70,000 Hilton Points With The Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

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Bank Of America Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

There’s nothing like an, umm, stern lecture from Emily (entirely justified in hindsight) to concentrate my mind on getting more hotel points.

We have millions of airline miles, but only a few hundred thousand hotel points.

Last July we used 40,000 Delta miles each to visit San Fransisco, Napa, and Sonoma together with Emily’s dad.  We rented a house in San Fransisco for a week, but needed a 1 night hotel stay around Sonoma.

I booked us in a Rodeway Inn using Wyndham points, because I wanted to “save” my Hyatt, SPG, and Priority Club points for a “better value” location.

The more experienced readers have probably already guessed what the outcome of this calculation was.

Hey, it was one night, and we would arrive at 8:00 pm and leave by 8:00 am.  Also, the regular rate for the Rodeway Inn was $200+, so I figured that the hotel couldn’t be that bad.

How bad could it be?

Very bad!

The Rodeway Inn was dirty and the carpet was damp and smelled of mold.  There was even graffiti on the walls.  Emily found stains and loose hairs on the blankets, and the lumpy mattress kept her up almost all night.

Ever since then, I  thoroughly review hotels before we visit to ensure that we don’t have such an experience again.

I’m also on the look out for quick ways to rack up hotel points.

70,000 Hilton HHonors miles With The Bank of America Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

I recently applied for the Bank Of America Hawaiian airlines credit card which will get me 20,000 Hawaiian Miles after the first purchase and an extra 15,000 miles after spending $1,000 within 4 months.

More importantly, I hope to convert these to Hilton HHonors points at a 1:2 ratio, which will get me a total of 70,000 Hilton HHonors points.

This is a MUCH better sign-up bonus than the 40,000 HHonors points you get after spending $1,000 on the Citi Hilton HHonors card or the 40,000 HHonors points after the first purchase on the American Express Hilton HHonors surpass card.

Now the Citi HHonors card gets you Silver elite status and the American Express Surpass card gets you Gold elite status with the option to earn top-tier Diamond status after spending $40,000 a year.

However, I’m more interested in maximizing the sign-up bonus with each of my credit card applications than on the elite status benefits.


There are a few different ways to use HawaiianMiles, but the transfer to Hilton is a quick way to rack up hotel points.

1.   Hawaiian Airlines

The HawaiianMiles award chart, with 3 award tiers,  Coach SuperSaver, Coach Saver, and Coach Flex, makes it expensive to redeem for award tickets.

A 1-way award from the Continental US to Hawaii costs either 20,000, 30,000 or 40,000 HawaiianMiles depending on the award tier used.

Also, Hawaiian Airlines flies from only a few US cities.

2.   Partner Airlines

You can also redeem Hawaiian Miles on partner airlines such as Delta, Continental, Virgin Atlantic, and Korean Air.

However, good luck with finding an award at the low level with Delta since you can’t use partner airlines and Delta has to be the operating carrier.

You can only redeem for a roundtrip US award on Continental airlines for 40,000 miles which is not a good value.

But you can redeem 100,000 HawaiianMiles for an Upper Class trip from the US to the UK on Virgin Atlantic which seems like a good use of Hawaiian Miles.

You could also redeem 50,000 HawaiianMiles for an economy trip on Virgin Atlantic to the UK, but the fuel surcharges would be very expensive.

3.   Other Transfer Partners

Most of these options are a waste of points.  For example, 10,000 HawaiianMiles for a $50 gift certificate to Alamo.

However, you can redeem HawaiianMiles, in increments of 5,000 points, for Hilton points.

This seems like the best use of HawaiianMiles to me since 35,000 Hawaiian Miles will most likely transfer to 70,000 Hilton points.

I say “most likely” transfer, because I haven’t yet done the transfer from Hawaiian Miles to HHonors points.

Here’s what the terms say (bolding mine):

“Please allow 10-15 business days for processing. The name on the Hilton HHonors account must match that of the HawaiianMiles account. Miles are sent in increments of 5,000 miles and will create 10,000 Hilton HHonors points. Per the terms and conditions, third-party loyalty program mileage transfers are not allowed.”

I doubt that miles earned on the Hawaiian Airline’s credit card will be considered a “third-party loyalty program,” but I wanted to alert you to the slight liklihood that you may not be able to transfer Hawaiian miles to Hilton.

The above restrictions for “third-party loyalty programs” was likely put in place to prevent American Express Membership Reward points being transferred from American Express to Hawaiian Airlines at a 1:1 ratio and then from Hawaiian Airlines to Hilton points at 1:2 ratio, instead of the lower 1:1.3 ratio which Membership Rewards offers for transfers directly to Hilton.

Bank of America Hawaiian Airline Credit Card


  • 20,000 bonus HawaiianMiles or40,000 Hilton points after first purchase
  • 15,000 bonus HawaiianMiles or 30,000 Hilton points after spending $1,000 within 4 months from card approval
  • 1 mile per $1 spent on all purchases except Hawaiian Airline tickets which earn 2 miles per $1 spent
  • 2,000 bonus HawaiianMiles on your account anniversary date which is not worth the $79 annual fee for Signature cards


$79 fee NOT waived for the first year.

There is a 3% foreign transaction fee, so don’t use this card overseas.

Bank Of America may NOT approve you for the Visa Signature credit card which offers 20,000 miles after first purchase and 15,000 miles after spending $1,000 within four months.

You may instead receive the Platinum Visa card which offers only 10,000 HawaiianMiles after the first purchase if you do not qualify for the Signature card.

I hate this type of bait and switch wording in the fine print, and want to make you aware of the possibility of only getting 10,000 HawaiianMiles instead of 35,000 miles if you don’t qualify for the Signature card.

Bottom Line:

If you are short of hotel points, the Bank of America Hawaiian Airlines credit card may get you 70,000 Hilton points to have Big Travel with Small Money!

This is a good deal because it is the largest amount of Hilton points available as a sign-up bonus for a credit card.

Update: Iowan points out that you could get 90,000 Hilton points by applying for the Virgin Airlines credit card and transferring the 45,000 mile bonus to Hilton at a 1:2 ratio.

Update 2: adam pointed out that the ratio on the Virgin Atlantic website still shows a 1:1 transfer rate. I checked and the UK Virgin Atlantic website shows a 1:2 transfer rate, but the US Virgin Atlantic website shows a 1:1 rate.  I’m not sure which rate is accurate, so use caution if you decide to transfer Virgin Atlantic miles to Hilton.

Update 3: Virgin confirms that the transfer ratio from Virgin to Hilton is 1:1, so the Hawaiian Airlines credit card would give you the highest amount of Hilton points as a sign-up bonus.

The $1,000 minimum spending required, within 4 months, on the Bank Of America Hawaiian Airlines credit card to get the sign-on bonus is also smaller than the spending required on other cards such as the Citi American Express 75,000 AAdvantage card, the 50,000 point Chase Sapphire credit card, or the 30,000 point American Express SPG card.

Have you transferred Hawaiian Airlines miles to Hilton points?  Tell us about it in the comments?

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95 responses to “70,000 Hilton Points With The Hawaiian Airlines Credit Card

  1. no first year fee waived, right?

  2. What about the 45,000 mile Virgin Atlantic Bank of America credit card? Is that not the hghest signon bonus?

  3. Do you already have a Hilton Amex? 62.5K sign up (easy 50K the other 12.5K takes a little effort) 6 points per dollar gas, groceries, some bills 3 points per dollar everything else, silver status gets you into axon, glon and vip awards which have a basic 15% discount on redemption of 4 days or more, plus the card does not carry an annual fee.

  4. Great post! Way to find something that isn’t already plastered everywhere. You really work hard to find great deals. I know you put a lot of effort into this!

  5. Transfered my points back on the 8th of July. The points hadn’t deposited after two weeks, so I called Hawaiian Airlines, they said it can take up to four weeks. I have now e-mailed them and waiting for the response. Although I’m anxious to get the miles, it’s well worth it for 70K. Good use of Hawaiian miles!

  6. Great post! Is this a regular ongoing credit card bonus, or is it a limited-time offer? I’m trying to decide whether to apply for it now or wait… Thanks~

    • @Iowan – The Hilton website indicates that 5,000 Virgin miles will transfer to 10,000 Hilton points. However, the Virgin website indicates that 5,000 Virgin miles will transfer to only 5,000 Hilton points.

      I just checked again and they indicate that transfers to Hilton will earn 2 Hilton points (it used to indicate 1 Virgin mile would transfer to 1 Hilton point), so you’re right – the Virgin offer will provide the most Hilton points! Thanks for the update, and I’ll edit the post.

      Update: The UK Virgin Atlantic website lists the transfer to Hilton as 1:2, but the US website lists the transfer as 1:1. As such, I recommend caution when transferring points from Virgin to Hilton, since it may not be a 1:2 transfer.

      @Anonymous – Not yet, but I will eventually – especially when I want to redeem at the AXON rate. I’m more focussed on bumping up my hotel points balance right now.

      @Sheldon – Thanks!

      @Travis Swanson – Thanks for the heads up that it is possible to transfer Hawaiian miles to Hilton!

      @Jenny – I don’t think the bonus was this high previously, and I don’t see any indication that it is limited time. That said, banks continuously change their offers, so if you can spare the credit inquiry you can apply now (see the comment above on the Virgin card for potentially more Hilton miles). Otherwise, it should be fine to wait a bit.

      @wacky guy – There is a business version, but it offers only 10K miles

  7. Is there a business version of this card?

  8. If you are interested in staying at a Hilton for more than three nights on points, you should get at least Silver VIP status (say, by getting a fee-free Citi HHonors Visa or by using the current promo for Gold status via the Visa Signature card), thus making you eligible for discounts on the number of points required per night. Depending on hotel category, these discounts can give you a better deal than AXON.

    • @KateFromCA – I already have gold status, but a good reminder about the benefits of status. For a 4 night stay, the AXON rate is higher than the VIP rate for a category 5 hotel, but cheaper than a category 6 or 7 rate. But you’re right – it does pay to compare award levels and get status for long stays at Hilton!

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  10. Could someone please elaborate what AXON, glon and vip awards are?

  11. Do Hilton hotels offer Gold status benefits (upgrade, breakfast, etc.) to Gold Hhonors members on reward stays as well?

  12. An AXON award is utilized by a HHonors member who holds a HHonors Amex while the VIP or GLON awards are based on HHonors status – if you hold a HHonors Amex you have access to both types as the HHonors Amex provides silver status. These awards have a minimum 4 night stay. A 4 night Cat.7 stay (reg.200K points) only 145K under an AXON award!

  13. The Virgin website still lists the transfer at 1:1 for Hilton

    • @M – Anonymous has done a good job explaining the different types of Hilton awards which can be redeemed. An AXon award has the potential to save you a lot of points on a redemption.

      @Jenny – Yes, Hilton does honor status on reward stays, unlike Priority Club!

      @adam – I just checked and the UK site shows the transfer as 1:2 for Hilton and the US website lists it as 1:1. This is very strange!

  14. Daraius,

    Thanks for the original post! It got me thinking and I would have to say the Virgin Atlantic Amex card would be the way to go if the 1:2 mile to point ratio can be confirmed. Here’s why:
    20,000 miles first spend
    25,000 miles after $2500 spent
    5,000 miles for 2 additional users

    That totals 52,500 miles or 105,000 Hilton points for a $90 fee. Also, the card earns 1.5 miles per $, which is equivalent to 3HH points per $ after the transfer. The Hawaiian Air card is $79 and only earns 1 mile per $.

    Thanks for bringing up this topic to get us all thinking about how to maximize miles and points!

    • @Kevin F – That’s a great way to use Virgin miles, if the ratio is 1:2. Even if the ratio is not 1:2, but is 1:1, you can get 57,500 Hilton points.

      I called Virgin and after a 20 minute wait, was told that the ratio is 1:1.

      @Ryan – Thanks, but I think all the blogs provide value in their own way!

      @Faith – I’ve been approved for the card, so I’ll let you know once I complete the transfer.

      @me – I don’t want to accumulate only airline miles, but would like to also have some hotel points too to diversify. I agree with you that there are good alternatives to hotels, but sometimes it is easier to stay in a hotel, particularly when I’m traveling overseas. BTW, I’ve tried Air BnB before and want to try couch surfing soon.

      @j – No, I haven’t personally got Hilton points from Hawaiian miles, but I’ve been approved for the credit card and will post later when the miles show up in my account. I have called Hawaiian and they confirmed that the transfer ratio is 1:2.

      BTW, I did write in the post “I say “most likely” transfer, because I haven’t yet done the transfer from Hawaiian Miles to HHonors points.”

      – Thanks for checking! I called Virgin and they also confirmed that the ratio is 1:1.

  15. I have to say of all the FF blogs, this is the only one that is needed.
    Daraius, don’t change! Or you’ll become like the other regular conservative FF blogs.

  16. Correction: Make that 107,500 points due to the 1.5 miles per $. Even better!

  17. Thanks for a great post! I am so looking for hotel points right now. This looks like a fantastic way to hear HH points. I wish we someone could confirm they have done it. Maybe a post on MP or FF to find someone out there who has that info.

  18. why the rush to find hotel pts?
    try couch surfing, home exchange? really a better way to travel, u can cook at a real home and u avoid the whole hotel lobby…
    it means real contact in a real neighborhood setting with real people, u get to see how real people live.
    hotels are not fun anymore, the workers are usually exploited even at nice hotels now, they are full of lonely people, or biz people, and the locations/lack of food/fridges lead to poor diets and health. Plus they are often more dirty than a clean lived in home.

  19. Dairius:
    I was so excited when I read the title of your post!

    Then the fine print at the end of the post: “… I wanted to alert you to the slight liklihood that you may not be able to transfer Hawaiian miles to Hilton.”

    Wait a minute! Have you confirmed that this is possible?

  20. VS to Hilton is 1:1 not 1:2. I confirmed this with Hilton by e-mail a few months ago. It seems that not only did they not than me for pointing out an error on their website – they also did not correct the error. Ridiculous.

  21. last week, wife and i both transferred 45K va pts to hh, she got 90k (1:2) I got 45K (l1:1)..contacted VA to attempt to get the other 45k..will rpt back

  22. Thank you so much for checking into the VS to HH conversion. It seems to be a case of YMMV. I applied for the Bank of America Hawaiian, Bank of Hawaii Hawaiian & Bank of America Virgin last week with the intention of moving all the miles to Hilton. Hopefully one of us can figure out what the trick is to convert at 1:2.

  23. Thanks for the post, I might apply for it soon but have to meet spend for 5 new cards (4 AA + 1 Chase sapphire). Conservatively the points are valued at around $600 if you consider that 70,000 points would = 2 nights @ $35,000/night for a $300/night room. What are your thoughts?

    I do have the Hilton Surpass card as a primary card and about hit the spend limit – currently at $35/40k. Looking forward to getting diamond status. Will never do this again, I would have been better off with a different card(s) with that level of spending.

  24. Also have discovered there is a Bank of Hawaii card which gives another 35,000 Hawaiian points. You can apply for both cards and get 140,000 Hilton points!

    • @Wes – Thanks for sharing. Good luck with the other 45K!

      – I know that the transfer ratio is 1:2 for Hawaiian, but even if it is 1:1 for Virgin, that’s still some extra Hilton points!

      @Kam – I value Hilton points at about 0.6 to 0.8 cents per point, which is close, but a little lower than your value. The BA companion pass for $30K spend may be a better alternative than the $40K spend for Diamond.

      @James – Thanks!

      @MichaelP – It depends. 2,500 Aeroplan miles per stay at Hyatt is the most miles for a single stay. However, I like Priority Club because you can sign up for lots of bonus points offers.

  25. There is a business card, but it currently only has a 10,000 mile sign-up bonus:

  26. What’s the best current promo to earn bonus hotel points or airline miles(AA,UA,BA,US) for a 6 days paid hotel stay?

  27. My understanding is that MR points can be transferred to Hawaiian airlines 1:1. Will it be possible to them transfer the hawaiian points to Hiltion 1:2? If yes with the current Gold, Plat offers you would be transferring atleast 75K MR-> 75 Hawaiian points-> 150K Hilton points.
    I am sure I am missing something 🙂

    • @MV – Good question, but the terms say “third-party loyalty program mileage transfers are not allowed.” I suspect that this was written to prevent folks from getting a better transfer rate by transferring MR points to Hawaiian and from there to Hilton at a 1:2 ratio.

      Instead, you have to use MR’s 1:1.3 when transferring from AMEX to Hilton.

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  29. I just received this card in the mail today and wanted to point out that 20,000 miles post after first use and you need a minimum spend of $1,000 to unlock the other 15,000 miles. I also checked your link and it stated the same terms. I’m guessing they may have changed the offer since your original post….

  30. I’m wondering if your transfer Hawaiian to Hilton has completed yet?

  31. Do have the link to the other Hawaii Airlines credit card offer of 35K from the Hawaii Bank instead of the Bank of America? Is that still valid? Do anybody know how good or bad is the other non-BofA HA CC?

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  33. I don’t see the link. Did u attach it to this post? If you can, that will be great. I will also try to search and find it on FT. I believe that Bank of Hawaii processes the credit card through Bank of America.

  34. What other Bank of America cards are there are are good to apply for?

  35. thanks!

  36. Can anyone report which credit agency the Hawaiian Airlines BofA card pulls from?

    Typically, BofA pulls Equifax, but FT just reported Experian pulls on a BofA application.


  37. TravelTex- BoA pulled experian on me for Hawaiian Sig. I suggest you freeze it up and give it a shot!

  38. What a booger- My experian stats are getting hammered. I’m thinking the Bank of hawaii through FIA may pull Equifax where I havent had an inquiry in two years!

  39. @luvflying
    As of yesterday, the Bank of Hawaii card offer is still active. And you can get both the Bank of Hawaii & the Bank of America versions with the same terms. I applied for and received the B of A card on August 24th, and applied for the Bank of H card August 24th. I’m not sure what “bank” the Bank of H card uses, as it redirects you to another site when filling out the application. However the redirected site doesn’t mention what “bank” is processing the application, it could very well be Bank of H…

    My Bank of H application needed further processing and I called immediately to speak with a customer service rep. She was pleasant and seemed a little confused that I wanted both cards. After 5-10 minutes and confirming about 3 times that I did indeed want both cards, I was instantly approved (I mentioned my job changing and that I would be traveling frequently to Hawaii, thus the reason for finding credit cards that would reward such travel). Happy ending for me, hope it works for others. Especially considering 140,000 Hilton Points! Only negative is paying the $79 annual fee twice.

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  41. Did your transfer from Hawaiian to Hilton clear at 1:2 via the BofA sign-up bonus?

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  46. I applied for my husband for the BOA and BOH cards, he only got the BOH card in the mail and they never contacted us about the BOA card, what is the phone number to call to find out about it, the reconsideration line?

    Also, I only got the 25,000 not 35,000 for one of the cards, and the 35000 for the other, who should i contact about getting the correct amount, the bank that gave me the card or hawaiian airlines?

    Side Question- I applied for the Southwest card for me and my husband and my husband’s came in the mail, who should I call to find out the status of my card?

    Thanks Darius!

    • @Jennifer – Here’s a link to most bank’s reconsideration numbers. If you didn’t get the entire sign-up bonus, you should contact the bank who issued you the card, not the airline! For the Southwest card, you should call Chase’s reconsideration line and ask them about your application. They may ask you a few tough questions, though, but are usually very good about approving card applications.

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  48. Another very nice post and follow-ups! BTW, have you transfered mile for points at 1:2 yet? I got a pre-approved offer from BOA for the Virgin-Atlantic card and would like to apply the Hawaiian card as well to net huge Hilton points! Keep up the good work 🙂

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  50. I applied for Hawaiian Airlines BofA card last Saturday, but didn’t get approved instantly.
    So i called reconsideration’s dept today and after answering few questions they pushed me on to Platinum Visa card and I denied…I explained that I have banking relationship (checking/saving) since a long time and I need Visa Signature credit card and not the platinum and the agent agreed to give me Signature card;
    also she told me no annual fee for first year and then $79 from 2nd year…(dont believe that will happen since in the application it was written fee for first year) also when i asked how much bonus miles i will be getting she didn’t have any info on that too…
    well I plan to move the miles (after $1000 spend) to Hilton as soon as I get it..

    Thanks Darius for posting this deal…

  51. I called to activate the card and was told that $79 fee is waived for first year…
    but the agreement has it listed as annual fee : $79
    will update again after a month if i am charged fee…

  52. I just received my Hawaiian BoA last month, and was indeed, charged the $79 fee. Now I’m waiting for my Hawaiian BoH card to arrive…. Just racking up those Hilton points…. Thanks Darius.

  53. BofA did charge the $79 annual fee…

  54. Does anyone know how long it takes to receive the card, and how long it takes for the miles to post to my Hawaiian airlines account?

    I applied for the card and was approved for the platinum (10k miles). I can see the card in my BofA account, but haven’t received the card yet. My hawaiian airlines account shows a $25 discount, but not the 10k miles yet. I’m also supposed to get a 25% discount.

    I want to book a flight soon and use the 10k miles (added to my existing miles) and the 25% discount, but I don’t want to wait too long because the flights on those dates might get booked or the price might get raised. I’m just not sure how long it will take for my 10k miles and 25% discount to be applied to my hawaiian account.

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  56. Hi Darius,
    when is it best to close the card and apply for another one?
    ( I applied for this card on Feb 21 and have got all the bonuses)

  57. Daraius

    Did you know that the BOA and BOH hawaii cards are processed at the same card processing center? I applied for the BOA Alaska, BOA Hawaiian and BOH Hawaiian today and got a call from them. Got approved for all 3 and they made sure it was visa signature (since it requires minimum 5k limit).

  58. Daraius,

    I applied for the BOH and BOA card. However, both my applications got into a pending status. I tried calling BoH but the nice agent over there told me that the card department communicates decision only through mail.
    Any advice on what I can expect from these guys and if there is any number that I can call to get clarifications on what’s going on?

    Also, do you advise that I apply for the BOA Alaska card as well today. As Fandu mentioned, it seems they are all processed in the same service center. So, should I take a risk or wait for my next card cycle?

    Vikas and Fandu – Which number did you both call to get an approval.

    Thanks !

  59. One more quick question – Any advice on how I can negotiate to get both these cards since most probably they will know I am getting both of them even if I make 2 separate calls.

    I do not see any special highlight for these cards other than the awesome bonus 🙂 And through your other posts I have been well advised not to mention card sign up bonus as a reason to apply. Any help would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks !

    • @Gmash – I’ve always been able to talk to an agent to get the card approved without having to wait for the mail. You can mention that you want both cards to separate your business and personal expenses etc.

  60. I think a better use for Hawaiian miles is not just Virgin to the UK, but on Virgin’s network as a whole:

    Roundtrip between the Mainland U.S. and the rest of the world serviced by Virgin Atlantic @ 70,000 , 90,000 and 140,000 miles. You could go from NYC to London and then on to Sydney, or Cape Town (for example)

  61. i don no how can i use this card i fore got everything please hellp me too use this card

  62. i don no how can i use this card it’s my father card and he is deadh and i want to use this card but i don’t know like how i use

  63. Just applied for BOA and BOH cards, and both sent to reconsideration. I know how to get the number for BOA reconsideration, but what about BOH?



  64. Know I’m late to the party here, but one good use of HA miles is for interisland travel. Not many of you are necessarily going to HI and going to hit two islands but the miles provide very good value in that instance. We are talking about the major interisland player so it makes sense. Got 35,000 miles on my HA BofA business card (one purchase only and you receive 35k) as well as 35,000 for my wife. Used them all for interisland flights for an upcoming trip Oahu to Maui and Maui to Kauai. Used Avios points for flights from Los Angeles to Oahu and Kauai to Los Angeles. Saved about $450 on each of the 35k miles redeemed so about $900 (2 adults and 2 children – free flights). Could have converted that to 140,000 Hilton points and that’s no chopped liver either, but I’m just educating myself on the Hilton cards so might get the HA Bank of HI cards now and then try to churn the BofA cards we just used. In that case with both my wife and I we could be talking 35,000 x 4 x 2 = 280,000 Hilton points. At least the potential is there. We’ll see how reality reveals itself.

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  66. How often (soon) can you churn these?

  67. Aloha Daraius, you’ve been the most helpful in finding out info on the BOA Hawaiian Airlines credit card! I’ve looked online at Bank of America’s site but can’t seem to find a HAL cc. Finding the Bank of Hawaii HAL cc info was easy. Is there certain words I need to put in the search bar?

  68. Bank Of Hawaii still offers Hawaiian Airlines VISA Check Cards for anybody who wants to open a checking account with Bank Of Hawaii and pay the annual fee for the HA VISA debit card rather than the regular debit card you get when you have a checking account. Lacking the huge sign-up bonus award that the credit card offered, this card accrues HA Miles for $1 for $2 spent, allows HA Xtra Mile credits when shopping HA partners, and also gives access to discounted award levels when redeeming for flights on HA, and allows the cardholder to get miles shared to them from anybody in the HA program.
    That’s all there is right now; enough to keep the program viable; stay tuned.