This New Website Shows Where You Can Travel for Cheap

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Earning and using miles & points is a great way to get Big Travel with Small Money.  But did you ever consider getting discounted travel by visiting a country that’s “on sale?” is a website that helps you find where you can travel for less, based on your local currency.
Cheap Countries To Live
Folks From the US Will Be Happy to Know It’s Currently Cheaper Than Usual to Travel to Argentina

Here’s my review! Shows You Cheap Countries to Live

Link: compares the current exchange rates versus the average to tell you which countries are “on sale” for you.

The tool was created by Million Mile Secrets reader Justin, and launched in early 2017.  It uses currency comparisons to show folks which countries are cheaper to visit than usual.

To test the site, I searched for the US dollar and didn’t specify a region, just “anywhere.”  But you can choose from different regions around the globe, including the Americas, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East.

Cheap Countries To Live
You Can Enter Any Currency, Then Pick Where You Want to Go

When searching for the US dollar, found Malawi, Argentina, Mozambique, and Ghana are the 4 countries that are the most “on sale” right now.  Meaning the US dollar is doing very well against their currencies.

Cheap Countries To Live
Here Are the Top 4 Countries “On Sale” for Folks Who Use the US Dollar

How Could Improve

I like how you can get a quick read on places where the US dollar is strong.  But don’t like that it only returns 4 countries.

Emily agreed, and suggested it would be a lot more useful if showed the top 10 to 20 countries on sale, sorted by region.

Plus, currency is only part of the equation when considering how much it costs to travel (or live!) somewhere.  But could be a good place to start!

Don’t forget to check out this post Numbeo, a website that can help you get an idea of the prices for everyday expenses in other parts of the world.

Bottom Line shows where the US dollar is currently has a better exchange rate compared to historical averages.

That means your money goes further.  And travel (or living!) overseas could be much cheaper.

It’s a handy reference and good for travel ideas, especially if you’re open-minded.  Or want to stretch your dollars!

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