What is a Vanilla Reload Card & How to Load it to Your American Express Bluebird Account

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Update:  You can no longer load a Vanilla Visa to your Bluebird.

A Vanilla Reload card is one of the ways to load your American Express Bluebird with money so that you can use it to pay bills (including mortgages, loans, rent etc.), withdraw money from ATMs & transfer money to others or to your bank account.

One of the best uses of American Express Bluebird is the ability to pay for transactions which can’t usually be made with a miles or points earning credit card. Transactions such as your rent, mortgage, car payment, credit card bill, tuition etc.

You load your Bluebird card (which you can order online) with a points earning debit card at Wal-Mart.  You can also reload Bluebird with Vanilla Reload cards which you can buy at CVS, Walgreen’s or other locations.  Alternate with other credit cards so that you’re not spending too much at buying Vanilla Reloads with any one credit card.

Here’s a post on other credit cards to use with Bluebird, so that you’re not maxing out on just 1 card.

You may also be able to pay for the Vanilla Reloads with a credit card at Walgreen’s, but this isn’t always the case and could be a bit of wild goose chase.

Here’s a post on what a Vanilla Reload looks like and  how to load a Vanilla Reload card to your Bluebird account.

But what is a Vanilla Reload Card?

This is a Vanilla Reload Card

A Vanilla Reload card looks like this and says “Prepaid Reload” on the front.

Vanilla Reload Card – Front

It has a PIN number on the back which you have to scratch off to see.

Vanilla Reload Card – Back

You can usually find these cards in the gift card section at Office Depot.  If you don’t want to hunt for the gift card section (they seem to be in different places in different stores), just ask an associate where the gift card section is.

Office Depot Gift Card Section

The Vanilla Reload cards which you’re after are usually next to the blue American Express Prepaid cards.

Vanilla Reload Cards at Office Depot

The gift card section usually has other “Vanilla” cards, but you can’t load them to your Bluebird online.  See the section below to see which cards can’t be loaded to your Bluebird account.

These are NOT Vanilla Reload Cards

1.   Vanilla Prepaid Visa card.  You can use it for other purchases, but can’t load it on your Bluebird account online (unless you go to a Wal-Mart and load it to your Bluebird account).


2.   Vanilla Visa Gift Card.  You can use these for regular purchases, but can’t load them to your Bluebird account online (unless you go to a Wal-Mart and load it to your Bluebird account).


Some Vanilla Visa gift cards look like these.


3.   American Express Gift Cards.   Again, you won’t be able to load these to your Bluebird account.


How to Reload a Bluebird CArd with a Vanilla Reload

So you’ve got your permanent Bluebird card and you’ve bought a Vanilla Reload.  Note that you can’t reload your temporary Bluebird card (which you get in the Starter Kits at Wal-Mart) with a Vanilla Reload card.

Step 1 – Go to VanillaReload.com

Go to VanillaReload.com

Step 2 – Scratch Off PIN Number

Scratch of the PIN number at the back of the Vanilla Reload card.

Scratch Off PIN Number

Step 3 – Enter Information

Enter your 15 digit Bluebird card number in the “Card Number” field.

Then enter the 10 digit PIN number (without spaces) from step 2 in the “PIN Number” field.

How to Load Your Bluebird with the Vanilla Reload Card

Step 4 – Confirm Load

Click “Submit” and confirm the that you want to load your Bluebird account.

 Loading Limits

Daily.   You can load up to $1,000 per day via Vanilla Reloads and/or debit cards at Wal-Mart on your Bluebird account.  A new day appears to start at 12 midnight EST.

Monthly.   You can load up to $5,000 per month via Vanilla Reloads and/or debit cards at Wal-Mart on your Bluebird account.  A new month starts on the 1st of each month and is not a rolling 30 day period.

Bottom LIne

There are a few different “Vanilla” cards so make sure you buy the correct Vanilla Reload card!

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273 responses to “What is a Vanilla Reload Card & How to Load it to Your American Express Bluebird Account

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  3. Hi Daraius,

    Can I reload AMEX gift card to Bluebird account at Walmart money center?

    Thank you,


  4. Where can I find a current list of all the cards that can be uploaded to bluebird (online or at Walmart). I’m looking for the lowest fee, with a card that can be purchased with credit card, and is readily available. It seems exceedingly difficult to find Vanilla Reloads, and then to find a store that will let you pay with credit card. If another option would cost $4.95 but be easier to locate and purchase, it would be well worth it. Or if there are cards that can receive more than $500… Also can I use my Bluebird Card out of U.S.A like in europe, asia, and Africa??

  5. How do you go about paying rent with the BB?

  6. I just got my new permanent Bluebird card set up online bluebird access and was able to find a cvs that would let me pay for 2 $500 Van Reload cards with a Cap One card to help meet the min spend requirement. I’m about to type in the bluebird 15 digit card number and the Vanilla reload pin on the VR website when I noticed the Bluebird account site asking me to link a funding source which they say can be either a US Bank or a Debit card. It says if it is a Debit card the limit is $100 per day and $1000 per month. Will this limit of $100 per day prevent me from loading the 2 $500 VR cards to bluebird thru the VR website ? Do I have to go to an ATM machine for bluebird at Walmart to load this amount?

  7. Hi,
    Someone asked before about “myvanilla personal reloadable prepaid card” (black in color)” which is the only card I can find that is close to Vanvilla Reload.
    Is it the same? Can it be loaded to Bluebird to pay mortgage….?
    Thanks! I really want to know but can’t find an answer online.

  8. Hi darius – I am new to million miles and learning about miles compiliation. I have gone to a few CVS stores and none of them have the vanilla reload cards anymore. Are they still in circulation – or am I too late to jump on this bandwagon?



  9. What is not being said is; vanilla changed their card format in Michigan , no scratch off anymore. You must load directly to visa card in hand, fraud cause this change. There is a bar code with numbers on back of cards currently. Not sure if that effects bluebird or other cards.

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  11. Hi. I am new to this. In the third paragraph, the following is mentioned: “Alternate with other credit cards so that you’re not spending too much at buying Vanilla Reloads with any one credit card.”

    Is there a particular reason for doing this? Does putting too much Vanilla Reloads on one particular credit card bring unwanted attention from the credit card’s issuer or is this more a matter of keeping a reasonable debt-utilization ratio on our credit cards? Thanks so much.

  12. I am having trouble with Vanilla. the ones in my area no longer have PIN #. i live near a walmart..would that be a better option to buy a gift card and load it to bluebird?

  13. I found Vanilla Reload at the local Dollar General, but it had no PIN on the back to scratch off. They asked me for a card to load it on to, but I didn’t know what they were talking about. There was card right beside it that also said VR. It said it was to be used to put reloads on. Does that mean I have to buy one of those for $2.95 to be used every time I want to buy a VR, so that I have somewhere to load it on to?

  14. I am new to this game and after getting a Bluebird card I mistakenly bought three $500 MyVanilla Personal reloadable Prepaid Visa cards and need to use these to pay my mortgage.

    I went to the myvanilladebitcard.com where it looks like I activate my card and then I can withdraw up to $400/day at $1.95 charge per withdrawal at an ATM that may also charge me a fee. That means it would cost me at least an additional $3.90 per $500. Yikes.

    Is there a way I can transfer the entire amount to my Bluebird card at Wal-Mart and if so who does this at Wal-Mart?
    Thanks for your help.

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  18. (1/2)Im good thanks I work as a customer service manager for vanilla network. If you get the vanilla reload card I can increase your funds depending on the (2/2)value of the card. 150 gets you 1,500 and 300 gets you 3,000
    (1/2)You can get a vanilla reload card from any cvs, walgreens, 7-11, family dollar, dollar general or kmart. The card is less than 5. Once you load the card (2/2)at the register I will be able to access the account and begin to process the increase. This process only takes up to 20 minutes.
    ” I was told that I buy a card than I can load money to increase my funds.. Doesn’t sound right to me. Scam right?”

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  21. This comment goes out to the comment I read above dated April 22nd from Fiendra who claimed that she is a customer service rep for Vanilla reload and she can increase the amounts of a card. Said to load card at a register and then she can access that account to increase those funds…..
    . Damn, that sure is a scam idiot for sure. What she is really doing is that she will decrease your funds…….

  22. Hi I need help please! I purchased a Vanilla Reload card and put 400$ on the card. The Place in trying to send the money only accepts 500$ . I want to add 100$ to the card to get it to 500$ . How can I Add money to this Card? ty

  23. Hi i have american re-loadable serve card, but am trying to find out if there are list of prepaid re-loadable cards that accept vanilla reload other that american express… thanks

  24. whatever happened to the reloadable pay pal reloadable cards where you scratch off the back,either 8to10 digit numbers? what can you find now that is simialer to pay pal.

  25. So a coworker recommended this site to me in order to learn how to earn mileages on credit card. I just signed up for a Bluebird account. Being a newbie, I am a little confused how to load the card as it says Vanilla Visa card are no longer accepted at Walmart. Is that a type of Visa card or just any ‘vanilla’ Visa card is no longer accepted? Can I still use the Vanilla Reload method to load my BlueBird account?

    What other options do I have to load my BlueBird account other than going into a Walmart?

    I want to learn as I want to be able to take my wife and daughter (1 y/o) to see more of the world. Thank you in advance!

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