Tasty New Offer for Citi Costco Card (Targeted)

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There’s a hot (literally!) new offer for the Citi Costco Visa card, but it’s NOT available online.

Until May 19, 2017, you’ll earn a free rotisserie chicken when you sign-up for the Citi Costco Visa in Costco stores.  Usually, these delicious birds cost ~$5!

There isn’t normally a sign-up bonus for the Citi Costco Visa, so this is a better deal.

Costco Visa Rotisserie Chicken
Don’t Cry Fowl! This IS the Better Offer for the Citi Costco Visa

I’ll remind you of what you’ll earn with the Citi Costco card.  And how to make the most of the sign-up bonus!

Citi Costco Rotisserie Chicken Bonus

Link:   Citi Costco Visa

Link:   My Review of the Citi Costco Visa

You’ll earn a Costco rotisserie chicken (worth ~$5) when you sign-up for the Citi Costco Visa in-store through May 19, 2017.  And there’s NO minimum spending requirement.

In fact, the offer says you’ll get the chicken coupon just for applying!  So you don’t have to go hungry if you’re not immediately approved.

Normally, there’s no sign-up bonus.  You’ll also get:

  • 4% cash back on on the first $7,000 of purchases each annual reward period (1% thereafter) of gasoline at Costco and gas stations worldwide (excluding superstores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and warehouse clubs other than Costco)
  • 3% cash back at restaurants & bars worldwide
  • 3% cash back for eligible travel purchases including airfare, hotel stays (excluding timeshares, banquets, and events), car rentals, and purchases from Costco Travel
  • 2% cash back on purchases at Costco and Costco.com
  • 1% cash back on all other eligible purchases

I do NOT recommend this card for folks new to the miles and points hobby, because just about every other travel card has a higher sign-up bonus.

The Chase Sapphire Preferred, my favorite card for beginners, currently has a sign-up bonus worth ~100 Costco rotisserie chickens (50,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards point bonus / $5 per plump seasoned chicken).

That said, if you spend a lot in the bonus categories or shop at Costco frequently, this might be a good card to consider if you prefer cash back.  Or poultry.  😉

Costco Visa Rotisserie Chicken
Costco’s Rotisserie Chickens Are Bigger and Juicier Than Other Stores’ Premium Poultry Offerings

But be aware, you’ll receive your cash back in the form of a reward coupon once a year.  You can use the coupon for merchandise or redeem it for cash back or merchandise at US Costco stores.  And you’ll lose your rewards if you don’t keep a Costco membership active.

Note:   The terms aren’t explicit, but it’s likely you will NOT be approved for the chicken if you’ve received a similar bonus (duck, turkey, cornish hen, or goose) from Citi recently.  Because Citi now restricts sign-up bonuses to once per “brand” every 24 months.

And I suspect this is Citi’s response to increased bonuses from competing retailers, like Walmart.

Make the Most of Your Free Bird

There are plenty of ways to use the Citi Costco Visa sign-up bonus for Big Eating with Small Money.  Some folks, like team members Scott and Joseph, prefer to splurge and eat the bonus in one sitting.

Others, like team members Harlan and Jasmin, stretch the bird over multiple meals.  Then they’ll “double-dip” the bonus by throwing the bones into a stock pot with onion, carrot, celery, and herbs to make an incredible chicken stock.  That’s the basis for another meal right there!

If you have pets, here’s a pro tip:   Emily’s been using Costco rotisserie chicken as a “high-value reward” for training her new dog, Mazzy!

Costco Visa Rotisserie Chicken
Card Bonuses Are More Fun When You Use Them With Loved Ones!

There’s no wrong way to use the bonus, as long as you enjoy it!

Bottom Line

For a limited time, the Citi Costco Visa is offering a new sign-up bonus!  You’ll earn a Costco rotisserie chicken (worth ~$5) when you sign-up for the card in-store by May 19, 2017.

I’ll be passing on this bonus offer because I don’t eat meat.  And because I save my credit pulls for lucrative travel cards!

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