Update on 12 Lounge Passes for $32.94 (+ Certified Mail Cost) With an AMEX Credit Card

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Update:  From January 1, 2013 you are limited to only ONE lounge reimbursement per month, which greatly reduces the value of this offer.

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Link:  American Express Executive Privilege Club

On March 1, 2012, I wrote about the Executive Privileges Club where you can potentially get up to 12 airline lounge passes (up to $50 each) or $600 total + 12 1-day gym passes (up to $25 each) within 1 year and have Big Travel with Small Money.

The cost of joining the Executive Privileges Club is just $2.99  for a 2-month trial and $29.95 per year after that (which will be automatically charged to the card which you use to sign-up) for the full year of membership.  Add in a few dollars to send the receipts via certified mail for reimbursement.

You can get up to 12 passes reimbursed per calendar year, so if you sign-up now, you can get up to 24 lounge passes for just 1 year’s fee.

I like airport lounges because I can get free wi-fi, comfy chairs to sit in, and a (relatively) quiet place to get work done.

Cheaper Option

The International Line has a great post on MilePoint summarizing the program and includes a link to a cheaper option for only $19.99 and which does NOT auto renew your application each year.  But you have to wait a week or 2 to get enrolled.

My Experience

I signed up for the Executive Privileges Club on February 28, 2012, using the instant enrollment link.  My American Express card was charged $2.99 for a 2-month trial, and I expect to be charged $29.95 after that.

I then clicked on this link to get immediate access to my membership information.  I also got an email a few hours later with my membership number.

I then went online and purchased 1 Delta 1-day lounge pass, 1 United 1-day lounge pass, and 1 American Airlines 1-day lounge pass.  I used an American Express card to purchase the passes because the terms require you to use an American Express card.

After that, I immediately filled out the reimbursement form and mailed the 3 receipts in one envelope via certified mail the next day i.e. March 1, 2012.

On March 27, 2012, or after 4 weeks, I received my membership information packet in the mail.  And on April 2, 2012, I received a check reimbursing me for all 3 passes!

I’m thrilled that this works, because I’d rather fill out the reimbursement forms and mail them in instead of paying hundreds of dollars for lounge access.  In any case, I don’t travel much domestically and 12 lounge passes for $33 is really hard to beat!

Emily had to make a last minute trip last week, and I’ll send in her receipts for reimbursement later this week.

However,  if you sign-up for the Executive Privileges Club, do keep in mind that your information may be used to send you information for products which you don’t need.  So far, I’ve received a few emails from American Express publishing for Travel & Leisure magazine.

Bottom Line:  You don’t need to spend Big Money to get access to an airport lounge, which are quiet places in airports away from the main waiting area,  where you  can get a drink or snack and use the free wi-fi to get some work done while waiting for flights. Update:  From January 1, 2013 you are limited to only ONE lounge reimbursement per month, which greatly reduces the value of this offer.

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