When to Finish Minimum Spending Towards the Southwest Companion Pass

Million Mile Secrets reader Josh commented:

If I were to apply for both personal Southwest cards and my 1st statements, for example, closed on December 10, 2014, should I begin spending right after the December statement closes?

The next statement with all of my spending would close January 10, 2015, and my points would be deposited into my Southwest account in 2015.

Thus, my 110,000 points would be deposited in 2015, and my Companion Pass would be valid for 2015 and 2016.  Does this make sense and is it a good strategy?

When To Finish Minimum Spending Towards The Southwest Companion Pass

Josh Should Finish His Minimum Spending on His Southwest Cards in 2015 So He Can Earn a Companion Pass to Fly to Places Like New Orleans

By waiting until 2015 to complete his minimum spending on his Southwest cards, Josh will earn a Companion Pass valid for 2 years of free flights.

But you usually have to complete the minimum spending within 3 months from when you were approved for the card.

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Do Annual Fees Count Towards the Minimum Spending Requirement?

Million Mile Secrets reader Patrick commented:

Does the annual membership fee count toward your $2,000 minimum spend on the Southwest card? And does it accrue points the same way that a regular spend does ($1 = 1 point)?

Assuming the answer is yes, is it standard for all cards (like the $450 annual fee on the American Express Platinum card) for the annual fee to count toward the minimum spending to get the sign-up bonus?

Do Annual Fees Count Towards The Minimum Spending Requirement

The Annual Fee Doesn’t Count Towards the Minimum Spending Requirement on the Southwest Credit Cards So It Won’t Get Patrick Closer to Earning the Companion Pass to Fly to Places Like Nassau, Bahamas

The short answer is that paying the annual fee does NOT count towards Patrick’s minimum spending requirement.  Nor does it earn Southwest points.
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Three $10 Statement Credits for AMEX Small Business Saturday!

Are you ready to do a little free holiday shopping?

American Express Small Business Saturday is next week and it’s time to register your AMEX credit cards.

This year you will get three $10 statement credits when you use your AMEX card to make 3 separate purchases of $10 or more at a small local business!

Up To Three 10 Statement Credits When You Register For AMEX Small Business Saturday

It’s Almost Time to Shop Small With Your American Express Cards!

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Blog Giveaway: Amazon Prime Membership!

Thanks for being the best blog readers!  This week we’re giving away 2 Amazon Prime memberships, good for 1 year.

Blog Giveaway Amazon Prime Membership

You Could Win a Year of Free 2-Day Shipping!

By doing your holiday shopping on Amazon you can avoid the lines and with Amazon Prime you won’t have to pay for shipping!

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Frequent Traveler University Ticket Winners!

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Thanks to everyone who left a comment and tweeted to win the 10 tickets to Frequent Traveler University giveaway!

Frequent Traveler University Ticket Winners

Did You Win Free Tickets to Frequent Traveler University in Washington, DC?

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