AwardAce Shows You How to Use Your Miles & Points

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Here’s a new way to see where your miles & points can take you!

AwardAce is a website with detailed booking and program guides for lots of airlines, an interactive award map, and a pricing calculator that tells you how many miles you’ll need for your next award trip. 
Award Ace
What Kind of Miles Do You Have and Where Do You Want to Go? AwardAce Takes the Guesswork Out of Using Your Miles!

I’ll show you how AwardAce is a valuable (and free) companion to your miles and points!

What’s AwardAce?

Link:   AwardAce

AwardAce is a website filled with resources for folks who like to collect miles & points.  So I thought I’d share it with Million Mile Secrets readers!

It’s simple to use.  And has handy tools to make the most of several popular frequent flyer programs, including:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • American Airlines
  • Delta
  • Southwest
  • United Airlines
  • And many more!

Let’s take a look at what you can do with AwardAce.

1.   Booking Guides

Link:   Booking Guides

AwardAce has booking guides for 22 frequent flyer programs.

Award Ace
AwardAce Provides Lots of Program Details, Like How to Book, What Numbers to Call, and Who the Airline Partners Are

In this section, you’ll find:

  • How to book an award flight online or by phone
  • Phone numbers to call
  • Which airline partners are available
  • Step-by-step booking instructions with photos
  • Pros and cons of each program
This is helpful for getting to know the basics of each program.  Or, if you already have a loyalty account with lots of miles, you’ll find how to begin booking an award flight.

The photos and step-by-step instructions are clear and easy to understand.  This is especially useful if you’ve still new to miles & points.  Or if you like having all the information in one place!

2.   Program Guides

Link:   Program Guides

Whether you’re a beginner or an old pro in our hobby, you’re bound to find the program guides section useful.

Award Ace
AwardAce Does Lays Out Each Program’s Highlights in a Simple Way

Here, you’ll find:

  • Each program’s credit card transfer partners
  • Whether miles are earned based on price of a ticket (revenue-based) or miles flown (mileage-based)
  • If award flights are based on zones with set prices, or distance with higher prices for longer flights
  • When the miles expire
  • Any fees to book or cancel an award flights

Currently, 22 programs are supported with this in-depth information.  I can see referring to these guides often in the future!

3.   Discover Destinations

Link:   Discover Destinations

This might be my favorite feature!

Award Ace
Where Can You Go? Tell AwardAce How Many Miles You Have in a Program, and How You Like to Travel to See a Map of Destinations Within Reach

Add your home airport and which program you like for collecting miles.  Select the cabin you want to fly, and whether you want one-way or round-trip flights.  AwardAce will show you a map of all the places you can visit with the miles you have!

Award Ace
Folks in Indianapolis Can Fly to Panama or Vancouver Round-Trip in Business Class With 100,000 or Fewer American Airlines Miles. This Is Just One Example, and a Fun Way to Explore How You Can Use Your Miles to Create Memories!

While “Discover Destinations” is mostly just for fun, I encourage you to try it out.  Because you might find an interesting result you hadn’t thought of.  Or stumble upon a Sweet Spot and get a great deal on an award ticket!

4.   Pricing Calculator

Link:   Pricing Calculator

Lots of folks will find this most useful of all: a pricing calculator that shows you how many miles you’ll need for an award flight with several mileage programs!

Award Ace
The Pricing Calculator Shows You Award Prices With Easy-to-Read Color Coding. Save Time Searching If You Have Miles in Several Programs
This is a huge time-saver for folks who collect several types of miles.  When you enter your starting point and where you want to travel, you can easily see the award prices in each program based on what cabin you want to fly.

The prices in green are the cheapest.  And the ones in red cost more.

See How to Avoid Fuel Surcharges

Another thing I like is how you can get an idea of fuel surcharges.

While AwardAce doesn’t tell you exactly how much you’ll pay (because it depends on factors like which airline you fly and where you connect), they do tell you when no fuel surcharges are added.  And when they typically very high.

Low fees get one dollar sign ($).  And high fuel surcharges get three ($$$).  And because all the information is in front of you, you can decide whether it’s worth it to pay more miles and lower taxes.  Or choose a program with the best all-around price!

Are There Drawbacks?

While AwardAce has a good thing going, not every mileage program is included (particularly some of the more obscure ones).

And with the pricing calculator, it’s great to see how many miles you’ll pay.  But you have to click through each time to see which partners are available to you.  It’s a small step (and I’m glad it’s available on the site!), but for beginners who aren’t familiar with all the partners, it can add some time to the process.

Add AwardAce to Your Toolkit

This is a fantastic resource that I can see myself turning to again and again.  I like how cleanly and simply the website is designed.  And how the team at AwardAce has put so much attention and care into compiling dozens of small details about each award program.

Plus, considering it’s completely free to use and gives you so much useful information, there’s no reason not to reference it to learn more about how your miles work – and where you can go with them!

Similar Services

Here are more guides to get the most out of your miles & points:

Bottom Line

I had a great time playing around with AwardAce.  There are several helpful sections, like booking and program guides, Discover Destinations, and the pricing calculator that show you in simple terms how to use your miles for award flights.

The website is easy to use and laid out well.  It’s a great resource for beginners and old-timers alike.  It’s free to use, and can give you fun ideas.

Do you already use AwardAce?  Will you add it to your list of go-to reference sites?

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