Quickly Calculate Foreign Exchange Conversion With XE Currency App

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Folks who travel internationally often do quick math when exchanging currencies.  Or while using US dollars to purchase an item that’s listed in the local currency.

But instead of worrying about currency conversions on vacation, you can use a terrific free app called XE Currency, which does the math for you to make sure you’re getting the best deal!

The app includes live exchange rates for 180+ currencies throughout the world.  So you’ll be covered no matter where you’re traveling!

XE Currency Exchange App
With Live Exchange Rates, the XE Currency App Will Show You the Most Accurate Foreign Exchange Information

I’ll show you how quick and easy it is to use the XE Currency Exchange app!

XE Currency Exchange App

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Link:   XE Currency Exchange App

It doesn’t hurt to check the math when you’re withdrawing money overseas or comparing the price of an item in US dollars to the local currency.

This way you’ll see if you’re getting a fair exchange rate.  Unlike the one time I converted currency at the airport!

I recommend the XE currency exchange app to check currency conversions.  The app is available on the web or through a smartphone.  There are 2 versions, including a free app and a professional version, which costs ~$2.

XE Currency Exchange App
Don’t Leave Money on the Table! You Can Use an App to Make Sure You’re Getting the Best Foreign Exchange Rate

I tested out the free version on an Apple device and it worked great!  The main difference with the professional version is there are no ads in the app.  Both versions receive high ratings in the smartphone app stores!

A few of the perks of the app include:

  • Free and easy to use
  • Live exchange rates, which update on the app every 60 seconds
  • View multiple currency conversions at the same time
  • Charts of historical exchange rate
  • See frequently used coins and notes used in the local currency

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using the app.

Step 1.   Add Currencies

The first step is to add the currencies you’d like to save on the main screen.

XE Currency Exchange App
Click “Add More Currencies” to Load Any of the 180+ Currencies From Around the World

Then, put a check mark next to the currencies you’d like to view.

XE Currency Exchange App
Select the Currencies You’d Like to See on the Main Screen
Note:   You can have a minimum of 1 currency and maximum of 10 currencies selected at one time.

Step 2.   Check Exchange Rate

Next, enter the desired amount of US dollars you’d like to convert to one of the foreign currencies you added.  In this example, I entered $1,000.

XE Currency Exchange App
Enter the Amount You’d Like to Convert to See the Total Conversion in a Different Currency

Based on the exchange rates at the time I searched, $1,000 is worth:

  • ~954 Euros
  • ~813 British pounds
  • ~1,341 Canadian dollars

By default, the exchange rates in the app update every 60 seconds.  If you don’t have cell phone service, the app will pull the most recent available rate.

Step 3.   Analyze Fees

If you’re exchanging currencies it’s unlikely you’ll get the exact amount displayed on the app.

Because banks and currency exchange locations add a “spread” into the exchange rate, which is how they make money on the transaction.

But the app can show you the estimated fees you paid for a currency exchange.

On the main screen, click the arrow next to the currency you’re exchanging into.

XE Currency Exchange App
Click the Arrow Next to the Currency You Want to Get

Then, enter the amount you paid in US dollars and the amount you received in the foreign currency.

On the bottom of the screen you’ll see the estimated fees you paid for that transaction based on the live exchange rate in the app.

XE Currency Exchange App
View the Estimated Fees You Paid for a Currency Exchange Transaction by Entering the Amount You Paid and Received

The goal is to pay the lowest fees possible because this is money you won’t get back if you exchange back to US dollars later.

Step 4.   View Local Currency Profile

A neat feature of the app is the ability to view details of the foreign currency, including which coins and notes the country issues.

To view the currency profile, swipe right on the desired currency.  Then, tap on the 3rd icon from the right.

XE Currency Exchange App
View Details of a Local Currency by Swiping Right and Tapping on the Profile Icon

For example, I viewed the profile of the Euro.

XE Currency Exchange App
The Currency Profile Shows the Name, Symbol, and Frequently Used Coins and Notes

I think the most useful information on the profile page is the frequently used coins and banknotes.  During a trip you might collect a lot of coins from change.  In some currencies, they’re worth more than coins in the US.

Bottom Line

The next time you’re exchanging foreign currency, I recommend using the XE currency exchange app.

The free app is easy to use and provides live exchange rates for 180+ currencies.  The app does the math for you to make sure you’re getting a good deal when you’re exchanging into a foreign currency.

You can also view currency profiles to see the frequently used coins and notes used in a foreign currency.

Have you used the XE currency exchange app?

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