Iberia Bonuses Aren’t Posting on Time, but the Sky Is NOT Falling!

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Iberia made headlines with their recent promotion where you could earn 90,000 Iberia Avios points for a few hundred dollars.  And ever since then, the miles & points world has been ablaze with speculation about how this “too good to be true” deal would turn out.

The good news is, if you played by the rules, you should be getting your points!  But there have been some bumps in the road.

Let Us Help Clear up the Confusion About the Recent Iberia Promotion

Here is what we know right now.

When Will My Points Be Arriving?

Iberia has confirmed they will be honoring the promotion, but the points might be arriving late.  The points were meant to post to your account within 10 days of purchase.  But folks are still waiting patiently for the bonuses to arrive.  God Save the Points has had direct contact with Iberia, and they had this to say when he asked about the delay:

The period to add those Avios was 10 days, so we haven’t reached the deadline yet.  We are going to add them in the coming hours/days

You can take a deep breath.  Your points are on the way!

Why Is My Iberia Account Frozen?

Lots of folks have reported that their Iberia accounts are frozen.  Those with newly opened accounts seem to be hit the hardest, but this hasn’t been limited to only new accounts.

Iberia is notorious for having a less-than-stellar website, so it’s possible some of the account issues are technical problems that will get worked out.  Some folks have had success trying to log into their account on the Iberia app and requesting a PIN reset.

But for a lot of the newer Iberia accounts, they are requiring folks to confirm their identity.  This should be a straightforward process (fill out a form, copy your ID) for all legitimate account holders.

It looks like Iberia is locking accounts because they want to weed out the folks who opened an account for their dog and great-grandmother once removed.  If you’re playing by the rules, and only opened accounts for actual living people, this should just be a bump in the road for you.

Team member Joseph swung for the fences with this promotion, and he’s still waiting for 90,000 Iberia Avios points to appear in his account.  He’s experienced zero website glitches, account freezes, etc.  But he’s had an Iberia account for a long time, so perhaps his activity didn’t smell quite as fishy as others.

I’ve Heard Some People Were Denied the Bonus!

Some residents of certain countries are being denied the bonus for this promotion.  Iberia is claiming that the deal is only valid for certain countries.  But Matt from Live and Let’s Fly points out that the country restriction isn’t listed in the official terms, which are still live on the Iberia site.

All we have is a screenshot of a tweet from the Iberia Twitter account saying the deal is valid for the following countries:   Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Russia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, and the US.

And it does look like the only folks being denied the bonus are accounts with addresses outside of those countries.  But even in those cases they are offering a full refund for the purchased tickets.  So if you’re concerned about not getting your bonus points, it’s likely that even if you are denied you’ll at least get your money back.

Update:   Reports of the bonus Iberia Avios points posting are starting to trickle in.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t look like Iberia was prepared for such an overwhelming response to their promotion.  And that has caused delays, glitches, and all sorts of confusion.

Iberia will be honoring this promotion.  And it appears that as long as you played by the rules (whatever they may be) you’ll be getting your bonus.  So confirm your identity with Iberia, if you need to.  And then wait patiently.

Have your bonus points posted from the promotion?  Let us know in the comments!

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