he wrote.

    “I WAS charged cash advance fees with my Citi card (don’t use a Citi card!) and didn’t earn points with the Hawaiian Air card.” I read this as just, he didn’t earn any miles with the HA card, not that he was charged with Cash advanced fee and no points. Which I am fine with as long as I can meet the mim spend on the CC.

  27. Have you tried to pay taxes with the WF card? Were you only charged the $3.95 fee? Would love to know. Definitely worth getting at this point.

  28. Darius, when filling out application Wells Fargo, what is the ‘Add Additional amount’ box for? I could not find the answer…you can fill in from 0.00 to 2500.00 ????

  29. I still have yet to get this card.

    I agree with adnan, Paypal debit card is my weapon of choice. Not as quick and lucrative as the WF card, and even more expensive, but the fact that the “refills” can be spread over different merchants and coded as purchases is a huge plus for me.

    Too risky for me for Chase to see all these WF transactions. But definitely another option to meet spend.

    • @Ron – Thanks for the update!

      @choi – Unfortunately, you can’t fund it with an AMEX card.

      @erin – If the miles are in your AA account, you won’t lose them.

      @Jeff – I don’t know if you will earn points/cash back with a Wells Fargo card, but could be worth trying.

      @LisaPA – 🙂

      @Andy F. – I haven’t tried it as a test, but could try it as a test.

      @Savannah @Tony – It didn’t count as a cash advance. I had already met the minimum spending on my card, so I don’t know. I’ll try again with another card and let you know if it counts towards the minimum spending.

      @choi – I don’t have a mortgage (yet), so I can’t test it out. Do let us know what you find!

      @Mary – You are limited to $600 per transaction, but are charged the flat debit card fee. That said, it still isn’t worth it because of the low transaction limit.

      – That’s the amount you want to fund the card with.

      @DrSifu – You should start a FlyerTalk post on that too!

  30. The CVS in my area does not carry the Vanilla card. Walgreens does not accept credit cards. I have two Citi cards where I have to meet the spending limit (Wells Fargo Prepaid is out since these are Citi cards). What are other ways in which I can meet my spending limits with my Citi Cards?

  31. @ Jay, I live in PHX and for a while could not find a CVS that carried the VR, that changed about 2 weeks ago, it seems the ones that didn’t before now have them. I guess it took a while for them to show up in the stores… I have been successful in getting both CVS and Walgreens to take CC’s for the VR.

  32. Great post, Darius. I’ve had the WF prepaid for a few months and have loaded it with a chase card (>$1000) every month because I am fearful of Chase.

    I would like to know whether funding a WF prepaid via a MyVanilla Visa works.

  33. Just to be clear,

    1) The $100 limit on debit card deposits into BB only applies when you do it through the website? It’s free when you do it at Wal Mart (and only limit is $1k per day)?

    2) Do I need to register my debit card on before I take it to Wal Mart to deposit money into my BB acct?

  34. Once I get some experience under my belt, I may just jump on that grenade so that you don’t have to. We all know you’ve pissed off your fair share of Flyertalkers 🙂

  35. @DrSifu – Why would Chase care as long as they get the swipe, and at 1X, seems like they’d be happy.

  36. Daraius, would it be correct to say that AMEX SPG gives a 25 percent bonus on mileage transfer to airlines, so as far as airline transfers are concerned only use the Chase card when you are getting more than 1.25 points per dollar spent? Of course the list of SPG airline transfers is far larger than Chase transfers…. Thanks

    • @Jay – You can buy gift cards, use Chargemart for loans, or William Paid for rent, and/or use Amazon Payments.

      @Jose A
      – I haven’t tried funding it with a My Vanilla yet.

      @Jake – You got it. You don’t have to register your card online before taking it to Wal-Mart to reload.

      @DrSifu – I’d be happy to do it myself. 🙂

      @Vijay Parikh – That is correct, but you can’t fund the Wells Fargo with an AMEX and the 25% point bonus is only for transfers in increments of 20K Starwood points.

  37. Thanks , so I guess this is the initial funding of the card? and then from then on it is done online? am I right there? I am sorry I didn’t get that part, thanks for your post.

  38. Can you fund a BB account with a Target Amex card?

  39. MMS,
    Have you or someone you know had success in using a CC with a different name and billing address to fund your Wells Fargo debit card?

    • @robin – You got it! That field was the initial funding and you can add money to the Wells Fargo card online as well (after the initial funding) by logging onto your Wells Fargo account.

      @Marshall – I haven’t tried, so I don’t know!

      @Jason – I’ve used Emily’s card – different name, but same address.

  40. Pingback: Guide to Visa Gift Card Churning

  41. As mentioned above, you may get your funds frozen on the Wells Fargo card if all you do is fund with credit card and withdraw. If your funds do get frozen, it can talk a while to get the money released. There is some advice on how to get the money back in the flyertalk thread below.

  42. Could you clarify the math? It doesn’t add up for me.
    “You pay $5 per funding load with a non-Wells Fargo credit card….If we assume that funding $1,000 is more likely to be approved, we’re paying ~$25 in fees (10 loads of $1,000) to fund, say, $10,000 in minimum spending.”

    10 x 5 = $50 or am I reading it wrong? Still only 1/2% which is cheap when you get back 1% minimum rewards on most cards. I’ve got a mortgage for 2,291/mo = $27,492 that’s wasted $ that could be used for rewards or meeting promotions. There is no mortgage co that will accept credit cards directly so these roundabout ideas are clever thinking. Just 1% cash back on that amount means I’m losing $275/yr.
    Thanks everyone for all the ideas.

  43. Dear MMS,
    How to make a “cashout” request with a debit card at a grocery store checkout? I ‘ve seen people ahead of me mumbled a few words to the registrar to get cash.
    Thanks, Jen

  44. Will there be a problem funding the WF prepaid with a someone else card?

    I use chase cards in my parents name as well, will it be a funding the Prepaid card which will be in my name with their CC?

  45. “funding from Chase initially appears as a Cash Advance, but is then converted to a purchase which isn’t charged cash advance fees”

    If I ask Chase to reduce my cash advance limit to zero, will I still be able to load the WF prepaid card with my Chase card?

  46. have you try funding with prepaid visa, ie, vanilla visa, gc visa, etc,,,

  47. @Daraius
    What was the amount of the money order(s) you were able to purchase with the Wells Fargo card? The Ts&Cs say the maximum transaction amount is $600. Just wondering if that’s enforced. What does your experience show?

  48. Has anyone tried funding Wells Fargo prepaid with a US Bank card (NFL Mastercard or US Airways)? Did you earn points/miles and not charged a cash advance fee?

    How about paying someone using a Citi card via Amazon Payment? No cash advance?

  49. @Ed, If I recall correctly, that $600 maximum transaction amount is for online transactions only.

  50. @Thanh
    I looked it up. You’re half right in that section 5d says there’s a $600 limit for telephone, online, or pre-auth. However, section 5b says:

    “At any merchant accepting Visa debit cards, you may use your Card with your PIN to make POS purchases of goods and services and obtain cash. The maximum purchase amount per transaction is $600.00”

    So, … $600 all around.

    My question is whether anyone has evidence that the limit is or is not enforced?

  51. Daryoosh… chase Sapphire card coded it as a purchase…have you seen that?

  52. I ordered the card last weekend after reading this and I used a credit card for funding. My credit card was charged 2x. I called my credit card company up and disputed the second charge last night.

    • @Jen – The payment screen should automatically prompt you if you want cash back. Or just inform the cashier that you’d like “cash back.”

      -I’ve never tried it, but it may work.

      @Jay – I doubt it.

      – It didn’t work for me, but your miles may vary.

      @Ed – I bought them for ~$3o to $100. The $600 transaction limit is enforced, but I’ve charged ~$2K a day which I broke down to 4 transactions of $500 each.

      @Ozaer N.– It should switch to a “purchase” in a few days.

  53. @DrSifu &MMS: Why would the Paypal debit card be a better option than WF?I’ve read your posts on the Paypal but don’t see it being better than this one.

  54. Has anyone tried using the Wells Fargo prepaid card to buy money orders at USPS? Last 2 times I tried $550, entered my PIN, but the card was always declined.

  55. Disappointing that only 1k BB load per month.
    Chase Freedom showed 500 load as purchase, but charged $10 transaction fee.

    • @Thanh P. – It used to work, but I haven’t had recent experience.

      @Dick A. – You can load more than $1K a month to your Bluebird with this card. I wasn’t charged a cash advance fee with my Ink Bold, but will try with a personal Chase card.

  56. Daraius, after my 3rd failed attempt to load 500.00 at Walmart today,( I have previously loaded 1000.00 in 2- 500.00 dollar increments), I called Bluebird CS and the nice gentleman with the thick accent told me only $1000.00 per month on debit card at Walmart but that I could do an additional 100.00 per day with the 2.00 charge. And of course up to 5K per mo with money packs.
    The load limit is also specific on the BB site relative to Debit card Load.
    How are you getting around this?

  57. HI MMS:

    I am long time lurker, just curious about the WF prepaid card! How does this card work? Should we first apply and only when the card arrives can we load it with non-WF credit card? Yesterday I applied online but could not load it with a non-WF CC. I just applied with $0 balance. Any reply is appreciated!

    Great blog though!

  58. @Newbie008 I do not entirely understand your question, but it sounds like you have the correct grasp of the process.

    For reference I’ll outline my experience. A few weeks ago I ‘applied’ for the WF prepaid card with a $0 balance and as soon as I received the card I was able to sign up for an account and load that same day. I recall having to call into the customer service to obtain my log in information, because when I originally signed up I was not given any. Customer care calls are $1 per call, but the first three are free.

    Once you are able to sign in you can immediately load from a credit card and I was able to successfully load my BlueBird the same day at Walmart for free.

    Hope that helped!

  59. @Gkrebs23: Thank you very much for your reply!
    Sorry for not clear but your response was spot on! Just what was in mind. Appreciate your response very much. Yes I have applied for the card and once I get it I will load after logging in!

  60. Can you have more than one WF PPd per person/SSN ? Thanks

  61. Has anyone loaded this with a BofA card (Alaska, Hawaiian) ? If so, was there a cash advance fee ?…and did you get the miles ?
    I’m assuming that for Chase there is always no fee and you always get the miles/poiunts posted.

  62. Does anyone have experience with Chase Southwest? Trying to make the spending limit here. thanks

  63. I just got the chase united and chase southwest and i’m just trying to see if there is a fee associated with those cards. I don’t mind not earning the miles i just want to make the spending limit.

    • @Newbie @Henry – A few months ago, it was coded as a purchase on my Chase Ink Bold (though initially it showed as a cash advance and then changed to a purchase). It did count towards the spending requirement, but your miles may vary!

  64. I went to Walmart today and bought $10 worth of products and requested to load $100 to my bluebird also, cashier told me she has to do it as a seperate transaction. Wheb she tried a seperate transaction she got debit notapproved notice printerd in her printer. I called wellsfargo to see why the debit was not approved they told me they approved the transaction but walmarts machine didn’t allow the transaction. Is anyone else having the same issue?

  65. Darius, after having my account held for a few days…..I tried to fund with travel partners CC to meet spend…..wrong address on file….froze my account….4 calls later they finally let me talk to the security people, I told him what I tried, he cleared my card and I though I was off to load more $, but now I sign in and see my balance but can’t make my way to load more??
    Also for your readers you can have 2 CC on file to load, when you want to change you delete one and then add another.
    thanks, robin

  66. Ive tried several time to buy the car with my Chase Southwest credit card, but it keeps giving me the same response which is to change the payment type. I don’t know if it’s my card because i just barely got it.

  67. I got it, but i was only able to get it with a $0.0 balance. why did it ask me to add balance in the beginning? Do i have to activate it with first then i’ll be able to load it?

  68. Will I still be charged the monthly maintenance fee if the card has no balance?

  69. Can you use cash advance to withdraw money from the card?

  70. I got my WF Prepaid card and I loaded the first day with 500 and withdraw it with ATM and I loaded 900 and i could only got 500 by ATM but i tried loading 200 and after that, i scheduled a 2000 on the next day but instead of that i was declined and couldnt add funds again, will i still be able to add funds to it or my card has been blocked… anyone there to help

  71. anyone help, i tried loading this evening with my girl friend wellsfargo credit card but it said my account was under review, that i cant add funds now, sorry can anyone explain to me whats going on, a reply will be honoured

  72. Hi,
    FYI my WElls Fargo prepaid card was closed with out notice. When I called after a very long hold (35 min) I was told it was closed for spending limit violations. I used the card in Dec to load $2k and Jan to load 2k total over a period of days.
    Was advised I could reapply but no assurance I would be given another card.
    Will keep you posted about the reapplication.
    Thanks again for all the stuff you post.

  73. My WF prepaid was also closed w/o notice. Got account locked after attempting to load w/ SW Biz card. After calling and asking to unlock account believe they reviewed the activity and had too many Walmart dr transactions to BB. Learn from my experience and be a bit more varied. My understanding is no go for me on this product anymore.

  74. After having nothing but success in the past, my in-store WF to BB load was declined today. It said “accepted” on the PIN pad, but then printed out a declination receipt. We tried a second time just to see if it was a fluke, but got the same result. When I look at my online WF transaction history, I see both attempts listed as “purchases” with immediate “adjustments” for the same amount.

    Something’s up on the back end. No reason to think this affects anything other than in-store WF to BB at this time. Anyone else have this happen, or is this a case by case thing?

  75. I should also add that I have subsequently used my WF for (gasp) actually buying things with no problem. I have not yet attempted a load via CC online, but won’t for a few weeks because of the way their load limits (both published and unpublished) work.

  76. Wow, WF must be closing these cards for “fraud” now for just about anything.

    I just got my card, and have one in processing for my wife (same address). I used mine to make an online purchase just to test it out, then today I was at WalMart so I put $500 on Bluebird. Then I bought some groceries at another store and got $50 in cashback instead of going to an ATM. By the time I got home, WF had cancelled both my AND my wife’s cards for fraud, and the wife’s never even arrived yet!

    Now I’m wondering how I get my money back because I can’t even log in yet. I guess I call and see if they’ll do a chargeback of the balance?

  77. Reading through all the threads, it sounds as if a persons account has the potential to be closed if you use your Wells card to fund Bluebird at Walmart. Has anyones account been closed for simply funding online?

  78. I just received a new WF card and was re-reading the terms and conditions. It now states that after may 1st 2013 they will only accept Wells fargo credit cards or debit cards for funding.
    Takes this card out of the equation!


    can I purchase any prepaid debit card that wal- mar excepts, and use that to load my bluebird card?
    according to what I am reading the only fee I see incurring in this type of transaction is the purchasing of a v*sa prepaid debit card?

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  81. Got shut down on May 1 – looks like they are saying the money would go back to the funding account. In any case was planning to shut this down.

  82. Slightly related on the issue of Pre-Paid cards:

    I applied for a Pre-Paid Mango MasterCard some weeks ago on a Saturday. Set up the account online, no problem. Put the required $20.00 to the account to process getting the physical card via mail, and was left with a $15.00 balance. ($5.00 charge per month if the account doesn’t have, or does not maintain, or oepn with a $500 balance). Mango also allows the customer a number of options to transfer and add money to your account, including linking an existing Pay Pal account. Linked Mango to my PayPal, with ease. PayPal sent 2 small increments to Mango, recognized it; and my Mango account /card was added to my PayPal by Monday morning. (side note: I have been using PayPal for 10 years with NO problems nor any issues.)

    That same Monday (April 29th) in the evening, I called Mango Customer Service just to check the status / inquire as to how long it generally takes to get the physical card in the mail. I was told 7-10 days. I called because I received an email saying:

    “By now you should have received your Mango Prepaid MasterCard. This is just a friendly reminder that activating it is quick & easy and best of all there’s no activation fee.” I thought that was odd, but figured I’d have the card by the end of the week. At the very latest Saturday May 4th.

    The following Monday (today, the 6th) I still had not received the card.
    I tried to log online to access my account, and could not. I called customer service to report the log-in problem, and they informed me that my account was closed last Monday (April 29th, the day I inquired about the physical cards being mailed). They provided ZERO explanation, reason, or reasons as to why or what happened. I never received the card. I made NO transactions, so there couldn’t possible be any “suspicious activity”. In less than 48 hours, they close my account with ZERO notice, or explanation as to why this happened.

    Oh wait, they did tell me something; I’m no longer eligible to apply for a Mango card or use their services again.
    I would recommend staying FAR away from Mango Pre-paid MasterCard; and I will make it a point to get my $20.00 transferred back to me.

  83. How can I get a well fargo perpay card.

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  85. How do I get this card ? Can you mail one to me?

  86. How do I get a card

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  89. Hi my name is iris baltazar I have seem to have missed placed my wells fargo prepaid card and I want to order a new one I can’t seem to find the number can you help me out

  90. Besides the number thing your prepaid cards are very awesome if I had ten thumbs ill give it ten thumbs up