United 60,000 Mile Offer [Now 65,000] Is Now Open To Most Folks! [Still Working]

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Million Mile Secrets reader Kay (thanks!) commented to let me know that the Chase United 60,000 mile credit card offer is now available to most folks!

Update:  This offer is no longer working.

This is GREAT news, because you can get the 1st 50,000 United miles after spending $1,000 within 3 months with the 1st year annual fee waived!

You get the remaining 10,000 miles after spending $25,000 within a calendar year which is a lot of spending, so I consider this as a card with a 55,000 mile sign-up bonus.

However, you may need to have a few United miles in your Mileage Plus (United’s frequent flyer program) account to get to see the 55,000 mile offer.  If you don’t have United miles in your Mileage Plus account you may get the 30,000 mile offer instead.

Here’s how to get to the United 60,000 mile credit card offer.

1.   What if I already have a previous United credit card?

Emily currently has the MileagePlus Visa card while I don’t.  When I logged in to Emily’s MileagePlus account and clicked on the link above, I wasn’t able to see the United 60,000 mile offer.

However, when I pasted the link above into my browser I was able to get to the 60,000 mile offer after 2 tries.

2.   I don’t have any United miles in my MileagePlus account?

I transferred miles from my United account to my Continental account and then tried accessing the United 60,000 mile credit card offer.

But I was only offered 40,000 miles when I had NO United miles in my Mileage Plus account.

If you don’t have any United miles, you could:

a.   Link your Continental & United accounts and transfer miles from your Continental account to United for free.

b.  Transfer miles from Chase Ultimate Rewards if you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred or the Chase Ink Bold.  As of now, you can transfer Chase Ultimate Reward points to anyone’s account!

c.  Sign-up for the United dining program, spend $50 in a participating restaurant, and complete a survey to receive 1,000 bonus United miles

Please note that there have been few reports on FlyerTalk of folks who have NOT been able to access the 60,000 mile offer even though they have United miles in their account.

So transferring miles to your United account may or may not unlock the 60,000 mile offer.  But it is worth a try!

3.   What if none of the above steps work?

You could apply for the regular 30,000 mile United Explorer and send Chase a secure message asking for the 55,000 mile version along with the $50 statement credit.  This may not work all the time, but if you’re targeted for the offer, they will let you know.

If you decide to apply

Take lots of screen shots (hopefully you won’t need them) and apply for the card!

I just got the Chase Southwest card with 50,000 miles which got me a Southwest Companion Pass (or 1 year of Emily flying free with me!) so I will pass on this card.

But I do wish that I wasn’t limited to only 4 to 5 Chase personal cards a year!

Will I get the Bonus miles if I have/had a Chase United card?

In general, you can get the sign-on bonus once per card type for Chase credit cards.

However the terms and conditions of the United Explore card say:

“Previous and existing United Airlines cardmembers/accounts are not eligible for this bonus offer.”

I’m not sure if this will be enforced, but you should know about it before applying.

Read my previous post on the Chase United and Continental credit card strategy for more information on the credit cards.

Card Benefits

50,000 United miles will get you 2 domestic tickets within the US or to Canada at the low mileage level.   60,000 United miles will get you a coach ticket to Europe or 100,000 miles will get you to Europe in business class using either United or other Star Alliance airlines.

In addition, you will get 1 free checked bag ($25 value) for up to 2 persons on the reservation, access to last minute seats (for double the amount of miles needed) and 2 free lounge passes after your 1st anniversary.

Bottom Line:  There has been much speculation about a new and improved United offer.  But 50,000 mile after your 1st purchase is the best offer for the Chase United credit card which I’ve seen!

Please comment if you were able to see the 60,000 mile offer and if you had miles in your United account.

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465 responses to “United 60,000 Mile Offer [Now 65,000] Is Now Open To Most Folks! [Still Working]

  1. It’s unclear how recent the “Still Working” claim is on this post, but from the comments, it looks like it has been several months since anyone has claimed to see an offer higher than 30K. All the links are showing 30K for me. Asking for them to bump the bonus is not the same as actually applying under a 50K (or 60K, or 65K) offer. I need some United miles and would sign up if offered 50K or more, but not 30K. Now trying to decide if it’s worth the headache of signing up for the dining program and all that just to get some miles in my account (currently at 0).

  2. I agree with Jim

    I only get the 30K offer after login to my account.

    How do I get matched to the 50K (though you said 55K) offer

  3. what would be the argument to get matched to the 55K version?

  4. I just applied. It worked! It’s an 50,000 bonus offer. I just didn’t see the $50 statement credit tho.

  5. Applied directly from Chase, spent $2K added a user and collected instantly 55K miles, my spouse did the same at the same time and also collected 55K miles. As a Chase private client we also applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card and got another 50K points each that can be exchanged 1/1 for United/Continental miles. Go Chase.

  6. Hi,
    I am new to the site but would like to know how to take advantage of the 55000 UNMP explorer card offer. My wife and I have United Mileage Plus Select Visa Signature cards and are both authorized users on each others accounts. I just applied on line for the 30000 miles + 5000 miles when a 2nd authorized user is added. There was a place on the application to add an authorized user so I did this on both of our new applications. Does this qualify us for the additional 5000 mile each or should I have waited until the cards were issued and then added the authorized user?
    2. Both the original Select Signature cards are active with mileage accounts. Will this disqualify us for the new Explorer card bonus mile offers on 2 new accounts?
    3. Is it possible to ask for the 55000 mile upgrade while in the application process?
    4. Should we wait to see if the new explorer cards with 35000 miles are approved and then ask for the upgrade to 55000 miles?
    5. What is the best procedure for asking for the additional miles if that is an option?
    I would appreciate any help with my questions. It is a little confusing on what the best options are to take advantage of the current offer of 55000 bonus miles, if you already have existing Visa Select Signature cards and want to upgrade to Explorer cards.

    • @Denis – Very nice!

      @Ken M – I’d do #4 after you are approved. You can send a secure message. Upgrading to the Explorer card won’t get you the bonus, but you can cancel your existing United cards (if they aren’t your oldest cards) if you get approved for the Explorer card.

  7. I’m only seeing 30k offers. How do you find a 50k? Asking to get pumped to a 50k based on seeing it elsewhere won’t work if they asy you where you saw it, will it?

  8. They’re redirecting to 30,000 offers… too bad. I’m ditching Delta, and 65,000 miles on top of the 25,000 or so that i have will be a nice start.

  9. I’m getting the same offer June 3 (labeled as 50,000 after $2,000 spend plus the 5000 authorized user plus 10,000 if I spend $25K). I don’t understand if it counts towards elite though. In one place it says does not count towards Premier, in another (on the United website) is says Chase offers only count up to Platinum. A bonus 50K would but me into Platinum so definetely worth it if it counts! BTW, off topic, but last week got my Southwest Companion Pass awarded from the two credit card offer!!

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  11. Daraius,
    This is a follow up to the united 60,000 mile promo. I applied for my wife, my son,
    and my accounts online. We were all awarded the 30,ooo mile promotions with bonus miles for adding an authorized user. After approval, I called chase credit card services and requested on separate phone calls for each account the additional 20,000 mile offer that had been offered to select customers. ( on a couple of occasions I got an agent that said the offer was a promotion only offered to customers that received a mailing, if this happened I would call again and get a more accommodating agent who would send a request by e-mail to marketing for the add 20,00o0 miles). I would call back after several days and check on the status of the request. After approximately 7- 10 days all were approved. I received a letter saying to call after spending $1,000.00 to have miles added. After all 3 were approved for the additional miles, I went thru the same procedure to request the $50.00 statement credit that had been offered. Again an agent sent in e-mail requests to marketing and all 3 were approved and the credit added. I did all this by phone with a chase credit card customer service rep. This has been accomplished in the last month with the last statement credit added this week.
    Hope this helps and the promotion still seems to be viable for now anyway.
    Thanks for your informative web site.
    Ken M

  12. P.S.
    The promotion in my above response was the United Explorer Card promo for 60,000 miles
    Ken M

  13. If I add my husband as authorized user, will his credit history get hit? Thanks. TIA

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  16. I saw the 50k mile offer when I logged in my united account today (7/24/13). I have a united plus account that has 13k miles logged, but I dont have a previous card with united/chase.I grabbed the deal – the only downside is after a free 1 year the annual fee is 95.dollars.

  17. I currently have the United MileagePlus Card (the former United College Card, where you get 1 mile for every $2 spent, with no annual fee) and have some miles. The 50k offer was not targeted at me (not even the 30k miles offer) because I already have a “United Chase credit card”.

    Went into a Chase branch today and the banker signed me up with for the 50k card (with additional 5k miles for adding someone to the card). Hopefully, things work out when I meet my minimum spending requirement. Will keep you guys posted.

    Thanks again for the awesome website and everyone’s contribution!

  18. I tried calling chase today to match my original 45K offer with the 65K offer (told them I saw it on united.com). For the first time at chase they told me they will send it to another dept. to verify the 65K offer was actually sent to me. I obviously never received a 65K offer so I expect to be denied.

    I know amex does that, however this is the first time I heard chase does it. Anyone had that experience before? what was the result?

  19. I also am not able to see the 50/60k offer. Interestingly, the link you posted that says https://www.theexplorercard.com/MPYoureIn60kAFW.aspx redirects me to a general “we couldn’t find the page you are requesting” page which eventually redirects to the main page of the site. However, the link https://www.theexplorercard.com/MPYoureIn50kAFW.aspx directly redirects to https://www.theexplorercard.com/MPYoureIn30kAFW.aspx. It seems as though the 50k link is valid but they must be doing some behind the scenes check to see which one of the two bonuses I should be allowed to see. Has anyone had luck signing up for the 30k and then just asking for the extra 20k? Will I have better chances if I go to a Chase branch? I do have a branch near me, but I haven’t seen any flyers or promotional materials about this offer in the branch.

  20. Well, this sucks big time. I received a letter in the mail stating I am not eligible for ANY miles since I have already signed up for a United Explorer in April of 2012 and received 50K miles then. I tried to send a secure message with same results. I am not sure if me asking for a match triggered this or if it would have happened anyway, but I am really pissed. Anyone has any ideas if anything can be done about this or if this was triggered by the match request?

  21. I signed up for United MileagePlus Card with 30K+5K a month ago. Last week received an invitation for the same card with 50K+5K (requested match thru secured message and waiting for reply). While on the Chase website I found The United MileagePlus Select card. I think this would be good companion to United MileagePlus Card. Any idea how I can sign up for the Select card (don’t see any links)?

    The United MileagePlus Select Benefits and Rewards:
    • 3 award miles per $1 spent on tickets purchased from United
    • 2 miles per $1 spent on gas station, grocery, restaurant and home improvement store purchases
    • 2 miles per $1 spent on tickets purchased from other Star Alliance member airlines
    • 1 mile per $1 spent on all other purchases
    • Up to 5,000 Premier qualifying miles (PQM) each year on purchases made on United.com
    • 5,000 bonus award miles each year on your account anniversary

  22. I just applied for 50k business card. Would the secure message work for me to get extra 5k + $50? But for every new employee (no option for adding authorized user), I need to provide SSN and also pay $25 fee/year to get extra 5k miles — am I correct?

  23. Just got my sign-up bonus matched from 30K+5K+$50 to new 50K+5K+$50 offer.

    “The offer you are interested in provides 50,000 bonus
    miles. That offer awards 20,000 additional miles after you
    spend $1,000 in the first three months your account is
    open. We have added the additional 20,000 bonus miles to
    match the newer enrollment offer. You will see this
    adjustment on your next billing statement. The 30,000
    bonus miles will post to your account six to eight weeks
    from the date the spending requirement was met.”

  24. I have to travel frequently from Chicago to Kathmandu, Nepal. Can I use this millage to fly all ove these parts? Do you have United airlines up to Nepal?

  25. Hmm, I have miles in my United account, but all the links just give me the 30,000 mile offer. Any way I can get the 50,000 offer? I know you mentioned to Matt to go to a branch to get the offer, but I’m not quite sure what that means…

    • @BINOD – I beleive that Turkish Air flies to Kathmandu, and you can use United miles on Turkish flights. But check award availability on United.com before applying.

      @Jay – Sorry for not being clearer! Chase offers the 50K version of the United card at their branches. Just go in to a branch and ask for it!

  26. Still works! You need to be patient but the good offer will come. I’m not sure if it helped (I doubt it) but I signed up for the MP dining program and ate at a couple restaurants that participate after registering one of my credit cards. I need to spend $2000 in 3 months not $1000 as stated above. I got 5000 miles for requesting a card for my wife. Will change the registered card to the new one and plan to use all those miles!

  27. I was commenting on this post about this card about a year and a half ago.
    I had my 50,000 miles and $50 credit (which I asked for thanks to you!) and haven’t been able to travel.

    I’m really glad that I’d got this card. I just booked a round trip to Costa Rica from Michigan for only 47,500 miles !! The taxes were $52 and the $50 credit covered that!

    It was 30,000 one-way and 17,500 on the way back. It’s pretty hard to find the 17,500 flights that don’t have two layovers or an overnight, but I found one. The 30,000 flights are a little sparse too, lots and lots of 35,000 options each way.

  28. I read here and somewhere other post about going into a Chase branch to try for the current 50,000 , so I went in. One had a sign for the 50k option out (dated November 2013), read on for my story.

    1) The first one said no and we don’t do apps here any more and we never did the airline one here (and sent me away).

    2) The second branch let me wait for an agent, when I got to his desk he said he could help me with any of their main 3 (but not this card). He had a sheet on the desk describing those three and on the back he had 2 more, both airlines. The United offer was for MileagePlus Explorer Card with 50,000 (after spending $2,000 in 3 months) no fee first year), the sheet was listed at the bottom as “Issue date 11/13” and had interest rates on it as of Nov. 17th. He said we can’t do that one, even checked with a manager. I made him look at the Chase web site and he could see it was only 30,000 miles and he refused to look on his computer in the application area for me (I pretty much begged).

    But from having the advertisement, this clearly isn’t targeted, but how do THEY expect people to actually get it?!? FYI, these were in the Detroit, Michigan metro area.

    Not a happy ending (yet), but I WILL BE TRYING the next time I pass another Chase bank.

  29. I just applied online for the card. How long should I expect to wait for a response with approval based on your experience?

  30. My card took about 2 weeks for approval.
    UAL website advertisement said 30,000 miles. I late called UAL requesting the $50 credit which was advertised on another page. I received the $50 and 50,000 miles after $1000 spent.

  31. Hi,
    I was just wondering if you can get this card and have the points transferred to another Star Alliance loyalty card instead of the United account. Does that make sense to you?

  32. Thanks for the response!

  33. Hi! I have an account w/miles for United, and I clicked the links tonight, and also tried copy pasting them into new browser screens, and I did not get anything better than the 30k mi offer 🙁 Pretty disappointed. Just letting you know.

  34. Are there any good offers for this credit card right now?

  35. The instructions from MMS still works. I was able to apply for the 50K offer at https://www.theexplorercard.com/MPYoureIn50kAFW.aspx. If approved, I will call in to Chase customer service to request for the $50 statement credit. Thanks!!

  36. I went to the website pasted in “Patricks” comment and it redirects to only 30,000 miles. Has anyone done this recently and gotten the 50,000? Should I apply and then call and ask for the extra 20,000. I don’t have United miles account but my husband does. I wanted to have each of us apply for a card separately to get the miles. What do you think? How often do they do the 50,000 mile promotions?

  37. “Step 2” about says “Click the link below” but there are 4 links listed. 3 of the 4 are dead. You might consider removing the dead links. Afterwards, you are welcome to remove my comment if you wish.

    I only got the 30,000 point offer. I will try again later in the year. Thanks for you helpful website!

  38. My wife just got the 65,000 United Visa offer with no specific efforts to do so, just signed in to Mileage Plus website. She had approximately 20k miles in her account

  39. I just got the 50k mile offer to work with an account with a few miles in it.

  40. I have over 5000 miles on my account and I am still getting the 30000 mile offer…what am I doing wrong?

  41. I applied for United Explorer Card 2 weeks ago and received 30k miles offer. After reading several forums I learned if you go apply at a Chase Bank they offer 50k miles. This is true! I went to Chase Bank explain how I received 30k miles and had I know if I applied at a branch I would receive 50k miles. Bank manager called customer service for me to see if they would honor branch promotion. Said it would take 2-3 days for a response. 3 days later chase honored the branch promotion and I received 50k miles.

  42. I just applied for the Explorer card at the Chase branch. I can confirm that if you go into a Chase branch directly, they have the 50,000 mile deal.

    Does anyone know if there are any consequences for adding an authorized user, getting the 5,000 bonus miles, and then removing them?

  43. I signed up in the branch in Brooklyn today and got the 50K bonus

  44. I want to sign up and I already have a milage plus card can I still get it and do I have to pay 50 dollars , are there any other fees

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  49. how I have to appley for chase united mileage plus for 55000 points

  50. I tried to apply on line for a credit card ” United Chase ” United plus Explorer credit card on April 29th, 2016 today, clicked on ‘ Apply now’ but didn’t work. Will you Please help me?

    Update: This offer is still working and is now a 65,000 mile offer.

    This is GREAT news, because you can get the 1st 50,000 United miles after spending $1,000 within 3 months with the 1st year annual fee waived!