Coming Soon! No Need For Your Physical AMEX Card To Access Delta SkyClubs

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Mistakes do happen when you travel.  For me, they tend to happen more often than not.  However, they do become learning experiences, and you can even discover certain things!

As we all know, to access Delta SkyClubs you must carry with you one of the following cards:

This rule is listed in their terms & conditions, and they don’t seem to bend rules for anyone.

Delta Won’t Let You In Unless You Show Them Your Physical AMEX Platinum Card

Delta Eliminating Requirement to Present Physical AMEX Card to Enter SkyClub Lounges

When I was traveling home for the holidays, my wallet fell out of my pocket in my Uber.

I freaked out, not only because I didn’t have an ID to get through TSA, but I knew I wouldn’t be able to grab breakfast and coffee at the Delta SkyClub.  And not only could I not get into the lounge, I couldn’t buy food since I had no money on me.  It was a great way to start my holidays to say the least…

Once I did get through TSA, I decided to go to the SkyClub and explain my situation.  Maybe they would feel sorry enough for me.  I explained the situation, they scanned my boarding pass, and I was good to go with no issue.  I was shocked that it worked.

After I contacted Uber and ensured they were working on recovering my wallet, I decided to ask about this policy in further.  The SkyClub representative said they did see my American Express Platinum Card listed in my SkyMiles wallet, and that was my ticket in.

Interestingly enough, there were similar reports surfacing online of this exact scenario.

However, I did enter the Delta SkyClub in Salt Lake City once again a couple weeks later, and I was asked to see my American Express Platinum Card.  This time, I wasn’t a klutz and didn’t lose my wallet in my Uber.  I approached another Delta SkyClub representative to ask for an update on the situation, and she did say they are actively working on the integration of recognizing AMEX Platinum cards in a flyer’s digital wallet.  She said it hasn’t been perfected just yet, so they recommend keeping your physical card on you, anyway.

Later that day, I stopped by a Delta SkyClub in Atlanta in Terminal D.  I asked a representative the same question.  She said if the Platinum Card is stored in your Delta Wallet, you are good to go!  We did a dummy test of this and it worked.

She also recommend keeping your American Express Platinum Card with you just in case something goes wrong.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Here’s how to attach your American Express Platinum Card to your Delta Wallet.

Step 1.   Open Your Digital Wallet

When you sign-into your Delta account, you’ll see a large box in the right corner that says “My Wallet“.  It stores your receipts, certificates, payment methods, and membership cards.  Click to open it.

Click The Top Right Box Where It Says “My Wallet”

Step 2.   Add Your AMEX Platinum in “Stored Payments”

At the bottom right, you’ll see a box that says “Stored Payments“.  Click to open, and then simply enter your AMEX Platinum card info!  Then when you visit a Delta SkyClub lounge, the agent should have no problem finding your card when you check-in.

Click “Stored Payments” In The Bottom Right Corner, And Add Your American Express Platinum Card Here!

Bottom Line

Not that carrying my American Express Platinum Card is a difficulty, but outside of booking flights for 5 points per dollar, I don’t use it much.  If Delta is able to get this integration perfected, it will only make the experience that much better.  Only needing to scan my digital boarding pass to enter is convenient, as I typically keep my wallet in my backpack.

Have you experienced the same situation?  Let’s hear it in the comments!

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1 year ago

So here’s what I found out. I didn’t know about having the Platinum Amex card loaded in my wallet (I pay with my CSR). I checked in to a lounge 2 weeks ago in ATL and when I showed my Platinum card, the person at the desk said I no longer needed to carry it around. He told me to add it to my wallet and I’d never need to bring it again. I was delayed and decided to go to another lounge. At the desk I told her what I had heard and asked her to show me how to add it to my wallet. She did – but also told me that Delta lounges were attempting to do this through their computer systems but not all systems were talking to each other or had the ability to pull up the information. She said to be safe, I better continue to carry my card for awhile. She said at some point, we can leave it at home but not until all the lounges get on board which at that point, hadn’t happened yet.

The Empire Diva
1 year ago

I wasn’t so fortunate. I had to pay to get into the SkyClub

Andrew W
Reply to  The Empire Diva
1 year ago

Ouch! Sorry to hear that. How much did you pay, and do you think it was worth it?

LC Nino
1 year ago

I had a similar situation at LAX 2 weeks ago and they denied me access even though they could see my American Express Platinum card listed. They told me I had to physically have the card to gain access.

1 year ago

I’ve never a to show my Amex card when entering any Delta skyckub. Never. Only had to show my boarding pass.

Andrew W
Reply to  Rob
1 year ago

Thanks Rob!

I wonder if this is something the lounge attendants have discretion over?

For instance, it seems like for AMEX Centurion lounges most people need the physical card to get access, but I’ve heard of instances where the reps could look up the account online t grant you access (in the event you forgot your card at home).

I wonder if it’s something similar for Delta?

Richard Surroz
1 year ago

Go to the Delta app, Skymiles, then look at the bottom of the page. It will show you the highest level card connected to your Skymiles account. Mine shows the AMEX Delta Reserve but I only have Platinum cards in my actual Delta wallet at the moment. I am writing this from a Delta lounge which I accessed with only my boarding pass. So it does not have to be in your wallet or on you (mine is physically at home).

1 year ago

The problem with this is entrusting Delta with your credit card info online. Cathay Pacific got breached last year, and credit card numbers were included in the breached data. Companies have proven they don’t take protecting your information seriously, so I wouldn’t risk it.

Andrew W
Reply to  Daniel
1 year ago

Hi Daniel! Agreed. With all the recent news about data breaches it does make me a bit nervous as well.

But at the end of the day, I’d trust them more with my credit card info than pretty much anything else, because fraudulent transactions on a card are easier to dispute than, say, identity theft because someone got their hands on your personal info.

1 year ago

I have never had to present my card…. Delta includes all that information in the boarding pass… Delta will not allow people access to the lounge if their next flight is not on Delta.

1 year ago

Is anyone else stuck on “I lost my wallet and didn’t have an ID, but I managed to get my boarding pass and get through security”? I feel like that’s the main story here. Please explain.

1 year ago

I flew from SLC to PHX on New Year’s Eve and was not asked for my card to gain entry to the Sky Club. Same with NYC this weekend. And even last August in SLC and Atlanta.
However, I haven’t shown my card at all for the past year or more so it’s interesting to read that it’s only now being implemented more widely.

Shamrock 2808 Heavy
1 year ago

Same experience. Was passing through ATL in early January. My wife had left her Platinum card at home but I my own. We figured we’d try to see if she would be able to get in since I knew her Platinum card was attached to her Delta wallet.

They scanned my boarding pass and didn’t ask for my physical card and sure enough, hers as well. I did ask if my card was needed just to see what the representative would say, and she responded that I didn’t because my Platinum was in my Delta wallet and was attached to my boarding pass. Here’s to hoping to an expedited full rollout.

Andrew W
Reply to  Shamrock 2808 Heavy
1 year ago

Glad it worked out for you!

I tried the same tactic a few months ago at SeaTac for an AMEX lounge. I forgot my card at home, and tried getting in by showing the card in my Apple wallet. No go.

And, their systems were conveniently down so they couldn’t (or wouldn’t) make a call to verify my cardmember status.

I’ve since added this to my travel checklist so it never happens to me again!