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Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Best Credit Card Bonuses Tab

Million Mile SecretsBest Credit Card Bonuses TabMillion Mile Secrets Team

Signing-up for credit cards through partner links earns us a commission. Here’s our full Advertising Policy.

Update: One or more card offers in this post are no longer available. Check our Hot Deals for the latest offers.

Happy Monday, everyone – hope you had a good weekend!

I didn’t blog over the weekend, because I wanted to compile a list of the best airline and hotel credit card offers.  I looked at many sources including “The special credit card offers master thread” on FlyerTalk and lots of blogs and websites.

I found the best and most comprehensive listing, not on FlyerTalk or MilePoint, but on

Gary Steiger has compiled a terrific list of all credit card offers whether they offer 5,000 miles or 50,000 miles.  He’s also listed obscure cards which I’m sure I’ll apply for someday if I run out of cards to apply for (China Airways or Groupo Taca anyone?!).

I’ve had a lot of readers write in upset that they had signed up for a credit card, with a lower sign-on bonus than what was available.  For example, a lot of readers had signed up for the 30,000 AAdvantage cards even though there were better 75,000 (at the time) and 50,000 offers available.

So, I’ve created a new Credit Card tab which will list the BEST Airline, Hotel, and Bank Proprietary Points (Chase Ultimate Rewards etc.) cards.  I’m still working on the Bank Proprietary Points tab which will be complete this later week.

My goal is not to list EVERY card (there’s for that), but to list the more common cards with the BEST currently available sign-up bonus. 

Getting the highest possible sign-up bonus is important because it is quite hard to apply for cards and get the sign-up bonus again.  And please comment if you have new information to share!

Credit card sign-on bonuses are the easiest way to earn miles and points and have Big Travel with Small Money.  But after you apply for a credit card, the difference between a 25,000 mile bonus and a 50,000 mile bonus, can only be met by spending $25,000 (assuming you earn 1 mile per $1 spent).  And spending $25,000 is a tall order for most folks (myself included!)

I want the credit card tabs to only list the best available offers so please let me know of better offers.  I can’t keep track of every new offer, but together we can ensure that we list only the best offers on the blog!

For example, I’ve listed a Citi HHonors 50,000 point offer (mentioned on and a Southwest 50,000 point offer (mentioned on Online Travel Review) which haven’t been mentioned much elsewhere.

I have also added mini-reviews of the card and listed the annual fee, whether it is waived or not in the 1st year, and any foreign transaction fees.

So give the airline and hotel credit card tabs a spin and share your thoughts in the comments!

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Patrick Hanley

Delta Skymiles Card application on Delta Reservation page

While making some reservations on the Delta Reservation page, I read the advertised application benefits for the Skymiles card. It sounded like a pretty good deal and I completed the process. The page states that if you are approved (60 second instant approval), “you will receive a temporary line of $1,000 for use at” and be returned to the reservation page. I completed the application and received the message “you will receive notification within 14 days, etc.” No instant approval. I was signed on as a frequent flyer and have a credit score of over 810. The flights I wanted had only two seats left so I continued the booking, paying with another Amex card for myself and my wife.

Now the nightmare begins. I called Delta Skymiles American Express. The very nice fellow checked and verified that my card was in fact approved withing 60 seconds. He was not sure why the temporary number was not issued at the time of reservation. He initially explained that I could probably transfer the payment to the Delta Skymiles card after it arrived. I asked him to confirm and after checking with a supervisor, verified it could not be transferred. I then explained I needed to make a second reservation and asked if he could give/send me the temporary number to make the next reservation. He then explained that this was also impossible due to security rules and would have to wait until my card arrived before I could use the account for reservation purposes. He said he fully understood the problem and would take my complaint, with a response time of 6 to 8 weeks.

I contacted Delta Skymiles and explained the problem. The response was Delta had no control when the paged switched to the Delta

Skymiles application. I had to make the second set of reservations using my other Amex card.

Adding insult to injury, I received the Skymiles card four days later. If I do not charge $500 on Delta, within 3 months, I lose all the advertised miles (30K and $50 credit).

So I am out approximately $200 in baggage fees, double bonus miles on $2,000 worth of Delta purchases and will lose and further bonuses if I do not fly on Delta within 3 months. All because the Delta website does not function as advertised and neither Delta nor American Express is responsible.

One unhappy customer!

Million Mile Secrets

@Patrick Hanley – I’d be very unhappy if I had the same experience as you.

@jimmy I will be more than happy to help sell your miles. You and anyone else can contact me at or via the quote request form online:


Million Mile Secrets

@Sam Koren – Most airlines have restriction against selling miles and shut down accounts of folks who sell/buy miles, so I wouldn’t recommend folks do this.

i dont have to fly anywhere in US but i will gladly get cards that offers lots of points and miles so that i can sell them for cash.

what cards do you suggest for best cash or giftcard value?

Million Mile Secrets

@jimmy – I don’t recommend selling miles and points, because that could get you in trouble! If you’re looking for gift cards, the Chase Sapphire Preferred, Southwest, and Citi Thank You premier will get you ~$500 in gift cards.

Just a thought… While these tabs are great, you may want to think about a tab for logistics to include Customer Reconsideration lines for all cards and possible a tip sheet showing short policy explanations (ie apply no less than 18 months for Citi cards or Chase policy of 1 bonus per card with no ability to reapply). Basically, it would cover logistical questions that keep re-occurring. But then again, I am not sure how useful this would be.

Who has a good beginner guide on explaining all this stuff – like churning?

Doesn’t applying for dozens of credit cards have a disastrous effect on your credit rating?

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