“How I Saved $4,000 on a New Car With the Help of Miles & Points!”

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“How I Saved $4,000 on a New Car With the Help of Miles & Points!”

Jason Stauffer“How I Saved $4,000 on a New Car With the Help of Miles & Points!”Million Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

I got a great price on a 2017 Honda Civic by looking outside of where I live in Austin.  But the offer I found was a LONG way from home!

That’s where miles and points saved the day and helped me get an incredible price.  I’ll explain how I used miles and points to save Big Money on a car!

How To Save Money On A New Car
I Never Expected to Save Money on a New Car With the Help of Miles & Points

A few weeks ago, my 11-year old-Honda Civic was totaled.  So I was in the market for a replacement.  I have never bought a new car.  Because new cars lose value as soon as you drive them off the lot.

But I was able to get a brand new 2017 Honda Civic for the price of a used 2016 model!  And I used miles and points to make it happen!

Finding the Best Deal on a New Car 

I love finding great deals.  So when it came to buying a car, I always bought used.  But this time around, I took a different approach.

I wanted to replace my Honda Civic.  I used cars.com to do my initial research for a used 2016 model.  But they were still very expensive.

I knew dealers would have new 2018 models and would want to get rid of their “old” 2017 Honda Civics.  So I searched within ~200 miles of where I live in Austin.  I checked out the dealers’ websites for “special internet offers” to find the best price.

How To Save Money On A New Car
Do a Little Research and You Could Save a Lot of Cash

I was able to find an amazing package through a dealership in Fort Worth for ~$4,000 less than the retail price on a brand new 2017 Honda Civic!  And it was the same cost as a used 2016 Honda Civic, which is what I originally intended to get.

So I took the offer I had and shopped it around to Honda dealers within 200 miles of Austin (did I mention I love finding a good deal?).  A couple of dealers told me I got a steal.  And no one came closer than within a few $100 of the price I was quoted.  So I took it!

Saving Money With Points and Miles

Using miles and points, I was able to give myself the flexibility to find the best deal, even if it was 200+ miles away!

I booked a last-minute award ticket from Austin to Dallas-Fort Worth with American Airlines miles.  This saved me $250 in airfare!  And I used 15,000 Club Carlson points to stay in Fort Worth the night before I picked up my new car.

How To Save Money On A New Car
I Used Miles & Points to Travel to Where the Best Deal Was for Next to Nothing

The next morning, I took an Uber to the dealer to pick-up my new car.  And I was able to get a better car than I originally planned on buying for the price I wanted to pay.  The only extra cost was an Uber ride and the taxes & fees on an award ticket!

Having Fun With the Process

So was it worth it to put in all that time and effort to get a good price on a car?  Yes!  Not only did I save a bunch, but I loved the process.  I love free flights, hotels, and road trips!  That’s a win-win-win for me!

Plus, I needed a car.  And I wouldn’t have felt good if I knew I could get a better price with a bit more effort.  Miles and points motivated me to put in the extra legwork.  Because there was little added cost.

I was thrilled.  And that’s the point!  You can use your points for whatever makes you the happiest!  What better reward is there?

Bottom Line

Recently, my 11-year old Honda Civic was totaled. 🙁  So I was looking for a replacement.  I wanted a nice used Honda Civic.  Because I’ve never bought a newer-model car in my life!

I soon realized that used 2016 Honda Civics were still expensive.  So I looked for offers on the 2017 models.  And I was able to find a new 2017 Honda Civic for the same price as a used 2016 model!

But the car was over 200 miles from where I live.  That’s when miles and points came to the rescue!  I saved $250 on airfare by booking a last-minute award ticket.  And I got a free hotel near the dealership.  So picking up the car was easy.

What is the thriftiest way you’ve saved money using miles & points?

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Sounds like you are doing awesome! Keep up the great work and keep me posted.


A lot of thanks for every one of your work on this web page. Gloria takes

pleasure in engaging in research and it ‘s really easy to see why. Almost all


You can do better!

My nearly new Prius, which I bought on on year end sale + rebates, with my rewards credit card, was totaled.

I went online and found a certified, used Chevy Volt at a dealer in Denver, for about $2k less than comparable.

I told them I’d only buy it, if they put it on my credit card. After about 3-4 weeks, not only did they lower the price a little, they agreed to use my credit card, plus the salesman said he’d drive it to SLC for the cost of the gas and the one way Frontier ticket back. What a deal!!! It cost me $20 for the gas (a Volt is all electric, but has a backup generator to recharge the battery) and $25 for the Frontier flight back to DEN (on sale)

Search, negotiate, be patient, demand to use your credit card, or find a dealer who will.


Million Mile Secrets

Wow! That’s a great way to do it. Thanks for sharing, J R!

You could’ve saved money on the Uber ride with Amex platinum on top of the other savings.

Million Mile Secrets

I like the way you’re thinking!

Did you use your credit card to pay for a down payment or for partial payment if paying in full? I did that to pay $5000 of the total for my car using the Chase freedom unlimited. $5000 was the most the dealer could charge. I wind up getting 7500 miles for this purchase. I paid the the bill in full once I got home with my shiny car 🙂

With the new Prius, I called all the dealers within 100 miles and found 2 Toyota dealers who would do the entire purchase on a rewards card. They will all give you the phony baloney, that it costs them 3% or so to use the card, and they don’t have the margin. BULL!!! Any member of costco can sign up to take credit cards at 1.38% and with all the service a new car dealer does, they can and do negotiate a lower swipe rate.

On the Volt, I did an internet search for the USA and was willing to use some miles to go get the car. I only searched fairly new Volts, certified by the dealer, which will carry over to my local Chey dealer.

Same thing as I had before in SLC, in Las Vegas, Phoenix and San Francisco, dealers willing to do a full rewards card purchase, but denver had the lowest price and Frontier hub in DEN, for the lowest ticket price.

Still driving the Volt. I get 40 electric miles to start the day and an 8.5 gal tank to run the generator, if I run out of juice, and can’t find a place to plug in. During the Summer I get about 50 electric miles.

Most of the time, especially the summer, I seldom use any gas at all. YMMV 😉

We have taken long trips and just used the gas, at about 35 mpg.

Million Mile Secrets

This is a good way to earn miles, or meet large minimum spending requirements, as long as, the balance is paid off the way you did it.

Yes. Don’t use a card, unless you can pay it off!

Have patience.

These are car dealer you’re dealing with. You can’t rush it. They have to have the moment to proceed thrust upon them. My Volt was at 90 days sitting on the lot.