Best Hyatt hotels for suite redemptions

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I wanted to make this a great post on Hyatt suite upgrades. Whether it’s booking a suite with points, using a suite upgrade award on a paid stay, or using a suite upgrade award on a points stay, this post will help you find the best Hyatt suite redemptions.

I decided to make a chart of all the Hyatt hotels with the suites you get with upgrades and their estimated value (except Hyatt Place and Hyatt House and ineligible hotels for suite upgrades). If you’ve got a couple of the best Chase credit cards, all of these options are extremely easy to achieve, as many of them earn Hyatt points, directly or indirectly. Unfortunately, this chart turned into a big project because I was manually searching to try to get the most accurate info. Hopefully, this will show you the most valuable suites and sweetest upgrade options.

A suite at the Park Hyatt Shanghai will not disappoint. (Photo courtesy of Hyatt)

Best suites at Hyatt Hotels

What are the most extravagant suites at which you can blow your points? Well, I’ve spent a fair amount of time looking for the best suite options, and here’s what I’ve come up with.

I’ve created a chart showing you sample prices for each suite, along with their size (coming in just a minute), but first I want to point out some highlights. Here are some of the most expensive Hyatt Suites and how much it costs in points to book them.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar – Zamani Presidential Suite (450 sqm) $1,600 = 30,000 points for a suite

Unbelievably, this hotel’s lowest suite, the Park Suite King, is 1,076 sq ft, and prices at $560+ per night. This room only costs 24,000 Hyatt points, as well.

However, the real steal at this property is the Zamani Presidential Suite — one of the hotel’s best premium suites — for just 30,000 points. This hotel is a whopping 4,843 square feet, and costs $1,500+ per night!

Park Hyatt Shanghai – Park Suite King (130 sqm) $1,131 = 32,000 points for a suite

This is probably the biggest standard suite on the list, and it’s one of my most favorite hotels in the world. Never do I care about the hotel as much as the destination, but this would be close. The hotel is on floors 79 to 94, making it one of the highest sitting hotels in the world. Super modern, super big, and super expensive.

Park Hyatt Zurich – Park Suite King (72 sqm) $1,618 = 48,000 points for a suite

There are a ton of expensive suites on the list, but this is the most expensive. Switzerland in general is financially crippling for a budget traveler, so this isn’t a surprise.

Park Hyatt Tokyo – Park Suite King (100 sqm) $900 = 48,000 points for a suite

The hotel is everything I expect from a Park Hyatt (we got a room on floor 52 (I think), which still gave the skyscraper feel). Also note that the premium Governor’s Suite costs 60,000 points per night, but costs $2,800+ per night!

Nicest suites with great redemption deals

For merely 8,000 points (or 2,500 + $50 with a suite upgrade certificate), you can book into a suite at Category 1 hotels. It’s a very low amount of points, yet you can get a suite worth a fair bit of money. And these suites are fairly large.

Here are a couple of Category 1 suite upgrades worth pursuing, and another low-category hotel with a great value proposition.

Hyatt Regency Kinabalu, Regency Suite (89 sqm) $175 = 8,000 points

This suite doesn’t have the jaw-dropping sticker price of many other suites, but its rooms are just so simultaneously enjoyable and points-affordable that I consider it a sweet spot.

For 8,000 points, you can lock in the $170 per night Regency Suite — or for a mere extra 2,000 points, you can get the Regency Executive Suite, which costs ~$200 per night.

This bathroom in the Hyatt Regency Kinabalu in Malaysia looks epic! (Photo courtesy of Hyatt)

Hyatt Regency Kathmandu, Regency Suite King (80 sqm) $500+ = 8,000 points

Here’s one of the best hotel deals I’ve seen, full stop. The Hyatt Regency Kathmandu is a gorgeous five-star Category 1 hotel. Its standard suite, the Regency Suite King, routinely sells for over $500 but costs only 8,000 points per night. That means you could spend a solid week in this luxury hotel after you earn the full welcome bonus from the World of Hyatt Card — giving you potentially $3,500 in Hyatt stays!

Park Hyatt Mendoza, Park Suite (110 sqm) $293 = 13,000 points

The Park Hyatt Mendoza is a Category 3 hotel in western Argentina. You can book a Park Suite Suite for just 20,000 points, which sells for ~$450 per night. However, for just 24,000 points, you can book a premium room, the Governor’s Suite, which sells for $980+ per night.

Both of these rooms are very affordable for those collecting Hyatt points for even a short amount of time.

Mendoza is a magical city. And staying at the Park Hyatt would be an incredible treat. (Photo courtesy of Hyatt)

Biggest Hyatt suites (with upgrades):

Just to give some perspective, 100 square meters is 1,076 square feet — so 130 sqm is 1,400 square feet.

  1. Park Hyatt Shanghai, Park Suite King (130 sqm) $1,131
  2. Park Hyatt Sanya Sunny Bay Resort Park, Suite King (124 sqm) $710
  3. Park Hyatt Mendoza, Park Suite (110 sqm) $175
  4. Park Hyatt Hyderabad, Park Suite King (110 sqm) $233
  5. Park Hyatt Dubai, Park Suite (109 sqm) $587
  6. Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort, Andaz Suite (109 sqm) $495
  7. Hyatt Regency Chongming, Regency Suite King Room (107 sqm) $326
  8. Grand Hyatt Kuala Lumpur, Grand Suite (105 sqm) $445
  9. Hyatt Regency Tianjin East, Regency Suite King (103 sqm) $174
  10. Park Hyatt Zanzibar, Park Suite King (100 sqm) $1,325
  11. Park Hyatt Tokyo, Park Suite King (100 sqm) $900
  12. Grand Hyatt Jakarta, Grand Suite (100 sqm) $677
  13. Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas, Park Suite (100 sqm) $434
  14. Grand Hyatt Goa, Grand Suite King (100 sqm) $289
  15. Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and Spa, Garden Suite (98 to 128 sqm) $761
  16. Grand Hyatt Bali, Grand Suite King (98 sqm) $345

I will say that this list is maybe less indicative to value, considering that some of these hotels have large standard rooms. Still, I think anything over 100 square meters is enormous.

Chart of Hyatt suite upgrades

Note: The “hotel price” is for a standard room, and all prices are based on a single date (or a few). Prices can wildly vary and these prices might be very different when you go check. However, the values of suites usually go up and down at similar rates as the standard room. Prices are before tax and without any discount.

HotelSuiteStandard room priceSuite price
Park Hyatt ZurichPark Suite King (72 sqm)$618$1,618
Hyatt Union Square New YorkEmpyreal Suite$437$1,437
Park Hyatt ZanzibarPark Suite King (100 sqm)$350$1,325
Hyatt Regency London – The ChurchillRegency Suite King (53 sqm)$564$1,290
Park Hyatt ShanghaiPark Suite King (130 sqm)$354$1,194
Park Hyatt Paris-VendômePark Suite King (40 – 50 sqm)$727$1,132
Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and SpaDeluxe Ocean Suite (84 sqm)$255$1,099
Park Hyatt New YorkPark Junior Suite King (75 sqm)$978$1,078
Park Hyatt TokyoPark Suite King (100 sqm)$417$1,060
Park Hyatt ViennaPark Suite (65 – 75 sqm)$455$1,040
Hyatt Paris MadeleineHyatt Suite King (60 sqm)$455$1,028
Andaz Amsterdam, PrinsengrachtAndaz Suite (55 sqm)$397$1,016
Park Hyatt MilanPark Junior Suite (50 sqm)$686$1,002
Grand Hyatt Hong KongGrand Suite (65 sqm)$387$902
Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel MartinezJunior Suite (50 sqm)$252$863
Grand Hyatt SingaporeGrand Suite King (83 sqm)$320$840
Ararat Park Hyatt MoscowPark Suite King (70 – 90 sqm)$354$815
Hyatt Regency DusseldorfRegency Suite King (72 sqm)$228$791
Hyatt Regency Hakone Resort and SpaRegency Suite Twin (82 sqm)$284$782
Andaz Maui at Wailea ResortAndaz Suite (79 sqm)$382$782
Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort and SpaGarden Suite (98 to 128 sqm)$391$761
Hyatt Regency CologneRegency Suite King (71 sqm)$321$760
Andaz Liverpool Street LondonAndaz Suite (49 sqm)$461$734
Park Hyatt ChicagoPark Suite (831 sqm)$415$715
Park Hyatt Sanya Sunny Bay ResortPark Suite King (124 sqm)$306$710
Hyatt Regency Paris ÉtoileRegency Suite King (44 sqm)$409$691
Hyatt Regency Mexico CityRegency Suite King (70 sqm)$261$690
Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos AiresPark One Bedroom Suite (61 sqm)$530$680
Grand Hyatt JakartaGrand Suite (100 sqm)$297$677
Hyatt Regency HangzhouRegency Suite King (57 sqm)$205$661
Grand Hyatt TokyoGrand Suite King (85 sqm)$289$659
Hyatt Regency KievRegency Suite King (70 sqm)$369$650
Hyatt Boston HarborJunior Suite (49 sqm)$399$639
Park Hyatt BeijingPark Suite King (85 sqm)$245$632
Andaz 5th AvenueLoft Suite (45 sqm)$555$630
Hyatt Regency Tysons Corner CenterRegency Suite King (67 sqm)$309$609
Hyatt Times Square New YorkExecutive Suite (49 sqm)$459$609
Grand Hyatt Playa del Carmen ResortHyatt Suite (57 sqm)$255$605
Hyatt Centric The Loop ChicagoHyatt Suite (62 sqm)$299$599
Hyatt Regency BaltimoreSuperior City View Suite$239$589
Hyatt 48 LexOne Bedroom Suite (40 sqm)$468$588
Park Hyatt DubaiPark Suite (109 sqm)$239$587
Park Hyatt Ningbo Resort and SpaPark Suite King (90 sqm)$258$581
Hyatt Regency Dar es Salaam, The KilimanjaroRegency Suite (62 sqm)$264$580
Grand Hyatt New YorkJunior Suite (37 sqm)$429$579
Grand Hyatt MelbourneGrand Suite King (80 sqm)$214$575
Hyatt Regency GuamRegency Suite King (87 sqm)$225$575
Hyatt Centric South Beach MiamiHyatt Suite (50 – 54 sqm)$223$573
Grand Hyatt San FranciscoExecutive Suite (55 sqm)$369$569
Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and SpaHill Country Suite$255$569
Grand Hyatt IstanbulGrand Suite King (80 sqm)$230$567
Hyatt Fisherman’s WharfExecutive Suite (37 sqm)$409$559
Andaz Xintiandi, ShanghaiAndaz Suite (80 sqm)$232$555
Andaz Wall StreetAndaz Suite (56 sqm)$475$550
Hyatt Regency Birmingham – The Wynfrey HotelKing Suite$149$549
Grand Hyatt ShanghaiGrand Suite King (65 sqm)$258$548
Grand Hyatt DubaiGrand Suite King (88 sqm)$174$544
Hyatt Hotel Canberra – A Park Hyatt HotelPark Suite (82 sqm)$250$542
Grand Hyatt DenverExecutive Suite (73 sqm)$354$529
Hyatt Regency ChicagoAvenue Suite (39 sqm)$259$529
Grand Hyatt BerlinGrand Suite King (50 sqm)$233$528
Hyatt Regency RochesterJunior Suite (46 sqm)$126$526
Park Hyatt SeoulPark Suite King (64 – 70 sqm)$384$520
Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and SpaJunior Suite (71 to 84 sqm)$216$516
Hyatt Regency KathmanduRegency Suite King (80 sqm)$165$515
Grand Hyatt TaipeiGrand Suite King (60 sqm)$315$510
Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & SpaPenthouse Suite (88 sqm)$209$509
Park Hyatt Istanbul – Macka PalasPark Suite King (50 – 60 sqm)$416$501
Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol HillExecutive Suite (41 sqm)$299$499
Andaz Peninsula Papagayo ResortAndaz Suite (109 sqm)$245$495
Hyatt Regency BirminghamClub Deluxe King (56 sqm)$179$486
Hyatt Regency BakuRegency Suite King (80 sqm)$248$485
Manchester Grand Hyatt San DiegoConference Suite (72 sqm)$274$485
Hyatt on the Bund, ShanghaiBund Suite King (80 sqm)$161$484
Hyatt Regency Century PlazaCentury Suite (65 sqm)$279$479
Grand Hyatt Atlanta in BuckheadExecutive Suite (60 – 65 sqm)$329$479
Park Hyatt Aviara ResortPark Suite (79 sqm)$299$474
Hyatt at Olive 8Luxury King (90 to 105 sqm)$270$470
Hyatt Regency RestonConference Suite (82 sqm)$269$469
Grand Hyatt AmmanGrand Suite King (72 sqm)$183$466
Grand Hyatt ShenzenGrand Suite King (65 sqm)$304$465
Hyatt Regency SacramentoPark Capitol Suite (81 sqm)$189$459
Andaz West HollywoodAndaz Suite King (74 sqm)$309$459
Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha TsuiRegency Suite (49 sqm)$203$458
Grand Hyatt Erawan BangkokGrand Suite King (70 sqm)$203$455
Hyatt Regency BostonJunior Suite (49 sqm)$380$455
Hyatt Regency DongguanRegency Suite King (90 sqm)$129$452
Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort and SpaFamily Ocean Suite$255$449
Grand Hyatt Sao PauloGrand Suite (68 sqm)$256$447
Grand Hyatt Kuala LumpurGrand Suite (105 sqm)$190$445
Hyatt Regency JohannesburgRegency Suite King (71 sqm)$192$444
Hyatt Regency San FranciscoEmbarcadero Suite (47 sqm)$389$439
Park Hyatt Goa Resort and SpaPark Suite King (85 sqm)$113$438
Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and VillasPark Suite (100 sqm)$162$434
The DriskillJunior Suite (32 to 39 sqm)$319$419
Grand Hyatt DalianGrand Suite King (90 sqm)$207$416
Grand Hyatt SantiagoGrand Suite King (81 sqm)$303$409
Hyatt Vineyard Creek Hotel and SpaResort Suite (65 sqm)$288$408
Hyatt Regency Denver at Colorado Convention CenterColorado King Suite (52 sqm)$369$404
Park Hyatt HamburgPark Suite King (56 sqm)$197$402
Grand Hyatt GuangzhouGrand Suite King (90 sqm)$206$400
Hyatt Regency Long IslandOne Bedroom Suite$170$399
Hyatt Regency QingdaoRegency Suite King (84 sqm)$129$395
Hyatt Regency Naha, OkinawaRegency Suite King (56 sqm)$169$394
Hyatt Regency PerthRegency Suite King (70 sqm)$236$391
Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Bay Golf Resort, Spa and MarinaResort View King Family Petite Suite (51 sqm)$229$389
Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe Resort, Spa and CasinoJunior King Suite (51 sqm)$238$388
Hyatt Regency BelgradeRegency Suite King (65 sqm)$185$387
Hyatt French Quarter New OrleansPetite Suite King (53 sqm)$336$386
Grand Hyatt ShenyangGrand Suite King (84 sqm)$174$384
Hyatt Regency Newport BeachExecutive Suite (60 sqm)$210$379
Hyatt Regency SochiRegency Suite King (78 sqm)$192$376
Hyatt Regency TrinidadRegency Suite King Bed$249$374
Park Hyatt MelbournePark Suite King (55 sqm)$222$372
Hyatt Atlanta Perimeter at Villa ChristinaDeluxe Suite (74 sqm)$170$370
Hyatt Escala Lodge at Park City1 Bedroom Queen Suite (63 sqm)$249$369
Hyatt Regency AtlantaCrown Suite (37 sqm)$269$369
Park Hyatt Siem ReapPark Suite King (71 sqm)$196$366
Hyatt Chicago Magnificent MileExecutive King (68 sqm)$266$366
Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa on Del Monte Golf CourseMonterey Suite One King Bed (64 sqm)$247$365
Grand Hyatt MuscatGrand Suite King (84 sqm)$260$364
Park Hyatt BusanPark Suite Twin (81 sqm)$244$362
Hyatt Regency CalgaryConference Suite (74 sqm)$240$361
Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and SpaRegency Suite (84 sqm)$210$360
Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Sha TinRegency Suite King (81 sqm)$134$360
Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort and Spa1 Bedroom 1 King Suite (83 sqm)$229$360
Hyatt Regency AustinExecutive Suite (72 sqm)$180$349
Park Hyatt WashingtonPark Junior Suite (50 sqm)$297$347
Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey RanchPalm Suite$256$346
Grand Hyatt BaliGrand Suite King (98 sqm)$195$345
Hyatt Regency Paris – Charles de GaulleClub Deluxe King (51 sqm)$225$337
Hyatt Regency Bellevue on Seattle’s EastsideExecutive Suite (47 sqm)$270$337
Hyatt Regency Istanbul AtaköyRegency Suite King (64 – 72 sqm)$167$335
Hyatt Regency Sharm El Sheikh ResortRegency Suite King (80 sqm)$145$332
Hyatt Regency KolkataRegency Suite King (75 sqm)$162$328
Hyatt Regency ChongmingRegency Suite King Room (107 sqm)$165$326
Hyatt Capital Gate, Abu DhabiCapital Suite (70 sqm)$87$322
Grand Hyatt SeattleCorner Suite (43 sqm)$270$320
Grand Hyatt MumbaiGrand Suite King (52 – 61 sqm)$219$313
Park Hyatt TorontoPark Suite (45 to 55 sqm)$248$312
Hyatt Regency GuiyangRegency Suite (84 sqm)$143$305
Andaz San DiegoAndaz Suite (48 sqm)$219$299
Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The ArchJunior Suite$199$299
Hyatt Regency YogyakartaRegency Suite King (54 sqm)$98$298
Hyatt Regency ThessalonikiRegency Suite King (80 sqm)$144$297
Grand Hyatt Tampa BayExecutive Suite (65 sqm)$169$294
Park Hyatt MendozaPark Suite (110 sqm)$189$293
Grand Hyatt GoaGrand Suite King (100 sqm)$134$289
Hyatt Regency Schaumburg, ChicagoExecutive Suites$189$289
Hyatt Regency Orlando International AirportJunior Suite$189$289
Hyatt Regency KinabaluRegency Suite (89 sqm)$129$288
Hyatt Regency GreenvillePanorama Suite$198$288
Grand Hyatt LijiangGrand Suite (66 sqm)$133$287
Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort and SpaJunior Suite (70 sqm)$209$284
Hyatt Westlake PlazaPlaza Suite$180$279
Hyatt Regency DelhiRegency Suite King (48 sqm)$113$277
Hyatt at The Bellevue PhiladelphiaAvenue Suite (52 sqm)$178$268
Hyatt Regency Kuantan ResortRegency Suite King (75 sqm)$100$265
Hyatt Regency SuzhouRegency Suite King (90 sqm)$136$265
Hyatt Regency NewportFairfield Suite (86 sqm)$199$264
Andaz SavannahAndaz Loft (39 – 42 sqm)$219$259
Hyatt Regency New OrleansExecutive Suite$181$256
Hyatt Regency Cleveland at The ArcadeArcade King Suite (56 – 65 sqm)$180$255
Hyatt Regency New BrunswickBrunswick Suite (42 sqm)$154$254
Park Hyatt ChennaiPark Suite (87 sqm)$113$253
Hyatt Regency TorontoDeluxe Suite$188$252
Hyatt The Pike Long BeachMaster Suite (49 sqm)$169$249
Hyatt Regency MinneapolisExecutive Suite (60 sqm)$209$249
Hyatt Regency Jing Jin City Resort and SpaRegency Suite King (76 sqm)$84$245
Hyatt Regency ValenciaJunior Suite (44 sqm)$169$244
Hyatt North HoustonJunior Suite (74 sqm)$144$244
Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh International AirportExecutive Suite (39 sqm)$214$244
Hyatt DullesHorizon Suite (74 sqm)$139$239
Park Hyatt HyderabadPark Suite King (110 sqm)$123$233
Hyatt Regency JinanRegency Suite (75 sqm)$108$232
Hyatt Regency O’HareExecutive King$207$232
Hyatt Regency Coral GablesJunior Suite (47 sqm)$199$229
Hyatt Regency Mission Bay Spa and MarinaWaterfront Suite King (56 sqm)$178$221
Hyatt Atlanta MidtownJunior Suite (43 sqm)$179$220
Hyatt Place YerevanKing Suite (sqm n/a)$134$218
Hyatt Hyderabad GachibowliHyatt Suite (76 sqm)$93$218
Hyatt Bangalore MG RoadHyatt Suite (53 sqm)$105$215
Hyatt Regency PuneRegency Suite (84 sqm)$94$211
Grand Hyatt BeijingGrand Suite King (sqm n/a)$181$210
Hyatt Regency MeridaRegency Suite King (70 sqm)$84$205
Hyatt Regency ChongqingRegency Suite King (85 sqm)$123$203
Hyatt Regency AlbuquerqueJunior Suite (72 sqm)$129$194
Hyatt AhmedabadHyatt Suite (47 sqm)$86$188
Hyatt Regency LudhianaRegency Suite King (55 sqm)$70$187
Hyatt Regency GurgaonRegency Suite King (88 sqm)$86$179
Hyatt Regency Tianjin EastRegency Suite King (103 sqm)$78$174
Hyatt Regency ChennaiRegency Suite King (60 sqm)$94$172
Hyatt RaipurHyatt Suite (45 sqm)$56$166
Hyatt Regency Pier Sixty-SixTower Junior Suite King (36 sqm)$104$164
Grand Hyatt Macau (all suites?)Grand Suite King (64 sqm)$163$163
Hyatt Regency VillahermosaRegency Suite King (46 sqm)$95$160
Hyatt AmritsarHyatt Suite$62$156
Hyatt Regency MiamiMiami Suite$102$133
Hyatt Palm Springs (all suites?)King City View Suite (56 sqm)$110$110
Grand Hyatt IncheonGrand Suite King (72 sqm)$193$34
Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the HudsonHudson River Suite$330$690
Hyatt Regency TokyoRegency Suite (71 sqm)$168
Hyatt Regency OsakaRegency Suite King (90 sqm)$166
Hyatt Regency KyotoRegency Executive King (69 sqm)$224
Grand Hyatt FukuokaGrand Suite King (56 sqm)$122
Hyatt Regency JejuOndol Suite (54 sqm)$207
Hyatt Regency Saipani Saguá Spa Suite (65 sqm)255 (fluctuates a lot)
Hyatt Regency MainzRegency Suite King (90 sqm)$225
Hôtel du Louvre – ParisSuite King (30 – 40 sqm)$380
Grand Hyatt SeoulGrand Suite King (53 – 60 sqm)$217
Hyatt Regency AhmedabadRegency Suite King (70 sqm)$96
Hyatt Regency MumbaiRegency Suite King (67 sqm)$133
Hyatt PuneHyatt Suite (46 sqm)$81
Hyatt Regency FukuokaRegency Suite King (53 sqm)$93
Grand Hyatt FukuokaGrand Suite King (56 sqm)$122
Hyatt Regency VancouverJunior Suite (70 sqm)$120
Hyatt Regency MontrealExecutive Suite (60 sqm)$166
Andaz NapaAndaz Vintner Suite (88 sqm)$349
Hyatt Regency San Francisco AirportBusiness Suite$243
Hyatt Regency Santa ClaraExecutive Suite (45 sqm)$239
The Concourse Hotel at Los Angeles International AirportJunior Suite King (54 sqm)$199
Hyatt Regency Long Beachn/a$189
Hyatt Regency Orange CountyExecutive King (63 sqm)$161
Hyatt Regency La Jolla at AventinePremiere Suite (105 to 143 sqm)$225
Hyatt Regency San Antonio RiverwalkRegency Suite (68 sqm)$179
Grand Hyatt San AntonioHospitality Suites$189
Hyatt Regency HoustonImperial Suite$259
Hyatt Regency MilwaukeeExecutive Suite (87 sqm)$199
Hyatt RosemontJunior Suite$195
Hyatt DeerfieldExecutive Suite (67 sqm)$221
Hyatt Regency McCormick PlaceSkyline Suite$229
Hyatt Regency IndianapolisDeluxe Suite (140 sqm)$149
Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort and SpaRegency Suite$142
Hyatt Regency Grand CypressJunior Suite (67 sqm)$199
Hyatt Regency OrlandoPlaza Suite$199
Hyatt Regency Jacksonville RiverfrontJunior Suite (69 – 102 sqm)$149
Hyatt Regency SavannahPlaza Suite$209
Hyatt Regency CincinnatiVIP Suite (93 sqm)$189
Grand Hyatt Washingtonn/a$339
Hyatt Regency PrincetonIvy Suite (65 sqm)$119
Hyatt Herald Square New YorkKing Suite (20 sqm)$405
Hyatt Regency NewportLiberty Suite$279
Hyatt Regency Cambridge, Overlooking BostonExecutive Suites (58 sqm)$304
Hyatt Regency Buffalo / Hotel and Conference CenterJunior Suite (46 sqm)$135
Hyatt Regency Hua HinRegency Suite King (66 sqm)$137
Park Hyatt SaigonPark Suite King (70 sqm)$267
Hyatt Regency PhoenixVIP Suite (172 sqm)$207
Hyatt Regency SarasotaBi-Level Suite (101 sqm)$159
Hyatt Regency BethesdaExecutive Suite (50 sqm)$99

Bottom line

I visited each Hyatt hotel’s website and checked their suite prices and sizes. Many hotels don’t list all their suites on this page, and just include the presidential suite or something — which you’re clearly not going to get using your suite upgrade awards. There were a few I just couldn’t figure out.

Let me know if you’ve got any additions to the best Hyatt suite upgrade options! And subscribe to our newsletter for more helpful resources like this delivered to your inbox once per day.

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