$25 Back for Spending $75 (Up to 33% Off) on Amazon! [Expired]

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Update: One or more card offers in this post are no longer available. Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers. Update:  You can no longer sign-up for the $25 statement credit.  But if you already registered, you have until December 31, 2013 to make your Amazon.com purchase.  Or you could just buy gift cards and add it to your account!

You can get $25 back as a statement credit when you spend $75 or more on Amazon.com with an American Express credit card!

Link:   $25 Back for Spending $75 on Amazon.com With American Express

Link:   Amazon.com Gift Cards

$25 Back For Spending $75 or More on Amazon.com With Your American Express Card!

You can get $25 off for EACH American Express card you have, including business cards and those issued by other banks such as the Citi American Airlines American Express card.

And you can also get $25 off for each authorized user on your American Express card!  Emily and I registered 8 of our cards to get $200 off future Amazon purchases!

This is a great deal and just in time for Holiday shopping.  Emily and I love to do as much of our shopping on Amazon.com to save time and money!

How to Get $25 Back?

Step 1 – Register for Promotion

Link:   $25 Back for Spending $75 on Amazon.com With American Express

You have to register your American Express credit card BEFORE you shop at Amazon.com.  Use this link to register ALL your American Express cards sooner rather than later because registration is limited.

You will see a registration confirmation online and will also get an email confirming that you are registered for the promotion.

You Will See A Registration Confirmation After Registering Your American Express Cards!

See the section below to find out which American Express cards are eligible for the $25 statement credit!

Step 2 – Use Your American Express Card at Amazon.com

You have to use the same American Express card which you registered above to pay for a purchase of $75 or more on Amazon.com

Note that you can register multiple American Express cards and get the $25 statement credit for each card!

However, the terms and conditions say that your item HAS to ship by December 31, 2013 to get the $25 credit.  American Express says that you will get the statement credit within 90 days from December 31, 2013.

But there’s a way to get the $25 credit for future purchases.

How to Get $25 After December 31, 2013!

Link:   Amazon.com Gift Cards

Just buy an electronic or physical gift card for $75 from Amazon.com before December 31, 2013.

Buy $75 Amazon Gift Cards & add Them to Your Amazon.com Balance!
Buy $75 Amazon Gift Cards & add Them to Your Amazon.com Balance!

You can then add the gift card balance to your Amazon account and use it whenever you want because the balance in your Amazon account never expires

Which Cards Are Eligible?

1.   American Express Credit Cards Issued By American Express

You can register your American Express cards AND authorized user cards!

American Express cards issued directly by American Express, such as the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express, have separate credit card numbers for authorized users.  This allows both the primary card holder and the authorized user to get the $25 credit for spending $75 or more at Amazon.com.

So if you have the American Express Starwood card and your partner is an authorized user, BOTH of you will get the $25 statement credit for using your cards.

Be careful adding multiple authorized users to all your American Express cards,  so you don’t trigger a financial review.  Some folks who added many authorized users to their cards triggered a financial review of their account.

As authorized users on your card, your partner or children can still get the signup bonus if they apply for their own card.

You can add authorized users by calling the number on the back of your card or by logging on to your American Express account online.  There is usually no impact to your credit score by adding an authorized user.

American Express cards include Membership Rewards point earning cards, the Starwood & Hilton hotel cards, and Delta cards.

2.   American Express Cards Issued By Other Banks Such As Citi Or Bank Of America

You can also register American Express cards issued by other banks, such as the Citi American Airlines American Express, Virgin Atlantic American Express, Penfed, Barclays, USAA etc.

The primary card holder will get a $25 statement credit.  However, authorized user cards (for personal cards) issued by these banks will usually NOT get a separate $25 credit because authorized user cards usually have the same credit card number as the primary card holder.

But you will get the statement credit for an authorized user on a business American Express card (even if it is not issued directly from American Express such as the Citi American Airlines American Airlines) because they usually have a different credit card number.

That said, if the $25 statement credit does not automatically post to your account, it will be extremely hard to get the $25 credit from your issuing bank.

3.   American Express Gift Cards, Bluebird & Corporate Cards

You won’t earn a statement credit on American Express gift cards, American Express Bluebird, or American Express corporate cards.

But American Express Serve cards are eligible for the $25 statement credit.

You Can't Register Bluebird
You Can’t Register Bluebird

But you can get the statement credit with the American Express Serve card.

 Bottom Line

Getting $25 off $75 or more on Amazon purchases for EACH American Express card, including authorized users is a great deal!

Don’t forget to register your card first and to buy Amazon gift cards if you’d like to lock-in the savings after the offer ends on December 31, 2013.

Emily and I enjoyed shopping at small businesses yesterday and got $10 back for each purchase with an American Express card.  Today we’re getting $25 back for Amazon purchases which we would have made in any case.

American Express cards have higher annual fees than many other miles and points credit cards, so it is nice to have these offers which save us real money.

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