How to Use Official TSA PreCheck Schedule

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Did you know there’s a web page dedicated to helping you make the most of your TSA PreCheck membership?

TSA PreCheck can save folks lots of time and inconvenience at airport security checkpoints.  That’s because you won’t have to take off your jacket or remove your toiletries and computer from your bag.  And TSA PreCheck lines are (usually) much shorter than the regular security lines.
TSA PreCheck Hours
Search for Your Airport’s TSA PreCheck Security Checkpoint Schedule

I’ll show you how this simple web page works!

TSA PreCheck Hours

Link:   TSA PreCheck Checkpoint Schedule

Link:   Everything to Know About TSA PreCheck

Knowing the operating hours of TSA PreCheck lanes at each airport can help folks plan for their upcoming travel.  And save others who arrive at the last second and depend on an expedited security experience!

I’ll show you how to use the TSA PreCheck Checkpoint schedule page to find TSA PreCheck hours!

Step 1.   Enter Your Airport

Type the airport you’ll be traveling through.

TSA PreCheck Hours
Navigate to the TSA PreCheck Checkpoint Schedule Website and Enter the Airport You’ll Be Using

Step 2.   Enter the Day

TSA PreCheck operates on different schedules throughout the week for many airports.  Select which day you’ll be traveling.
TSA PreCheck Hours
Select the Day of Your Travel

Step 3.   Select the Time

TSA officers don’t usually staff the TSA PreCheck lane 24 hours per day (though there are some exceptions at major hubs, like the North Terminal in Miami).  Enter the time you plan to arrive at the security checkpoint.

TSA PreCheck Hours
Enter the Time You’ll Be Going Through the Security Checkpoint

Step 4.   Click “Apply” and View Your Options

After you click “Apply“, you’ll see which (if any) TSA PreCheck lanes are open during your visit to the airport.  If you’re visiting a larger airport, there will likely be multiple lanes to choose from.

TSA PreCheck Hours
Click “Apply” to See If There Are Open TSA PreCheck Lanes

If you have a red-eye flight, don’t count on the TSA PreCheck lanes being open.  I entered 12:00 am at Chicago-Midway, and it shows NO available TSA PreCheck lanes.

TSA PreCheck Hours
Flying During Off-Peak Hours? Don’t Depend on TSA PreCheck

Every Airport Is NOT on the Site

I did NOT enjoy using this web page.  The results were often slow.  And the available airport schedules are very limited.

The schedule was NOT available for several smaller airports I searched for, like Cincinnati, Long Beach, and Sacramento.

TSA PreCheck Hours
Lots of Airports Don’t Have Available TSA PreCheck Lane Schedules

If you can’t find the schedule you’re looking for, you can always tweet the TSA and ask!

TSA PreCheck Hours
Tweet @AskTSA If You Can’t Find the TSA PreCheck Operating Hours of Your Airport

Get TSA PreCheck for Free

TSA PreCheck costs $85 for a 5-year membership.  But there are lots of cards that will reimburse that fee!

Several cards will reimburse the price of your TSA PreCheck application, including:

Use one of these cards to pay for TSA PreCheck application, and you’ll receive a statement credit for the expense!

Note:   These cards will reimburse the fee for either TSA PreCheck OR Global Entry.  Check out my post on Global Entry to decide which is best for you!

Bottom Line

If you aren’t sure if there will be an available TSA PreCheck lane open during your visit to the airport, you may be able to use the TSA PreCheck checkpoint schedule page to find the answer.  However, the site has limited airport schedules, so if you’re flying out of a smaller airport, it might not be on this page.

If your airport is NOT on the site, you can always tweet @AskTSA for the answer!

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