PayPal Suspends My Account!

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PayPal Suspends My Account!

Million Mile SecretsPayPal Suspends My Account!Million Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

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I wrote earlier about the PayPal prepaid debit card and cautioned folks that PayPal is notorious for suspending or closing accounts.  I also suggested that you should NOT use the PayPal card if you can’t afford to be without the money you load on your PayPal card.

Well, PayPal suspended my account!

Fortunately, I had only ~$60 in my account.  I was able to load my PayPal account with prepaid PayPal cards from CVS (for ~2 months) and then use my PayPal card to load my American Express Bluebird at Wal-Mart.

PayPal appears to be willing to reinstate my account if I provide all the information in the screenshot below.

PayPal Debit Card Account Suspended
Waiting for my Response

PayPal is also asking for details on the $500 PayPal MyCash reloads and the system doesn’t seem to tag them as MyCash reloads, but classifies them as “Payment Received” in the screenshot below.

Can You Explain This?
Payment Received

I’m curious to see how long it will take PayPal to reinstate my account.  So, again, do NOT use PayPal if you can’t afford to be without the money which you load into the account.  Pre-paid cards have their uses, but you HAVE to be aware of the risks of using them.  Having your account suspended is one such risk.

PS:  I’m on vacation this week (and have fallen sick) so I won’t be able to get to the comments or email soon.

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PayPal shut me down months back due to suspicious activity. I haven’t used for 3 months before I got the limitation until I accepted one payment. They never tell you the exact reason and they end up giving you the runaround for hours on end.

I needed PayPal desperately since my customers insist on paying with them. I had to resort to buying an account from Auction Essistance even though PayPal forbids on having multiple accounts.

paypal limit my accountbecause I put to many complant agaistseller .I had to many and paypal limit my account attention people to boy cot paypal buy closing your account,..paypal will not close my limit account .it has a flag on it.and they wont let me get a new one.i told them off .they are trash.and they don’t believe in forgivness .we need to shut them down.they told me they send me a notice and did not get it..i found out one june25 2015 I won aitem on ebay and cant payfor it I had to cacel it with seller one ebay.i it hard to find seller take debit or credit .they all want pal pal .please cancel your account

It may be happening again. Reports on FT.

I’m a little late posting here, but I have had enough experience with PayPal to know that PayPal is not your friend. I had a PayPal account that got “limited” for no discernible reason. “Limited” meant I could put money in the account, but couldn’t take it out or close the account.

I too was given a list of items to “Resolve,” responses to which seemed to make no difference and, in any case, were redundant in multiple ways. Email was simply laughably ineffective.

I spent literally hours on hold with PayPal, and finally managed, after re-sending the same information, to get the account unlimited. Only to have it happen again. Fortunately, I had kept only a few bucks in the account after my first experience – which was a nuisance to keep tract of.

This was not a big deal account; I deposited less than a thousand dollars a month, had no foreign transactions, and 100% legitimate activity. There were no disputes; just money deposited in small amounts, and withdrawn in smaller amounts – after all the fees.,

Their treatment of me as a customer was absolutely terrible. The customer service was abominable. In my experience PayPal is a frustrating and risky place to do business.

Seriously, could you please post the resolution to this issue? I have $1,500 in MyCash Cards that I can’t use now because my monthly reload limit won’t reset.

Million Mile Secrets

@bostonwalker @Adam – I haven’t replied to PayPal. You can use the cards to load your partner’s account etc.

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