Organize Your Travel Details for Free With the TripCase App

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If you want your trip details like confirmation numbers and car rental information all in one place, you’ll love this travel app!

TripCase is a website and free travel app for iPhone and Android that helps you organize your travel plans.  And it works very well!
TripCase App
TravelCase Will Pull Your Travel Plans in One Place and Present Them in a Simple Way

I’ll share my review of the TripCase app.  And why it could be valuable to you!

How to Use the TripCase App

Link:   TripCase

Link:   TripCase for iOS

Link:   TripCase for Android

TripCase helps you keep track of travel details by putting them in one place and displaying them simply.  You can download it for iPhone and Android. TripCase can help you with flight delays, book ground transportation, and suggest nearby activities.

Here’s how to get started with the app!

1.   Sign-In to TripCase

Use your Facebook or Gmail account to sign-in to the app.  Or, you can make a TripCase account.

TripCase App
Choose a Way to Access the App

You’ll immediately have full access to the app!

2.   Add a Trip

The app will be empty when you open it the first time.  You’ll have the option to add a “New Trip” or “Manage Trips” already in the app.

TripCase App
You’ll Need to Add a Travel Itinerary to Start Using the App

You can delete or merge multiple itineraries into one trip by clicking “Manage Trips“.

3.   Add a Travel Itinerary

You can add your travel details to the app in 2 ways:

  • Forward the confirmation email of your flight, hotel, car, etc. to [email protected].  TripCase will extract your travel dates, times, and everything else!
  • Manually enter them (yuck!)
TripCase App
There are 2 Ways to Add Travel to the App

4.   Get Notifications

If you forward your confirmation emails to TripCase, you’ll receive a notification when it’s been imported (it usually takes less than a minute).

TripCase App
You’re Done! Your Trip Details Have Been Collected

You can find your trip details in the app.  And you’ll receive notifications for flight delays or gate changes.

5.   Look at Your Trip Collection

From the home screen, you can see your “Active” trips, as well as your “Past” trips.

TripCase App
You’ll Be Able to View Previous Trips for Bragging Rights

You can even view trips from other folks!  If a friend or family member sends you their itinerary, you can stay up-to-date with their plans, including itinerary changes like flight delays.

This can be helpful to parents with traveling children, or a friend picking you up at the airport.  The app will automatically notify them of the schedule changes, so you don’t have to!

6.   View the Tripfeed

Click the trip you want to view from the home page, and you’ll be taken to the “Tripfeed“.

You’ll get helpful messages, along with tips about specific segments of your trip, like online check-in and airline policies.

TripCase App
The Tripfeed Will Give You a Quick Rundown of Specific Segments of Your Trip

It can even give you options like hailing an Uber or reserving a parking space at the airport!

7.   Swipe for More Info

The “Tripfeed” has 4 screens.  Swipe right for maps and hotel info.  Swipe right again for popular activities nearby.  And again for your hotel checkout time.

TripCase App
Trip Overview and Helpful Details

TripCase has preferred partners, including:

  • Blue Ribbon Bags
  • Viator – Suggests local activities based on your destination.  It can even get you behind-the-scenes tours
  • LoungeBuddy – Gives details like specific airport lounge locations, cost, and featured amenities
  • OneSim Card – International mobile service that can save you ~85% when using a cell phone or other mobile device internationally

You’ll get suggestions and tips from these partners in your “Tripfeed.

8.   Click the Menu at the Top Left

Press the 3 horizontal lines at the top left corner for a “Timeline View” of your trip.

TripCase App
Edit Your Trip, Save Important Phone Numbers, and More

You can also manually add details, edit trip information, even get a 10-day forecast at your destination.

9.   View Your Travel Plans in Chronological Order

Press “Timeline View” to see your entire trip in an easy-to-read list.  You’ll see your departure and arrival times, check-in and check-out times, and car rental reservations.

TripCase App
You Won’t Forget Anything With Timeline View

10.   Remember Your Favorite Places

There is an ever-present “+” button at the bottom right of the app.  With this button, you can add trip details, notes, and locations.

If you find a spot you enjoy, just press “Remember my current location” and the app will save the area to your map!

TripCase App
More Ways to Modify Your Itinerary

11.   Add an Item to Your Trip

Press “Add an Item” to open a list of activities.  Select the appropriate activity you’re trying to add, and fill-in the details (flight numbers, restaurant reservations, etc.).

TripCase App
You Can Still Add Items Into Your Itinerary, Even If You Don’t Have a Confirmation Email

What I Don’t Like About TripCase

TripCase is a helpful app for consolidating your travel details!  But there are some ways it can improve.

1.   Repetition in the Menus

There are multiple ways to get to the same place inside the app.  For example, there are 3 different buttons to add an item to your itinerary.  The user interface could be simplified if they cut out all the duplicate shortcuts.

2.   No Auto-Import for Past Itineraries

If you want to import your previous adventures, you’ll have to do it manually.  The app will not scan your inbox to find your old itineraries.

3.   App Fails to Import Confirmation Numbers

This isn’t a huge deal, but the app doesn’t find confirmation numbers for hotels and car rentals.

While you rarely need to provide a confirmation number at the desk, it’s still nice to have at a glance.  You’ll have to enter it yourself if you want it in the app.

How Does It Compare to Similar Apps?

There are other apps like TripCase.  The most popular are:

1.   TripIt

I personally use Tripit.  I like it because you can link it to other travel apps, like App in the Air, to enhance your experience outside the TripIt app.  It also tracks your various loyalty programs!

However, you have to pay $49 per year for the full benefits of the app.

2.   Google Trips

I haven’t used Google Trips much, but I’ve heard excellent things!

When you download the app and attach your email address, your previous trips will instantly show in the app.  It’s a very clean and easy-to-read user interface.

Also, next to each destination you can download an offline map of the area.  So you’ll never get lost, even if you have no internet!

Bottom Line

TripCase is a free app for iPhone and Android that’s useful for frequent and occasional travelers.  It saves folks the hassle of searching their email inbox for upcoming trip details.

This app competes with Google Trips and TripIt.  And while TripIt offers more features, it also costs money to access many of them.  With the TripCase app, you’ll receive real-time flight alerts for free.  That’s something TripIt charges for!

If you’re looking for a free app to help organize your travel, this is one of the best out there!

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