Update on 12 Lounge Passes for $32.94 (+ Certified Mail Cost) With an AMEX Credit Card

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Update:  From January 1, 2013 you are limited to only ONE lounge reimbursement per month, which greatly reduces the value of this offer.

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Link:  American Express Executive Privilege Club

On March 1, 2012, I wrote about the Executive Privileges Club where you can potentially get up to 12 airline lounge passes (up to $50 each) or $600 total + 12 1-day gym passes (up to $25 each) within 1 year and have Big Travel with Small Money.

The cost of joining the Executive Privileges Club is just $2.99  for a 2-month trial and $29.95 per year after that (which will be automatically charged to the card which you use to sign-up) for the full year of membership.  Add in a few dollars to send the receipts via certified mail for reimbursement.

You can get up to 12 passes reimbursed per calendar year, so if you sign-up now, you can get up to 24 lounge passes for just 1 year’s fee.

I like airport lounges because I can get free wi-fi, comfy chairs to sit in, and a (relatively) quiet place to get work done.

Cheaper Option

The International Line has a great post on MilePoint summarizing the program and includes a link to a cheaper option for only $19.99 and which does NOT auto renew your application each year.  But you have to wait a week or 2 to get enrolled.

My Experience

I signed up for the Executive Privileges Club on February 28, 2012, using the instant enrollment link.  My American Express card was charged $2.99 for a 2-month trial, and I expect to be charged $29.95 after that.

I then clicked on this link to get immediate access to my membership information.  I also got an email a few hours later with my membership number.

I then went online and purchased 1 Delta 1-day lounge pass, 1 United 1-day lounge pass, and 1 American Airlines 1-day lounge pass.  I used an American Express card to purchase the passes because the terms require you to use an American Express card.

After that, I immediately filled out the reimbursement form and mailed the 3 receipts in one envelope via certified mail the next day i.e. March 1, 2012.

On March 27, 2012, or after 4 weeks, I received my membership information packet in the mail.  And on April 2, 2012, I received a check reimbursing me for all 3 passes!

I’m thrilled that this works, because I’d rather fill out the reimbursement forms and mail them in instead of paying hundreds of dollars for lounge access.  In any case, I don’t travel much domestically and 12 lounge passes for $33 is really hard to beat!

Emily had to make a last minute trip last week, and I’ll send in her receipts for reimbursement later this week.

However,  if you sign-up for the Executive Privileges Club, do keep in mind that your information may be used to send you information for products which you don’t need.  So far, I’ve received a few emails from American Express publishing for Travel & Leisure magazine.

Bottom Line:  You don’t need to spend Big Money to get access to an airport lounge, which are quiet places in airports away from the main waiting area,  where you  can get a drink or snack and use the free wi-fi to get some work done while waiting for flights.

Update:  From January 1, 2013 you are limited to only ONE lounge reimbursement per month, which greatly reduces the value of this offer.

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112 responses to “Update on 12 Lounge Passes for $32.94 (+ Certified Mail Cost) With an AMEX Credit Card

  1. So with you buying the 3 passes online ahead of time, it sounds like you can buy them for a companion as well. When you buy the pass online do you have to put the name of the person using it?

  2. Ona side note, i closed my citi card on the day i made my 9k payment, will i get the points for the 9k i spent. Also please confirm i dont lose all my old aa points when i closed my citi cards

  3. Great post. When I followed your United link it states United one day passes can only be purchased at Club Locations. Is there a way around this?

  4. i clicked on your affliate link (instant signup link) and the terms have changed so have the price.
    just sayin’

  5. and it’s not instant either 🙁 expect a kit 4-6 weeks for exec privl

  6. I signed up for the EX Privelege Clup from the $19.95 link & it worked on April 17, 2012

  7. @Mark – This is not scolding by any means. But if you plan on collecting miles/points in the future, it is advisable to know at least the general rules for each program you are collecting in. For AA, miles expire after 18 months if there is no account activity. If there is ANY account activity, the expiration is renewed for another 18 months.
    The miles earned through a credit card are yours regardless of any account activity on your credit card. The only exception to that I can think of is if a purchase is made with the credit card, miles are earned, then the item purchased is returned. Miles may or may not be deducted from your AA account.

  8. Daraius- The terms on the 19.99 offer say 12 passes per CALENDAR year. While buying this pass in April means that youd have to use 12 passed by end of dec it ALSO means that if you use 12 by end of Dec and 12 MORE by april 19 of next year you should be able to get 24 passes for one years membership…. seems illogical that you pay for 4 months membership which you cant use (which would be the other way to understand it). It is worth clarifying…

  9. When I first looked at this program I thought it sounded too good to be true, so I was waiting to hear results from someone. thanks Darius – I’ll definitely be signing up!

  10. The Skyguide Link says ‘This offer has ended’ but below says 202 days left???

  11. how did you purchase united 1 day pass?

  12. @Daraius you said you were sending in Emily’s receipts, but the T&C seem to say you cant transfer benefit to friends and family and they have to put it on an AMEX card (I assume yours). Am I wrong?

  13. @ W Brian Duncan – You’re right that the benefit can’t be transferred. I think Daraius and Emily both signed up for the program, according to the other post he linked.

  14. So do Amex GCs count? I asked the same question on flyer talk and haven’t gotten an answer yet. Wanna score 5X with my Ink Bold and then get the reimbursement.

  15. This may be a silly question. Do you have to fly on the airline of the lounge that you bought a day pass for? For example, we should be receiving the Southwest Companion Pass any day now (yay!) and so we will be traveling a lot on SW for the next 1 1/2 years. Can I check and see which lounges are in our terminal and buy a pass and gain access without showing my ticket stub?

    Also, if I sign up for the $19.99 deal then I understand it doesn’t automatically renew, but can I renew it at the same price in 2013?

    • @Krys – You have to enter the person’s name when buying them online. Also, the terms say that you shouldn’t buy passes for someone else’s account.

      @Mark – As long as the miles are in your AA account, you shouldnt lose them.

      @Karen @Ketan Shah – I purchased my pass online just a month ago (and there was a $12 discount for buying it online). I don’t see that option online anymore, so I’m not sure if you can still buy a 1 day pass online. But you can always get them in the lounge.

      @anita – None of these links are my affiliate links (I always disclose if they are)! Thanks for letting me know – I updated the link.

      @Dan Ray – Thanks for letting us know that it still works!

      @mike fein – You’re right – if you apply now, you could get reimbursed for 24 passes! I’ll update the post to mention that.

      – Just be sure to use an AMEX card to buy the passes and to send you receipts via certified mail. I can’t imagine this being very profitable to them, so they are likely looking for ways to deny claims.

      @TK – Which link are you using?

      @W Brian Duncan (aka IPBrian) – Edwin Ngo is right – Emily has her own membership to the program.

      @Edwin Ngo @jcmitchell21 – Thanks for helping out!

      @Preacher – I haven’t tried it as yet, but can’t see why it shouldn’t count.

      @Jasmine – Not usually. If you see a lounge in a US airport, you should be able to buy a pass to enter. Some airlines like BA don’t let you buy day passes and some lounges are only for certain passengers (international 1st class etc.), but you could buy a lounge pass even if you’re flying Southwest. I’m not sure what the offer price will be in 2013, but you should be able to renew next year.

      @diana turk – You can get reimbursed up to $50 per lounge pass, regardless of where you purchase the pass.

  16. Can I use the pass in Europe at their lounges?? Thanks!

  17. are you allowed 2 more people on these passes? or just the person in whose name pass is issued?

  18. @Dracs- in general a day pass is for one person BUT here is my suggestion. If you buy 2 passes that cost less than 50 dollars (say 25 a piece or even if you pay 54 with tax) if the receipt shows it as one purchse pass youll probably be able to get up to 50 dollars back. If you buy it as 2 separate passes for 25 each they will certainly deny the second. sometimes it takes an intelligent lounge agent to ring it up as one pass for double the price….

  19. I can not find a way to purchase 1 day passes for the United Club online. I may be blind, but can someone clarify if this is possible. Many thanks.

  20. I’m using the link ‘cheaper option for $19.99’ link and it says that it has ended, but below says 202 days left.

  21. Thanks Mike!!

    Have platinum is household and not really fly all the time, so thinking.


  22. I show it at $199… Help!

    After the two free months, if you want to continue receiving the exclusive benefits, do nothing and you will receive 12 more months of club membership (14 in all). You will be charged the special rate of $199.00 for your first year billed to your credit card

  23. Nevermind, I found it!

    • @dracs – Technically you need a separate membership for each person, but Mike F’s idea could work.

      @mike fein– Thanks for helping out!

      @agprint – I can’t find a way to buy a United 1 day pass either now, but I did buy one a month ago!

      @TK – I’m not sure what’s up with that, but others seem to have used it without any issues.

  24. For AA’s Admirals Club this is one of the terms:
    One-day pass visitor must hold a same-day ticket for airline travel that allows clearance through security for flight departure and access to the Admirals Club location.

    What do you think this means? That you have to be flying American or a One World Partner? Or did I read this incorrectly?
    Technically, you could purchase all 12 online at the same time (Delta allows you to change the date). Correct?
    According to Delta: Pass may be used on an alternative date than what is selected and printed on the pass, on, or before the expiration date of the pass.
    Also, what is the exp. date on your pass, how many days after the date you entered that you would use it for Delta?

  25. Darius,

    Can I get the membership & then get passes for myself, husband & 2 kids to use for various lounges when we travel (or do they have to be in my name only)? If we buy the passes in advance, how long are they good for (ie. can we buy all 12 or 24 in anticipation of future travel even if we have nothing planned)?

    Thnx for another great post

  26. I know the AA Passes require a date of use and location field, what did you fill in for those?

  27. @agprint I heard day passes are no longer sold online.

  28. Hi,

    We travel really frugal, no more than 3 times a year. So, I was wondering if you can go with the $2.99 for a 2-month trial, buy the 6 passes that I think I would use in the next year and cancel before the $29.95 charge. Repeat for my partner.
    AA online passes don’t ask you to specify a date (below) and for what @DealsSeeker said you don’t have to flight AA neither.
    Also, the international line said “You must send your receipts individually via certified mail.”, but it seems that you have confirmed that you can send several together….

    from AA: http://www.aa.com/i18n/travelInformation/airportAmenities/admiralsClubArticles/oneDayPass_FAQs.jsp
    Q: Do I have to specify the date the day pass will be used?
    A: Online – you do not have to specify a day the pass will be used – One Day Passes are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

  29. Exactly what do you send in to get reimbursement if you purchase say an American pass online? A copy of the pass? A copy of your receipt? Also where does it state one reimbursement per envelope? Thanks.

  30. just used the $19.99 link and verified my account. it is active today. expires 4/25/13.

    I have a question. on the delta site for the pass and it asks for the persons name to use the pass. Can I put my name there but when arriving at the lounge use it for someone else? I have plat card so would get free with priority if not flying delta, but would like for others. are they strict about name on pass?

    • @DealsSeeker – I suspect it means that you need to be able to get through security to the lounge. For example, if Southwest and AA share the same terminal, you need to have either a Southwest or AA boarding pass to clear security and get access to the lounge. My Delta pass expires 1 year after I bought it, and I have to use the pass before then.

      @Maya – You have to get separate membership for each person, because you will be reimbursed only for passes which you buy in your name (not your family member’s names). I believe most online 1 day passes are valid for 1 year, and you can buy them in anticipation of future travel, or just buy them at the airport. Note that the AA day passes let you bring in up to 3 kids under the age of 18, so you wouldn’t need accounts for them if you were to use an AA lounge.

      @Carlos – It didn’t ask me for that online.

      @Ro – You could do that. I’m not sure if I got lucky with mailing all 3 together or not, but you could mail them seperately just to make sure.

      – I sent in a copy of my pass and receipt.

      @Corridor! – Thanks for verifying!

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  32. I just applied using the $19.99 link. Then I went to the link I have below and entered all of my info. It gave me my account info and showed the terms of my account. The $19.99 link is still working as I just verified it. My account also expires 4/25/2013.


  33. My bad, the SkyGuide Form itself asks for Date of Use and Location. What did you put for those since you purchased online?

  34. That is an awesome deal! Glad that you followed up on your original post to show how well this offer works!

  35. Wow – this is great. Just signed up and am looking forward to using it on my next trip. Thanks for everything you do to make our travels more rewarding!

  36. I just applied using the $19.99 link using a VISA credit card. It accepted my application and said it would take 4-6 weeks to process the membership. Many thanks for providing this valuable info.

  37. I just wanted to add my data point. I submitted 2 forms for 2 Delta lounge passes (one bought on-line and one bought at the club) on 3/19. I received my $100 check on 4/19.

  38. This is fun! I am buying these for my husband’s birthday present- he mostly flies AA for work. I did a test run using his AMEX card, purchasing 1 AA Admirals Club pass, just so I could see the receipt,.

    My question was: I need to get my own AMEX spending up, and I wondered how it would work if I bought the tickets on my AMEX card – we share the same last name, and on the receipt, the pass doesn’t even show the cardholder’s name. So going forward I will buy the passes for him with MY AMEX, using his AA number and his name as the traveler.

    • @Carlos – It didn’t ask me for the location, but for “date of use,” I entered the date of purchase, because I can use the pass up to 1 year from when I purchased it.

      @Michael W. Travels @Chris @AL
      – Glad you find it useful!

      @mary kate – Hmmm…

  39. I also used the $19.99 link for my wife. I checked the link above to verify her account and it said it couldn’t find her account. Then this morning at 8am she received an email with her confirmation number. Not sure why I couldn’t check it, but it did work as I called to verify today.

  40. @Corridor…how long after you signed up did it take to receive the email? I signed up on 4/19 and have yet to receive an email but I saved a copy of the confirmation page — not sure if that does any good.

  41. I just received my “membership kit” 30 days after signing up. I wish they handled stuff faster, foreaalll!

  42. @TK

    I signed up at about 8pm and my email came at 5am.
    I signed my wife up at about 8:15pm and her email came to her at 8am.

    I am not sure which link you signed up with, but I read on Flyertalk that the $2.99 link was no longer giving instant membership numbers. Similar to what happened with my wife but she signed up under the $19.99 link.

    Call 800-365-4357. After giving them your info, you should be able to get your membership info from them.

  43. I also signed up under the $19.99 link on 4/19 — when did you register your wife? The offices are closed (of course) and I will have to verify on Monday.

  44. @TK

    I signed my wife up Thursday night. I called on Friday morning to verify.

  45. i signed up today and bought 2 delta day pass, but the payment methods wouldn’t print.
    The pass has name date and amount on it, but no AMEX payment info.
    is that ok?

    What did you send in?

  46. For United, they are only selling day passes at the club locations themselves. Might be related to the system conversion that took place in March. Old Continental didn’t have online pass purchases either.

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  48. I must be an idiot. I can’t figure out how the reimbursement process works. Is there a form on their website? I can’t find it. Help?

  49. I can’t figure out how the reimbursement process works. Is there a form on their website? I can’t find it. Help?

  50. yes downloadable form on website. You need to fill out, print and send in with lounge receipt. At least that is what they told me. I just signed up. I did see the pdf form on their site.

  51. it is under their “Travel Services” tab

  52. Thank You E. Found it!

  53. The person the mail-in form is C/O no longer works at SkyGuide … I hope they’re forwarding mail properly

  54. I applied to the $19.99 offer a few months ago. Went to a United lounge and submitted the $50 stuff as specified in their instructions. Now, about a month later, I just got an AMEX check in the mail 🙂 So, this works great!

  55. If you signed up for the 2 month trial , it looks like you’ll need to log in to you account and charge the remaining $29.95 balance after your 2 months are up.

    • @lu – I sent in a copy of the Delta pass.

      @Howie – How did you find out? I’ve saved the certified mail receipt and I’m sure someone else will sign for it.

      – Thanks for confirming that this works great!

      @ShrinkTheGlobe – I thought they automatically bill after 2 months?

  56. I signed for $19.99 offer and got my membership info 2 minutes later. Tomorrow I am going to visit a Delta lounge and hope this one also works even for AF/KL lounges too as I am planning to mostly visit them.

  57. When calling the SkyGuide Customer Service I was told that for trying out the membership, they also give an Annual Companion Ticket

    Because I signed up for the $19.99 Annual Membership, I was told I would not qualify for this. However for those of you who got the $2.99 Trial Membership, I wanted to ask if you are aware of this Benefit and if you guys know anything about it.


    • @ZipFly – You can get reimbursed up to $50 for any lounge pass. If KLM/Air France doesn’t sell lounge passes, there may be other lounges in the airport which sell a day pass for which you could get reimbursed.

      @Thunder – I didn’t know about this, so thanks for sharing!

  58. Found out about the change through a little LinkedIn stalking 🙂

  59. @Million Mile Secrets – I never saw a charge for the remaining balance. I originally signed up on 3/1/12 so my 2 month trial is already up. I went ahead and just paid off my remaining balance because I have upcoming travel and want my account to be in good standing when I submit my lounge day pass charges.

    You can check and pay your balance by clicking on the customer service link on the bottom of the SkyGuide web site.

  60. If I fly to Europe and my flight arrives the next day, would I need to buy 2 passes. I want to use the pass at my starting point before departure and at my stopover in Europe the next day, before my destination.

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  62. Just reporting back to say I just got my first reimbursement check and am sending in 2 more on Monday. Thanks again for alerting us to this great offer!

  63. Data point – I purchased two AA passes online for $50 each, submitted the receipts in one envelope and just got a $100 check about a month later.

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  65. Just got my $100 check. Sent 2 different $50 receipts (each bought at Delta Clubs) in same envelope about 1 month ago. Love this. Only in the clubs for 35 minutes but still worth it since it is almost free. Thanks D

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  67. To anyone who’s late to the game like myself – I tried registering on Thurs. (7/19) using the $2.99 / $29.95 link. As of this afternoon, I was still unable to retrieve my member # using the “immediate access to my membership information” link (in the original post). I called customer service today and was told that after 48 hours I should definitely be showing up in their system, which means for some reason my info. didn’t go through (despite the fact that I saw a confirmation screen after signing up). I read a few recent similar reports on flyertalk. So, the point is, I think the $2.99 / $29.95 link may be dead–at least at the moment.

    The good news is that I went ahead and tried Darius’ second link ($19.99). After submitting my info., I was immediately able to retrieve my member # using the above “immediate access to my membership information” link. Now it’s time to buy a few passes! Thank you, Darius!

  68. one more data point.

    Skyguide seems to be working faster. Got my $100 check in just over 2 weeks. Did exact same as i wrote above. Thanks agian D. This is a great deal.

    AND this counts as 3X Points for airline purchase with AMEX BUS card.

  69. I forgot to ask…..
    Has anyone used Credit cards other that AMEX for the Delta Club 1 day purchases? And gotten reimbursed with no problems?
    I would like to use a US Bank Flex Perks card next time.
    Thanks E

  70. Anyone use this USING MILES to track awards programs. I like award wallet but they now want $5 per 6 month tracking. I was emailed the offer below from Skyguide (which so far has been great for delta skyclub reimbursements).
    thanks E

    Exclusively for SkyGuide Executive Privilege Club Members

    Organize your family’s rewards in one place and find free travel now.
    Please accept this gift as our way of saying thank you for being a SkyGuide Executive Privilege Club Member: a free lifetime Premier Membership (worth $29.99 per year) to UsingMiles.com, the new service that gives you control over all your loyalty programs: from Mileage Plus to Starwood Preferred to Marriot Rewards!

    Free Membership to UsingMiles
    • TRACK all your loyalty points in one place… over 150 programs supported: airlines, hotels, daily deals, restaurants, grocery and more
    • GET ALERTS when your miles are expiring… “Use them before you lose them.”
    • SEARCH THOUSANDS of bonus deals in one place. Search by keyword, category, company, or simply see all the deals in your programs!
    • FIND FREE TRAVEL – in 60 seconds – use your miles, points or credits.

    This new service for our SkyGuide Executive Privilege Club Members is getting more powerful every week!

    This gift is FREE to our top members. Start now – simply take a minute and sign up, it’s easy.

    Sign up for free now!

  71. Hi. Will this work for lounges which aren’t specific to a certain airline such as the ones listed on https://www.loungeclub.com/en/ ?

  72. United Club passes can be purchased using the iPhone app for $45 each. It sounds like they are only one-time use rather than day-passes.

    I’m not sure what sort of receipt you send for reimbursement, or if passes can be pre-purchased for reimbursement. Anybody know if / how this would work?

  73. @Darius – To permit the pre-purchase and reimbursement of lounge passes for use on a later date. It seems that a number of commenters above asked how to purchase online like you did previously. Now that United got rid of online club pass purchases, this seems to be the only available option to purchase away from the lounge.

  74. As for the free WiFi, wouldn’t anyone with a computer or ipad be able to get free WiFi if they just stand outside of the lounge? As long as you know the name of the WiFi service you can usually just connect without a password. I did this in Tokyo and was able to get free WiFi next to the lounge. Now many airports are offering free WiFi.

  75. When I buy lounge pass, is it charged by United or something else? I am thinking if I can use Freedom to purchase the pass and take advantage of the 5X on airlines for the rest of the year.

  76. Exec Priv Club states purchases be made with AMEX card. Not sure if this is enforced or not. I’ve always used an Amex for club purchases.

    Anyone use other cards?

  77. You can possibly use Blue Bird when abroad since it doesn’t have foreign transaction fees.

  78. Love this blog, thanks…
    Opened the SW personal card for the $69. And 50k miles. Good.
    Missed the same deal on the SW business. Opened it for the $99 and only 25k miles. Bad. Both have a 1k in 3 mo. spend. No prob.
    Got the card only a week ago.
    Now the s w 50k business is back. With 2k spend in 3 mo. Called Chase ask to upgrade to the 50k deal. To bad so sad. Nada.
    Considering closing the business card and getting another card with 50k. Or I could go ahead and make the 25 k bonus miles and close after. Please advise on the up and down side to my quandary.
    Will I be charged the $99 regardless? What effect will this have on other chase cards for me?

  79. So each person needs their own account, correct? E.g. can’t get the passes for the family with one $19.99 account?

  80. Thanks Darius
    Spoke with cust service they forwarded a request to the marketing team. They to send me a yes/no letter within a 10 days.
    Is there a certain place to send the secure message?
    Thanks again

  81. Thanks for the link.
    Will change threads.

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  83. Darius (or anyone with experience with this program) –
    I just signed up today 12/9/12. Since the new rules don’t go into effect until 1/1/13, do you think it’s possible to just buy 12 passes over the next 2 weeks to get my 2012 benefits, submit them for reimbursement immediately, but not use them until next year? Then I suppose I’d still be able to get my 2013 benefits. Based on your experience this year, it appears that you can just purchase them online and submit that receipt immediately for reimbursement.

  84. According to the Skyguide website the Maple Leaf Lounge(s) in Toronto are eligible for reimbursement. Skyguide’s site says you need to reserve 24 hours in advance. But from what I’ve seen online, it’s not possible to buy a one-day pass to the MLL. Does anyone have any insights to share?

  85. 1/9/13 – I tried to sign up using the instant enrollment link but it didnt work. Has this expired?

  86. The links pull up but I don’t think that the offers are available anymore.

  87. This seems like a great deal. Just one quick question. The terms currently state that you can’t send in your receipt for reimbursement until AFTER you have USED the lounge pass. Does anyone know if this is true? I don’t see how they can tell if you’ve used the pass or not. Also, if you purchase a pass in person at the airport, can you purchase passes for future dates?

    Thanks for your help!

  88. I tried submitting an application using the link provided. There is an offer for 2 restaurant gift cards and a 2 month trial membership for $2.99. I didn’t receive a confirmation email after a couple days and called customer service. I was told they had no information regarding my account. So I just tried it again. I have not received a confirmation email, so I was wondering if you knew if the application is no longer valid. Thanks!

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  90. So can I just buy a pass online each month for a year or do I have to actually purchase the pass at the airport to get reimbursed?

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