Free Hertz #1 Club Gold Membership + 1 Free Weekend Day Rental ($100+ Value)

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 Update:  The Hertz #1 Club Gold free membership is still active, but the 1 free day rental offer is no longer active.

Free Hertz #1 Club Gold
Free Hertz #1 Club Gold Membership!

Hertz has renamed their loyalty program from Hertz #1 Awards to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards (yawn).  But before you stop reading, you should know, that they are running a promotion where you can get:

  • Free #1 Club Gold membership, which usually costs $60,  up to September 30, 2011
  • 500 free bonus points – just for registering – which will get you a 1 weekend day free car rental from Hertz
  • 100 extra bonus points for each day that you rent, after you register, between July 1 and September 30, 2011

Hertz #1 Club Gold membership allows you to skip the rental line at the airport and go straight to your car, which can save quite a bit of time, and 1 free weekend rental can save you up to, say, $40, depending on where you rent a car.

You have to be a #1 Club Gold member, before you register to get the 500 free bonus points.

1)  What If I Am Not a Hertz #1 Club Gold Member?

  • Sign up for free Hertz #1 Club Gold Membership
  • Select “I am not a Hertz Club member
  • Complete the registration process to become a #1 Club Gold Member

Once you are a Hertz #1 Club Gold member, register to get 500 free bonus points which gets you a free car rental for 1 weekend day plus an extra 100 points for each rental day up to September 30, 2011!

2)  What If I Am a Hertz #1 CLUB Member, But Not A Hertz #1 Club  GOLD Member?

  • Click on the “I am a Hertz #1 Club Member” button and then
  • Click on “Upgrade Now” to get a free upgrade to Hertz #1 Club Gold status

Once you are a Hertz #1 Club Gold member, register to get 500 free bonus points which gets you a free car rental for 1 weekend day plus an extra 100 points for each rental day up to September 30, 2011!

3)  What If I Am Already a #1 Club Gold Member

Register to get 500 free bonus points which gets you a free car rental for 1 weekend day plus an extra 100 points for each rental day up to September 30, 2011!

Free Hertz #1 Club Gold
Free Weekend Day Car Rental!

Black Out Days

While this is still a pretty good deal, there are blackout days when you need more than 500 points for a weekend day.

Here is the regular award chart.

My Experience:

So far, I have not been able to successfully register for the promotion , because the website is not responding.

This may be because of the many people trying to register at the same time, and I will try again tomorrow.

Update: I managed to register successfully!  I called to ask when the 500 bonus points would appear in my account, and was told that it would take 4 weeks.

Bottom Line: This is worth the 5 minutes it will take to register for the promotion because you get free Hertz #1 Gold status worth $60 + the time saved by not having to wait at the airport and 1 free weekend rental day which may be worth $40+ for a total value of $100+!

And is yet another way to have Big Travel with Small Money!

(Hat Tip to MileQuest and The Traveler’s Loophole)

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45 responses to “Free Hertz #1 Club Gold Membership + 1 Free Weekend Day Rental ($100+ Value)

  1. I just don’t follow Hertz points. 46 days of rentals this year and I have 581 points. Now I’ll get 500 more for one rental? 46 days only got me one weekend day rental? Should I bolt?

    • @TJ Snell – You get 500 points JUST for registering in the promotion and an extra 100 points with every paid rental up to Sept 30, 2011. Is your earning preference with Hertz set to Hertz points or do you sometimes collect air miles? Per the terms, you should earn 1 point per dollar spent, so to earn only 581 points you must have had some pretty cheap rentals!

      I usually use Priceline’s “name your price” for rentals since I don’t rent cars that often and I prefer the cash savings.

  2. I am not a Hertz member. Per the website, in order to join, I need to give them my credit card info. Do you think I will be charged the $60 after Sept. 30, 2011 unless I cancel my membership prior to then?

  3. Sounds like a great deal. In applying for this, will they do any sort of Credit Check? I wouldn’t think so but just figured I better play it safe since I’ve already had a couple credit checks in the last month while signing up for a few credit cards.

  4. @Shari, Highly doubt. Had free gold membership for last2 years.
    @Jeremy. I don’t recall car companies doing this stuff . Plus they give gold more or less free. The free day upfront is unique.

    • @Shari – I think dracs nailed it! Here’s what the terms say “The annual membership fee of $60 is waived. Limited Time Offer (Offer Ends September 30, 2011).

      Car rental companies usually ask for your credit card information and drivers license details so that you save time when you pick up your car at the airport since they already have your information. I’ve filled out many online profiles for car rental companies and they all ask for credit card and drivers license information. I also discovered that I currently do have Gold status with Hertz (which I’m sure I never paid for!), so it is very likely that we won’t have to pay for Gold status with this offer.

      @Jeremy – I’ve never had a credit inquiry from a car rental company, and as dracs points out, rental car companies don’t usually pull credit scores!

      @dracs – You’re spot on, and thanks for sharing. I love having such great readers!

  5. “100 extra bonus points for every rental, after you register, between July 1 and September 30, 2011 ”
    This is actually PER day and NOT Per Rental.

    • @dracs – You’re right and thanks for pointing it out! I updated the post to mention that the extra 100 points is per day not per rental.

      @Michael – It could take up to 4 weeks to get the 500 bonus points. Once you get the 500 bonus points you could cancel your existing reservation and use the points to make your reservation.

  6. I am a Hertz gold member and have already booked a car for an upcoming trip. Can I get the 5o0 points and then be able to use them for an already booked, upcoming trip?

  7. Just registered for this. But here’s a quick question that maybe someone can answer. When renting a vehicle is it wise ever to sign up for the additional options: loss/damage waiver, accident insurance, liability insurance, supplemental insurance? Thanks in advance.

    • @Jeremy – It depends! Many credit cards provide you with CDW insurance and your personal automobile insurance may still be applicable in a rental. However, it is best to check with your specific credit card and insurance policy. I don’t buy any rental car insurance in the US, but will do it overseas to avoid the hassle if something does happen.

  8. @Jeremy and Dairius, Most of us in the USA have automobile insurance – mine is AAA – and most auto policies cover us whilst driving rental and other cars in the USA and usually Canada. So, even though I use an AMEX credit card overseas, which provides insurance in a number of countries, I always decline LDW/CDW, etc. in the USA, because I have already paid for coverage by AAA. Do be aware of any restrictions your insurance policy may have – rentals in excess of thirty days, specialist vehicles, etc.

  9. Does one still get the 100 pts/day on the promo if one uses a coupon code (PC#)?

    • @chemist661 – The terms say that “Offer has no cash value and cannot be used with Pre-Pay Rates, Tour Rates, Insurance Replacement Rates or any other promotion other than your CDP#” I interpret this to mean that a PC# would not be valid!

      @rharrigill – This should work for any weekend day, but Hertz does have blackout days. There’s a link to blackout days in the post above! This may work for one way rentals, which would make it an even better value!

  10. Will this work for any weekend day? Does the Hertz program have blackout days? I’m thinking of using it Labor day weekend.

    Also wondering if the 500 points for a weekend day will work for a one-way rental?

  11. Whoops! I read this post a few days ago and must’ve overlooked the blackout day link. Thanks!

  12. Does anybody know if the $60. annual fee is waived yearly or just for the first year?

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  14. This promotion is still working, I just signed up for it. Thanks a lot for the tip.

  15. Is renting cars the only way to get points through Hertz? For example, are there partner sites that would contribute to more points?

  16. This promotion only works if you have US residence.

    • @PanamaJon – That’s great!

      @Joseph – Hertz does have air and hotel partners, but you earn points/miles in those partners, and not in Hertz.

      @Pingu – You’re right – It is for only US and Canadian residents.

  17. Just got an email that this offer was extended through 12/15/2011.

  18. Yes. Here is from the email I received:
    We’ve extended our offer for Hertz #1 Club Gold® members like you! Now through 12/15/11, earn 100 Bonus Points* for every rental day with new Hertz Gold Plus Rewards – the faster, easier way to earn points on every rental. Plus, if you haven’t done so already, register now & get 500 Bonus Points*, enough for a Free Weekend Day.

  19. Just signed up for this promotion, still valid, do remember to print your confirmation page, then log out and sign back in in order to receive your 500 points (it tells you to do so on your confirmation page). Takes up to 4 weeks to post. I will wait and see if they are in by November 28.

  20. O.k. one additional step is needed to get your 500 points.
    After you have signed up for your Hertz #1 Club Gold membership, you then log out.
    Then go to and follow the steps, click on “I am a Hertz #1 Club Gold member” (option 3), and on the following page enter your member number, submit and print out the confirmation page so you’ll have proof that you signed up to obtain 500 points.

  21. Just registered myself and everything extended through 12/15/11. Also worth noting it says a “free day”, not limited to weekends. Haven’t rented a vehicle to confirm it works any day, but my confirmation sheet says simply “free day”.

  22. Signed up for this deal a few weeks back and I just reserved my car using my 500 points for a weekend car rental in Manhattan, which usually costs $106 ($88 + $18 taxes). Only had to pay $17 in taxes. I also used CDP 217692 from AA airlines which gives a 10% discount and double miles. Since my car rental was free, it just reduced the taxes I paid (bc the rental rate that it was based off was lower).

  23. So actually there was no charge for taxes. When I arrived at the Hertz location, the guy explained that its a bug in the Hertz email system, and they are working on fixing it.

    He also let me upgrade my car to a beautiful white volvo for $20 (which would probably have cost $120 before taxes). What a great value!

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  25. Hello! merry xmas, is this promotion still active? [the 500 points] – cant seem to find that on the page!

  26. Hi there!

    I just get a video when I try to register for the bonus, what am I doing wrong?

    • @Yana & @Steve – Thanks for letting me know that it was extended!

      @Witte Muis – Thanks for the helpful tips!

      @E – You scored big! Thanks for sharing.

      @Prakash & @Phil
      – The promotion is no longer active. I’ll update the page to reflect that. Thanks for letting me know!

  27. FYI just chatted with Hertz. THERE IS A RISK that if you give them your credit card number, agree to the free trial Gold membership and forget to cancel it, that you will be charged the $60/year membership fee. It sounds like they “waive” the fee sometimes, but the langauge of the terms allows them to charge you if they don’t, and you forget to cancel.

    Debbie J: Hi, my name is Debbie J. If you have a Billing question, please call 1-800-654-4173. How may I help you navigate
    Anne W: Hi. I’d like to join the free #1 club, but I’m concerned that my credit card will be charged for membership if the free upgrade offer expires. is there an “always free” option?
    Debbie J: you will need to use the membership at least once a year , for it to remain free

  28. i have my free golden card and my cancelled credit card info, it appears that they didn’t charge me and they still keep my golden membership. but it’s good to call them to confirm or cancel.

  29. Hi D,

    Will you write more about where and how to gain points for Hertz. I have some UR points but now sure where I can transfer them to get gain one day rental, or if it will even be worth it?

    Please advise.

  30. Can I rent through Advantage Car Rental with a Hertz # 1 Gold and get points?

  31. terry.schlabaugh

    Can I speak to an acutal person?
    I don’t remember my Gold Card account number. How can I get it?

  32. Herz is an accesive and very great

  33. @Million Mile Secrets
    -how can i check online how many points i need for a hertz rental please?
    -i was told by the hertz rep that i could only check by phone. correct?