Hot! Europe to US in First or Business Class for Under $100

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Update:   Flyertalk reports the deal is now dead.  Hope many of you were able to book tickets!  Remember to follow me on Facebook or Twitter for the quickest updates on mistake and low fares!

Via Flyertalk, you can book Business Class and First Class tickets from Europe (mostly UK airports) to the US for under $100 round-trip!  One-way tickets are also available for under $50!

The deal works on several airlines, including United Airlines, American Airlines, and US Airways.  The trick is changing the currency to Danish kroner to see the cheap pricing.

Hot Europe To US In First Or Business Class For Under 100
ITA Matrix Shows 1-Way Business Class Flights From the UK to US for 288 Danish Kroner, or ~$44

This is a mistake fare and won’t last!  And you might have to jump through some hoops to get it.

What’s the Deal?

Link:   ITA Matrix

Link:   My Series on How to Use ITA Matrix

Search for 1-way or round-trip tickets starting in Europe on ITA Matrix, and change the pricing to Danish kroner at the bottom of the search screen.

Hot Europe To US In First Or Business Class For Under 100
Change the Currency at the Bottom of the ITA Matrix Search Screen to Danish Kroner

You’ll then see the extremely cheap fares!  For example, here’s London (Heathrow) to Austin round-trip in First Class in May.  It costs 492 Danish kroner, or ~$75!

Hot Europe To US In First Or Business Class For Under 100
A Round-Trip First Class Ticket From London Heathrow to Austin Costs 492 Kroner, or ~$75!

And here’s a 1-way in Business Class from Manchester to Chicago in May.  You’ll pay 288 Danish kroner, or ~$44.

Hot Europe To US In First Or Business Class For Under 100
So Cheap! One-Way in Business Class Manchester to Chicago for ~$44

What might be difficult is finding a website that will allow you to ticket in Danish kroner with a US credit card.  The prices come up on sites like, but you have to set your billing country to Denmark.

Hot Europe To US In First Or Business Class For Under 100
Set Your Billing Address to Denmark on
Folks on Flyertalk report success on US airline websites with entering their US billing address, but leaving the country set to Denmark on the payment page.  Don’t forget to use a credit card that does NOT charge foreign transaction fees, like the Chase Sapphire Preferred.

Remember, if you book and change your mind, you’ll (usually) have 24 hours in which to cancel and receive a full refund.

And if don’t want to start your journey in Europe, you could always take a cheap award 1-way award flight to Europe, and book 1 of these mistake tickets on the return.

That said, even if you’re able to get the purchase to go through, there’s no guarantee these fares will be honored.  So do NOT book non-refundable hotels or activities until you know for certain that the deal will stick!

Bottom Line

There are mistake fares on several airlines on 1-way and round-trip tickets from Europe to the US.  You can get a round-trip First Class ticket for under $100!

You have to set your billing country to Denmark to get the cheap fares.  It might be tricky with a US credit card, but others have been able to do it.

Remember, you could book a 1-way award ticket to Europe and then book a mistake ticket on the return trip.  Just don’t make any non-refundable hotel bookings etc. until you know the fare will be honored.

This WILL NOT last!  Good luck!  And let me know if you get a deal!

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