Get Free Wi-Fi When You Travel With the AMEX Starwood Cards

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UPDATE:   The Starwood American Express credit card offers in this post are no longer available, but check Hot Deals for the latest offers!

Did you know you can get complimentary internet access at airports and other public places with the Starwood Preferred Guest from American Express personal and small business cards?

I’ll show you how!

Get Free Wi-Fi When You Travel With The AMEX Starwood Cards
Find Out How to Sign-Up for Boingo Internet With Your AMEX Starwood Card for Access to Wi-Fi Hotpots Around the World!

Boingo Internet Comes With the AMEX Starwood Cards

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The most exciting thing about the current Starwood offers is the increased welcome bonus.  But I also like that AMEX has removed the foreign transaction fee.  So now I’m more likely to use it while traveling outside the US.

Another perk that’s useful while traveling is the Boingo Wi-Fi subscription that comes with the Starwood cards.  It’s comforting to know I’ll have internet access nearly anywhere I go.  Although I wish they’d include in-flight internet in the deal!

However, this is still a great way to stay connected on land.  Having access to Boingo internet is useful at airports that don’t offer unlimited free Wi-Fi (like Austin-Bergstrom Airport!) or if you need to work when you’re traveling overseas.

But keep in mind, some folks complain that Boingo internet can be unreliable and slow.

Get Free Wi-Fi When You Travel With The AMEX Starwood Cards
The Boingo Paid Plan Closest to What You Get With Your AMEX Starwood Card, Costs $59 per Month!

How to Welcome for Boingo AMEX Preferred Internet

Link:   Register for AMEX Preferred Boingo Internet

Link:   Boingo Wi-Fi Search Tool

To get Boingo internet, register your card.  It only takes a minute.  So even if you don’t think you’ll use the service, it doesn’t hurt to register just in case!

Get Free Wi-Fi When You Travel With The AMEX Starwood Cards
Visit the Benefit Page and Click to Button at the Bottom to Sign-Up

Next, enter your card number to verify it’s eligible.

Get Free Wi-Fi When You Travel With The AMEX Starwood Cards
Boingo Will Check to Make Sure Your Card Qualifies

Then create an account.

Get Free Wi-Fi When You Travel With The AMEX Starwood Cards
Set Your Username, Password, and Agree to the Terms to Open Your New Boingo Account

You’ll be prompted to download the Boingo app, but you do NOT need the app to connect to their Wi-Fi.

If you already have a paid Boingo account, call 800-426-6917 to cancel.

Once your account is created, you can start using Boingo in airports, restaurants, and public places.  Just use the search tool to find a Wi-Fi hotspot near you.

My series, World Travel 101, has other ideas on how you can stay connected while you’re on the move.

Bottom Line

One cool perk of the AMEX Starwood cards is they come with a subscription to Boingo Wi-Fi.  Normally it costs $59 per month!

Their service isn’t the best and I likely wouldn’t pay that much for it, but it’s very helpful to have internet when you’d otherwise have none in over a million spots around the world.

For folks with Starwood cards, it’s a no-brainer to take ~1 minute to sign-up for it.

Both the personal & small business versions of the card have boosted their welcome bonuses to 30,000 Starwood points until September 14, 2015.  This is the highest offer I’ve ever seen for these cards and it’s only been available once per year since 2011.

The annual fee is waived for the 1st year.  (It’s easy to cancel the card if you don’t like it before the fee is due, although I think these are worth keeping.)

For more tips for getting online while traveling, check out my World Travel 101 series!

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