Disney Has Out Done Themselves With This New Themed Hotel – I Can’t Wait to Check It Out!

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A long, long time ago in a galaxy far away…many of us fell deeply in love with Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia.  I know I did.

Were you one of those kids that imagined they too could easily maneuver a lightsaber, wouldn’t hesitate for a minute when faced with the choice of going to the dark side, and agreed when Yoda prophesied “do or do not, there is no try?”  Would you agree that the Emperor was the evilest creature in the universe and did you call it way ahead of time that Darth Vader had a soft spot for his family members?

If you nodded your head yes to any of those questions, here’s some really good news…Disney is moving forward with their plans to build a Star Wars themed hotel.  I’m so happy I could hug a Wookie!

This hotel will be much smaller than your typical Disney hotel.  So if you can’t find a room, see if you can stay at one of the 10 best Disney hotels you can book for free with points.

Does This Image Evoke Both Strong Feelings of Fear and Resistance?  Rebel Scum Will Have the Chance to Unite at Disney’s New Star Wars Themed Hotel!

But this won’t be your typical hotel experience.  Don’t expect the theme to start and end with Jar-Jar Binks printed sheets.  Disney is going way beyond imagination with this new concept.

A Disney Concept That’s Light Years Ahead

We heard about Disney’s plan to create an immersive Star Wars Hotel as a part of the Disney World Resort back in 2017, but the details were limited.  Recently, there has been more information released.  Here is what we know so far:

  •   Disney is investing in the Star Wars theme.   Disney is building a new feature called Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge at their Disney World Hollywood Studios in Florida.  It’s scheduled to open sometime in 2019.  They’ve mentioned that the Galaxy’s Edge will be seamlessly integrated into the Star Wars hotel (also scheduled to open in 2019).  But that doesn’t necessarily mean the hotel will literally be connected to the Galaxy’s Edge experience.  It actually looks like the hotel will be built just south of the park.  Maybe there will be tunnels connecting the hotel to the Galaxy’s Edge?  Be careful though, we know that tunnels sometimes are not what they seem…and once in a while they even turn out to be nasty galactic worms.
  •   This immersive hotel is the first of its kind.   Ok, but what does that mean exactly?  Disney isn’t one to go just halfway with an idea.  With this new hotel, guests will be fully immersed into a Star Wars story.  Details are outlined on Disney’s blog.  Upon checking into the hotel you will become a citizen of the galaxy and your journey begins.  You’ll have the option to select the appropriate attire and completely commit to playing a Star Wars character.  The design of the hotel is meant to replicate the feeling of traveling through the galaxy on a spaceship.  Disney is really committing to this as an immersive experience which will be reflected through the design of the entire hotel.
  •  Ok, but are the beds comfortable?   This is being marketed as a luxury hotel, so I imagine that yes, the beds will be comfortable.  And the views – well, you’ll have the entirety of space right outside your window.

Sure, Florida doesn’t necessarily resemble the Dagobah System (or actually, maybe it does in a way), but it might not require much imagination to transport yourself into this virtual world of Star Wars.  Disney is making it easy.

Coming Soon – Disney’s New Themed Hotel in Florida Will Offer an Immersive Experience for Star Wars Fans

Join Me and Together We Can Rule the Galaxy!

Well, maybe not the entire galaxy.  But we can at least pretend like we’re doing our part to ensure that the resistance lives on.

True Star Wars fans are a die-hard bunch who are typically both completely loyal to the original trilogy and eternally critical of anything published post Return of the Jedi.  Which is both fair and understandable.  There is something completely magical about the storyline and the dynamics of the characters that is nearly impossible to recreate.

So can Disney pull off the Star Wars experience?  I’m not sure, but regardless, this seems like a lot of fun.

Would you plan a vacation around staying at a Star Wars themed hotel?  I think it would be a really unique experience, and I’m curious what other people feel about this concept.  Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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