Avoid Rental Car Headaches With This Simple Trick

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Million Mile Secrets reader, Elsa, commented:

When picking up a rental car, I always take a picture of the dashboard showing the mileage & gas level before I leave the lot, along with photos of the car’s pre-existing damage.

And reader David, commented:

I have always wondered how taking a photo would help.  Couldn’t a person just take the photo after they damaged the vehicle and say it was like that?

Taking a few quick photos before driving your rental car off the lot could save you time, money, and aggravation.

Because if the rental car company says you damaged vehicle or didn’t refuel to the right level, your photos can prove otherwise.

Rental Car Photos
Taking Photos of Your Rental Car Only Takes ~2 Minutes and Can Save You Time and Money If the Rental Car Company Sends You a Bill for Damages

I’ll share tips for taking photos of your rental car!

Take Rental Car Photos

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes you hear about rental car companies trying to charge customers for pre-existing car damage.

One of the frustrating things about these situations is you might not get a bill for damages until 60+ days after you had the rental car.  It’s easy to forget the exact condition of a car you rented a few months ago.

That’s why taking photos, like Million Mile Secrets reader Elsa, can be a great way to protect yourself.  Million Mile Secrets team member Harlan has also developed this habit.

And I recommend taking photos before you drive the car away AND when you drop it back off.  Because there’s always a chance the rental car company mistakenly sends you a bill for damage that was caused by the following driver.

Rental Car Photos
Take Photos of Any Windshield Cracks or Other Damage Before Driving Your Rental Car to Avoid Future Issues

Unless your vehicle is brand new, it likely has normal wear and tear.  But this doesn’t mean you should ignore minor scratches or dents.  Because you never know how much the rental car company could bill you for insignificant damage.

And if you’re not in a rush, you can also ask a rental car company employee to document any damages before you drive away.

Before you take off, you should also take a photo of the dashboard.  This will show the fuel level and number of miles on the car, which can come in handy if the rental car company says you didn’t fill up the tank or went over the mileage.

Rental Car Photos

Reader David makes a good point about the timing of your photos.  But thankfully, most smartphone photos have a timestamp.  Or you can email the photos to yourself immediately after taking them.  This way you can later find them by the date and time they were sent.

Get Primary Rental Car Insurance With Certain Credit Cards

Link:   13 Credit Cards That Offer Primary Rental Car Insurance

Rental car insurance can protect you in the event there’s damage to your vehicle.

And there are several credit cards that come with primary rental insurance when you use them to pay for your rental and decline the rental company’s collision damage waiver (often called CDW or LDW).  If you don’t decline the waiver, you’ll purchase insurance through the rental car company and have coverage that way.

Note:   This insurance does not cover damage to other vehicles, property, or injuries.

Keep in mind, the terms and conditions for most credit cards with primary rental insurance state you must report the incident no later than 60 days following the date of the theft or damage.

Rental Car Photos
You Usually Only Have 60 Days to Report Damage to Your Rental Car for the Credit Card Company to Provide Coverage

And as I mentioned earlier, it’s possible you don’t get a bill for damages from the rental car company until after this timeframe.  Plus, if you don’t have specifics of what caused the damage, the credit card company could deny your claim.

Here are a few popular cards that offer primary rental car insurance:

Bottom Line

The best way to protect yourself from potential damage disputes with a rental car company is to take photos before you drive the vehicle off the lot AND after you drop it back off.  Be sure to capture any scratches or dents regardless of how minor they seem.

Sometimes rental car companies don’t send a bill for damages until 60+ days after you had the car.  So I recommend emailing photos to yourself right after you take them.  This way you have the date and time of the photos, which makes it easier to keep track.

Remember, certain cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve come with primary rental insurance.  When you pay for your rentals with these cards, you’re covered for damage or theft to your vehicle.  But keep in mind, you must report incidents to the credit card company within 60 days or your claim can be denied.

Have you ever had a damage dispute with a rental car company?

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