Hilton Drops Same Day Cancellation Policy

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Via Loyalty Traveler, starting January 1, 2015, you will no longer be able to cancel a Hilton hotel reservation on the same day as your arrival.

Hilton Drops Same Day Cancellation Policy
Beginning January 1, 2015, You’ll Pay a Penalty If You Don’t Cancel the Day Before Arrival When You Stay at Hilton Hotels, Like the Hilton Bentley Miami South Beach

You have to cancel by 11:59 pm (local hotel time) the day before to avoid a cancellation policy.  But some hotels may have more restrictive cancellation policies.  This means that you may have to cancel much before 11:59 pm the day before you arrive.

Hilton Changes Cancellation Policy

Beginning January 1, 2015, the absolute latest you can cancel your Hilton booking without paying a penalty will be 11:59 pm local hotel time, the day prior to arrival.

And some individual hotels require you to cancel even earlier to avoid the fee!

This universal cancellation policy will go into effect for all reservations made after January 1, 2015.

According to the Hilton representative on Flyertalk, Hilton hotel reservations made before January 1, 2015, will not be affected the cancellation policy change.

Cancellation Policies Vary

Cancellation policies at Hilton hotels vary so be sure to check with your specific hotel.  So some hotels may require you to cancel earlier than 11:59 pm local hotel time the day prior.  Check the policy of your hotel.

For example, the Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort has a 2-day prior to arrival cancellation policy.

Hilton Drops Same Day Cancellation Policy
You Have to Cancel 2 Days Prior to Arrival To Avoid Cancellation Fees at the Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort

And some Hilton hotels have a more punitive cancellation policy when you make a reservation over the holidays.  The Hilton Times Square has a 30-day cancellation policy over New Year’s Eve.

Hilton Drops Same Day Cancellation Policy
30-Day Cancellation Policy for Hilton Times Square Over New Year’s Eve

What You Should Do

Emily and I don’t make a lot of changes to our travel plans, but for folks who do, Hilton’s new cancellation policy could cost a lot of money.

But this could be good news for folks who book hotels at the last minute.  They might be able to get rooms at hotels that would normally be sold out.

Bottom Line

You will pay cancellation fees at Hilton hotels if you do NOT cancel your reservation by 11:59 pm the day before arrival beginning January 1, 2015.

Hotels booked prior to January 1, 2015, are subject to current cancellation policies.

Some individual Hilton hotels have more restrictive cancellation policies, so be sure to check!

Will this make you more likely or less likely to book with Hilton?

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